Thursday, March 15, 2007

on so ji sub and heo yi jae

since watching heo yi jae in "Goong S" i became a fan of hers. i really like her sweet image.

tonight is the last episode of "Goong S" though not a big hit in korea [but read that many are watching online and it's a hit amongst overseas fans], i think that it's a real good drama. i hope the director will be giving its last episode a real good ending. many are really anxious to see hyj and se7en ending up together. ^^ they look so adorable on and off screen [you should see some of the bts].

after "Goong S" i think that i'll be missing both se7en and hyj. i hope that these 2 can work together again. Btw, I really need to post this here...their kissing scene's NG is so cute. Click here to download. se7en i think is such a good kisser. i've seen him in "La La La La" MV and man he can kiss! he does his kissing scenes not the typical korean way of kissing on screen ^^ [you know what i mean?]

ok, back to hyj. ^^ i'm hoping that BOF will soon announce the next project of hyj. this girl has potential. ^^


one of the biggest news today that i read is the news about yong joon making a guest appearance in japan's version of "Hotelier" . i'm sure with yong joon's appearance, this will surely be a hit [especially the episode where he will appear ^^]

aside from yong joon's news, another BOF man is in the news today, So Ji Sub. BOF just announced in Ji Sub's official korean website well as in some of the korean entertainment portals that after his release from the military, he will star in "Cain and Abel" which will be shot in San Francisco and according to the news, directed by Jang Dong Gun. He will play the role of 'Jin' a killer from the mafia who is fated to have a face-off with his elder brother, a cop who was separated from him since young.

i wonder who will play ji sub's brother? it's my dream to see yong joon and ji sub in a drama or movie. it would really be interesting if it'll be yong joon who will play the brother/cop, but we all know that he would be busy promoting TWSSG. also, i'm pretty sure that yong joon will take a break once TWSSG is finished.

for me after TWSSG, i think that "Cain and Abel" is something to look forward to.

oh here's latest photo of SJS which was posted yesterday in . format is kinda like that of in yong joon's website ^^

new photo from asahi

in a classic suit, yong joon still look subtly sexy. can anything go wrong with this man? i can't help noticing always his poise and grace, which i think come naturally to him. it is that inherent fliar that has today made him successful.

btw, i read in kob which style posted that yong joon will be appearing in the Japanese version of "Hotelier". it was said that shooting will take place in Korea. hmm, what kind of role will he be appearing in.?

thanks to miemi for posting this in

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


those eyes, nose and lips...
and that face...sigh handsome. don't you think that he's so cruel? he makes me miss him so much in this photo. why does yong joon has to be so extremely handsome? why does he has to be so nice, caring, intelligent, rich and so adorable. argh....heaven help me! this man is too much!

i guess i know now why i'm having a hard time finding my lifetime partner. i want him to be like yong joon. or shall i say i want him to be yong joon. *toink* [ouch someone just hit my head]

new photos?

saw this photos in nagajun's blog. it's my first time seeing these photos. could these be part of hero classic as well?

damn! look at that bicep and arm...they look so strong! how i wish i could touch them. btw, yong joon seems to be ashamed to have his photo taken only clad in sleeveless shirt. hmm, could it be he's just playing with the photographer? ^^

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Secom Photos

ahhh, we have been getting so many photos from the DVD making of TWSSG and it feels so great seeing the preview. it make us more excited! if what was written in the papers are true, then in about 2 weeks we will be seeing Yong Joon much awaited TV drama after WLS.

btw, i intentionally didn't post any of the photos from the making here since i'm pretty sure those who visit my blog have seen them in almost all baesites.

tonight, what i want to post are the new photos of yong joon from his latest secom cf. frances was so kind to post these in byj thread at soompi which LL posted in .

yong joon's posture is like a "matador" [bull fighter] ^^...cute. oh yeah, good thing that the cf director didn't ask yong joon to wear wig this time.

hope we can wee the vod soon.