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...not with SS501. Whew?! Sorry for making you guys nervous a bit. ^_^

I'm actually debating whether to make a post about this or not but since I'm also a fan of this group I might as well.

Tonight, rumor about SM Entertainment and 3 members of DBSK namely, Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun who requested for a deposition requesting SM Entertainment to release them from their contract of 13 years is all over the new. This news is now the top search in any Korean portals. The lawyer of the 3 members made several statement today and from what I read the situation is not good.

- seems like a negotiation has been going on between SM and the 3 members for 2 months to remove the 'non-exclusivity clause' in their contract but they weren't able to settle any agreement.

- main reason of the 3 members for wanting to leave is the slave contract [examples of slave contract, an artiste has to first seek approval from their company before being able to go overseas (iHQ). An artiste must notify their company their present location at anytime of asking (Olive9, Fantom). An artiste lifestyle including companionship, schooling, citizenship, military enlistment, making friends, economic activities, socializing events, transportation will have to be consulted with the company (JYP Entertainment) in advance which interferes with a person’s personal life.]

- there was also a mention of the split in the earning with SM getting the a HUGE chunk of the pie [geez, 8:2!!! unbelievable! with the 2 to be divided to the 5 members]

Geez, it seems that it's happening again. There was H.O.T. before then Shinwha.

Btw, I also read something about cosmetic [CreaBeau a Chinese product] thing but this is not clear to me yet.

With this news fans are worried about DBSK breaking up. =( It was said that later [probably this weekend] Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun will be releasing their statement.

Aahh, i'm pretty sure this event is very stressful to the fans. And I remember SS501 whose contract is expiring next year.

Could Jae Joong, Micky and Hyun Joong seeing each other often something to do with the problem of JJ? I cannot help but think.

JunSu, Yoochun and Jae Joong

p.s. Late last year SM Ent together wit some other ent companies were on the news regarding slave contract. Early this year, LSM [president of SM] was in the news again regarding the company getting out of the red line. Now comes this news. I believe that DBSK is SM's top earner.

p.p.s. The two other members ChangMin and YunHo were just in the news this week. The news about them is that both will be doing drama soon. YunHo's drama will broadcast in September and he will be with Ko Ara. And in the rumor mill, ChangMin and YunHo are said to be staying with DBSK if things really get ugly.

But you know what? For so long the contract is binding all members must comply with it.

Breaking News!

SM Ent statement after they had a board meeting tonight. "TVXQ is a band that represents Asia, TVXQ absolutely must continue actitivies." In addition, "The cosmetics company issue, will be resolved." [AllKPop]

See, the contract is still binding, but they're not out of the woods yet. This will surely have some effect on SM's stocks.

WGM in Japan ^_^

I've read and heard about this and I'm happy to see that this news in now in yonhap and translated for us by from korean to chinese by julieanne and chinese to english by cagalikira on Quiante501. Much much thanks!

I'm pretty sure with SS501 members exposure in Japan, there's no way to stop their up hill climb.


[090730] SS501 "Persona" Asian Tour related news, expose in Mnet

Credits: + + julieann (chinese translation) @ ( +

SS501 1st Asia Persona Tour's charm travel across entire asia.

SS501's popularity increase because of leader Kim Hyun Joong.

Mnet Japan will start to show reality show "We Got Married" which Kim Hyun Joong acted in from 1st Aug. This program is an added bonus to SS501 publicity.

Starting from 17th Aug, Mnet will also broadcast TV programs which SS501 participated in since they debut. It will be a half year program and will be named "I love SS501".

Since leader Kim Hyun Joong acted in popular korean drama "Boys Over Flowers", the other members acting skill were also being discussed. Therefore, around mid August, another program "Break" acted by member Kim Kyu Joong will be telecasted.

From September, SS501 members special activities in fan meetings, romantic sky will be telecasted. Other variety programs like "SOS" will start from October onwards.

The next half year will be a busy year for SS501. The "Persona" Asia tour will continue to other Asia countries starting with Budokan, Japan. In the plans are Hong Kong & Taiwan on October, Thailand on November, Malaysia & Singapore on December.

new song?

i found this link on SS501 thread @ soompi shared by goughsunflowers. I haven't heard it yet but i want to share it here since it's been circulating. They say it's a new song of SS501? Is it? A leakage from their new album?

