Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's official...

...I like 2NE1 regardless of their fashion sense. ^^

click HERE for video with translation.

thanks to CodeMonmon for the HQ videos on YT

Actually even before they debut I was already following 2NE1 because of Sandara, Sandy or Dara [the one with hearts on her shirt]. I've seen and met her on several occasions whenever I go to her studio before to meet up with my friend Patty who happens to be the PR writer of her studio and Sandara's friend. And just now I was just talking to Patty and informed her that I am official declaring that I like 2NE1. We talked a little about Sandara and she even told me that before they debut about two weeks ago, Sandara sent several SMS messages to her to tell her about their call time and that she's excited and nervous at the same time and some other stuffs which I can't write [sorry unless Patty tells me it's okay ^^].

I've been reading stuff about Sandara's voice and her looks. In person she's really pretty and I don't think that she even had any surgery on her face. She's 100% natural beauty. The only surgery I know that she had was the birthmark on her leg that she was so conscious before.

About her voice, now that everyone has heard her talk in Inkigayo, don't you think that her voice is naturally synthesized? Cute, right? That's Sandara.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to more of 2NE1 performances in the future.

Btw, Patty, if you happen to visit my blog drop me a note, k? And I really wish that we'll be able to do the thing we're planning to do.

Remembering May 30 of last year

News about Yong Joon lately come in very very slow. Fans are already complaining about it.

I was actually looking for something to post from any of the baesites but didn't find any that interest me except for this video that was posted by makiko on byjgallery. This reminded me of the time I was in Japan same day of last year with my friend just to attend the TWSSG Event before heading to Seoul for a vacation.

I still remember vividly how excited I was to be at the Land of the Rising Sun on the same day that Yong Joon arrived. Though we were on a different airport, him at Kansai and me and my friend at Narita the feeling of being in the same country with him was just awesome.

While on the way to our friend's house we were watching on TV his arrival at Incheon Airport at around 12NN which was bustling with fans just to send him off to Japan.

We were at Incheon just few hours before Yong Joon arrived.

As the entire delegation of Yong Joon arrived in Japan while the plane they were in was taxiing and the Captain announcing the temperature and the usual stuff he then announced, 'Now in this airplane we have Mr. Bae Yong Joon. It's an honor to have him with us on this flight. The actor that represents Republic of Korea. Still from now please do your best.'

The group of Yong Joon arrived in Kansai a little past 2pm with more than 4,000 fans allowed to wait for him inside the airport. First to show up was PD Kim and Moon SoRi followed by Lee Ji Ah, then Yong Joon with Lee Philip [oh have you seen 'Slingshot/A Story of Man'? Check Lee Philip HERE] and the rest of TWSS cast.

Here let me share with you this video that was shared by rin on byjgallery reminiscing the wonderful day.

During our stay in Japan, I was only able to see Yong Joon in person at Kyocera Dome. Though not that pretty close unlike the other baesisters who had the opportunity to really see him up close, but still I was happy that I was given that rare opportunity since I do not know if I'll have another chance to see him that close even if I keep on visiting Seoul. ^^

SS501 Arriving in Hawaii

I reported earlier that someone mentioned that only Leader was able to get a garland but in this video Baby has several garlands on him.

thanks to macsnooder808 for the upload
and feissy for the tip on khj thread @ soompi

I've heard some nasty comments about SS501 managers, I wonder how the boys are taking this. I really think managers should be a little more considerate when SS501 or other stars go to other countries. It's not everyday that these fans see their idol in person. In this video, I really think that the manager should have let the fan give the lei to Leader since he seems ready to accept it. But it's clear that the manager shove the fan.

Leader and Baby @ Jeju Beach

Remember when the SS501 last May 21 to perform at Hanradae Festival in Jeju? Apparently on the 22nd before heading back to Seoul, KHL and KHB went to Jeju beach to have a little fun along the shore.

Check their airport photos on the 22 HERE, Leader and Baby are still wearing the same hooded jacket and shirt when they returned via Kimpo Airport.

thankd to blackclip for the tip on khj thread @ soompi

p.s. regarding SS501 schedule in the coming months. I just read that the boys will be coming back to Seoul on the 4th of June. They will again pack their bags and fly to Thailand on the 8th for some promotional activities. Then on June 26 to 29 to Taiwan and 29 to July 2 to Hong Kong for fan meeting and promotional activities. August 1 and 2 will be their comeback concert in Seoul then on August 13 they will have 2 sessions of performance in Budokan Tokyo. The rest of their Asian Concert Tour will be announced later by DSP.

