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[Audio] Jung Min singing Japanese Ver of 'Do You Know' and 'Go Go'

Jung Min appeared on this TokyoFM radio program on the 28th of April and performed 'Do You Know' and 'Go Go' in Japanese. Much thanks to tetsu_girl for sending the link to YT channel.

You can hear "Go Go" in mark 7:23 and "Do You Know" in 14:10 mark.

[Trans] Interesting Interview of YES Mag on Jung Min

Thanks to rainaftershine for sharing this on her new home. You can visit her HERE as she just established her new blog. Also thanks much to Laura Nah로라 for the English translation posted on ss501chapter.

This is an interesting on Jung Min by Yes Magazine (HK) as he talks about HongKong, his drama project in Taiwan, a movie in Korea, his ideal girlfriend, wanting tohave 20 kids (!) and more.


[Trans] Jung Min – YES Magazine Issue 1050
Scanned by: PJMIFC (
English translation: Laura Nah로라 (& her mom’s help of reading Cantonese) @

Re-post with full credit.

Shopping in Hong Kong

Even though this was not the first time JungMin has arrived in Hong Kong, it was his first time coming alone (as himself – “Park JungMin” and not as “SS501’s Park JungMin”) to promote his first solo album . JungMin says, “My time in Hong Kong is short and the schedule is very tight. However, I am still able to feel all my fans’ support, and this makes me very happy. Just as before, Hong Kong fans are very passionate!” And despite the tight schedule and all, JungMin took time out to go shopping, buying things to the extent of needing to get a new luggage to pack all his new stuff.

Lyrics about Love

For JungMin’s first album, he showcased his lyrics-writing talent by penning the words for all three songs. Upon release of his album, the songs are well-received by fans. This increased JungMin’s confidence greatly! JungMin says, “After releasing my mini album, I feel a great boost in confidence as a person and as a singer. When I was filling in the words for the songs, I would incorporate some imagination as well as my personal thoughts, feelings and experiences about love.” JungMin revealed that his initial thoughts about the lyrics for were not the same as what fans finally saw as the end product. He explained that there was a change of thought flow as he was penning the words.

Feeling Sad when his Feelings are not Reciprocated

This month, JungMin will release his repackaged album, which includes two new songs titled, “Like tears are Falling” and “Go, go”. These two songs reflect JungMin’s feelings, especially the album’s hit song, “Like tears are falling”. Speaking of tears, JungMin does have his fair share of sad moments! Though this may seem to be in contrast to the image he portrays – a cheery man whose signature look is his dazzling smile, JungMin explains, “There will be times when I am sad, because I value feelings a lot. If I am nice to someone, I will feel sad when that person do not reciprocate the same feeling(s).”

Celebrated His Birthday on top of a Mountain

Everyone has happy and sad moments. For JungMin, because he has the love and support of so many fans, we are quite sure that the number of happy times he experiences far exceeds the number of sad times! Just earlier this month, JungMin had his 24th birthday. He wanted to spend his birthday with his fans and thus he was not able to celebrate it with his friends. He recalled, “There was once when my friends and I went to hike a mountain, and we ended up celebrating my birthday on the mountain peak. It was really unforgettable. I really wish to celebrate with my friends again.” It must have been such a sight to try to compete with the wind to blow out the candles on top of the mountain!
Wants to Have Twenty Children

As his birthday wish, JungMin made a simple request: a healthy body to allow him to fulfill his scheduled work. AH, but how could we just let him off with such a simple wish! After some probing, we found out an exclusive piece of news for readers. JungMin says, “I hope to get married soon. Even though I have no expectations as to when I get married, I hope it will be as soon as possible! This is because I wish to have many children. Hopefully, I can achieve my wish of having twenty girls and boys.” Oh my! What a wish! Even if he has triplets, he would need seven years to achieve his goal! Hmmm… all the best, JungMin!

Filming Taiwanese Drama in May

It will be difficult for JungMin to find time to accomplish his wish this year. Haha! His work schedule for this year has been set and it is so packed! JungMin says, “I plan to record a Chinese song and have it released by the end of this year. At the same time, in May, I would be going to Taiwan to film a drama. Though I do not know the plot or storyline of the drama as yet, I am very excited about it! Also, I would be filming a Korean movie during the second half of 2011.” JungMin is really developing in three big areas – the world of singing, small screens (TV) and the big screens (movie)! It is known that his character for the Taiwanese drama have been specially tailored to fit him. We wonder if he will be acting as a witty singer in that drama!?

