Saturday, October 31, 2009

SS501 tattoo shirts

We first saw them wear their tattoo shirt on Inkigayo last Sunday. And it seems that there were mixed emotions on the attire. Honestly I didn't like the shirt too but didn't have the time to blog about it because of my flight going back home last Sunday.

Anyway, today at the lobby of the hotel where I was staying for the past 3 days due to work I saw two Koreans wearing [almost?] the same shirt. Likewise, at the Club floor where I was having my snacks before checking out I saw a lady wearing a sleeve tattoo on her right arm. It seems that fad tattoo shirts and sleeves are 'in' again.

With that said, let me post the following photos of SS501 wearing their tattoo shirts. Thanks to candy21 for sending the photos to my email.

P.S. I'm currently watching 'Chocolate' on SBS and waiting for SS501.

what was the '0' vote on music bank

I have been wondering about this since yesterday and I finally got an answer from ji yeon.

to quote ji yeon, she said...

"they got zero in the survey part.
kbs sends emails for survey to its membership at random every week.
there was nothing about ss501 in the survey last week because they made a comeback this week.
they won't get 0 next music bank."

much thanks ji yeon!

btw guys, don't forget that tomorrow is the stamping day of SS501. hmm, i wonder where this will be held. i hope that ji yeon is reading this. ^_^

new surge of photos of young saeng

Young Saeng korean fans have been sharing so many photos of Young Saeng from SS501's performances. Here are two sets of the birthday boy's [nov 3] photos. The first set was taken by the Alicorn the shutterbug of FIESTA in the performance of SS501 on Music Bank yesterday..

The next set is a close up shot of Young Saeng from the shutterbug of Miseong taken at the recording of 'Chocolate'.

SETI Episode 8 [subbed]

Finally, episode 8 of of SETI subbed. Now, I'm able to understand what those sweet words of Kyu Jong means. Those words surely will make a lady swoon.

Much much thanks to Shirley for subbing this and putting this up on her shirbogurl21 YT channel.

Click on the label SETI found on the upper left side of this post to watch the other episodes.

P.S. Btw guys, I read all your comments. Thank you for always leaving your footprints whenever you visit my blog. I think that I can reply [and start to blog about my recently trip to seoul in my other blog and fix photos] to some later now that few of the things that kept me busy are done and over with.

P.P.S corrected now. ^_^ i think i'm the one who is sleepy and tired not Shirley.

[Screencaps Music] Core 10.31.09

SS501 members outfits is getting better. But why did noona coordinator gave Maknae such outfit with that hair that their stylist styled him again?

Thanks for the screencaps from PEACE that I lifted from the post of 휘시아 on

Please DO NOT hotlink.

HD SS501 on Music Core 10.31.09

I'm back home and it's nice to be in my own room again. Hee, i left the hotel just before Music Core started so i missed the whole show. But I'm so glad that it's already up on YT and it's HD. Of course thanks to Shirley again for putting it up one her shirbogurl YT channel. Much thanks again Shirley!

[the video is still processing]

Okay, i'll watch now...

SETI Episdoe 8 screencaps

I just finished watching SETI ep 8 after I got curious from the email of Shirley. Now I understand why she can't sub it. ^_^

Kyu Jong
is so romantic and sweet! He fits the role of a lover. He never fails to get me giddy even by not understand what's being said. I wonder if Kyu Jong is like this to his girlfriend [if he has at the moment].

Please DO NOT Hotlink!

Here are screencaps from SETI 8 from PEACE as shared by 휘시아 on

p.s. tomorrow is the stamping session of SS501. another something to look forward to. geez, i really wish that i stayed longer in seoul.

oozing with appeal

Who else would be oozing with appeal? Of course it's no other than Hyun Joong. Regardless of what kind of hairstyle and attire he would wear he would always stand out. Just like these photos that taken by clear0606 of which are posted on These were taken at the Cultural Workers Arts Awards and MuBank.

Let's all vote for SS501

I've been getting emails and messages from the comments boxes about MAMA. Sorry guys that I'm only responding to you about this. I got really busy and doesn't have much time to put together my thoughts on how do the voting. But thankfully there is this video that will help us and guide us on how to cast our vote to our favorite group idol. Thanks to hoonfami for posting this on their YT and to for doing this instruction video.

Let's put them to the top!

Every1 'Star's Secret' 10.31.09

Hyun Joong was featured in MBC's Every1 'Star's Secret'. And good old Shirley has already uploaded the clips in three parts on her shirbogurl YT channel. Check it out!

Part 1 [hey, i saw a very familiar face on mark 1.46!]

Part 2

Part 3

Real HD MV version of 'Love Like This'

I told you earlier that Shirley/shirbogurl doesn't settle until she sees the best HD version, right? Well, she did shared with us the HD version of 'Love Like That' HERE. But guess what? She found the REAL HD version of the MV. Here go check below.

Friday, October 30, 2009

New Tony Moly 20" CF

I like this CF. It spells sexiness for me.

Hyun Joong is so handsome. He and the female model look good together. The lady model is so damn lucky!

Much thanks to theskypool for posting this on YT as well as for the tip.

i ♡ing young saeng in mubank

Oh yes, getting addictive to Young Saeng after seeing MuBank. He's so cute! Likewise, his fans are so fast in sharing videos and photos.

Check this set of photos from the shutterbug of Amorino. Hey, they can be enlarged, just double click then save.