Monday, November 30, 2009

fancam : young saeng @ mbc charity event

Found a fancam taken at the MBC charity event that happened today. This is from BESTYS and posted by 매생이 on Hey, Young Saeng fanclubs rock! They've been sharing so many lately. ^_^

This is a 2:29 minutes video. Young Saeng really look cute when he made that mistake. He was smiling until the very end of the song. Check it out!

If you can't view the video click HERE.

And here's YT video courtesy of kucouncil/Sudal

P.S. There are some changes in SS501 schedule this week.

Cultwo Show: canceled
Intimate Note: postponed to probably next week
12/9 Wine Party [Kim Hyun Joong] [liezle : i'll let you know of the details later, i've already read this]
12/11 God of Cookery Expedition 100th airing [Kim Kyu Jong & Kim Hyung Joon]
12/16 DK Party [Kim Hyun Joong] [liezle : i've not details yet]

[added 5 photos] more of young saeng in white...

and black ^0^

There are a lot of reasons why Young Saeng fans should be smiling wide with giddiness. There are just so many photos of him taken by his fanclubs! And here's another one from Amorino that I lifted from the post of 김프로 on


P.S. In the comment box HERE, janjan said that 'wearing those pants should be a crime' [what she meant was the pants that SS501 is wearing at the charity show]. And I said that 'it's a crime looking a them'. argh... who can' resist not looking!

P.P.S. I added 5 more photos [first 5 photos] courtesy of Sudal.

kyu jong and maknae today ^_^ 11.30.09

11.30.Looks like Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Joon attended to something today. Not sure what this is and I can't decipher what's written on SS601. I'll let you know what it is when I've the info.

Alright, it seems that the two maknaes attended the recording of the 100th airing of 'God of Cookery Expedition'. Remember that these were once MCing that show.

'God of Cookery Expedition' with Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Joon will be aired over at MBC on December 11, Friday at 6PM. [thanks to violet for the details]

Thanks to anonymous for leaving comment on the get connected box and to the other anonymous for leaving a comment on the comment box. ^_^

P.S. I have several posts here in my blog regarding 'God of Cookery Expedition'. For those who are new about this program, you may want to check Kyu Jong and Makanae by clicking on the title.

aahh... they made baby cry

Kyu Jong eating live octopus

KHB ~ God Cookery of Expedition

Kyu Jong Pole Dance

'Oh shit!' when Maknae experienced brain freeze after sipping from a glass of chocolate shake from 'God of Cookery Expedition' on 1 minute mark.

catch young saeng's different expressions...

... whenever in the verse 'true love'

thanks to 심장 for posting these GIFs on with credit on each GIF.

I bet, Young Saeng's fans will go crazy seeing the following GIFs.

Please DO NOT hotlink.







Alright, and let me repost this compilation of Young Saeng's LLT solo part. ^_^ from Shirley's shirbogurl2 YT channel.

video credit goes to rmdkdl

this will surely be heartbreaking

Here's another article courtesy of Shirley. It's the almost the same article as the one below but with a little details about visiting Kyu Jong's father's relative.

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong The Most Heartbreaking Event to His Father
Korean to English translation by Shirley/shirbogurl

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong revealed what was the most painful thing involving his father for the first time.

In the Dec. 1st SBS variety show "Strong Heart", Kim Kyu Jong talked about the most heartbreaking thing to his father for the first time causing other guests on the show to cry.

That day, Kyu Jong introduced his father as "My Father is the coach of the National Archery Team". This got the attention of guests on the show.

Then Kyu Jong explained, "When my father quit from archery, I went with my father to my father's relatives to pay our visits and received unexpected ordeals. Watching my father deal with the ordeal, I cried alone on the side. This breaks a son's heart." This story received the tears of other guests.

Other guests on the show includes SS501 Heo Young Saeng, Andy, Alex, Hwangbo, and others.


Ahh, Shirley I know you were so worried earlier when I informed you of the story that I read and asking you to translate since I read something that Kyu Jong mentioning his father [your father-in-law...alright no throwing of anything, k?] v^_^v. Anyway, thanks for doing the translation.