Click HERE to hear.

p.s. for those who have heard the song, if you like it and if you really love supporting the SS501... as what we always say... please buy there CD when it's out.

and to those restraining themselves from listening, congratulations! ^^ one more day before THE BIG DAY and we'll probably get to hear this song as what DSP said in their earlier press release.

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cut from 2008 summer festival fanmeet

It's my first time to see this video. Thanks to hoonfami for sharing this video with sub titles on YT.

I like all the hair style here and they're so cute. Love how Kyu Jong acted the hula dance... sexy. Again, poor Maknae is always the target of 'fun' by the members. Hee, did you see how he was perspiring after? Oh and it's so funny how it seems that the scoreboard is also picking on Maknae when Leader's photo was shown instead of him. ^^ Jung Min, he's such a cute bully and i love that smirk that he did before the start of the game. Leader, he's so nice to give credit the the boys when he got the highest point. But how was it a unicorn [Kyu Jong's answer]? Ahh, Leaders is not confident with Maknae that he said he's poor [in answering]. Lol, but when it was Jung Min's turn he's bribing him money to answer quickly. ^_^ I love it when Young Saeng is in action but he made several passes. The 'andeyo' and cat sound are cutey. And may I add that he's so cute when it is his chance to answer.

[Engsub] SS501 - Playing Game - Summer Festival Fanmeeting 2008 cut

p.s. I'm sure you've heard and read about the Beijing fan meeting on the 29th of August. Not much details yet but it's already in the website of the organizer [the same organizer that brought SS501 in HK and Taiwan].

p.p.s. Baby's birthday is on the 3rd of August, I wonder what the members prepared for him on the 2nd night of their concert?

impressive! can't wait so see the new moves ^^

sWhoa! I'm anticipating to see the new dance moves. I actually remember reading that when SS501 went to the US earlier [the sub-group and the whole group for the HB] they had meetings with choreographers and some musicians to help them with their new album. So, finally we'll get to see some of it this coming weekend. ^_^

Much thanks again to xiaochu for sharing this wonderful news on Quiante501. We won't be hearing much from xiaochu in the coming weeks as she's going to Seoul tonight. Let's all wish her and the other ladies she'll be with a pleasant trip. ^^


7/30 [news] SS501, works with Justin Timberlake’s Dancer

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @


SS501 will hold their ‘ASIA TOUR in SEOUL, PERSONA’ for 2 days on 1~2 August at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium Stadium, and in order to show an even better image, they are practicing hard with AJ, who is the choreographer for Justin Timberlake and Usher.

AJ is currently in Korea to guide on SS501’s choreographs and has been with them for the rehearsals and practices, giving them guidance and advices. AJ is the best student of Fatima Robinson who is known to be Michael Jackson’s dancer teacher (?), he is currently in charge of choreography for Usher and Justin Timberlake, etc, and by foreign news media gave him high praises by naming him ‘Magic Feet’ when one sees his dances. Dancers praises him “I would say he is the best in the world”.

AJ, who arrived in Korea on 24th, said “I’ve watched many videos of SS501 before I came to Korea to meet them for the first time. SS501’s abilities and potentials are worth anticipating for, and I hope I can be assistance to them.”

SS501 will release for their very first time, 5 songs from their official 2nd album set to be released in mid-August. The new songs to be revealed have been selected, including their title song and follow-up song. The dance for their title song is wholly choreographed by AJ himself.

p.s.i've been going around other sites but it looks like there's nothing much about SS501 except news about their upcoming concert which we already know. Hopefully by tomorrow and Saturday before the concert we'll get to hear more interesting news and see some photos.

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Up next on Mnet Scandal is…

I’ve blogged about Mnet Scandal before HERE and HERE. I really really enjoyed watching 2PM's Nick Khun and Taecyeon and FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki on that show despite some fangirls cursing the show online because they’re heartbroken or ‘jealous’. ^_^

Guess who’s the next idol going the break the heart of many fangirls.

Though he’s my least favorite amongst F4 and since he’s a friend of Kim Hyun Joong, I somehow got interested in him.

T-Max's Kim Joon is next on Mnet Scandal. His date with a non showbiz girl will start next week.