On Oct 10 it was reported that SS501 will be part of Dream Concert though we've heard nothing from DSP yet. All big idol groups [TVXQ, Big Bang, SNSD, Wonder Girls, Super Junior and many more] will be present in this concert. Likewise, i read that SS501 will be in LA in October for a fan meeting... again this is not confirmed yet. DSP is known to make announcements that at times fail. With the busy schedule of the boys and until it's been confirmed everything is still just a rumor.

SS501 performance last year was awesome! Check out Dream Concert 2008 last year HERE in 10 parts. For SS501 performance only click HERE.

[Videos & Photos] SS501 off to Hawaii

Fan videos taken at Kimpo Airport today, 05.30.09. How come all of them are in suit? The boys will be in Hawaii until the 4th of June to do attend a fan meeting [with Japanese fans] which was arranged about 2 months ago according to DSP and i think other activities as well.

Kim Hyun Joong Only

credit to skypoem


credit to hoonfami

credit to uploader

here are photos of KHB and Young Saeng lifted from

^credit as labelel

SS501 in E Star News

This interview of SS501 with E Star News was aired on NTDTV yesterday May 30 [Sat]. I happen to see the video tonight on The boys were interview by E Star staff during their Le Coq photoshoot back in April. Check the video out because I find them entertaining [as always].

If the video doesn't load quickly, click HERE.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

F4 Photobook Coming Soon

Looks like Group 8 is not done merchandising 'Boys Over Flowers' . Hee and who wouldn't when it's bringing them money and fans are liking it, right?

I found this link in KHJ thread @ soompi. It's a teaser of the up coming F4 photobook. Looks like they boys were still able to squeezed in their heavy shooting schedule back then this photo shoot for the book. I remember posting Hyun Joong's photos wearing the same attire back in March. Click HERE.

thank to iBreatheLifeMusic

I remember the days when I saw the Taiwanese version of F4. I also went crazy over them and bought my own copy of 'F4 in Barcelona'. Likewise, I even have their other merchandise which until now i keep. I also have the photobook of Jerry Yan and Viz Zhou and some other magazine stuff, cds and whatever there is that I like. Hee, but I'm not as crazy as my other friends are. I only buy stuff that I like and somehow reasonable. ^^ I was actually planning of selling them when F4 was shown in Japan but was able to do so. So until now, they're just sitting in one big box of crazy crate. ^^

I'm reposting here photos of Hyun Joong from the teaser since they're actually from F4 Photobook.

Friday, May 29, 2009

SS501 Going to Hawaii?

I've heard about this but not sure whether i was true or not. So if it's true then boys is said to fly tomorrow to Hawaii. I know I've same visitors from Hawaii, you might want to check this out yoursefl. ^_^

Much thanks again to xiaochu of Quainte!


05/29 [news] SS501, Departs to USA on 30th to start their overseas activities with a ‘boom up’
Credits : starnews + + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Male group SS501 will be flying to Hawaii, USA on 30th to attend an event and through their various overseas activities recently, they leaped one more step towards becoming a world star.

SS501 will depart to Hawaii, USA on 30th to attend an event, and will stay for about 1 week where they would also hold events such as fan meeting and promotional activities. Thereafter, they will also have other overseas schedules in Japan, Thailand, HongKong, Taiwan.

The reason for their visit to HongKong and Taiwan in end July is to promote their Hong Kong and Taiwan concert planned to be held in September and October. In addition to them releasing their official 2nd album in Japan recently, they will be doing their Japan activities along side.

SS501 representative said on 29th “With the release of their album in Japan, they should be doing their promotional activities in Japan. However, with requests for promotional activities in other overseas countries, it is inevitable that they will have their activities in various other countries.”

With that, it is expected that SS501 members will be busy traveling between Korea and other countries. Especially Kim HyungJoon, who is currently a DJ for ‘SS501’s Music High’ at SBS radio PowerFM 107.7Mhz, would be forced to travel between Korea and various other countries.
SS501 will be doing both their group and individual activities along side.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Park Jung Min acting?

Photos of Jung Min who looks like acting out a scene for a drama [or music video?] surfaced on the net today.

Fans are guessing that he might also be seen soon acting in the small tube just like fellow SS501 members Kim Hyun Joong [BoF], Kim Kyu Jong [MV] and Kim Hyung Joon [tele-cinema].

It's been known to SS501 fans that Jung Min is not new to acting he guested in the series 'The Elephant' that was aired in May 2008. To watch Jung Min's cut in 'The Elephant' click here and here. Though different from acting on TV he also acted in a musical play 'Grease' where he played the role of 'Danny'.

