Sunday, August 31, 2008

sunday this & that

guys, i know some of you are already reading 'drops of god' [korean, japanese, french, and chinese versions are out]. it's so unfair that there's no english version yet! anyway, volume 17 is already out in japan and look who's on the cover, it's tomine issei! tomine looks sexy in this cover. i can see yong joon holding a bottle of wine and a glass with his shirt half unbuttoned.

^courtesy of yuri's blog

just like this ^^....

btw, someone is giving me some spoilers from the book and they really are interesting. small bits of info about the book makes me cringe. i want to have a copy! there is a group doing the scanlation but they kinda slowed down. :(

hey, here are 'drops of god' alternative title if there's someone looking for it in their bookstores ^

Les Gouttes de Dieu (French)
The Drops of God
神の雫 (Japanese)
神之水滴 (Chinese (Hong Kong)
神之雫 (Chinese (Taiwan)

and here are more articles to read this japanese manga that rocked the isles of japan, korea, china and france read here, here, and here.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

08.30.08 yong joon update #2

from yuri's blog again
original source : lcktour

yong joon was seen at the derma clinic at 1:37 today left at 3:15 and at 3:17 went to the salon then left at 5:25. he was seen wearing black cap, jeans, blackish shirt without sleeves, black jacket with hood and cross at the back and darkglasses. his look today resembles a ruggedly handsome guy. according to the report he seemed to be in a good mood and waved to fans. fans were able to give to him their presents. he was chauffeured in his maybach again.

sighs...i want photos!

08.30.08 yong joon update

here's something from yuri's blog again...

Mr. Koh's group had a big party for yong joon at Gorilla in the Kitchen yesterday with a 5 layer cake but yong joon was not around to celebrate with them. but according to report it seems that the lights in yong joon's apartment were open until midnight. was there a party? ^^ i hope so and that yong that yong joon was in the company of his loved ones.

thanks to mymy for the brief translation on byj thread @ soompi.

[Notice from BOF] In appreciation of celebrating BYJ’s birthday

i'm really glad that BOF is now able to give notices on 3 languages [korean, japanese and english]. it only means that they are aware that yong joon has many english speaking fans as well.

thank you so much BOF!

here's the english version...

[KOB notice] In appreciation of celebrating BYJ’s birthday
posted on the English Notice Section of KOB

Greetings BYJ family members,

First of all, we wholeheartedly appreciate your sincere and supportive greetings on BYJ’s birthday.
Your warm hearts and prayer for BYJ’s health and happiness made it a meaningful day for BYJ.

Thank you for your everlasting support for BYJ.

Autumn has come in Korea. We hope every day is splendid and memorable for all of you.


Best regards,



and here's the translated Korean version

[Official Notice] We greet you in time for Mr. BYJ's Birthday!

korean to english translation by Joanne on BYJ's Quilt

Dear family, How are you? This is BOF.

We thank dear Family's sincere heart and love sent from everywhere in the world in time for Mr. BYJ's birthday, with our true hearts.

As (BYJ) could feel dear Family's warm hearts of praying and wishing for Mr. BYJ's health and happiness more than anything, It seems to became a deeply meaningful day also for Mr. BYJ, being able to feel preciousness of dear Family more than any other time.

Asking to send unchanging support for Mr. BYJ's endless challenge and effort also for the future, we give you a greeting of appreciation once again, for dear Family's congratulation filled with true heart s.

Autumn drew near before we were aware of it.
We wish all of dear Family to have bountiful Autumn days.

Thank you.

Respectfully from BOF.

Friday, August 29, 2008

unique birthday message for yong joon

it's yong joon's birthday today and i'm sure he's getting tons of presents and greetings from those who love him. in byj thread @ soompi, visitors of that thread also posted their message to him. i'm actually in the process of collating them and in a matter of minutes will be posting all the messages and artworks in kob by fans from asia and USA. one very unique message from one of baefamily in soompi is from Tamar who lives in San Francisco, California and who resided in Chuncheon a few years back. here is her message to yong joon with an opening title...

Happy B-day BYJ (Be a Tourist in Your Own Country)
by Tamar [San Francisco, California]

i really really hope that yong joon will be able to read this. i'm certain that he will like this. ^^

08.29.08 > yong joon's birthday is here!

yong joon, here's my card for you on your birthday.

Dearest Yong Joon,

Days have passed into years, you have become better with time. May you continue to become better with each birthday you enjoy. Likewise, I am wishing you more years filled with the same joy you bring to others.



Thursday, August 28, 2008

kami no shizuku available @ bofi

waahhh life is so unfair! i want a copy of kami no shizuku in english but there is still none yet!


anyway, saw this in bofi and they are now selling the korean version of the book. hmp!

the 5 volumes costs 5,000 yen. it's in korean and the size is A5! and what's more, there are some colored pages and it's a box set!

news on ji sub and ji 1

on ji sub...

after the success back to back premiere of 'rough cut' ji sub remains to be busy today doing interviews one after the otber. in kob 가을여자 posted this portion of interview of ji sub from ISPlus. the interviewer ask ji sub what bae yong joon told him when he attended the vip premiere last night. and according to ji sub:

"Well, he's such a quiet hyung. (laughs) We're family, so he always only tells me good things. Even if I say 'Hyung, don't say that, tell me what you really think", he'll always praise me to the max, and say I'm the best. [translation : dahee fanel/jsa]

here are 2 latest photos from today's interview

on ji ah...

the stars of 'beethoven virus' lee ji ah and jang geuk suk will have a presscon at seongnam art center hall on the 4th of sept at 2pm. lja will show her skills in playing the violin.

hee, just thinking out loud, will her bof family support her also by watching her perform? will yong joon be around? honestly, i doubt but i'm wishing. ^^

plus one more...on SP Shim

SP Shin was seen at Incheon at 18:20...could yong be going to japan as earlier rumored to check his nagoya restaurant?

let's wait for confirmation ^^

source : posoku's blog/lcktour


mariko's post on soompi

Had another call.
YJ is still in Seoul but Mr. Shin is supposedly in Japan for
a certain BYJ family gathering at Park BOF Fukouka.
Ok, YJ is in Seoul for his birthday while Mr. Shin is
in Japan...

