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[Article] Nice Story from Young Saeng About SS501 from Ilgan Sports Interview

An interesting interview by Ilgan Sports with Young Saeng especially towards the last part.  Much thanks to VITALSIGN for sharing this in AllKPop.

As it has been mentioned before, they were planning to release an album (their management companies agreed to it) but Kyu Jong received his notice for enlist.  I am pretty certain though that their promise to comeback will happen.  We just have to wait...

[News] Heo Young Saeng discusses his ‘Solo’ comeback and SS501′s future
Source + Photos: Ilgan Sports via Nate

Having made his return with his ‘Solo‘ mini-album, SS501‘s Heo Young Saeng recently sat down with Ilgan Sports for an interview discussing his latest activities and plans in terms of SS501′s future.

Check it out below!

Q. “Why did you choose your album’s title as ‘Solo’?”

“There are various meanings to it. The lyrics to the title track are about what happened to a man after a break up, and I felt that fit with my situation as I tried to stand on my own, away from SS501. I participated in the production of the album and spent a lot of time on it. It’s an album that I truly worked hard on, on my own.”

Q. “What is your title track ‘Crying‘ like?”

“I loved it the moment I first received it. The ladies especially had a good reaction to it. I think I love the song more because I penned the lyrics myself. It reminds me of my own story of when I broke up three years ago. I went through a lot of heartache then, and every song I listened to at the time felt like my own story. The song reminded me of when I felt so miserable about not being able to hold her back.”

Q. “It took you a year to release your second album since your first solo debut album.”

“I didn’t think it’d take this long either. I was pressured with the second album thinking that I had to make it better than the first. I wanted to show improvement most of all. From the album’s beginning, I participated in collecting the songs and producing it. It was difficult to the point where I almost suffered from depression, but I was able to overcome it.”

Q. “During that time, you also worked in a musical and sitcom.”

“I starred in the musical ‘The Three Musketeers‘. I was worried at first and was determined to clear my heart and learn from the beginning. The more I did it, the more I wanted to improve and get better. The last performance made me feel empty, so much so that I cried. On KBS 2TV‘s ‘I Need a Fairy‘, I play the role of a Hallyu star. Although I’m still lacking, I feel that there’s a lot of charm to acting.”

Q. “Are you dating?”

“When I like someone, I’m not able to focus on anything else. I know that so I try not to let myself fall into that trap. For now, work comes first. I believe in the saying that a man’s skills should come first because you’re always able to find someone nice to settle down with after you’ve found success.”

Q. “Is there any competition between the SS501 members?”

“There is friendly competition. Since Hyun Joong made a position for himself first and got a lot of public recognition, people think that we’d be jealous of him, but it’s not true. Recently, all of the members had a lot of free time so we met one another often. We’d grab a drink and discuss the future of SS501. Of course, Hyun Joong is the one who foots the bills.”

Q. “Will SS501 get back together?”

“We were stimulated by Shinhwa reuniting. I was watching them guest on a talk show after their comeback and suddenly received texts from all of the SS501 members asking, ‘Are you watching this?’ It made me realize that we were truly one. I think we’ve lost a chance to reunite once because it was so hard to balance our time schedules. I think the next perfect time would be when we all get discharged from the army.”

[Pix & Vid] Hyung Jun and His Special Guests 06.29.12

Everyone must have seen and heard about it.  Yes, Kyu Jong, Young Saeng and Jung Min went to the Seoul Showcase and Mini Concert of Hyung Jun.  And from the tweets, the boys seems to have a lot of fun on stage though Jung Min did not go up again.  But he was acknowledge by Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun.

Here are screencaps from the lifted from the tweets of @ivannah501, @YS_YoonHa95, @alisongan1103 and more.

According to the tweet of 501wangja 
the 3 were looking for Jung Min amongst the crowd.

Shoving this vid here from 's YouTube channel.  According to @HappyBoys_SS501's tweet,  Kyu Jong was  shock because Hyung Jung treated only Young Saengy.

