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updates from hong kong 06.29.09

I got this text message from bb ~

11 :45 Jung Min, Kyu Jong and Young Saeng went out for food at around 10pm. Quite many fans chased after them in vans and cars. They're not back yet.

12:15 Leader and Baby didn't go.

[liezle : sorry need to edit ^^ I think bb is getting to excited reporting]

it's like chaos out there

I know I'm already late in posting these. ^^ Hee, sorry I forgot to post these earlier.

Anyway, when I was posting last night bb's update from the airport i honestly thought that there weren't much people waiting for SS501 at the airport. That is why I kept on asking last night how's the situation outside since bb and the girls were still inside [they're so wise not to go out yet upon arriving HK] until I saw photos early this morning and saw videos.

I'm certain that the security in HK underestimated SS501's popularity. Look at the people waiting for the boys. It's pandemonium there!

This kind of reception only means one thing...SS501 is at its peak! First Taiwan [though fans were not solid SS501 since there were also some fans of SuJu] and then Hong Kong. Actually, i think that HK is some kind of confirmation that they're really really popular now in Asia. I believe that most, if not all, who were there to welcome them are SS501 fans, right?

Anyway, check these videos shared by marvie0701 on her YT channel. The boys seem so amazed and kinda scared of all the people in front of them. They're trapped and almost got mobbed!

Jung Min & his beer

I found the video, mel!

Check mark 0:59 and see how Sexy Charisma gulped down one full glass of beer. The sexy smile after downing the beer is to die for. ^_^

I swear, Jung Min is so full of charm and so handsome in their Taiwan trip.

thanks to uno0708 for uploading the video on YT

p.s. i just read that SS501 is top searched in Yahoo HK today. ^^

Cute Kyu ^^

Found this cute GIFs of Kyu Jong on SS601.com. From the post, it says that it's from the NG of the DVD shooting. ^^







Another Young Saeng Pix Spazzzz

Who are getting giddy? I know a couple who are. ^_^

Here's another Young Saeng pix spaz. They were from the fanmeet in Taiwan. I lifted this from SS601.com which was originally taken from Miseoung.net.

He's such a cutie. Geez, I want to pinch those checks. ^^

Kyu Jong Pix Spazzzzz

Okay, are there any Kyu Jong fans visiting my blog? This page is for you!

I always love photos from kyujong.com. they're always big and very very clear. the following set of photos were lifted from SS601.com. They were taken then the boys arrived at Incheon Int'l Airport last Saturday for their trip to Taiwan.

Do you know guys that I always love his innocent look? There is something about Kyu Jong that when seen for the very first time you'll know already that he is a good young man.

Btw, if you're new to my blog, have you see Kyu Jong's family pictures? Not yet? Click HERE.

Lucky bottle!

And I bet you are wishing that you're the bottle! ^_^

Jung Min is such a tease!

I've seen the video of the pictuare below last night but wasn't able to post. I was looking for it but can't find that video anymore. Jung Min look so damn sexy after he gulped that glass of beer. Hope I'll be able to find the video later so that I can share with you.

More HK Photos

The boys were given flowers. ^^ That's so sweet of the fans.

Heaps of thanks again to babysept for posting on SS501 thread @ soompi. Original credit on the pictures and lm86.net + Baidu + WorldStar501.

Looks like the situation is almost the same from what happened in Taiwan. But this one in HK I'm certain that 99% of the people who welcome them are SS501 fans. ^^

Pix of SS501 @ HK Airport

Wow! I thought that not much fans will be welcoming them but here are evidences that SS501 also has conquered Hong Kong!

I'm so proud of them!

Heaps of thanks to babysept for posting these photos on SS501 thread @ soompi. Original credit on the pictures.

SS501 @ HK Airport

Much much thanks to marvie_carl for bringing these link to KHJ thread @ soompi.

[Fancam] 09.29.06 SS501 - Hong Kong Airport

[Fancam 2] 09.29.06 SS501 - Hong Kong Airport

[Fancam 3] 09.29.06 SS501 - Hong Kong Airport

And here are photos of SS501 @ KKBOX

SS501 Unforgettable 1st Visit in Taiwan

Thank you so much again to SS5014ever/rj for sharing this translation on Quiante. I'm pretty sure they're so touched by the warm reception that SS501 gave them.

Triple S Taiwan, wait for them in October and give them again the kind of reception you've given them. ^^

When re-posting please give proper credit to the translator and source/s.