The family started their pilgrimage to Nagoya Airport when the
news broke out a few hours ago. The airport authorities might
be wondering what was all about the sudden flocks of people.

and i've to ask her

Mr. shim as in SP shim to attend a byj family gathering at Fukouka? isn't it there is another Mr. Shim? the one in Gosireh?

her reply

I heard the SP shim was invited by the CEO of Park BOF Fukouka.
Our Japanese sister source said that there's no schedule yet for YJ to visit "Gosireh Nagoya".

thanks mariko! whew...

[vod & photos] yj @ rough cut premiere

check this video from the vip premiere. yong joon bumped his shoulder when he was interviewed by the media who were swarming him on his way inside the theater. check how he's touching his shoulder after. but he's still smiling after the incident. ^^

source : mizuumi/byjgallery

and these are photos from brokore photo news posted by mieme on byjgallery

[vod] 08.27.08 yj @ rough cut vip premiere

found this on byjgallery posted by tomato99. [thanks so much tomato!!]
original source : innolife

yong joon is seated next to choi kang hee, fellow bof artist. ^^ he looks cute when he leaned back and touched his lips.

here's the video ^^

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

rough cut guys

finally a photo of kang ji hwang with so ji sub on stage.

btw, did you know that when kang ji hwang was still starting he had a very tiny role in one of yong joon's LG cf? i saw that cf in youtube. i'll try to look for it and post here later.

same hat as yong joon?

nah...i thought so at first but it's not ^^

[rough cut] inside the theater

i wonder if the premiere has ended. want to see more photos of yong joon inside the theater and who else came. ^^

he looks healthier than the previous after his operation.

more stars attending the vip premiere of rough cut

i love this one ^^
these photos were posted late on soompi :) my guess is that, media uploaded yong joon's photos first ^^


^kwon sang woo

^park yong ha

the guys from coffee prince

rough cut vip premiere

yong joon must be inside the theater now with the rest of the casts and stars. i think he was the very first artist to arrive at CGV. ^^ and from soompi, i also think that he has more photos than the stars of the movie ;)

i haven't seen much photos of sjs and kjh at the vip premiere. i've only seen one of ji sub so far. hee, and where are the other vips?

i wonder, when he will get tired of that shirt. he's always been seen and reported to be wearing that one. for a superstar and a very rich guy he sure is stingy

i'm sure many are happy to see that his hair is still this long ^^

btw, get ready for those anti who i'm pretty sure will feast on his hair again smile.gif

photos from the vip premiere...arrival of yong joon ^^

so ji sub at the vip premiere of rough cut

hee, his hair is braided :)

other stars attending the premiere. but where is kang ji hwang?

^song yu ri

little so ji sub, yoo seung ho

^bof artist, choi kang hee

rough cut press premiere

so ji sub and kang ji hwang at the press premiere of ther movie, 'rough cut'.

hee, before that, since i might forget to write this... i read that yong joon's name came out when a media asked ji sub about marriage. ^^

08.27.08 yong joon update

yong joon was at the salon at 18.04...could it be he's preparing for the vip premiere of 'rough cut'? i really really do hope that he will give his support to so ji sup.


the premiere for the press ended a few hours ago and at 9pm [korean time] will the the vip premiere which many fans are expecting to be star studded since so ji sub has many famous actor friends.

i'm getting excited at the same time feeling a bit sad because soompi usually does it maintenance at 8pm [korean time] and comes back 30 to an hour after. that's the time when stars start to come in..... aaarrgghh!!!!

more about the vip premiere tonight

saturn ji sub's very loyal fan whom i met when i was in seoul, posted this on sjs thread @ soompi...

Today (Aug.27) there is a press premiere at 2pm and VIP premiere at 9pm.(I got tickets for both yeh~. Fan club Youngsosa is distributing tickets now.)At VIP premiere, Bae Yong Joon and other BOF actors and actress will all come.SSH, Park Yong Ha and KSW should come, if they don't come, I will hate them.Actresses who worked with Kang Ji Hwan must come too... Han Ji Min, Sung Yu Ri...

i'm so green with envy! saturn will see my fave stars!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

yong joon to attend 'rough cut' premiere tomorrow?!

i hope i got this news right!!!!

it's in the news that yong joon will [or might] attend the VIP premiere of 'Rough Cut' on Aug 27, tomorrow, to give support to So Ji Sub! darn i'll be out of the office in the afternoon

waaahhhh...i'm so excited!!!

here's the photo from the news :)

08.26.08 yong joon update

yup he was seen at the dermatologist clinic today at 13:55 and left 15:40. then 2 minutes later he entered the salon. he was in his usual attire of jeans, jacket and hat. oh, it was reported that he was with IMX President, Mr. Sohn. i just don't know the details. ^^ btw, there were about 30 fans who saw him at the salon.

hope that translation of the sighting in yuri's blog will be translated soon so that we know the complete details ^^

Monday, August 25, 2008

new photo from keangnam

it has been so quiet in baeland for the past 3 days. there's really nothing much to post [especially on byj thread @ soompi] except for artworks, old videos and old articles

scanned by pola and posted on byjgallery