Anyway, I'm certain that soon DSP will be releasing some news about this sighting of Jung Min.

photos lifted from

p.s. Hmm, wonder if Young Saeng will also do same acting.

Haptic Mission Downloadable Links with Eng Subs

NOTE [05.29.09] : I just added link to Story 5 Part 3


I hope mailene wouldn't mind if I share these links here. she actually shared these in KHJ thread @ soompi. I would have wanted to upload them in my MU account but I couldn't find the time yet to uploaded. ^_^ anyway, much thanks mailene!

Haptic Mission Story 1
Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3

Haptic Mission Story 2
Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3

subs credit to Massochistic

Haptic Mission Story 3 are links to YouTube but with English subs. ^
Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3

credit to: minirion81

Haptic Mission Story 4
Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3

Haptic Mission Story 5 on YT as well.
Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3

credit: iBreatheLifeMusic0

Kim Kyu Jong MV Making on YTN Star News

The making of the MV wherein Kim Kyu Jong played his first lead role came out today on YTN Star News. Many thanks to hoonfami for the fast upload on their YT channel.

If you happen to miss the full version of the 'Woman Is Just Like Than' MV and my previous blog entry regarding this, you may click HERE and HERE.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Haptic Mission Season 2 is OUT!

The first video of Haptic Mission Season 2 'New Employee' out!

Though we will be missing Kim Bum in season 2 due to his commitment with LG, Lee Min Ho will be taking his place instead as the new employee. He will be teaming up with Kim Joon to compete with Kim Hyun Joong and Son Dambi in a new mission.

I hope translation will be out soon!

Click HERE to watch the video in HQ if the one below doesn't load.

Here are links to YT just in case there's a problem in the above link.

Part 1 of 3
Part 2 of 3
Part 3 or 3

Thanks to hoonfami for the YT links.

These photos will surely be seen in the next installment of Haptic Mission Season 2. ^^

lifted from khj0606

Kick the Habit Making on Mnet

Geez, I'll be missing this one...

The Kick the Habit
making of the Cosmopolitan Magazine pictorial
will be aired on Cable TV Mnet Channel on the 4th of July, Saturday, 11:00 to 11:30 pm.

To see photos, watch videos and read news about the May issh of Cosmopolitan just click the 'cosmopolitan' label in this post.

Thanks to Mariko on BYJ thread @ soompi
Original source is from fuyuka's blog

Photos from the shooting site of KHB tele-cinema

I blogged yesterday that Kim Hyung Joon [not to be confused to Kim Hyun Joong] will be starring in a Korea-Japan tele-cinema production. As the news broke out yesterday, someone in SS501 thread @ soompi recalled that some photos from the filming site of Hyung Joon back in April came out and was posted in Quiante by youngsaeng_holic. Though the buzz then was that it is for a drama, no one really has an idea that it is one of the eight dramas from the much anticipated SBS tele-cinema.

Btw, the drama was said to have finished filming secretly in mid-April. I guess this is the reason why we didn't see KHB in the Haptic Mission cf wherein all the members of SS501 participated in the filming for free to support KHL.

Here are some of the photos. KHB does look like a rich boy in this photos, but does he look a rebellious.

Credit : prettyboy + ss501Thailand + Quainte501

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ASTA Magazine featuring KHJ [again]

Someone mentioned in KHJ thread @ soompi that this is the 3rd time that ASTA is featuring Kim Hyun Joong in their magazine. ^^

The June issue carries photos of Hyun Joong at the filming site of his latest soda CF and photos from Haptic. And I must say that ASTA picked only the best photos for this issue. To verify why I said best, it would be much better if you click each photo to make it bigger.

I've written it many times and said that
Hyun Joong is one of those men
that I find with sexy neck.

somehow the scars on his arm
makes him more sexy.

this is what i call effortless cuteness^^

i just love that smile!

heard that the shirt his wearing by Bean Pole is
so saleable that it went out of stock when 10 days
after Hyun Joong modeled it for Haptic.

lifted from
original credit goes to :

p.s. regarding the '2009 Korea Junior Star Awards' wherein Hyun Joong and Kim Bum were nominated last Saturday. It was in the news that Hyun Joong won the Best Newcomer Award. Congratulations!

btw, ‘Korea Junior Star Awards’ was sponsored by Korea Movie Producer Association.

p.p.s. Those who have downloaded Music High where in Double HJ were together last Saturday morning at 2am, you might want to read the translation of sammikoo HERE.