Best at Counting Money

JungMin’s work ethic has been cultivated since he was a little boy. JungMin says, “Since young, I have been a high-energy person. Also, when I was much younger, my family was relatively not so well-to-do, and we do not have much money. It was a more difficult life, and it was also a lonelier one. Thus, I appreciate everything I have. And I will do my best for everything, always giving my all in order to complete them.” Indeed, JungMin remains as lively and appreciative as when he was young. JungMin says, “When I was studying, the subjects I am most confident was physical education (sports and games), the arts and music. Mathematics was my worst subject. However, I am best at counting money! Haha!”

Witty Girl-friend

Music is easily mastered by the talented JungMin. Given his great improvements, learning Mandarin also seems so easy to him. Not only is he able to answer interview questions in Mandarin, he is also able to write Chinese characters! JungMin says, “The people working with me are able to converse in Mandarin, thus, I was able to enquire them for help when learning to speak the language.” With his Mandarin, we are sure he will have no problems getting even a Mandarin-speaking girl as his girl-friend! JungMin says, “I like girls who are confident and knows how to dress appropriately for occasions. And I really like a girl who is always joyful, full of smiles, and has a witty sense of humor.” If ever such a cheery girl is with such a cheery JungMin, it would really be a match made in heaven!

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[Pix] New Hang Ten Spring 2011 Photos of Kim Hyun Joong

Yay and Hyun Joong has Elmo as his partner! 'love it!

This set of photos were lifted from Hang Ten Korea's webby.

Much thanks again to veggiedelight for shoving these photos in my email.

[Vid] Another Invite from Kyu Jong for Musical 'Goong'

Another invite from the musical 'Goong' which will start running in Kyoto in June with Kyu Jong as the lead is out. Much thanks to HappySS501_Boys for tweeting it and posting on her blog. Much thanks as well to wangjanim for sharing the vid on their site.

[Trans] Kyu Jong Invite to 'Goong'
source : 안녕,왕자님 (
Korean to English translation :

Hello Everyone. I'm Kim Kyu Jong.
I was cast as a leading role of Musical Goong which will be performed at MinamiJwa in Kyoto in June.
I'm very honored and happy to join Goong which is loved as a TV drama and Musical.
Please look forward to Musical Goong.
See you in Kyoto in June!

To play again, right click then choose play.

If you missed the earlier invite, you may click HERE.

Btw, this video has been circulating since this morning and I now got the chance to post it here. This is a vid of Kyu Jong at the rehearsal/script reading of the musical which came from , the official YT channel of musical Goong.

Thanks to veggiedelight for the tip.

[Vid] TvN Asia Teaser on Jung Min's Exclusive Interview

Jung Min had an exclusive interview with TvN Asia and hopefully we can get to watch it soon. TvN Asia posted a teaser and was able to share it on her YT channel. Thanks to veggiedelight for the tip!

Anyone who has the info as to when this will be shown please let us know.

[Trans] Hyun Joong's Message on Japan Official Mobile Site

Heaps of thanks to miyo of LoveKimHyunJoong for doing the translation of Hyun Joong's Japanese message of the LKHJ forum.

May 2 we all look forward to Hyun Joong's visit to Japan once again for Playful Kiss promotion. Then, very soon we anticipate the coming of his album.

[Trans] JOM : Hello, this is Hyun Joong

Source: KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site
Japanese~English Translation: miyo

Hello, this is Hyun Joong
2011/04/29  Hyun Joong

I will go to Osaka on 2nd May.
I’m going for the Playful Kiss promotion event, it’s been while since I’ve been to Osaka and I’m feeling excited.
In Osaka, I want to eat Takoyaki(ball-shaped dumpling filled with baby octopus) and of course I also want to eat Gyu-don (Beef bowl) too.
Japanese fans will be seeing me in my short hair. Do not be surprised at the style that you are not used to see.
Recently I’m into sports and my body frame has become bigger… From now onwards, I would be showing everyone the manly feeling.
In June (at Korea), we are planning a showcase for the sales of the album, please look forward to it.
The choreography, jacket etc for the album…. all parts have been taken with care one by one so please take your time to look at it.
After May has passed and when June comes, let’s fly up together once more.
At that time, I will bring the album to visit Japan so please look forward to it.
Please be live well and smile happily. Thank you.

04.28.11 S/Tweet Treats

Yesterday's translation of Young Saeng, Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun tweets are here. Much thanks again to xiaochu for the translation on Quainte501.

Young Saeng is looking thin. I hope that he'll stop dieting and begin eating. Want him a bit puffier.

Hyung Jun, so sweet to greet his mom on Twitter on her birthday.