When photos of him and his make believe girlfriend came out, netizens are at it again… i.e., cursing and wishing the Mnet Scandal will banish in the air. ^_^

You may click the photo to enlarge.

Thanks to monmoon for the photos posted on Korean celebs thread @ soompi.
Btw, for those who are not aware of how Mnet Scandal goes, it's a reality date show where in an idol is coupled with a non-showbiz girl and goes on a date for week.

2Pm, FT Island, 2AM members have participated in this show and like what I mentioned fangirls went crazy. I wonder how fans will react if they see any members of SS501, DBSK and SuJu get intimate with a non-showbiz girl. ^^

five plus three and more?!

Whoa! It sure is a HUGE HUGE treat for everyone coming to watch the concert. As if 5 is not enough 3 more cuties are added. And I think there’ll be more. ^^

Xiaochu, Ruby, SG TripleS who are watching you’re sooooo lucky!

If only I can fly to Seoul tomorrow, I’ll do so. ^_^

Btw, I almost forgot due to excitement to say thank you once again to xiaochu for the translation and sharing on Quiante501.


07/28 [news] F4 gathering in one place, friendship as strong as ever

Credits : Sportshankook + + (English Translation) xiaochu @


F4 gathering, friendship is as strong as ever

Lee Minho, Kim Bum and Kim Joon, will go to concert venue to congratulate SS501 Asia Tour .

F4 will gather in one place.

F4 members Lee MinHo, Kim Bum & Kim Joon, will attend ‘SS501 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA IN SEOUL’ to be held on 1~2 Aug at Seoul Bangee-dong Olympic Park Gymnasium Stadium. These guys acted with SS501 member Kim HyunJoong in KBS 2TV drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ as ‘F4’, forming bonds with each other and thus would be going for his concert.

SS501’s company DSP Entertainment representative said “After the drama ended, F4’s friendship is still as strong as ever. Lee MinHo, KimJoon, etc, readily agreed to attend the concert to congratulate SS501’s first Asia Tour. Kim Bum who is currently busy with drama ‘Dream’, especially tuned his schedules so that he will be able to attend.”

F4 members voluntarily attended each others’ events and their ‘exchange of work’ friendship has been extending. This gathering is 4 months after Kim Bum’s birthday party cum fan meeting last April. At Lee MinHo’s fan meeting in June, Kim Bum couldn’t attend due to drama filming.

SS501 are practicing hard in order to show a brilliant performance for their first concert of the 1st Asia Tour. They are currently having their pre-concert rehearsal at Jangchung-dong Jangchung Gymnasium Hall where a similar stage of the actual stage has been set up. They will release 5 songs from their upcoming 2nd album, to be released in mid-Aug, during this Seoul concert. With the start of their Asia Tour in Seoul, they will continue with Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, HongKong, Taiwan, etc.

p.s. i added the 'more' in the title since i'm certain there'll be tons of surprises this weekend. ^_^

drama dilemma [edited links]

While waiting for more news about SS501, I thought of blogging a bit about the above topic. ^^

Sigh... there are so many dramas to watch with so little time. Actually, i think that this should be the real reason, I've been spending so much time with SS501 that I'm neglecting watching dramas. ^_^ ha...ha...

Anyway, you guys might think that I have all the time in the world to spend in front of my computer. Nah I don’t. It just so happen that I only sleep an average of 3 to 4 hours a day. I’m not sure if it’s sickness or what, but that’s the only time I spend everyday for sleeping.

Practically I’m awake for 20 hours and this 20 hours is not even enough for me to do all the things I want to do, much more even when I’m at home in front of my computer. There are some few dramas that I wanted to watch but like I said haven’t had the time. Likewise, I haven’t been helping much WithS2 since becoming one of the editors. But I think things will change a bit this weekend because I decided to help again in the editing and watch some K and J-dramas.

This weekend while I’ll be waiting for news about SS501 ^^ I’ll be watching ‘Dream’ since I’ve signed up in the editors' pool of this drama. The drama actually started this week but wasn’t able to watch online. I’m kinda excited about this drama [though I read of the low rating] since Kim Bum and Joo Jin Moo are there. But then, there are other dramas that I’m anticipating in watching and these are ‘Orthros no Inu’ which stars Takizawa Hideaki and Ryo Nishikido and ‘Buzzer Beat’ that stars Yamapi. Both J-drama are currently airing in Japan though Yamapi’s drama was aired earlier [about 2 weeks ago].

