Friday, June 30, 2006

what if he does?

i just cannot help myself from not sharing this :D

like i've posted earlier, there are a lot of newbies in byj's kob from the US. today, a new member from kob wrote that she wrote to the webmaster to ask if yong joon visits the site. the webmaster replied to her that yong joon does "visit the website from time to time". since then, i noticed that there are fans encouraging yong joon to post.

hee, i wonder what he is thinking reading all the messages? will he be soon posting in kob? let's wait. the thought of it gives me a big smile.

would very much love to read from yong joon. it's been really a long time now that he last posted his message to the fans.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

more cartoon sketches

While we are still waing for our man to come out and give us his wonderful and radiant smile once again, let's kill time looking at this beautiful cartoon sketches of lee min hyung and yoojin ^^

Have a great day everyone!

some interesting facts about yong joon

Most of you probably know about these things already, but for the sake of the newbies [or bewbies per bb] i've compiled this for you.

When Joanne of Quilt translated before Verimoti-nim’s 101 stories about Yong Joon, Frances and I had fun posting other things we know about Yong Joon. I’ve compiled here everything that we’ve posted on soompi and included some of those of verimoti-nim’s.

I know there are still a lot more interesting facts about Yong Joon. If you feel like sharing them, please post them away in the comment section.

1. loves to cook & even dreams of becoming a cook
2. knows how to draw...he drew a beautiful christmas card for his friend when he was in primary school
3. loves dogs, owns a golden retriever and a rottweiler

4. knowledgeable in the art of tea ceremony. he even bought the props in the tea room used in Untold Scandal
5. knowledgeable in the culture of wine
6. loves black & white photos, would rather use the conventional camera than the digital one
7. very private person, very protective of his family members
8. generous to his staff....would give away luxury cars, lend money to financially strapped staff
9. uses a black Land Rover rather than the usual white roadster favored by most kr artistes
10. would willingly change his appearance, lose weight, etc. to add realism to his role
11. hoping to upgrade the korean wave into an asian wave thus generate an active bilateral cultural exchange among asian countries
12. loves spicy rice cake
13. visits his fan sites after taking a shower
14. he once wanted to become an architect
15. he approached a fan who wrote a book about him and asked for an autograph inside a plane
16. he's very good in "hiding"
17. goes to "haitus" after each major project
18. has his own tutor in english that was always with him during AS shooting
19. very good at playing computer games
20. loves red wine
21. he doesn't have a fan club
22. his sites are the most visited
23. he does not need to be promoted, fans can do that for him
24. when he decided to become an actor, his mother wasn't too happy with the decision, telling him that he didn't have the personality for it.
25. his father hasn't opposed his decision, instead his father said "It's your life ... Take charge of your own destiny."
26. he was just starting to find his luck he was once asked by the head of the staff to make a coffee for everyone which he did
27. Yong Joon is Catholic. His mother hates it when he falls asleep during the Mass.
28. Yong Joon has some kind allergy towards lying. He got some beating from his mom for lying about a toy he got from the store. He left the toy outside of their house and told mom that someone knocked at the door. After opening the door, he told his mother that somebody had just left that toy outside. Of course his mom wouldn't believe and he got another beating.
29. his mother is a housewife and a very devoted Catholic. His father worked at a company and always taught him that he is the head of the family.
30. after failing the entrance for the Department of Architecture in Hanyang University, he tried to enter Law but failed again.
31. he worked in many different places, from being a factory worker to a street peddler.
32. Yong Joon did so many CFs for LG (photo courtesy of heejin which joanne posted in BYJ's Quilt)
33. 2002, he recorded an eagle on the #8 hole (par 5) in the Sappire course of the Lake Hills Golf Course.
34. it was written that he plays golf 4 times a month.
35. Yong Joon had an eye injury when he was still a kid which made him exempted to go the military.
36. he learned Tae-kwon-do & Ju-do since 6 years old. He wore high belt in Tae-kwon-do when he was in the 2nd grade at elementary school.
37. when he was in grade 3 his dad run a farm after leaving a company. In the farm Yogn Joon learned how to shoot an airgun.
38. he's a very private person and doesn't want his family being photographed.
39. his likes white bedsheets & his bed is quite big coz he loves to roll around