Here are highlights when the three were on stage. Loas of thanks to @crazynoona for sharing this moment on Twitter.
  • The first to come up on stage was Kyu Jong then Young Saeng.  
  • During the talk, Kyu Jong said that although he is busy, he made it at the Showcase since it is for Hyung Jun.  
  • When they were seated, Young Saeng said that Hyung Jun should not be sitting in the middle but Hyung Jun said very cooly 'No it's alright.' 
  • Kyu  Jong complimented Hyung Jun and he was so happy with the compliment.
  • Young Saeng said that Hyung Jun eagerly waited. He also said that Hyung Jun is very stylish.  With that comment Hyung Jun clapped happily like a boy.
  • Hyung Jun is so happy that he keeps on dancing towards Kyu Jong and Young Saeng.
  • Hyung Jun said that Jung Min is at the venue too.  Then fans screamed so loudly.
  • Kyu said it would be good if he get 1st. So he can give free concert..Baby Jump jump to Kyu and sayang Kyu then YS!!! Cute
  • Fans waiting for them to dance U R Man but the two didn't prepare.
 Other special guests who came to support Hyung Jun are...

courtesy of @LEJahng
Noona cousing, Omma Kim and Adorable Choco

Ji Suk of Rainbow, So Yi Hyeon  and Kim Ki Bum

Another photo of Ki Bum

JQ who is featured in one of the songs of Hyung Jun 
in the album 'ESCAPE'

Here is vids of Hyung Jun's special guests taken at the gallery. Video was lifted from 's YouTube channel.

[Vid] Kyu Jong at 'God of Cookery' Filming Site 06.29.12

As Kyu Jong mentioned at the showcase and mini concert of Hyung Jun he has been busy lately, but because it is Hyung Jun showcase he made time to be part of it.

Here is a video of Kyu Jong fromt he filming site of 'God of Cookery' yesterday.  Much thanks to for sharing this video on 's YouTube channel.

Please DO NOT edit and/or re-upload video in any other streaming sites including YouTube.

[Vid] Hyung Jun @ Hi5 Session 06.29.12

After the showcase and mini concert of Hyung Jun, a Hi5 session followed right away.

Here is a short video from the Hi5 from 김형준팬소굴 주니크 ( shared on the Youtube via  's YouTube channel.

From the tweets I read, I was said that Hyung Jun took some time to talk to some of the fans.

Friday, June 29, 2012

[Vid] Kyu Jong and Young Saeng on Stage with Hyung Jun 06.29.12

As part of Hyung Jun's Showcase and Mini Concert was on live streaming at   some fans were able to record it.

Here is one highlight from the showcase that everyone really got excited. SS501 sub-unit, Kyu Jong, Young Saeng and Hyung Jun shared the stage once again. Jung Min though was in the venue be again he opted to stay on the sideline.

Much thanks to  for sharing this video on YouTube.

[Vid] Hyung Jun's MV Teaser 'Sorry I'm Sorry'

Wow, the teaser is so nice that I cannot wait to watch the full 25 minutes video.

With Hyung Jun, Lee Ki Woo and Kang Ji Hwan plus a well know MV director I thinks this is really something to look forward too. I see serious acting from Hyung Jun. He seems to really doing well in this field.

Anyway, get teased with this 'Sorry I'm Sorry' music video which is one of the tracks from Hyung Jun's 2nd mini album 'ESCAPE'.  Video is lifted from BNTNews. (Btw, will replace vid with via YT when I see one).

With this post, let me congratulate Hyung Jun ahead for a job well done.

Here is vid from YouTube courtesy of .

[Vids] More Snippets from Hyung Jun Showcase & Mini Concert 06.29.12

Heaps of thanks to @rainaftershine for tweeting the links to the YouTube channel of ( wherein she uploaded vids taken by  BtnNews and shared on their ports.

Hyung Jun Teaching 'Sorry I'm Sorry' Dance Steps

Talk Time

Singing '나쁜 남자라서' fourth track of 'ESCAPE'

Singing a Song Feat JQ

[Media Pix] Hyung Jun Showcase in Seoul 06.29.12

Here are media photos of Hyung Jun from the Showcase and Mini Concert in AX-Korea Center in Kwangjin, Seoul.

As promised earlier, Hyung Jun will comeback via his 2nd mini album 'ESCAPE'  with a more masculine look. Hey, check out his biceps.

Following were lifted in Daum and Naver.