Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bae Yong Joon @

I've been at soompi since May 2004. I've 5,000 plus posts and already has a tag as Soompi Lifer. Quite impressive don't you think?

Credit for the 5,000 plus posts goes to all reporters, photographers, translators and fans from differnt sites of Bae Yong Joon.

The first forum I visited to check on Yong Joon was Though I've been a member of Quilt. I seldom go there before for so some unknown reasons. Anyway, in Sokor I Met D' May and learned more about D'Man. Then I discovered soompi but nothing much on Yong Joon there which later on I learned why. BYJ according to some is not popular in Soompi. Why? I'll let you know later.

In 2002 I remember visitng Quilt then stopped for a while. Because of my addiction to BYJ, I went back to Quilt and checked the latest about D' Man. And this was already in 2003. Nothing much about him back then. All I remember seeing were old photos.

In 2004, after discovering many Korean men I became so addicted to Soompi. There is a BYJ thread but nothing much to savor since it was not regularly updated. Whenever I visit soompi I would make it a point to visit BYJ thread. At that time I would always find the thread at either page 3, 4,5,6...

Then an opportunity came, the thread mistress went MIA, Delinnia took over. But then, Delinnia could not take also much time maintaining soompi and sokor and she went on vacation. I "took over".

Posting news and photos of D' Man is not hard. News about him keep on coming. I believe that he's the only Korean actor with so many news around. Posting them in soompi, is also not that difficult since English translation is readily available.

The hard part is keeping BYJ thread at soompi on top. Like I said, soompiers seem to not like BYJ. Even if I post news, it's hard to keep BYJ's thread on top because visitors just come and go without leaving any footprints. The thread sometimes looks lonely with 1 or 2 visitors when I'm around. There were times that I'm all alone.

Okay, why do soompiers do not like Bae Yong Joon? According to some, he's not popular in Korea. Yeah right! Likewise, I was told that soompiers goes only for KSW, Bi, CJW, LBH. Fine with me. Being a korean entertainment fan, I love also these stars. And I don't have anything against them. I also support them. Anyway, despite what I've learned, it didn't bothered me at all. All I care is posting news and photos about our man in Soompi and spreading his works and how good a person Yong Joon is.

When I took over the thread, the page was only at 50ish page and that was sometime October. The thread slowly start to move again. Remember, during this time BYJ was busy doing THE IMAGE Vol. 1 and upcoming promos were being announced. So, news and photos were everywhere.

Slowly, my dedication to the thread is paying off. More visitors are coming and some even leave their footprints.

January came and Frances started visiting and posting. Frances is a great help. She's a fellow Filipina and as crazy as me when it comes to Yong Joon.

I believe because of our dedication and hardwork at soompi, BYJ is already getting his grounds in Soompi. Although there are still fans who continuously bash him and get mad at us for posting so many news about our Man in the news section. But we don't care at all. Our reason is, it is not our fault that BYJ has more translated news than their idols?

Anyway, that didn't stopped us and even wrote the thread moderator of 2005 news section about news article postings..

As of today, BYJ's thread at soompi has 8,535 posts and 148,599 view rates with 570 pages of meaty and juicy news and photos about Bae Yong Joon. We have more regular visitors.

I've been to many threads in soompi, and like I said I've been a fan of many korean stars. But BYJ thread and few other threads in Soompi like So Ji Sub and Lee Byung Hun are the threads that I can say informative.

I don't know how long I can keep up doing this promotional work at Soompi for BYJ. Spreading and promoting Yong Joon's works, achievemets and the kind of person our man is not a tough job. I believe for so long there are news and photos about Yong Joon, BYJ thread in soompi will continuously grown.

I read Priscilla's essay in and to quote her she said "BYJ doesn't need to be promoted, his fans can do that for free" and "His fans are said to be different too, to the extent that many fans call themselves the fans of 'BYJ's fans'. In a way, I believe in this since my present condition has been brought upon by the "free promotional activities" done by 'them'. Following this tradition, I am now continuing the trend..."

Just like Priscilla and any other BYJ fans, I am also continuing the trend especially at Soompi.