[Trans] 04.28.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credits

2011-04-28 @ 8:55 PM
mystyle1103 During filming of Running Man~~keke Even if my hand was injuried!!!I was like flying..

2011-04-28 @ 8:58 PM
mystyle1103 I still find it amazing when I see celebrities.. Cos of this people around me says.. "You are also a celebrity~~" Ah...kekeke

2011-04-28 @ 9:44 PM
Steven_Lee_ @2kjdream What time do you end tomorrow??? Call!

2011-04-28 @ 9:22 PM
jjjjjin2yo @mystyle1103 Oh~ You lost alot of weight?keke

2011-04-28 @ 9:55 PM
Sj861117sj @mystyle1103 Our YoungSaengie why did you lose so much weight... Let's go and eat some meat together..

2011-04-28 @ 10:29 PM
mastadoo @Steven_Lee_ Tomorrow dinner okay~! Will be going to meet American friend~! ^^ Meeting KyuKyuKyu~!!^^

2011-04-28 @ 10:41 PM
Actor_ParkJiBin @mystyle1103 keke Hyung why are you frozen keke Maybe you were too nervous cos you saw celebrities heehee

2011-04-28 @ 10:57 PM
HyungJun87 My mother whom I love and respect and even by being filial all my life is still insufficent to you. Today is a day for you to celebrate. Really wish you a happy birthday. Always be healthy and I will give you only happiness by my side. I love you.^^

2011-04-28 @ 11:48 PM
LUsyndrome @mystyle1103 Ohhohot~ You filmed Running Man??! Wow~~~

2011-04-28 @ 11:54 PM
2kjdream @Steven_Lee_ I miss you.. hyung!! TT Meet as soon as my musical lesson ends tomorrow Call !!!!!! !!!!!! --

2011-04-28 @ 11:55 PM
2kjdream @mystyle1103 I also find it amazing when I see you hyung....!!!!!!! Oh oh oh~~ heeheehee

04.27.11 S/Tweet Treats

Tweets from HnB that was tweeted two days ago. Thanks to the translation by xiaochu posted on Quainte501.


[Trans] 04.27.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credits

2011-04-27 @ 6:20 PM
HnBcompany Representative Jjun who is signing the albums as the prizes for this pre-order event!! Please look forward to it! Piropiro

2011-04-27 @ 6:38 PM 90KKB RT @HnBcompany: Representative Jjun who is signing the albums as the prizes for this pre-order event!! Please look forward to it! Piropiro

2011-04-27 @ 10:40 PM
90KKB I was trending! not now kwahahaha Thank u my lovers~~! here is my present for u guy! PiroPiro with KiBum

[Article] IB Times Interview with Jung Min

Much thanks Slam for this interview of IBT with Jung Min posted on her blog. This short interview is something whichis quite different from the others. Go and read.


[Trans] Park Jung Min Interview With IB Times
Korean ~ Chinese Trans: 피오나@PJMIFC
Chinese ~ English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

After the contract with DSP Media has ended, during last August signed a new contract with CNR Media, developing as a solo, SS501 member Park Jung Min released his 1st solo mini album "THE, PARK JUNG MIN" on 7 Apr 2011, and went for his Asia Fanmeeting Tour and starred in Taiwan Idol drama etc different kinds of activities, sucessfully speeding up his solo activities. Currently having busy schedules in Thailand, China & Japan, Park Jung Min take some time out at a coffeehouse in Seoul Gangnam-gu, having an honest chat with IBTimes.

Initial dream was to be an actor and not a singer, Park Jung Min when accepting interviews from different media, thru his previous company recommedation, debut in the entertainment industry with the identity of a singer and actor. In this interview, he will chat about his dreams and the process of realising his dreams.

Park Jung Min said: "I heard people said before, if I can naturally go into the entertainment industry it will be just fine. But acting is just a fleeting dream. I feel that artistes often live on an alternative lives." Even though his parents were against his 1st audition during his sixth grade, he did not really went thru any activities, however after this opportunity, making Park Jung Min starting to have this [I can also be an artiste] kinda wish and starting to realise his own dreams.

During his 2nd year in college, Park Jung Min 1st time set foot into the Manager company in such places. However, he did not have any financial support during that time so he did not any mentors with the average being an entertainment company will provide training in different companies, defrauded course fees for 4 months. He said: "Seems to be that it has become a development opportunity", "During that time, I met up with the students who have the same dreams want to be a star. That school is located in Apgujeong, everyday went to the school, but also received a lot of audition opportunities." The korean born star Park Jung Min who have fans other than in Japan, Taiwan, China, Turkey and Arabia etc continued blissfully: "I really never thought that I will have turkish fans, the fans in Turkey really hope to see me performing, and I had received an invitation from the Turkish embassy."