40. he wears only the upper part of pajamas...& for the lower part ...your guess is as good as mine
41. his favorite photographer is henri cartier-bresson
42. he plays in piano the theme song of Love Affair starring Beatty & Bening
43. he can play moon river in guitar, made famous by audrey hepburn in breakfast at tiffany's
44. he is the first celebrity endorser of Sony
45. his photo album sold more than brad pitt's in japan
46. french director claude lelouch is one of his fave directors
47. he starred in 2 dramas that are in the top 10 highest rating korean dramas to date, first love & sunny place of the young.
48. off camera, he likes to wear old jeans, sweatpants, t shirts
49. his fave coffee in starbucks is coffee machiatto
50. he likes the music of ennio morricone
51. he was paired to some of korea's popular actresses, cjw, sya, lya, khs, syj, jdy, lms & now its moon sori
52. has never organized a fan meeting in korea
53. he sometimes calls his fans "mafia" that symbolizes a strong, & long lasting relationship w/ his fans
54. he was in the states during the 9/11 incident
55. he is always punctual, never comes in late except that incident in beijing where he got delayed for the presscon coz the hotel staff were late in delivering his ironed clothes !!
56. He is an owner of the long drive which is around 280 yard long. The power springing out from 180-cm, 78-Kg is formidabale.

57. He recorded eagle again in the Lake Hills in 2003.

58. The longest in the entertainers meeting and general golf games are mostly taken by BYJ.
59. His score is ordinarily in the middle of 80th.

60. His best score was 78.
61. He plays golf about 4 times a month.

62. His favorite golf courses are Midas Valley and East Valley, and Lake Hills & Pine Creek.
63. has beautiful eyes with inner double eyelids
64. he once said that he made adults very tired when he was a child.
65. A little bit mischievous person who said that he put soy beans in his sister's nostrils out of curiosity to see how many of them could get in.
66. he uses eye contact whenever he is having a conversation.
67. Delicate person who knows to take care all those around him, even tiny ones.
68. he said that he would like to be recognized as an actor who puts efforts although he does not have a natural gift.
69. he does not carry in his wallet more than 30,000 won both now as well as in the past.
70. he loves taking shoots of staff and co-workers during shooting.

71. he said that he was viewed as a delinquent student at one time.
72. who scoops up soup with fork.
73. has a habit of putting his hand below chin.

74. he enjoys traveling as a back packer.
75. he had experienced one-way love, watching a girl whom he met at a library from far away for several months.
76. he learned swimming in sea.
77. he once said that that he prefers to take photos than have photos of himself taken.
78. he snowboards at the level of professional players.
79. he loves sports. .
80. he is known to hold the script without putting down from his hands even for a moment no matter even if he shoots, eats, gives interviews or smokes cigarettes.
81. he said before that he would eat potato Soojaebi (Soup with boiled lumps of flour dough) at snack car on the riverside bank of Han RIver on snowy days.
82. he was used to be called as 'Outsider Fist' to extent that he could fight alone against 10 people.
83. Person who went all around rural areas at one time selling Bindaeddeok (Korean pork/vegetable-ming beat pancake).
84. he once said the film is his life goal.
85. he said that he would like to hire his friend 'Kim Taewoo' as the main character (in his film). "Because I do not have to pay him right now..", he laughed clearly right away.
86. doesn’t want to wear accessories in private life.
87. he is used to walking around with one hand put in pocket of his pants.

88. at times as he wakes up a sleeping friend by calling at dawn and waiting until he answers. then hang up the phone after saying, "Have you been sleeping? Well, you've been sleeping..& I finished shooting. Then continue to sleep".
89. he likes children very much.
90. he once had serious and sincere conversation with a friend for many hours over a cup of tea on a river bank.
91. A meticulous person who remembers and takes care of even the birthdays of staff.
92. he once went out fishing wearing cast.
93. he is an enthusiastic and sincere person who once personally visited university holding application papers.
94. we was granted scholarship by putting earnest efforts several time more than others.
95. he loves to read books and said that he always keeps books next to him and reads them whenever he has spare time.

