Wednesday, February 27, 2013

S/Tweet Treats from Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun 02.27.13

Happy to read Kyu Jong's tweet when I got home  as well as the reply of Hyung Jun.  Loving the brotherly love!

Ahhhh, makes me miss them a lot.

Here is translation of the tweets of Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun lifted from the tweets of @xiaochu1004.  Heaps of thanks once again!

@2kjdream :  Met my love ♥ HyungJuni who come all the way to JeonJu to buy me fish stew ♥ Please support lots for his solo concert in Korea on the 9th ♥ Hehehehet SS501 hurray ♥ RT @2kjdream: 내사랑만났답니다 ♥ 매운탕사주러 전주까지 달려와준 형준이 ♥ 9일에 한국서 첫 단독 콘서트 하니까 마니 응원해주세요 ♥ 히히히힛 SS501 만세 ♥

@HyungJun87:  Hwaiting Kyumak RT @HyungJun87: 화이팅 규막RT @2kjdream: 내사랑만났답니다 ♥ 매운탕사주러 전주까지 달려와준 형준이 ♥ 9일에 한국서 첫 단독 콘서트 하니까 마니 응원해주세요 ♥ 히히히힛 SS501 만세 ♥

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[FanCams] Hyun Joong in Brazil

In Sao Paolo, Brazil Hyun Joong made the hearts of many fangirls racing as he performed in front of them live for the 50th anniversary of Korean Immigration in Brazil dubbed as '2K13 Feel Korea.

Here are fancams of Hyun Joong's performances lifted from the YouTube channel of
LOVEMIH4EVER. Super heaps of thanks!

He does look happy performing, right? I am happy glad that Hyun Joong was invited to this event and fluttered the hearts of many South  American  (thanks for the correction) fans.

To the fans in North American, I am pretty sure Hyun Joong felt your love for him.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Kyu Jong!

I know we are missing Kyu Jong so much but we know as well that he is missing us much more, right?

So for today, since it is his birthday Kyu Jong woke up early to thank all his fans who greeted him on Twitter.

Here is translation of Kyu Jong tweet courtesy of xiaochu1004 on Twitter.
2kjdream : Thank you. There are so many of you wishing me happy birthday over here, thank you and thanks once again. Really thankful to Pretties. I'm really touched by the messages sent from various countries..Thank you x501^^ I'll return even better than before so please wait for awhile more. ThanKYU~

Happy Birthday, Kyu Jong!  

Saturday, February 23, 2013

[Vid] Hyun Joong Leaving S Korea on 02.22.13

Hyun Joong left yesterday S Korea to go to Brazil for the 2K13 Feel Korea which will happen on the 23rd to 25th of February in Sao Paulo.

Here is a video of Hyun Joong who is sporting a short hair taken at Incheon Airport yesterday. Much thanks to khj06060306 for the video shared on YouTube.  

Please DO NOT edit and/or re-upload videos in any streaming sites including YouTube.

Thanks to veggiedelight for the email.

P.S. Sorry for all the late post. I have been busy this week until and probably until the first week of March for series of big events at work. But I will try my best to update as much as I can.

[Vid & Pix] Young Saeng Leaving for Japan & PressCon Pix for Summer Snow

On the 20th of February, Young Saeng left for Japan to attend the press conference of the musical 'Summer Snow'.

Here are photos and videos of Young Saeng leaving  S Korea via Gimpo.

Following photos were lifted from the post of 小贝大爱 in Baidu.  Original credit as shown on the photo.

lifted from senge prince with original credit to @bestys1103

lifted from yssilver1103 YT channel
허영생 팬사이트 마들렌
Heo Young Saeng Fansite Madeleine

As many already know, musical is not new to Young Saeng as he had embarked on this on 2011 when he was cast in 'Three Musketeers' in Korea. But this is the first time for him to do a musical in Japan.

'Summer Snow' will start in Osaka on the 12th to 19th of April in Amagaasaki Cultural Center. Then in Osaka on May 31 to June 15 at Akasaka ACT Theater.

Here are photos few photos of Young Saeng from the press conference lifted from Baidu.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

[Pix & Vids] HJL & HJB Playing Football Again 02.16.13

Oh yeah!  Two of our favorite members of SS50, Hyun Joong and Hyung Jun, played football once again yesterday, 16th of February.

Shoving here few photos that were lifted from Twitter original credit on the photos.  Much thanks to all those who shared as well to veggiedelight for shoving some.

For the following photos, thanks to Anna for the emailing the photos of Hyun Joong as well as the links to YouTube'

Original credit for the photos goes to :

Following videos are from onlyleader HJ and TheHyunjoongnara.  Please DO NOT edit and re-upload in any other streaming sites including YouTube.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

[Vids] Double HJ in Action with FC Avenger 02.09.13

Last night I shared HERE few photos of Hyun Joong and Hyung Jun as they prepare for their game. Now sharing with you, a video that I lifted from the YouTube channel of thfldpf.  Thanks much!

Enjoy watching the vid.  Miss seeing them together as well as with the other members. 

Saturday, February 09, 2013

[Pix] Jung Min in Hanbok

Newsen released today several photos of Jung Min in hanbok and greeting everyone happy Lunar New Year.

Here are photos that I lifted from Newsen.  If you wish to read Jung Min's greetings in hangul, you may click HERE.

[Pix] Two HJ in Action 02.09.13

Another cold day again in South Korea but this did not stop Hyun Joong and Hyung Jun from playing football with FC Avengers. Yes, you read it right, FC Avengers. The same team that Hyung Jun has been playing in which Hyun Joong also played today. Oh yeah, it has been a while since we last saw these two HJ together, right?

I am shoving here photos that I lifted from Twitter and sent by veggiedelight. Much thanks to everyone who @baebb, @cll_slam10, @yyann and more for the re-tweets.

credit : @xkayex501

Following are from Flywithss501

credit : onlice_henecia

Next set is from FLORICE_501

credit : @Triplekwan501

This batch is from @ssektmf501

credit : @harukhj

Following is from @Yujin0418

And here are from ssektmf501

credit : pdh7587

credit : @TripleS_JY331

credit : qkqh_00

credit : dc2_1004

Here is a short video, click HERE from FLORICE_501.