Anyway, for those who are curious about the ‘Orthros No Inu’, here’s an article that was emailed to me by my friend [sorry not sure who the source/s are but thanks for translation].

Takizawa, Nishikido battle in new drama

Hideaki Takizawa (27) has picked up his first starring role in a serial drama since 2005. He will share the screen with Ryo Nishikido.

The thrilling human drama has Takizawa playing the role of a mysterious and ambitious man with a wicked heart, who possesses the power to heal pain and illness with the touch of his hand. Nishikido, on the other hand, plays a high school teacher with a gentle heart, but who has the ability to kill with his touch. The two happen to meet, resulting in a battle of good and evil.

Takizawa's last starring role in a series was in the 2005 NHK taiga drama "Yoshitsune." Before that, he played the lead in Fuji TV's "Boku Dake no Madonna."

TBS will broadcast "Orthros no Inu" on Friday nights at 10:00pm, starting in July.

Here are some YT clips regarding ‘Orthro No Inu’ and ‘Buzzer Beat’

Orthros no Inu Trailer
lifted from LoveOrangeHeart

Buzzer Beat opening
lifted from shimille0612

p.s. there is 'Style' too which will be airing soon. Though I don't like Ryu Shiwon, I'll be probably watching this because of Lee Ji Ah.

p.p.s. i like Takki [Tackey] since i saw him in 2003 in Strawberry on the Shortcake
in 2003 [3]. he's cute then and until now. and randomly i found this clip and this one too on YT by chance and just thought of sharing with you. Honestly, I haven't checked on him for sooooo long. I suddenly have the urge to put on the my cds of him and Tsubasa performing that was given by a friend. ^^

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more links on where to order Asta TV Mag

Remember I blogged HERE last Sunday where you can order the August issh of ASTA TV Magazine where in it contains 36 pages of SS501 concert and new album details?

Here are additional online shops where you can order. Much thanks to Rebby for sending me the links on soompi. ^^

DVD Heaven USD13.885

Innolife Shop [Japanese] US$18.00 (inclusive of shipping)

This magazine will also feature on their August issh ~

- Kara
- Lee Jun Ki
- Kim Bum
- SNSD, 2NE1
- Super Junior

five new songs to be released on the day of the concert!

Here’s another news about the concert this coming weekend. Loads of thanks to xiaochu for sharing on Quiate501.

As the day of the concert gets near and with DSP press releases since yesterday, I cannot help to get thrilled for all the fans attending. It will surely going to be 501% of fun, excitement, giddiness and love.

07/28 [news] SS501, To Release 5 New Songs From Their Official 2nd Album at Seoul Concert

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Male group SS501 plans to release 5 songs from their official 2nd album, which will be released in August, during their Asia Tour Seoul concert.

SS501’s company revealed “In the 2 days from 1st to 2nd August, they will release 5 songs from their official 2nd album during their Asia Tour Seoul Concert to be held at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium Stadium. These songs include their title song and the follow-up song.”

In addition, he added “SS501 is currently having their pre-concert rehearsal at Jangchung Gymnasium hall where we’ve set up the same stage layout as the actual concert. In order for the new songs not to be leaked out prior to the concert, the rehearsal was done with thorough security.”

This concert would be SS501’s first Asia Tour since their debut. They hope to have a performance where they can be close to their fans, so in response to SS501 members’ suggestion, a protruded stage was formed allowing audience to be able to see the members from a close distance wherever they are seated at.

Meanwhile, fans from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, HongKong, Taiwan, etc, will be visiting Korea in order to attend to first concert of SS501’s Asia Tour.

[Complete] SS501 in Starry Night w/ English Subs

Tuesday, July 28

iBreatheLifeMusic just complete subbing SS501 guesting in Starry Night. Much much thanks again!

If you have time please drop by her channle to write a comment or rate. ^^


Monday, July 27

I'm shoving this post up to let everyone know that Parts 3/5 and 4/6 have been uploaded on iBreatheLifeMusic YT Channel.

Here are two more photos of Hyun Joong from 'Starry Night' courtesy of Mariposa of soompi. Much much thanks!