06/29 [news] Korean group SS501 loves Xiaolongbao,, can't forget Taiwan fans'

Credits: cna.com.tw + (English translation) SS5014ever @ quainte501.com

What does Korea's top group SS501 find the most memorable about Taiwan? Apart from Xiaolongbao, it'll be the fans' crazy enthusiasm. When they heard fans queued up a few days prior to the fan meeting yesterday, and after the fan meeting ended, there were fans who rode on motorcycles to follow them, they were very touched.

SS501 ends their 3 day visit to Taiwan, tonight they'll be leaving Taiwan, and heading for Hong Kong to hold their Asia Tour fan meeting. In the press conference held today afternoon, when they talked about memorable experiences in Taiwan, member Park Jung Min answered in Chinese, "Xiaolongbao!" Subsequently the 5 boys all expressed, Taiwan fans are really very enthusiastic.

Leader Kim Hyun Joong said, Korean star Lee Min Ho who had come to Taiwan before told him, not to be shocked by Taiwan fans, and this time he has really experienced the enthusiasm of Taiwan fans. With regards to them being surrounded by fans at the airport, and the 5 of them looking uneasy, Kim Hyun Joong specially apologised today.

During the press conference, host Wu Jian Heng arranged a test to see how the 5 members agreed with each other tacitly, the result was, Park Jung Min was chosen to be the person who forgets lyrics easily. With regards to the "love" from his members, Park Jung Min "expressed regret", and say he won't do it again in the future; Kim Hyun Joong got chosen as the person who doesn't get out of bed easily, he said, in the past only when the phone rang 50 times when he was asleep would he be able to wake up, but now he only needs 5 rings, so there is an improvement.

In the end Park Jung Min got the highest "marks", and won Taiwan Beer as a reward, he drank it in one gulp, and expressed it was like filming an advertisement. Kim Hyung Joon joked that he'll be so drunk that he can't find his own room. Kim Kyu Jong was curious about the cup-like lights on the ceiling, and jokingly said the beer should be drank by pouring it into the cup-like lights.

In yesterday's fan meeting, the 5 of them were friendly as if they were the boys from next-door, acceding to all the requests of the fans, Park Jung Min even took the initiative to hug a female fan, and screams kept going on.

When interviewed today, the 5 of them didn't change their playful nature, Park Jung Min talking the most, Kim Hyun Joong dismantled the microphone, trying to see if there were differences between Taiwan and Korea microphones. Heo Young Saeng said, even though it's their first visit to Taiwan, but Taiwan feels very familiar, as if they've been here many times.

SS501 will hold their Asia Tour concert in Seoul, Korea on 1st, 2nd August, Taiwan's concert will occur between October and December. Kim Hyun Joong said, if Taiwan fans can't wait till them, they're welcome to come to Korea's concert to hear it first!

Video of SS501 Leaving Taiwan

Thanks to Portia27 for the tip from SS501 thread @ soompi.com.

Geez, I wonder what happened to the security here? The boys were practically mobbed anew! Hee, but despite that, Hyun Joong, Hyung Joon, Jung Min, Young Saeng and Kyu Jung seem to enjoy the kind of treatment the Taiwanese fans are giving them. Look at them with a wide grin on their faces. The boys just love the fans! Look at them waving to the fans. Jung Min is so charismatic! ^^

Thanks to smarter44 for uploading the video on her YT.

Bye bye Taiwan!

Here are photos of SS501 at the airport checking in. They seem to be still in a good mood despite the busy schedule they had in Taiwan.

Thanks to Pucca.sg a.k.a. wen here for the photos that she lifted from cafe daum and re-posted on KHJ thread @ soompi.

Monday, June 29, 2009

SS501 > Real-time Hong Kong Update

Text messages from happiebb ~

9:53 fans are now approaching the gate. The plane will touchdown anytime soon. Glass door of gate 2 is now open. bb thinks that some taiwanese fans flew with the boys!.^^

9:57 Passengers are coming out! Fans have suddenly appeared!!!

9: 59 SS501 got their own camera crew... Many young fans very dressed up.

10:01 The boys are taking long to come out. bb thinks that they're waiting for everyone to come out.

10:07 They're out! Handsome!

liezle : bb and girls are probably in cloudnine now! anyone please, do you know where they are staying in HK?