96. he is said that photography is his only hobby. but he is the person who has outstanding ability to the extent that he could hold an exhibition.

photos taken by yong joon

97. he could not help but to become an actor because he had too many dreams.
98. he is interested in many musical instrument such as piano and flute, etc. and and would like to learn to play them. (yong joon knows how to play the piano & guitar )

99. he reads scripts at least 3 times.
100. he is like a child who delights at times taking a picture of a dosing director.
101. he gives out autograph using the photo which he always carries with him because he hates autograph thrown away into the trash cans.
102. when his sister got married he shed tears at the ceremony.
103. always talking on the cellphone on his left ear [thanks to jamie]

104. he loves wearing a pinky ring and it's a form of protection for him

this is new and got to learn them from bb's blog today thru her lates post biggrin.gif go read her entry it's cute smile.gif

105. he came in tops for having the most beautiful teeth in korea back in 1999.

106. he used to have weak gums and he often used green tea to clean his teeth and used bamboo salt to massage the gums.

107. after hotelier and before wls, he used to have bugs bunny teeth.

108. today, yong joon is one of those korean actors with a million dollar worth of a smile

I hope you enjoy them ^^

ps. i'll try to include more photos later when i've time (",)

edited : 07.02.06

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

byj's latest photo

this was from the video message of byj to sjs last saturday at yokohama wherein yong joon gave his congratulatory message to sjs. this photo was actually an inset at the josei jishi (?) magazine.

hope we can get a better photo and vod :D [desperately hoping]

yong joon's message to sjs ~

"I am very close to So Ji Sub and I treat him as my younger brother . Please support him fully. Wish great success to the fans meeting and wish you all have good health".

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Part 2 : Trivia About WLS

here are more additional interesting triavia on Winter Sonata ^ ^

--- About 300,000 copies of the OST were sold in Korea within a month. A pop group ‘Black hole’ accused the songwriter of copying their starting for ‘From the start to now’. Wonder how the case was closed. Many rumoured that Ryu must be ugly to hide behind the scene. but when he appeared to promote the album in Hong Kong and Taiwan, they are amazed to find that he is actually nice looking. However, he had no wish to be an actor as he found it to mushy to read love lines.

--- Yong Ha is Ji Woo’s fan and he was so overjoyed when he had many intimate scenes with her. He always hummed on the set. Yong Jun and Ji Woo enjoyed listening and persuaded him to cut albums. Judging from his popularity, he could be as successful as Kim Sang Hyuk.

--- Many complained to the director that the act in letting Jun Sang regain his memory through the second accident was too deliberate. He confessed that he had no more ideas left but he couldn’t let Jun Sang cure his amnesia in hospital so he had to do it again.

--- The wooden house scene when both are stranded in the resort wasn’t shot smoothly. Ji Woo couldn’t push open the door and took a long time to do it. And to make the blind Jun Sang discover her, she was supposed to push the table harder but she had no strength. No one could hear any noise at all.

--- Many like the cheerful Yu Jin in the serial which shows a different side of Ji Woo. But she had a lot of NGs filming the dancing scene in the recording studio. And thanks to this role, her usual habit of reading lines unclearly was corrected.

taken from

Part 1 : Trivia About WLS

most of the newbies got to know yong joon via "winter love song". and since wls is still quite "new" to you, here are some trivia regarding wls.

i know the oldtimers must have read this many times, so please indulge ladies ^^

credit goes to purplebutterfly of

TRIVIA 1: JUN SANG is supposed to die due to illness.
DETAILS: The director wanted it so to make amends to SANG HYUK and
make YU JIN to leave for Paris alone. But due to viewers' protests
online, he decided to let JUN SANG survive but is blind.

