Wednesday, August 30, 2006

September 2006 BYJ Mail

Yesterday 권오경nim shared with us the japanese content of BYJ Mail . Thank you 권오경nim. Today an angel baesister from Japan [I really appreciate this ^^] shared with me a brief translation of its content. I'm sharing them with you now ^^

Here goes ~
Topics on this months BYJ Mail
briefly translated by an angel baesis from japan

First part ~
Message of thanks from IMX for always supporting BYJ.

Second part is ~
Diary of BYJ's Japan visit
brief comments on each photo

BYJ arrives to Hotel and greets staff.

BYJ visits Gosireh and checks up on CF shooting site.

Getting ready for CF shooting.

CF shooting for SECOM

Signs guest book for the Hotel(CONRAD) and its signature

Third part is ~

Brokore(IMX) will be selling BYJ Birthday Memorial Port Wine
Year 1972, (BYJ's birth year)
limited number of sales: 1972 (sold with serial number)
price: jpy 39,900

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

it's his bae-day ^^

Today marks the 34th birthday of Yong Joon~ssi. There were so many greeters not only in KOB and JOB but as well in other BYJ related sites and fora wishing only the best for our man.

With the so many greeting at KOB, i didn't have the luxury of time to read them all. They're just too many for me. Will he have time to read all those messages? Does anyone from his staff print all those messages posted in KOB and JOB and give them to him? I wish someone does if Yong Joon doesn't have the time to check his OBs.

We didn't get any video messages today, unlike in the previous 2 years. Geez, he must be really busy as what BOF posted earlier today.

Though we didn't have the chance even to have a glimpse of the birthday boy today, i'm so happy with the post of Korachan which she got from JOB's website.

Though we've seen these photos many times in the past week, i just don't get tired looking at yong joon's handsome face and sweet smile. In between these photos are my simple birthday messages for yong joon ~

I wish you a wonderful life
filled with love and happiness.
I also wish that others bring you joy,
as you have brought joy to us.

Yong Joon~ssi, you are very special
and you deserve the best.

Yong Joon~ssi ,
What do you like?
What do you desire?
What do you want to do?
What do want to have?
What is your greatest wish?

Whatever the answer
to the above questions,
I pray hard that you will be
able to get them
at the time that you most
want it.

Have the happiest birthday, Yong Joon~ssi!

I wonder what he is doing now? Whatever it is, I hope that Yong Joon is having a grand time with all his loved ones tonight.

Cheers to you, Yong Joon!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

imx talent - mike ha

I belong to several yahoogroups and 2 of which are very active, TEC and AsianArtists. These yg's were created amongst friends with a common denominator, asian artists. For the past weeks there would always be a topic with the name Mike Ha in it. Well, because these yg's have a tendency to flood my inbox sometimes i do not read them. But tonight one post caught my attention. One of my friends posted several pics of Mike Ha . Here are the photos ~

Hmm, Mike Ha? Mike ha? Sounds familiar...I've seen him before i just cannot place where. Hmm, Mike Ha?... then i remember yong joon meeting a certain Mike in Taiwan last year. I went to IMX, American site and checked.

Mike Ha! now i remember him ^^ He's the guy from Taiwan [a newcomer in 2005] that IMX is managing in Japan now. He's the guy that received a LV bag from Yong Joon and presented a bouquet of flowers to Yong Joon and Dir Hur. That's Mike Ha!

This is his profile in IMX, America

Profile of Mike Ha (He Jun Xiang)
Rising actor of Taiwan.
Signed in July of 2005,
IMX will be providing management
and support of all activities in Japan.

Date of Birth : December 28, 1983
Television Drama Series
Let's Get Married
Express Boy
Devil Beside You
Love Contract
Say Yes Enterprise
Seventh Grade

My friends are going crazy over him. I think he's having some followers here in our country. And here are more details of him which my friends posted in our YG ~

Music Videos
* Valen Hsu 許茹芸~雲且留住
* Angelica Lee - Loved wrongly
* Elva Hsiao 蕭亞軒 - Love's password
* Landy Wen - Wish Me Happy Birthday
* Anson Hu - Waiting for you (Love Contract)
* Ariel Lin - Lonely Hemisphere (Love Contract)
* Rainie Yang - Ideal Lover (Li Xiang Qing Ren) [Devil Beside You]
* Rainie Yang - Just Wanna Love You (Zhi Xiang Ai Ni)

Official Website:

Official Website in Japan:


I wonder if he's also doing well in Japan? I know that there are Taiwanese entertainers entering the Japanese market as well. F4 is amongst them. I was told that his dramas are good. And my friend is recommending "Devil's Beside You".

