Monday, October 31, 2011

[Pix] Jung Min @ 'Sugarcake Garden' Presscon 10.31.11 by p-jungmin

Saw this set of photos Twitted by . Much thanks to yangyang0402 of for giving us wonderful photos of Jung Min from Incheon where Jung Min was appointed today as Ambassador of Incheon Culture and Tourism. Likewise, presscon for the upcoming drama 'Sugarcake Garden' was also held at Incheon.

For the past two weeks, casts and production crew of Jung Min's Taiwan drama have been shooting scenes at Incheon. But according to Angie Chai today, shooting at Incheon is finished and they will be going back to Taiwan for another shooting.

Over the past few days, news about the the lead actress in this drama, Shara Lin, was on the net. According to the news, she's been replaced due to conflict in schedule. In the news as well, all scenes with Shara will be re-shot. Taking Shara Lin's place is Jian Man Su.

I've also read that other staffs from the production team have been replaced, not sure about the authenticity of this news though. Hope some Chinese fans will let us know about this as I believe this has been in the news in Taiwan.

Anyway, I hope with the changes, Jung Min's schedule in Korea will not be affected. With this wishing for the success of the drama which is said to broadcast early next year.

[Media Pix] Jung Min Appointed as Incheon Ambassador & PressCon of 'Sugarcake Garden'

Today at Incheon, Jung Min has just been appointed as Ambassador for Incheon Culture and Tourism. The honor was given to him by the by Incheon Tourism Organization. On the same time of the being appointed as ambassador, the drama of Jung Min 'Sugarcake Garden' is having a presscon.

Here are some media photos in which I will be adding more as they came in from Naver and Daum.

Added more close up photos of Jung Min...