High five to iBreatheLifeMusic for doing the English subs of this one hour video in parts. I'm pretty sure it's not easy. Much much thanks again for your tireless effort!

iBreatheLifeMusic version of the video consist of six parts. So far, only two has been posted. I'm certain that just like me, everyone wants to know what the members are talking about. I'll be posting the first two parts first then will update this post once new parts are uploaded.

[EngSubbed] StarryNightWithSS501 [1/6]
[EngSubbed] StarryNightWithSS501 [2/6]
[EngSubbed] StarryNightWithSS501 [3/6]
[EngSubbed] StarryNightWithSS501 [4/6]
[EngSubbed] StarryNightWithSS501 [5/6]
[EngSubbed] StarryNightWithSS501 [6/6]

Here are some GIFs capturing the cuteness of each member of SS501 that I lifted from

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3 Videos on MVIO Photoshoot [w/ English subs]

Thanks to shirbogurl21 for doing the subs and sharing this videos on her YT channel.

Hyun Joong just smokin' hot in MVIO. I like his naturalness and ease when doing photo shoot.

I wish to have a catalog of MVIO. Hope that they'll still have when I go to Seoul in autumn.

7/17/09 김현중 Kim Hyun Joong at MVIO Photoshoot
[w/ English subs]

7/18/09 김현중 Kim Hyun Joong Photos at MVIO Photoshoot
Background Music: SS501's "In Your Smile"

btw Shirley, did you make the 2nd video? If yes, then thanks for using 'In Your Smile' as the BGM.

p.s. Here's the interview with MBC's 'Good Day' [ article posted earlier HERE] courtesy of hoonfami [no subs]

27.07.09 - Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) Interview - MVIO Photoshotting - Entertaiment News

SS501 is working hard for their PERSONA Concert

With only 5 days to go before THE BIG DAY, SS501 is working super extra hard for their PERSONA Concert. I hope that the all members are not only thinking of the concert but as well as their health.

I cannot help but get excited to all fans who are going to watch this concert. This will surely be one great experience.

Here are two articles about SS501 rehearsals translated and shared again by xiaochu on Quiante501. Huge thanks again sharing this to all of us.

Btw, when re-posting the articles please make sure you give proper credit the translator and sources.


07/27 [news] SS501, Having Pre-concert Rehearsal at Jangchung Gym

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @


SS501’s Asia Tour in Seoul PERSONA will be held in 1 weeks time.

Coming 1st and 2nd August, the concert which is held for 2 days, marks the start of their Asia Concert, their first since their debut 4 years ago.

They have been practicing hard every day and night in one practice room located in GangNam, SS501 will also have their pre-concert rehearsal during this week prior to the concert. In order to have a perfect performance for this concert, SS501 will be having their pre-concert rehearsal for 4 days from 27th to 30th at Jangchung Gymnasium Stadium.

Local singers do not prefer to have their pre-concert rehearsals in another venue; however SS501 did special preparations in order to deliver a perfect performance.

Contents for this concert includes their past 4 years stage activities and a special performance which they’ve prepared during this period, they are confident that this is an opportunity for all the members’ attractiveness to be shown.

In addition, Seoul concert will start off their Asia Tour, and they will visit Japan, Thailand, HongKong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and other Asia countries for promotional activities for their concert. Huge anticipations were clearly shown throughout Asia region about their concert tours.


Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Kim HyunJoong from the phenomenal ‘BOF’, is on his way to hold his Asia Tour after 4 years from their last concert with his group SS501.

SS501 will hold their Asia Tour ‘ASIA TOUR IN SEOUL PERSONA’ concert on 01st and 02nd August, for 2 days, in Gymnasium Stadium located in Olympic Park at Seoul Bangee-dong.

SS501 side expressed “Kim HyunJoong joined back with his team members after a long period of time, all the members are sweating away practicing very hard in one practice room at Gangnam. They will of course, have a pre-concert rehearsal at JangChung Gymnasium Hall. Despite that local singers do not like to have their pre-concert rehearsal at another venue, they have special preparations in order to have a perfect performance on that day.”

Their company expressed that this Asia Tour will consist of SS501’s past 4 years stage activities and a specially prepared performance during this period, they are confident that this is an opportunity for all the members’ attractiveness to be shown.