Anyway, I know that this is a non-BYJ thing but somehow he is connected to our man via IMX. Well, i hope that Mike makes it to the Japanese market. His success is IMX/BYJ's success too. ^^

Monday, August 21, 2006

are we being kept in suspense?

mid-august passed by without a hint whether yong joon started shooting in GKFG. photos circulating about the shooting are very scarce and some were even dated back in march. and if you noticed some faces in the photos were blurred which means that whoever is circulating them were probably told not to show the faces of the actors.

GKFG production team seems to be working secretly. i wonder how pd kim jong hak was able to keep everything in secret. is he really what fumi-san once said that media are afraid of him? could he have asked them to restrain from hyping GKFG? well, these are just some of the questions that goes to my mind when analyzing why we do not read much about the production of GKFG.

again, another big question is, who will be the mysterious actress playing the role of soo ji nee? i know that i'm not the only one who is very curious as to who will be the lucky actress. from joanne's post yesterday, i surmised that even the korean baesisters think that they've already choosen the actress and that again the production staff are being secretive.

oh well, for now let's just be satisfied with what limited photos and info we have. here are some of those photos ~

the only photo of yong joon as damdeok we've seen so far

with all this waiting, i'm definitely sure that GKFG will be the drama worth watching in 2007.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ntv links

like i said, i guess i'm one of those who were lucky to be able to download last sunday the ntv links that was posted in various byj sites. it was a very beautiful vod that captured HIS gorgeousness.

the first vod by makishi was 13 minutes long and the 2nd one was a little over 10 minutes long. i actually uploaded these vods last sunday at soompi but i guess there were just too many who were trying to download them that links exceeded the maximum downloads.

i tried uploading the same vods in youtube but unfortunately youtube can only accept file with a maximum viewing minutes of 10. i can actually cut the 2 files in to 4 files using pinnacle software but it would take me quite long and i'm lazy to do that for now. ^^ fellow baefan thought, joycelee was able to upload in youtube the 2nd vod. *^_^*

anyway, like i posted in my reply at my post below, i will be posting megaupload links for those who weren't able to download them in any other sites. geez, these vods i think even made Quilt inaccessible for a while last sunday. which means that yong joon is being missed by everyone.

how to download
-copy one link and paste in another window
-you will then be directed to another window showing below image
-follow instructions in the image
-then click download button

VOD #1 ~ 060813ntvsummer_sp1.wmv (28.72 MB)
please choose only 1 link to upload vod 1

VOD #2 ~ 060813ntvsummer_sp2.wmv (28.11 MB)
please choose only 1 link to upload vod 2


Monday, August 14, 2006

ntv screencaps

thank you so much to makishi for the ntv vod. all the while i thought that it was going to be another boring sunday. but when the vod came out wow my jaw dropped at the sight of yong joon. he looks so dashing! and to top this vod, flowerbossa did a fast translation on the post of satovic in job. two thumbs up to all of you guys for doing a very fast work and sharing to all of us.

i know that traffic in downloading the vod was at its peak earlier and many weren't able to d/l the 2 parts [though in soompi i posted 2 megaupload links for the 2 parts]. i made a screencap for those who weren't able to see the vod yet. if you want me to upload the vod just let me know and will do it when i wake up and go to work later. ^^

Please do not hotlink since my host is only imageshack and its bandwidth is not that big ^^

[additional ^^]

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

2 seconds heavenly move

haven't blog for a while actually, can't think of anything to blog until this came out.

have you seen the latest vod posted today by makishi? the one where yong joon was endorsing "Superstar Gam Sa-yong"? have you noticed how sexy he fixed his jacket before he started to talk? that 2 seconds action i'm pretty sure caught your attention too. hmm, of course you didn't miss the sexy voice and chest, right? what about his adam's apple?

here are screencaps of that 2 seconds sexy/manly move. sigh...

Yong Joon even at a slightest move.

thanks to shieshie for the screencaps
& to frances for posting the photos @ soompi