Mad About Bae

Bae Yong Joon a Korean actor.

Bae Yong Joon of "Winter Sonata", "Hotelier", "Have We Really Loved" and "Untold Scandal".

Bae Yong Joon, who are you to make me go crazy over you?

Bae Yong Joon...Yong Joon...BYJ...

I came to know Yong Joon in 2003 when "Winter Sonata" was being shown in our local channel at primetime. I remember taping the series every night so that I can watch it when I get home. You see, I get home late and normally cannot catch "Winter Sonata" on tv anymore. With the frustration building inside of me hearing my friends talk about the drama, I had my VHS player fixed.

For so many weeks after changing my clothes and taking my dinner, here i go sitting on my favorite spot and watching Bae Yong Joon in "Winter Sonata". This was the first sign of my addiction to Yong Joon. Since then I cannot seem to stop myself from knowing more about D' Man.

I was not contented with my taped locally dubbed "Winter Sonata" so I went crazily looking for a cd of the drama and found a supplier. But the thing was it was dubbed in Mandarin and the English sub-titles were very poor. Geez, what the heck I want to see BYJ so i bought it. One good thing though about it was that the NG was originally dubbed. So I was able to hear the soothing deep voice of Yong Joon.

Went to look for more of his dramas and saw "Hotelier". But again dubbed in Chinese with poor English sub-titles. Still I bought it, i did not t care if it's in Chinese and with bad sub-titles, who cares for so long it's Yong Joon.

Anyway, not contented again with "Winter Sonata" and "Hotelier", I went around looking for more of his dramas. But this time I got frustrated because nothing was available anymore in our country.

Darn, what to do? I want to see more of him.

End of 2003, my addiction to internet started all because of Bae Yong Joon. And the rest is what they say history.

Day in and day out, Yong Joon is on my mind. First thing that I do when I arrive at work is to access Quilt, KOB and Soompi. Even at my busiest time these 3 sites never leave my computer. They're one of the windows open in my work pc from 7:30am to 7:00pm.

Whenever I get home from work or anywhere, first thing to do after changing my clothes is to turn on my pc at home and again log to Quilt, KOB and Soompi. And this will be until the wee hours of the morning regardless if it's weekday.

If I put a number between 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 highest o\in my addiction to BYJ, i would say that I'm at 9. Quite high, huh?! Why not 10? Because I've never been to Korea yet and I've not seen him in person.


Hangul. I used to self study Mandarin and Japanese. But when I saw "Winter Sonata" and heard how BYJ speaks the language, I've become more interested in the language.

K pop. My colleagues and friends who doesn't know about my addiction to k drama cannot seem to understand why I listen to Korean music. Need I elaborate more? WLS brought me to this level.

Korean food. I never liked the food. Again because of "Winter Sonata" and the Korean Wave boom I have become interested in tasting their food.

Korea. I never thought I would want to go to that country. But now, everything has changed. I'm planning to go in November with friends. Reason? Bae Yong Joon.

Why November? I would have wanted to go in September but because of work I don't think I can make it. But really, it would have been very great if i go in September, attend the bunggae and meet my other Baesisters.

Considering all of the above, is this madness?

Yes, it's madness. I've been a fan of asian stars but not as much as compared to being a fan of BYJ.

Bae Yong Joon is AWESOME. He ZAPPED me. I'm mad about BAE!

caught on blog

huh?! me blogging? yeah, first time.

i have my space and friendster blog but never seem to start on it. why? i'm just not in to it. but what me made decide to put on my blog under blogspot? It's BYJ. Bae Yong Joon, the actor from Korea. I'll put my thoughts on Yong Joon in my next post. Right now, I want to talk why I got caught on blog.

it has been a lazy saturday. been in front of my computer since 11am looking for updates on Yong Joon. it's 8pm, went to visit the blog of Yong Joon's fan from Singapore, happiebb. After reading several of her new posts, i decided to register in blogspot.

and here i am posting my first post.

i'm not much of a writer, but i'll try my best to come up with a very interesting blog.

until then. tah..tah!i