Monday, September 25, 2006

i hope so...

i just read mr. fumi's post in quilt about korean media reporting that shooting at krygyzstan has been postpone. likewise, annamarie translated in KOB a news from Sports Hankook about the same thing.


here's what annamarie translated [thanks annamarie!^^] ~

Bae Yong Joon's Trip
from Sports Hankoo

This is a summary of the posting by Gwon Oh Kyung post id 34888

Due to complicated planning and process of filming of the Legend, the location film in Kyrgyzstan has been delayed. Good thing is for our Yong Joon to be able to spend Choo Suk holiday in Korea with his family. But, he may be busy filming the Legend even during the holiday. The stars including YunTai Yun and Jo Yun left to Kyrgyzstan as planned, Yong Joon will join them In October. (dates have not been forcasted, noted as mid October only)

Additional translation of the article:

Bae Yong Joon requested to be absolutely perfect in every aspect of the filming of the Legend. Bae Yong Joon expected the flawless in many aspects of the filming in addition to incorporate the work consolidated with other stars such as Moon Sori, Choi Min Soo, Park Sang Won


it's not that i'm being selfish, but i really hope [crossing my fingers, toes, and everything there is to be crossed] that yong joon will be in korean when i set my footprints there in october 11. though seeing him will be next to impossible but the idea of us breathing the same air is already good enough for me. ^^

Sunday, September 24, 2006

soompi has been down

since yesterday morning soompi has been out of service. i hope that nothing major happened to soompi again. i remember back in 2005 same month that it crashed.

soompi has been part of my daily routine just like quilt, kob, joon's family, ji sub addict and baesisters' blog [just refer to the list in your right].

until this afternoon the message that i keep on getting was "url not found". but when i woke up after napping for a short while it now has this message ~

"sorry!! the forum will be down for a little while longer while we make sure everything's working ok ^_~

thanks for your patience!!

-soomp <3"

i'm kinda relieved reading this message. i hope that soompi will be back soon with all of the data intact.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

power muscles

workout buff yong joon in his latest photo [actually we all know that this came out last week but i'm only blogging now bec 가을여자 nim posted this beautiful big photo in kob]. a major hottie in this photo even with his tops on. ^^

perfectly fit yong joon. despite the "holey shirt", i can clearly see yong joon's powerful chest. even when his back is not turned, i can perfectly picture his v-shaped back. those bare arms showing his excelent biceps and triceps make me want to cling to him. behind those torn jeans is definitely a pair of good looking and strong legs. ultra sexy and yummy don't you think?

sexylicious yong joon ^^

Friday, September 15, 2006

wig & uniform for the new cf

for the whole day today all we could see in any byj websites and fora are all from the new SECOM cf. ^^ hee, and prior to today it was yong joon as damdeok ^^ there were so many artworks that were made in that lone official photo of damdeok. but has anyone of us got tired looking at it? i doubt ^^ by now i'm sure that lone photo was scrutinized and memorized by almost all baesisters.

have you seen below photo? this is from the homepage of SECOM. yong joon looks great in the security uniform but in suit he looks absolutely wonderful.

in the new SECOM cf it was said that yong joon was wearing wig. yong joon in a wig?! i never believed until i read tomato's email. honestly, i never thought that our man will wear a wig. but i guess it was needed in the cf and our man gladly agreed on wearing one. btw, i thought when i first saw the making in ntv that his stylist just tucked his hair^^

oh yeah our man is in uniform too. doesn't he look great wearing that uniform? be it wig or security uniform our man always look dashing.

oh have you noticed the way he stands in the cf? i looooove it. so perfect!

photos courtesy of flower; hp photo posted by hyejun in quilt

Monday, September 11, 2006

his royal handsomeness

bae yong joon is the most handsome king ever. honestly, when i saw this photo my jaw literaly almost drop to the floor.

love love this photo.

so the english title of TWSSG is "The Legend" it [i'm so redundant ^^] btw, from the translation of annamarie in kob, yong joon's photo above is before he becomes the king.

Friday, September 08, 2006


i'm out of words. ^^

yong joon is on his way back to seoul via kimpo airport
photo taken 09.06.06

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"the king" has arrived

haven't blog for quite a while ^^ my brain was full of worries about something but today all worries were gone because...hee, will let you know later after this post ^^

finally yong joon is in jeju and has started shooting. there were lucky fans who were able to see him at the airport last night at the the shooting site today.

hope that everything will go well in the shooting and the tour.

i know that everyone must have seen the photos of yong joon's arrival in jeju. doesn't he look great?

okay now, i'll let you know why i was worried over the past few days. i was waiting for my visa. not just visa to anywhere but visa to korea. why was i worried? there are so many filipinos applying for visa going to korea lately and we heard that they are kinda strict now. but today my friends and i were amongst the lucky ones who were given visa. yahoo! yahoo! so we're off to korea on oct 11. i'm so excited! can't wait to set my footprints in baeland ^^

Saturday, September 02, 2006

screencaps o&n cf making

thanks to 권오경nim for posting the link below in Quilt. i've seen many vods and i'm not quite sure if i've seen this one *i'm really having trouble with my memory*^^


can one please tell who's yong joon's partner in this cf? she looks familiar i just can't place where i've seen here. if you were able to d/l the link above, i'm sure you've notice how sweet yong joon is to her. *i envy her*