Thursday, December 14, 2006

i want a bear hug

Oh dear...oh my....I love to be hugged by the man who owns this very masculine arms and bury my face in his sexy chest. [liezle fanning herself]

Beautiful arms, don’t you think? Obviously, arms of a man who has passion in lifting weights and doing strenuous exercises.

thanks to style of for taking the photos of yong joon's beautiful arms

First Love in KBS World

For those who do not know yet, KBS World is broadcasting “First Love” in its Encore program. It is being telecast at 12:40am [korean time. I can watch it in my country at 11:40pm, Monday and Tuesday] The episode which I was able to catch was when the theater guy attempted to rape Chan Woo’s sister. Hope those who have KBS World will catch this all time #1 drama series. As far as I know, there is no available dvd/vcd yet that is out with good English subs of “First Love”.

I think for the other baesisters to watch FL or any other KBS dramas with English sub-titles in KBS World, they've to check with their local cable network if they have KBS World in their menu of channels.

I checked with KBS website and it says that they are currently being seen in, North America via Echostar Dish Network, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Guam and Saipan. In addition, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mongolia in Asia and Oceania, likewise in France and Germany via Kabel BW.

You can check about KBS World Program Schedule here.

photos courtesy of BYJ's Quilt

Yong Joon's Standee

Jaime posted a question in Soompi : What does Lotte do to Yong Joon’s standees and big canvass posters? Hmm, makes me wonder too. Jaime and I both hope that they’re not throwing them away.

Surely, I would love to have one of those standee in my room . Hmm, what if I have one? Would I blush whenever I’m naked? Or would I put something to cover his face? Oh dear, but the thought of having Yong Joon’s standee in my room makes me frivolous.

When I posted the above questions in soompi, Jaime’s replied to it and she made me crack up. She said “I'm sure Yong Joon 'standee' would love to stay in your room. Please don't worry, since he's such a perfect gentleman, I'm sure he'll close his eyes when you change, ok? But on second thought, he did say he has that 1% of Cho Won in him, what if he peeks?!”

She reminded me of Cho Won’s naughty look!

Image Hosted by

That melting look…sigh…I’ll definitely go pink standing naked in front of his standee.

thanks to tiggermom for the screencaps

Monday, December 11, 2006

another full body shot

i love posting yong joon full body shot. i think i've already posted several in the span of i think 2 months. i never missed any opportunities that came when baefans post his full body shot.

aside from looking at his handsome face, i love looking at his long legs and his big feet (",).

i wish that i can have a copy of this booklet from lotte. actually i wish that every season [for so long yong joon is in it], i can have a copy of lotte's booklet.

btw, thanks to style of for scanning this wonderful booklet.

Yong Joon at Jeju Airport 11.27.06

Flor posted in KOB the vod from my precious blog. I made a screencap on the part where yong joon arrived at jeju airport from incheon. He looks so cool and as always handsome. The vod does not only contain the airport arrival of yong joon but as well as part of the ribbon cutting ceremony and scenes at the ICC.

Friday, December 08, 2006

rare photos

when i saw these photos i got a big smile in my face. i love them because yong joon is wearing a beanie ^^ it's seldom that we see him in beanie. more often we see him in baseball cap or fisherman's hat but very seldom in beanie. geez, i wish that he's wearing a lighter shade of glasses.

thanks to style for sharing these wonderful photos. she's so close to yong joon. i really love them!

wonder what made him laugh?

beautiful smile and nose. but look at his cheeks...
...evidence that he lost some weight.

take note of that sexy adam's apple once again ^^

i hope that we could have more of this kind of photo.

new lotte photos

hmm, well not actually new since these photos had been posted for almost a week now. but since i'm only posting them now in my blog, it's "new" here ^^

i always love lotte photos of yong joon. and whenever the new season comes, i always look forward to them. though i must say that there are photos of him that i do not like, especially those with too much lipstick and fluffy hair.

the last season and this season's ad is showing us a different yong joon. color of his clothes are brighter and his poses are not the usual poses that he does, they're more natural.

well, actually since the cosmo [china] photos, i've been noticing that yong joon somehow changed his style. he's kinda more loose and always giving us surprises. which i like better ^^

anyway, here are photos from the lotte duty free shop latest ad that can be seen in seoul. i wish that i can have real photos or postcards to add to my collection. really love this set.

thanks to style, daisukibyj, arayo and mizuumi for the photos

Saturday, December 02, 2006

cute snapshots

love it when he laughs like this. so cute and adorable. i wonder what made him laugh?

believe this was the time when he was asking his fans hush down. when the family saw yong joon, everyone got so excited and the place got noisy it was reported that the fans were drowning the voice of a committee member making a speech.

Friday, December 01, 2006

smiling, serious and elegance

the smiling prince

the smile that makes many hearts flutter.

the serious prince

geez, believe it, even when not smiling, you take my breath away.

how elegant can it be...

cutting the ribbon

putting on the gloves...

and taking off the gloves.