Kyu Jong made everyone tear up

Alright, the episode of 'Strong Heart' is a must to all Kyu Jong fans. So don't forget to watch it over at SBS tomorrow at 11:05PM.

Thanks to xiaochu for sharing the translation of the news related to Kyu Jong and Young Saeng's guesting at 'Strong Heart' at Quainte501.


11/30 [news] SS501 Kim KyuJong 'Strong Heart' First-ever Touching Confession "Father is ex-National Archery Team Player"

Credits : newsen + + (English Translation) xiaochu @


SS501 Kim KyuJong confessed for the very first time on an incident that made his father felt heart broken.

Kim KyuJong talked about his father during the filming of SBS ‘Strong Heart’ recently, making the other guests almost moved to tears.

Kim KyuJong said “My father was a full-time National Archery Team player and was also an Archery coach” And he talked about how he quit archery later on.

Kim KyuJong said after his father stopped playing archery, there had been an unexpected incident that came upon his father and family, his father watched by his side and held back his tears alone. This story made the guests present at the filming to swell with tears.

Episode will be broadcast on 01-Dec at 11.05pm.

[HD] SS501 in MBC Charity Show 11.30.09

The title of the charity show is "In the Child's New Livelihood" held today and shown over at MBC.

Heaps of thanks to Shirley for providing the video on her shirbogurl2 YT. It's not HD yet but it will surely be up later.

Here's our princes in white and black.

Btw, Young Saeng's smile in 2:14 is cute after he missed missing a tone at the beginning of his solo. ^_^

SS501 @ MBC Charity Show 11.30.09

Whoa! I'm sure everyone will be pleased to see these photos of SS501 in white [and black] except those looking forward to see Jung Min's long legs ^_^.

Have a feast ladies. ^0^

SS501 in Golden Fishery

Photos of SS501 guesting in Radio Show corner of Golden Fishery has been revealed. SS501 recorded this program last November 25.

This will be on Wednesday, December 2 [actually Thursday, December 3 in Korea] at 12MN over at MBC.

Kyu Jong & Young Saeng in Strong Heart 12.01.09

A photo of Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng guesting in 'Strong Heart' came out today. In the news it says that Kyu Jong made a teary confession about his father.

'Strong Heart' with Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng will broadcast tomorrow, December 1, at 11:05PM over at SBS.

Here's preview of 'Strong Heart' that came out last week.

Heaps of thanks to Shirley for uploading on her channel.

As for the rest of SS501, their guesting in 'Strong Heart' will broadcast on Dec 8 and 15.

P.S. Go check MBC now the charity concert is on. SS501 will be performing today.

have another feast of young saeng

Another parade fo Young Saeng photos is ready to be served to you and have another feast. Thanks to Sudal for sending this set of photos from FIESTA.

I'm sure you know where was taken, right? Correct again! Their last stage at MuBank.

MBC's Sunday Sunday Night Preview

Preview for Sunday Sunday Night [SSN] December 6 broadcast at 5:30PM over at MBC with Kim Hyun Joong as one of the MCs in the three corners of this show came out last night.

Here's the short preview which I lifted from dunglacoste YT channel.

As I blogged earlier HERE, SSN has 3 corners, they are 'Hunters', 'My Father' and 'Timely'. Hyun Joong will be at the 'Hunters' corner where in they will be hunting boars that are said to be harming the ecosystem of South Korean. According to reports there are 170 thousand wild boars in South Korea.

According to SSN PD with this 'Hunters' they can bring awareness about the ecosystem in their country as well as bring down the population of wild boars through this show. The captured wild boars will either be given to nursing homes or given to the less fortunate to be eaten.

Here's screencap of Hyun Joong from the preview that I lifted from blackclip's post on khj thread at soompi.

Btw, I've tasted wild boar, it's tastier that the ordinary swine. ^_^

Aside from Hyun Joong, 'Hunters' will be hosted by Hwang Jung Eum, Jung Ga Eun, Han Ji Min, Han HyoJoo and many more.