TRIVIA 2: All things worn and used by BYJ and CJW became hot items:
DETAILS: Hairstyle, ways to tie the scarves, Polaris necklace, car,
BYJ's sweaters, Gucci ring worn by BYJ on his pinky finger, BYJ's
Frank Muller watch, Samsung phones and BYJ's green half-rimmed

TRIVIA 3: BYJ fainted on few occasions due to fatigue and lack of
DETAILS: However, he insisted on continuing even though he caught
colds. He was so tired that he really slept in the hospital scenes.
The supposedly weak CJW was well and didn't even catch a cold! CJW
even shared her blanket with BYJ (which she brought during shootings
so that she'll not get cold) when he got sick.

TRIVIA 4: BYJ did not want to be the young Jun Sang.
DETAILS: He tried to lose 4kg and stopped exercising. He was so
afraid that a muscular physique would make him look weird in
uniform. After filming a scene, he would look nervously to watch the
effect. He was impressed that the director managed to help him look
so young.

TRIVIA 5: BYJ even broke his tradition of not reading the script
beforehand as not to restrict himself in his acting.
DETAILS: He hates to place-read lines and wanted to act naturally.

TRIVIA 6: BYJ and CJW cared so much for each other.
DETAILS: She took care of his makeup while he was always there to
cheer for her even though he wasn't involved in the scenes. When she
couldn't get the right emotions, the director would ask where he was
and asked others to bring him there. After filming the final scene,
BYJ even offered his shoulder to let her sleep on. Many joked that
they really looked like lovers even though she addressed him as "big
brother" fondly.

TRIVIA 7: The last scene where BYJ was supposed to cry nearly drove
him crazy because he couldn't cry at all.
DETAILS: CJW had to accompany him to cry and he was very apologetic.

TRIVIA 8: There was supposed to be 2 more episodes of Winter Sonata.
DETAILS: But BYJ and CJW are too popular that if their job
assignments were delayed, their managing company will lose out 4
billion won. Now BYJ's price is coming to 13 billion so his company
will not let him go. His fans who visit the filming spots when he
was there got to enjoy the coffee that he bought for them.

TRIVIA 9: Many firsts for BYJ and CJW.
DETAILS: It's the first time for BYJ to blow dry and dye his hair
while it's also the first for CJW to cut her hair short. BYJ likes
white and his favorite car is the white Ford.

TRIVIA 10: BYJ and CJW were chosen as the best screen couple in many
online contests.
DETAILS: When both were interviewed in a program, CJW said that if
BYJ would be her first love, she'll not forget him for sure. He was
so shy that his face turned red. It was rumored that they were a
pair when they turned up in a lover's attire at the celebration
party after the filming ended.

TRIVIA 11: In KBS' TV awards, BYJ won Best Actor and Most Popular
Artist award while CJW won Best Actress.
DETAILS: In the said awards, the female host found a chance to make
fun of him as he seldom appears in entertainment programs. She
exclaimed how handsome he was and wanted to fulfill her wish – she
asked him to look into her eyes and say he loves her. As the show
was live and no cuts, BYJ was taken aback and was suddenly shy. He
looked elsewhere and stammered in his speech. He smiled and said
that he couldn't look at her directly. When the host insisted, he
finally finished saying it. It was so amusing to see that BYJ was so
reserved and shy after acting so many times as a prince charming in
many series.

I've another set later.

cute winter love song cartoon characters

here are some very cute and lovely cartoon collection of wls main characters. i got these from many byj sites and fora. hope you'll them as much as i do ^^

i'll be posting more later.

Monday, June 26, 2006

missing yong joon terribly

here i go again sighing...

are you all missing yong joon like i do? as in terribly missing?

you might have noticed that i've been blogging a lot lately. hee, that's to kill the time and not to go crazy thinking of yong joon.

he's really testing our patience and loyalty. are you the loyal fan or the fad fan? i'm definitely a loyal fan. i may have eyes for the others but i remain a true and loyal fan of yong joon. [geez, never been this crazy over an asian artist be a hollywood one] *liezle blushing*

yong joon zapped me real hard *^_^*

i need your feedback

I came across this post and would want to know how you guys will react on such comment about Yong Joon.

