Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hyung Jun to be the Image Model of Lotte JTB

I am back again. I went out of town and enjoy the beach. ^^

It's been long gap after my last post... sorry. Anyway, shoving here something I read about Hyung Jun.

Read on Sports World that Hyung Jun was chosen to be the new model for Lotte JTB.

Lotte JTB is a joint venture between Lotte and Japanese travel agency that focuses on travel and lifestyle. The travel agency is under the umbrella of Lotte Group.

According to the news, Hyung Jun will be active in participating in different Hallyu promotional activities overseas for one year. Added by the representatives of Lotte JTB, they have chosen Hyung Jun because of his bright and healthy image. Likewise, he has good influence as a singer and actor domestically and overseas. Lastly, the representatives said that Hyung Jun's image blends well with the high quality travel and culture-oriented healthy image that Lotte JTB has.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Young Saeng to Release 2nd Japanes Album

On July 3, 2013 Young Saeng's 2nd Japanese album will be on sale in Japan.

 Here are the covers for the album that includes 9 tracks.

For more details about eh album you may check HERE.

[Vid & Pix] Kim Hyun Joong Party People Show 06.08.2013

I am back from my out of town trip over the weekend but I was aware of what happened last Saturday at Kim Hyun Joong Show Party that was held in Koryo University in Seoul.

June 6 was Hyun Joong birthday and on June 8 he celebrated his birthday with 5,000 fans through a fan meeting. The fan meeting was attended by domestic and international fans of Hyun Joong.

At the fan meeting, Hyun Joong performed eighteen (18) song and interacted with them.  One of the highlights of the show was a video of him showing overload of cuteness as he performs 'Gwiyomi'.

Here is the cute video of Hyun Joong courtesy of beng501ts's YouTube channel.

The fan meeting lasted for two (2) hours to the delight of the fans and of course Hyun Joong.

Really so cute, right? 

And now, I am shoving here some really nice photos from the fan meeting courtesy of Pluto of Hyuniversal0606.  Heaps of thanks for sharing on Twitter.

Friday, June 07, 2013

SS501 Video Message & S/Tweets on Their 8th Year Anniversary 06.08.2013

Oh my G! This just made my day! A video greeting from members of SS501 on the eve of their 8th Year Anniversary.

This video message made my heart so happy even if I do not understand what they are saying. I remember those days and I can't wait for them to be together on stage again.

Video courtesy of junusofficialtv

Same video was also uploaded on parkjungminofficial, b2mysofficial, & b2mkjofficial. Woot! Woot!


Here is rough tranlation that I lifted on Twitter courtesy of @kangazzi & @PJMIFC.  Thank you so much!

First part of video (-1:09)

Everyone: Hello! This is SS501!
JM: It's already 8th anniversary! How old were we when we debuted?
HJB: (point to himself) 19, (point to JM) 19
YS: 20
KJ: 19
JM: So I'm now 27 (years old)
HJB: 27
YS: 28
KJ: 27
JM: Everyone also grow older year by year with us
[JM acted like eating bcuz 나이를 먹고(eating? your age) also means getting older]
KJ: Together
JM: Together
JM: Everyone please grow older as creating memories every year. So how many years should we continue?
HJB: Should be long time. Ah! We are working hard for this year...
JM: When we ask how long we should go, we would say forever normally
KJ: 10 years [not sure what he said actually]

Second part of the video

JM: So now it's the 8th anniversary, please say some words to everyone. YS first.
YS: Really 8th anniversary, it's been a long time and we are getting older too. Thanks to all your loving and please believe us till the end and wait for us. Fans are like giving us strength and always thank you. Love you!

HJB: Yeah, I also thank you and I will work even harder not only for solo activities but ah yeah, really thank you and will work harder, really thank you and will work harder [he repeated twice-.-]. [can't hear clearly] five of us will make more good CD and become handsomer..[can't hear clearly again]

JM: wa, so cool!
KJ: I will comeback to soon (as finish the military service)THANK YOU!!
HJB: JM will say few words finally
JM: Please watch us as we are having solo activities. And please support us as we are still SS501 as in five members. Everyone! Please stay healthy and stay with us together. Thank you.

JM (to YS): Really so cool to...there's nothing can be cooler than this. How is Oppa? [YS's song]
YS: Till now, it's...
Everyone: SS501! Thank you!


Haiz... I miss them. But I will keep on waiting and I have so much faith in them.

Happy 8th Anniversary SS501!

Oh, and I will be sharing in this post as well, messages on Twitter by the members courtesy of @xiaochu1004 translation on Twitter.

@HyungJun87 : SS501 8th anniversary video message RT @HyungJun87: SS501 데뷔 8주년 기념 영상메시지 SS501 8th Anniversary Massage -

@JungMin0403 : Thank you very much for the congratulatory messages for 8th anniversary~♥ even though I have gone through lots of good things as well as difficult times while doing activities till now~ because all of you are around so I can do it!!^^ I will work hard until I become a grandfather!! Power~^^ thank you everyone! ^^

@2kjdream twt trans] Congrats♥thank you♥ thank you and thank you♥ thank you 501, thank you green peas♥

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Over 100,000 Copies Sold for 'Tonight'... Happy Birthday Hyun Joong!

Happy Birthday Hyun Joong!

Oh wow and what a way to celebrate his birthday! As his Japanese single 'Tonight' sold 101,818 copies and according to Oricon Charts today, his album in #2! (source : Nate)

Btw, can't wait for June 8 for the “2013 KHJ Show Party People”.

Double happiness and good healthy  on your birthday, Hyun Joong!