Meanwhile, the Seoul concert marks the start of their Asia Tour, and they have planned for promotional activities in Japan, Thailand, HongKong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and other Asia countries.

KHJ thoughts on their upcoming concert

Huge huge thanks to xiaochu of Quiante501 for allowing me to post this portion of her translation from ASTA TV Magazine. If you want to read the other portion you may click HERE.

Btw, please... pretty please DO NO RE-POST this anywhere without getting xiaochu's permission. Thank you.

You may enlarge the image to read. ^_^

MVIO F/W Print Ad

The new MVIO Fall and Winter print ads are finally out [what we've seen before were photos from the photoshoot]. I found this set of photos on There are other photos posted but I won't be shoving them here anymore since they're from the photoshoot and some of which we've seen earlier.

Simple smart casual that can breeze
through daily urban grind with light
and playful pieces. [Clark Kent look]

For instant cold breeze,
Hyun Joong can't go wrong with the black jacket.

Hyun Joong new preppy look. ^^
It's not just about jeans and sneakers anymore.

The Sherlock Holmes inspired look.
A modern vibe to usual F/W season.

Shopping will catch instant attention
with this individualist's trend.

Mix and match to fab styles.

Steal-worthy look of a young executive.

The photo below is from the photoshoot. I'm including it here because Hyun Joong has a skateboard. ^_^

KHJ not a pretty boy nor meticulous

I was just trying to decipher this news when I read it on khj0606 then I came across xiaochu’s translation on Quiante501. As always, much thanks for the translation, xiaochu.

Oh yeah, HJL is not a pretty boy. I agree… because he is handsome and manly [as what the other members of SS501 keep on saying on 'Starry Night'] ^_^. He said that he’s not meticulous nor he’s not bad. I think he’s saying the truth and just being straight forward about it so as not to let others expect too much from him. I believe that Kim Hyun Joong is the kind of guy who is more of a doer than a sweet talker.

Btw, I wonder when he was interviewed. He's hair style in the photoshoot is almost the same as his hair style when he guested in 'Starry Night' last Friday.

07/27 [news] Kim HyunJoong “Kim Bum is the Best Pretty Boy in F4” Why?

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

‘Pretty Boy’ Kim HyunJoong said “Kim Bum is the best pretty boy in F4”.

In MBC ‘Good Day’ broadcasted on 27-Jul, Kim HyunJoong’s photo shoot was revealed.

When being asked who is the best pretty boy in F4, Kim HyunJoong replied “Kim Bum”. Kim HyunJoong explained “’Pretty boy’ refers to one who has feminine side more than masculine side.” Kim HyunJoong revealed “I can’t say that I am one.” He said wittily “I am a pretty boy when I put on make-up.”

Kim HyunJoong analyzed the factor for his popularity “InBoys Over Flowers’, Yoon JiHoo is a caring and meticulous person, so he captured many nuna’s (older sisters) heart.” Kim HyunJoong confessed “Actually, I am not really a meticulous person. I am not a bad guy. I won’t say it out even if I want to take care of another person.”

Meanwhile Kim HyunJoong revealed their future activities “We will get into activity through our Asia Tour which consists of 10 countries and also through variety programs. I will continue to be an actor for a while more too.”

clear but not big...

We've seen quite a few number of photos of SS501 when they guested in Starry Night last Friday but they're not clear, right? And we keep on looking for clearer photos to satisfy ourselves to save in our harddisk, right again?

Okay then, here are few photos that I found on khj0606. Yes they are clear though not big and that you cannot save each member's photo individually [unless you edit them yourself].^^ But hey these set of photos is better than earlier posted. ^^ Enjoy!

Here are the photos. Btw, for the 2nd set of photos, you may click it to enlarge.

p.s. I've been reading that the 2nd Korean album of SS501 will come out on the 3rd week of August and that in their concert [5 days to go to D-day!] SS501 will sing songs that are included in their new album. So you now know what to do... start watering your money tree. ^_^

Sunday, July 26, 2009

mouth watering

The cake looks delicious since it's chocolate covered with icing and Hyun Joong seems to enjoy eating it with much gusto. Honestly, it make my mouth water.

But hey, has it crossed your mind which is yummier? Hyun Joong or the cake? Hmm... could you be envying the spoon and wants to be it? ^_^ Ha! Ha! Don't lie.