10:31 They just came out from the loo! ^__^ They haven't been cleared by immigration yet. ^^

10:38 They have gone via VIP passageway. Probably madhouse outside? [liezle : according to bb it's so hot in HK now]

10:44 Hyun Joong didn't want to look forward, quite hard 2 take [photo?] But he kept doing little dances... cute! Jung Min and Kyu Jung are nicest, looking at fans, smiling, posing for pix. Young Saeng super lowkey. Baby timid, kept hiding behind people.

They took many good photos and videos! Hee, not sure though where they'll share it. But i'll keep you posted.


bb and the rest of the SG girls are now probably resting. thank you so much bb! it was fun getting real-time updates from you. I hope to see you on Wednesday. ^^ btw, let us know where we can see all the wonderful photos and videos theytook.

Anyone know where the boys are staying in HK?

Fans from Singapore [happiebb and friends ^^ I'm sure some of you here know bb ^^... hey i'll be seeing her on Wednesday!] are at the airport waiting for SS501. They're actually inside now. The boys are expected to arrive at 9:53pm.

There are only few fans inside. Can anyone tell the situation outside of the airport and if anyone knows where the boys are staying?

bb, will be sharing real-time info!

Having fun on stage with SS501

Okay I don't have any idea what is going on here. If there's anyone who can give us any idea what the guys are doing please please let us know. They sure look like having a great time.

Videos lifted from SS601.com

Edit : A very kind Anonymous visitor shared this brief translation on the reply box. [Hi Anonymous, hope you'll give us your nick. Thanks again]. PeiWenn shared also a summary. Thanks too! You guys are just wonderful! ^^

Basically the members were asked to rank each other based on a specific question asked.
(1st to 5th position - from right to left)

First video:

Young Saeng is asked to rank the members according to the question "Who loves using the mirror"?

1st: Hyung Jun
2nd: Jung Min
3rd: Young Saeng
4th: Hyun Joong
5th: Kyu Jong

The members were then asked to guess the question since they dont know the question as it was only told to Young Saeng.

Kyu Jong guesses: "Who is the best in socializing?"

The host then says that Kyu Jong meant that he can't socialize. LOLS.

Jung Min guesses: "The one that is the most impolite within the group?" (That means he ain't very polite too. haha XD)

Finally,Jung Min guesses it corectly.

Second Video:

Hyung Jun is asked to rank the members according to the question "Who is the stingiest among members?"

1st: Hyung Jun
2nd: Jung Min
3rd: Young Saeng
4th: Kyu Jong
5th: Hyun Joong

They try to guess the question again.

Hyun Joong guesses: "Who has the lowest IQ?" LOLS

Jung Min guesses: "According to age?"

Fans hint to Jung Min and he gets the question correct again.

The host reaffirms the answer and asks Hyun Joong about his generousity towards money.

Can't hear clearly with regards to Hyun Joong's reply but the intepretor seems to be saying something about how Hyun Joong usually offers treats without hesitation. :)

Hyun Joong is then asked to rank the members according to the question "If you were a girl, who would you date?"

1st: Young Saeng
2nd: Kyu Jong
3rd: Hyun Joong
4th: Jung Min
5th: Hyung Jun

Hyun Joong guesses that the members will be able to guess the correct question.

Not sure about this part onwards -
Jung Min guesses that the question was " Even when he's broke, he will still continue loving women as much."
Then they said something about Hyung Jun should be first. *I think so*

So, eventually Hyun Joong just tells them the correct question.
Young Saeng wins!

Third video :

Jung Min is asked to rank the members according to the question : "Who posseses the starkest differences between them on and off stage?"

The host claims that Jung Min seems to be playing the postion of a class head by arranging the members.

1st: Hyung Jun
2nd: Young Saeng
3rd: Kyu Jong
4th: Hyun Joong
5th: Jung Min

Hyung Jun guesses: "The friendliest one?"
*Jung Min attempts to box him* LOLS

Kyu Jong guesses: "The stingiest one?"

The host asks Jung Min to tell them the question, and Jung Min realises that he doesnt remember the question. . .

Cant hear clearly what the inteprtator says after Jung Min declares the correct question.
*Something about Hyung Jun being absurd?*

SS501 is more delicious than the dumplings.

Oh I love dumplings so much... promise!

But my mouth is watering not because of the dumplings and the steamed buns in this photo but because of the yummilicious and delectable banquet.

credits : Baidu + WorldStar501
thanks for the tip babsept @ SS501 thread @ soompi