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As Hyung Jun first solo album in Japan is about to be released, his management company released info on his schedule in Japan for April and May as well as promo video for his live tour show in 2011. Check this video and read the info below.

For the video posted here, much thanks to Babyjunnie501's channel in YT for uploading the vid courtesy of JjunAway. For the info on the tour, much thanks to crazynoona for the post on her ONLYJUN.

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Kim Hyung Jun Live event has been decided in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka!

After successfully holding his first solo event in Japan under Avex Entertainment last week on Feb 19, a mini album will be launched soon.

His time in SS501 has developed him with excellent singing and dancing abilities and his first musical challenge in [Cafe-In] has also helped to nurture his acting skills.

His bright and positive personality have won the hearts of many fans and his unique way of speech have also charmed many at his fanmeeting. Certainly besides Japan, we are confident that he will be very popular in Asia too.

Performance Overview:

Sponsor: (Co) SWAVE E & T

[Nagoya. Meitetsu Hall]
April 23, 2011 (Sat) 17:00 OPEN 18:00 START

[Osaka. Namba HATCH]
April 24, 2011 (Sun) 13:00 OPEN 14:00 START
April 24, 2011 (Sun) 17:00 OPEN 19:00 START

[Tokyo.Globe Tokyo]
May 1, 2011 (Sun) 17:00 OPEN 18:00 START
May 2, 2011 (Mon / Holiday) 12:00 OPEN 13:00 START
May 3, 2011 (Tues / Holiday) 17:00 OPEN 18:00 START

Ticket Price: 8400 Yen (Allocated seats)
Fans Pre-sales: 28 Feb 2011 (19:00) until 9 March 2011 (Wed) Ends at 19:00

◆Official FC Site「JJUNAWAY」:

●LICENSE MINI ALBUM :Title Track「oH aH –Japan Edition-」(Preliminary)(6 April, 3 versions will be released simultaneously)
(For more details, please visit the temporary AVEX site)

More Pix of Hyun Joong @ MEN Charity Soccer Match 02.28.11

Though the game is over and done, I believe that in the coming days we will still have lots of photos and videos of Hyun Joong from the soccer field today.

Here are two sets of photos which I lifted from Baidu. Much thanks to the uploader and the the shutterbugs of these photos.

First set is courtesy of BY 爱在silence

And the following photos are from Haroo which originally came from

Vids of Hyun Joong's Goal 02.28.11

Hyun Joong scored! Woot! Woot!

Thanks to for sharing these two vids on her YT channel. Thanks as well to kim_i96 for the tip.

alright not sure who made the goal on this one but it's part of the tweet that says hyun joong's goal. ^_^

Some Pix & Vids from Today's Soccer Charity Match 02.28.11

am sure you all know whose soccer charity match was it. Yeah, yeah, it's the MEN Celebrity Soccer Team formed by Junsu of JYJ with Hyun Joong, Micky and other popular celebrities. The charity game was played at Sahmyook University in Seoul. Kick-off time was at 4pm.

Here are some of the photos and vids I'm able to only get now. Thanks to iamsom, miy0, kim_i96, alice6464 and 36_Univ for all the photos below.

signed soccer ball by hyun joong
courtesy of alice6464

Signed ball by Zuno
courtesy of alice6464

courtesy of 36_Univ

For the photos below thanks to boysmom72.

Thanks to for the upload in YT.

courtesy of ...

The game ended MEN winning. The score is 4:3. Hyun Joong and Junsu had one goal each. ^^

[Vid] Hyung Jun's "GIRL" 2 MV Teaser Released

Teaser is out! Much thanks to Marvie for posting this up here.

Can't wait to see the full video. I love 'Girl' and it's been 1 year since I've heard it! Whoa!

Dance Version

Story Version

Hyun Joong Recording Logo Song for Coupang

According to the hangul written on YT Hyun Joong was recording the spring campaign for Coupang. Hee, the song is catchy and will definitely be playing in your head over and over again once you've listened to it.

Much thanks to veggiedelight for the tip and to YT channel .

Alright, never mind the hair we can't do anything about it. ^^

[Article] HJB 'Girl' from Solo Debu Album

Today is the day! Yes, Hyung Jun's carrier single for his solo album 'Girl' has been revealed to the public.

Actually it's been one year since the first time I've heard 'Girl' during Persona in Seoul Encore and when I first heard it I total fell inlove with the song in an instant. Now that it's included in HJB's solo album plus an MV I am more excited to see and hear it more.

Here's an article by VITALSIGN from AKP with regard to the song.


SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun releases “Girl” from solo debut album

Source: Newsen via Nate, Naver Music
courtes of VITALSIGN on February 27, 2011 at 10:35 pm
Share228/ AllKPop

SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun released his solo debut track, “Girl“!

The track was previously revealed during SS501 concerts and it received much love amongst fans. Indeed, fans may love it even more when they discover that the song was re-arranged to become his gesture of gratitude for everyone stood by his side.

Produced by hit composer Rado (the man behind B2ST’s “Soom” and MBLAQ’s “Stay“), “Girl” features a pop-dance rhythm with an addictive melody which is tempered by Kim Hyung Jun’s mature voice.

The star also teased fans with a photo of a beautiful lady on his Twitter, and fans are assuming that its a hint of the featured ‘girl’ in his upcoming music video.

We’ll have more details on his video soon, but until then, check out the song below!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

[News] SS501’s Park Jung Min visits Kim Hyung Joon on his MV Film set

thanks Marvie for shoving this news here. It's so nice to be reading such news when I woke up.

Hmm, could this be when Jung Min tweeted Hyung Jun what he wanted to eat last week?

Anyway, thanks to VITALSIGN of AKP for this.


[News] SS501’s Park Jung Min visits Kim Hyung Joon on his MV Film Set
by VITALSIGN on February 26, 2011

SS501′s Park Jung Min has set out to support the group’s maknae, Kim Hyung Joon, as he prepares for his solo debut next month.

Kim Hyung Joon will be the second member of SS501 to officially make his solo debut. To cheer on his bandmate, Park Jung Min dropped by Kim’s film set with snacks in hand for the staff members.

Kim Hyung Joon’s representatives revealed, “Seeing the two of them together was very heartwarming. Park Jung Min was able to give a burst of energy to both Kim Hyung Joon and the staff members, who were all very tired from the late night filming.”

The star will release his solo album this March, which will be followed by a large-scale promotion cycle in Japan and the rest of Asia.

[Fancams] More from Young Saeng @ M4 MV Shootingn 110224

Much thanks to Marvie for compiling on this page some of the fancams during Young Saeng's involvement in the M4's MV filming that happened ont he 24th of February.

Much thanks as well to everyone who shared, Amorino and rmdkdl.

Credit : Amorino

Credit : rmdkdl

[Vid] Park Jung Min @ KBS Saeng Saeng Entertainment 110225

Jung Min's stay in Taiwan was documented by KBS Saeng Saent Entertainment. You could see in this vid how he was welcomed by media and fans, his busy day having interviews and stuff and well as how he was followed by fans wherever he goes. There's also clip on how passionate and eager Taiwanese fans waited for Jung Min under the rain just to they can be at the fan signing event.

Thanks to Marvie for the clip on YT.

Credit : oloverbobo

[Fancam+Pix] Young Saeng @ M4 MV Shooting by Best Friend

Credit :

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pix Spazzz of Young Saeng from HSScandal

More photos of Young Saeng from February 24th M4's MV shooting held at the baseball diamond field. Much thanks to HSScandal's shutterbug for these photos as well as to Rosemary for sharing on