Gifs were lifted from with original credit on the photos. They're from MNet's MVIO photoshoot making.

where to order ASTA TV Mag

Hee, I decided to make a separate post for the August issh of ASTA TV magazines since I'm getting quite a number of inquiry where to order the magazine when they learned that it contains 36 pages of SS501 new album and concert details.

You may place your order at Gmarket [Thanks to Rebby for the tip]. Click HERE to be directed to the site. The price is ₩10,620 ($ 8.76), but shipping is not yet included here.

Here are the countries eligible for shipping.

Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Eduador, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Macao, Malaysia, Mongolia, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovak Rep, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Uzbekistan, Vietnam [This List may change without notice.]

For more inquiries about registration, payment method, shipping and more you may go to Customer Service or click HERE.

p,.s. Someone is asking too where to order Cool Music. I hope someone can give us info on this too. Thanks!

Scanned Photos from Trendy Mag

Another magazine in Hong Kong is featuring the five young men from Korean who just recently evaded the heart of many women when they visited Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Here are scanned photos of SS501 from Trendy Magazine that ang3lzz shared on SS501 thread on soompi.

You want to watch again another old video of SS501? Well, I happened to come across this on JoongBo thread @ soompi. I've already seen this before, but since the links were posted again I just wanted to share them here. It's SS501 experiencing the hardship that a pregnant woman takes. It's a funny show yet the members learned a lot of things such as appreciating their mother more and understand how complicated the daily life of a pregnant woman is.

The show has two parts and each part was divided into two by Quiante501 subbing team. Here are the links for you to watch...

070909 "Big Mama" part 1 English Subbed (1/2)
070909 "Big Mama" part 1 English Subbed (2/2)
070916 - Big mama - part 2 ENG SUB (1/2)
070916 - Big mama - part 2 ENG SUB (2/2)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

SS501 @ Starry Night [full show]

Oh thank you so much to ivy的dream for posting the link on SS501 thread.

You can already watch the full show HERE. It's 1:05:52 full of Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Hyung Joon, Park Jung Min, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jung. ^^

If the above link is giving you a hard time shirbogurl21 has already completed uploading all seven parts on her YT channel.

SS501 on Starry Night 7/24 (Part 1/7)
SS501 on Starry Night 7/24 (Part 2/7)
SS501 on Starry Night 7/24 (Part 3/7)
SS501 on Starry Night 7/24 (Part 4/7)
SS501 on Starry Night 7/24 (Part 5/7)
SS501 on Starry Night 7/24 (Part 6/7)
SS501 on Starry Night 7/24 (Part 7/7)

All of the them look soooooo handsome in the show. Maknae is so funny with is facial expressions and he's getting broader. Kyu Jong did a good job in doing the voice of harabojji and like what i mentioned earlier, I like his hair straight. Jung Min, though covered up, his chest is a distraction and I like his drawing. Hyun Joong is so handsome and sexy in black and I love Leaders's hair. Young Saeng is also looking handsome with his cute dimples showing. He seems to be in a very good mood last night. Oh yeah, i like his hair style though I think he got conscious a bit when the other members noticed the back. Did you noticed that both Hyun Joong and Young Saeng keep on coughing? I hope that it's nothing serious.

I hope that someone can upload them on YT and share the subs.

Here's a cute GIF of Kyu Jong from stayfreemymisery of SS501 thread @ soompi.

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7.24.09 Yong Joon Sighting

Any news about Bae Yong Joon is big news for us. So whether it's a small news or the photo is just a silhouette it doesn't matter for so long it's fresh.

There's a Yong Joon sighting yesterday 7.24.09. Yong Joon was photographed by fans making a photoshoot for Arnaldo Bassini.

Here are 2 photos that i lifted from byjgallery as shared by style.

This one is small. It's an indoor shooting but the silhouette is definitely Yong Joon.

Btw, the lottery for the 2 big events in Tokyo Dome where in Yong Joon will be appearing happened yesterday. The 2 events I'm talking about is the September 29 for the 'WLS Anime Promo' and September 30 launching of 'Beauty of Korea' book. Fortunately not all Japanese baesisters [60,000 members] in the Japanese Official Board [JOB] won in the lottery. Anyway, to everyone who were able to win in the 2 days event, I'm so excited for all of you.