Although he received a lot of love from fans, but eversince he debut in 2005, he doesnt even have a girlfriend even once. "Although there is something, but talking about affairs of the heart, there is nothing. Need to create this sweetheart out." Park Jung Min said smilingly. His ideal will be the "bang bang" kinda humourous girl.

Park Jung Min confidently states: "I feel that guys should have the courage to act when there is a need or when problems arises; when there are times when the girl is having a hard time, be there to protect her, just like how I protect my family and my sister giving them the strength they need." Especially because that is the friendship and support given by the fans and family.

Even though Park Jung Min exudes charisma with his conscientious working attitude, but when facing his good friends and family, he will show a playful and cute side of him. He is very thankful to the continuous support and aid from fans. He pointed: "Due to my good memory, I can always remember my fans, especially those who frequently come (to support me)", can see he show special care to his fans. He shows his gratitude when received the love, embarked towards his dreams, Park Jung Min, just like what he claim to be, is a "BEAUTIFUL YOUTH".

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[Screencaps] Jung Min @ TVK「ありがとッ!」04.28.11

Jung Ming guested today in Japan's TVK「ありがとッ!」Thanks to SSmakiko for tweeting the link to the post on her blog in

Since yesterday, Jung Min has been busy in Japan promoting his album. Next week he will be back in Thailand for the fan meeting.

Here are some screencaps from today's show.

Btw, did you noticed that he still has that finger support on his pointy finger? According to the interview in Japan, when asked how he got insured, he said that he fell down in Hong Kong. He didn't elaborate where but I guess some of you would have already guessed.

From the tweet of peacejerry just now, next week in Thailand, Jung Min will have stricter security as requested by his agency to the organizer to avoid another incident that happened in HK.

[Vids] Hyung Jun's Cut in 1000 Song Challenge

First, I have to say sorry to meguchan for posting only now the link that she emailed me yesterday for the Hyung Jun cut in 1000 Song Challenge Video. Her email went to my spam mail. Anyway, much much thanks meguchan for the tip and to for the upload on YT.

Go and watch the video and see how well Hyung Jun did in the show.

Hyung Jun's redition of this 2AM's song is so good.

[Trans] Hyun Joong Left a Message on KOB

Yup he left a very short message on his Korean Official Board which is about his album. Here's the capture of the said message which I lifted from khj0606.

Translation courtesy of reena29shadow on Twitter

Album master copy completed before 6.06pm today............................................
Here, get ready for the final sprint!

Seems that he is informing us that recording is done (mastering). Which means that they are in the final stage of the CD production.

[Article] Kyu Jong Acting as Prince Shin in Goong

Heaps of thanks to Slam for sharing this translation on her blog.

I am really so excited to see Kyu Jong in this musical. This will surely be a daebak. ^^


[Trans] Regarding Kim Kyu Jong Acting As Prince Shin? (Jap Goong Official Blog)
Source: Musical <> Official Blog (
Japanese ~ Chinese Trans: kolkol 校对 redcat111
Chinese ~ English Trans:

Pls repost with credits

On 13 Apr the [Musical GOONG] Official photoshoot was carried out in Seoul.

Staged for the 1st time in Kyoto starring Kim Kyu Jong as the lead actor, Musical actress Kwak Sun Young continuing the Korean version of the [Musical GOONG] and being lead actress again did their photoshoot together.

Start of News Report

Kyu Jong wore a beige suit which exudes extravagance, which match the role in his musical debut. (Reference Photo)

This time, Kyu Jong will be acting the character of Prince Shin.
And this is the same role which TVXQ Yunho acted in the Korean version of [Musical GOONG]

Q: How would the role of Prince Shin character be in Kyoto performance?
Kyu: The Prince Shin which Yunho sunbae has acted is a very charismatic and masculine kinda style, for me I want to show a very easy-going and gentle style.

Q: Usually what is the difference between the character of Kyu Jong and Prince Shin?
Kyu: I am a person who doesnt speak much, thus not very easy to really chat with other people. Prince Shin is totally opposite of me! Will work hard on stage to withdraw from my real self to play this character! (smile)

Believe it will be very fast we can see a different side of Kyu Jong in this new Japanese version of [Musical GOONG]

[Pix] More of Hyun Joong @ FC Men Soccer Match by A-hlia

Still more photos of Hyung Jun during their last game. Thanks to Marvie for shoving this set here and providing downloadable link.