She wrote ~

Concentrating on foreign dealings is one of BYJ's biggest flaws - his lack of popularity back home. I think you need to be respected and loved in your home country before you try to take over other countries

I know that the person who wrote this doesn’t know BYJ as much as we do. I would have wanted to react to her post but I don’t think that it’s proper since it’s not a BYJ’s turf ^_^. This is not the first time I came across such view from others.

Would any of you share your views on this?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

bae yong joon & so ji sub

I guess most of you know that So Ji Sub together with Mgr. Yang, Ms Kim and a small entourage went to Japan to promote his drama "I'm Sorry I Love You". If you want to read details please check here [my previous post].

The photos of SJS in Japan created some "panic" and concerns from his fans. Take a look at the photos below. Have you wondered why?

Surprising, but yes your eyes are not playing tricks on you. SJS kinda resembed BYJ when he appeared in front of his 5,000 fans in Yokohama wearing a suit. Take a closer look, he is even wearing a black pinky ring.

And this article was published in Taiwan.

Someone in SJS english forum said that the above article mentioned "Copy BYJ". The article is from Liberty Times.

Honestly, it's really no big deal to me if they resemble or not. It's only in the photos and few other photos that was taken before when SJS was not still with BOF.

We all very well know that both have their unique sense in style, aura, charisma and personality. And I believe that BOF will not package its talent like BYJ.

With the look of SJS like BYJ, fans of SJS are somehow having doubts on the capacity of BOF to handle SJS. When BOF took SJS from his former management company, fans of SJS were really surprised and do not like BOF for the reason that they do not want SJS to be "commercialized" like BYJ.

Like i said, i'm a known SJS fan also. Honestly BOF or with other company, I know that SJS will really do good because he is a good actor and knows his craft very well.

I do understand other SJS fans doubting BOF. SJS''s former management company and managers were very friendly to his fans and fans liked very much the kind of relationship they have with them. But from what i'm seeing since SJS has been under BOF, he has been well taken cared off. I just hope that fans of SJS will give BOF a chance. It has not been 1 year since he's been with BOF.

I'm so happy with the BYJ family, I know most of us is also supporting SJS because he is already a "family".

Btw, i suggested in SJS english forum that if they really don't want the new style of SJS, then they should write to Ms. Hong vis BOF. ^^

Guys, i would love to hear your comments but please no negative comparison. ^_^

Ops, I almost forgot just to give this post some balance, there are fans though of SJS who like his new look and wishing that BOF can make SJS into a big star.

Here let me share with you more photos of SJS from Japan. Actually, these photos of SJS below doesn't even resemble him with BYJ.

addendum [06.26.06]

SJS on his way back to Korea

today's SJS from JOB

translation by tomato99
[thank you thank you so much dear tomato]

looking back this trip to Japan, SJS left this message;"On this trip to Japan, I was so touched by everyone's grand welocome. I was happy to meet everyone again. Because of the schedule, I was only able to meet some of you, but I will be looking forward to meeting you again soon."
Looking back his stay in Japan, and he gave a affectionate farewell, SJS has left a warm message.

At airport, where "hellos" and "goodbyes" cross intersect.
When SJS was about to leave Japan, there were about 300fans to see him off. Soon, with big cheers, SJS appears to airport. He waves his hand to fans with smile, and answers to everyone's cheers. Upon going through departure gate, SJS bowed deeply and showed his appreciation. He left for home, with everyone's voice calling his name.


what is 'manly'?, i wonder sometimes. I finally got the answer when I met this MAN. 'Manly'seems to be a word for So Jisub himself. He looks cool, though his heart is warm always caring about people around him. During the days while I was with him, I understood the 'manly' of So Jisub, he is a gentleman and honest.

What about going back the footsteps he left while staying in Japan? Go back and remember the time SJS had spent in Japan....