DL More 58 Pictures HERE

[Vid] Hyun Joong @ Making The Film for Vogue Hommes Japan

Hyun Joong posed for Vogue in a hotel in Tokyo. Wonder when this happened. Thanks to elley for sharing this on her blog.

From Vogue Japan's website, it was mentioned that Hyun Joong is wearing LANVIN suit. Other sponsors for this shoot is JIL SANDER.

Credit :

[Pix] Kyu Jong for Musical "Goong" Poster

Much thanks to Marvie for shoving these here.

I saw the first photos yesterday but actually didn't post it because I thought that it was just some fan art. Since, I've seen this in some other blogs and says that it's official, will have the pix posted then. Thanks again Marvie!

Credit :

[Info] Hyung Jun will be Attending Mnet Super Concert

Much thanks to crazynoona for sharing this on her blog and for Marvie for shoving this piece of news here. There's something to look forward on Hyung Jun so better mark your calendar.

Trans: Only Jun (

The Love Sharing M Super ConcertTogether with Diabetics Patients Family
Date: 14 May 2011 (Sat)
Time: Evening 7.30pm
Place: KwangJu, Kim Dae Jung Convention Center, Outdoor Plaza
Participants: Kang Ye Bin (MC), Kim Hyung Jun, Brian, Seo In Guk, Kim Jung Min, Clover, Beige, Hangroo, Jeong In, Kan Mn Yeon, Turtles

[Info] Hyung Jun to perform for Children Day’s Festival at UiWang 110505

Thanks crazynoona for the translation of this and to Marvie for posting here.

Hyung Jun still seems to be a very busy man. He has so many guesting! Another date to mark on your calendar.


[Info] Hyung Jun to perform for Children Day’s Festival at UiWang [11.05.05]

News Source:
Posted on: Prettyboy (
Trans: Only Jun (

“마지막 날 저녁에는 어린이들이 좋아하는 SS501김형준·인피니트·달마시안·쥬얼리·치치 등 유명 가수의 춤과 노래를 들을 수 있는 청소년 열린음악회가 축제의 대미를 장식한다.”

Last day’s evening the well loved Idols SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, Infinite. Dalmatians, Jewelery, Chi Chi and other famous singers will be decking out songs and dance for the festival’s finale.

Official site (uw21) :

[Notice fromn B2M] Young Saeng Special Guest in Running Man [26.04.11]

Heaps of thanks to xiaochu of Quainte501 for the translation of this notice from B2M. Thanks too Marvie for shoving here and the schedules below.


[Notice from B2M] YoungSaeng – Special Guest in Running Man [26.04.11]

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

This is B2M Entertainment.

Young Saeng appeared as a special guest in SBS Running Man on 25-Apr.

It was an indoor filming, and it was done under the circumstance that Young Saeng would not be moving around a lot.

We posted this notice because we think that you are worried if the filming was too harsh on him as he is with a cast and should be resting.

Watch the actual broadcast!! Please check it for yourself through the broadcast.

We will be showing you a surprise photo.
Even though you will feel sad looking at him with a cast, the cast will be taken off very soon.

30-Apr : Happy Together recording
04-May : Fun Quiz Club recording
08-May : Running Man broadcast

[Pix] Who is the guy clad in tight jeans?

The other night, I posted a guessing game on this post. I asked,whose pair of legs is this?

From the answers on the comment box, I got Heo Young Saeng as the most answer, followed by Uh Yeong (Jung Min's manager also known as Ranka-Chan) then Jung Min.

I know you guys have been dying to know the answer. Before I give you that, let me post the full photo of that legs clad in a pair of tight jeans.

The answer...

The pair of legs belong to ...

Jung Min's manager Uh Yeong. ^_^

Geez, I wonder if JM influence him to wear such tight jeans. But hey he looks good in it. ^^ Hee, for some who knows me, I've a thing for guys with nice legs. ^^ Anyway...

I couldn't believe myself looking for Ranka-Chan in my viewfinder whenever I can't find Jung Min in from the people crowding him. And when I see him, I couldn't help myself from clicking away to take his photos. Do you believe that I've taken about a hundred photos of him? Yeah, believe me. ^_^.

Guys, since Ranka-Chan is not a 'public' figure, may I request you NOT TO RE-POST this set of photos anywhere? I only did this for fun, k? Hope you guys will abide my simple request.

Alright, you know what? Jung Min's manager seems to have gained quite a number of fans. At the fan signing, when he came out when JM was being interviewed fans screamed and even shouted his name. He looked up to the fans who called his name and acknowledge them and fans screamed again. So cute! Ranka-Chan looks shy but when you smile at him he'll return the smile.