Thursday, May 31, 2012

[Pix] Hyun Joong @ Chengdu Hi5 PressCon 05.31.12

Before the Hi5 today at Chengdu, Hyun Joong had a short press conference at the venue where the Hi5 is also to take place. Here are the photos from the said event with translation from the tweets of the organizer's staff in weibo translated by ‏@loveKHJ and ‏@khjean14 in Twitter. ‏@loveKHJ
HJ thanks fans for the warm reception at the airport. he supposedly looks even better in person than in this pic

khjean Henecia 金贤重 ‏@khjean14
A reporter asked Kim Hyun Joong favorite which films, Kim Hyun Joong said recently saw Tang Wei, Lust, Caution ‏@loveKHJ
BB trans: when asked abt acting & singing, HJ says he likes both

HJ says he's too busy to tour Chengdu, hopes to chk out city after presscon

Asked if he'll start weibo, HJ said there's a chance of a surprise next wk

khjean Henecia 金贤重 ‏@khjean14
Kim Hyun Joong also revealed that tomorrow's concert will be singing 15 songs, stage effects is great, will not

reporter then asked to see Kim Hyun Joong can accept large-scale performances in Lust, Caution in Kim Hyun Joong

More photos credit as tagged...

I was actually late in sharing this photos and infos and and I disappointed with the turn of events of the Hi5. Seems that there are many fans who weren't able to Hi5 with Hyun Joong because staff of the organizers thought that there was no more queue outside when it turned out that there is still. When they learned about this Hyun Joong has already left. Poor fans. Sigh, looks like the organizers are not doing efficient job. I am sure you guys have also heard about what happened in the airport this morning. Hyun Joong has to go back to the airport (from the hotel) to fix some papers which the organizers failed to do so.

Hope that the FM will turn out well and Hyun Joong will make each and every fans happy.

[Vids] Young Saeng at SBS Radio Cultwo 05.31.12

Young Saeng today visited SBS Radio Cultwo to promo his 2nd mini album 'Solo'. Here are videos of Young Saeng from the said radio show where in he sang 'Let It Go' and 'Crying'. Much thanks to for sharing the videos on her YouTube channel.

And here are photos from the show which i lifted in Twitter. Thanks to the peeps who tweeted them.

Young Saeng with G. Na 
courtesy of @hl2412

courtesy of @ping0119

courtesy of @ping0119

courtesy of @macaron

The following photos is courtesy of @hyenji89.

Btw, Young Saeng's comeback stage is tomorrow. With this B2M tweeted that the pre-recording for Music Bank will be tomorrow 1st of June at 2PM.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Vid] Hyun Joong Zipping Off to China 05.30.12

Hyung Joong left for China earlier to make early preparations for this upcoming fan meeting on June 1 and 2 in Chengdu and Guangzhou, respectively.

Here is a fancam courtesy of YES taken at Incheon International Airport and shared in their YouTube channel . Please DO NOT edit and upload video/s from YES in any other sites including YouTube.

Ei, Hyun Joong had a good smile at the airport.  Even Mr. Jeong is smiling.  Wonder what made them put that beautiful smile on their faces.

[Vids] Hyung Jun Cut Scenes in Ep 13 & 14 of 'I Love You'

Here are cut scenes of Hyung Jun from episodes 13 and 14 of 'I Love You' lifted from the YouTube channel of

In episode 13, here Hyung Jun speak English.  In mark 6:38 Hyung Jun and Kim Yoon Suh looked lips. ^^

Episode 14 gives you another kissing scene between Hyung Jun and Kim Yoon Suh as their love story deepens.

[Eng Trans] Young Saeng at Radio MBC's 95.9 Fuzion FM Yunha's Starry 05.28.12

On the 28th of May Young Saeng guested  at Radio MBC's 95.9 Fuzion FM Yunha's Starry. This is his 2nd radio guesting to promote his 2nd mini album 'Solo'. English translation is out already which we can all listed at the YouTube channel of .  Much thanks for this!  The interview is very interesting. I like the first part where  he is rating himself and of course the explanation to each rating.  Don't miss watching this video.  You'll certainly get to know a lot more our Young Saeng.

Thanks to veggiedelight for the tip as well as to one Anonymous who left a comment in one of the comment boxes  and Unknown who left the link on the sidebar.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[Pix] A Bit More of Young Saeng from 'Rule the Sky' Charity Soccer Match 05.28.12

I am shoving here few more photos of Young Saeng from the 'Rule the Sky' charity soccer game held last night at GuRi WangSookJae Park which JCE ( sponsored to help patients with heart disease.

Thanks to 00lanse for posting this set of photos by  赫赫小在_SuKyu ( in Baidu.

[Notice from B2M] June 6 Fan Signing Event

Those going to Seoul in June take note of this date and the details on how to be part of it.  With regard to the important detains, make sure that you follow the instructions since fan staff/staff are really strict about these things.

Much thanks to xiaochu for sharing the translation of this notice on Quainte501.


[Info] YoungSaeng – 06 Jun SOLO Sale Commemoration Fan Sign Event – InCheon, YoungDeungPo
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


*This notice is subjected to change.

Hello. This is B2M Entertainment.

06-Jun (Wed) 2.00PM

- Purchase Venue : InCheon Sound Wave
- Method & No. of People : 150 people by lottery
- Fan Sign Venue : InCheon JangSu-dong Youth Centre
- Sale Period : 30-May (Wed) ~ 03-Jun (Sun)
- Announcement of winners : 03-Jun (Sun)
Notice will be put up at InCheon Sound Wave Cafe (Naver)

06-Jun (Wed) 7.30PM

- Purchase Venue : YoungDeungPo Hottracks
- Method & No. of People : 150 people by lottery
- Fan Sign Venue : YoungDeungPo Time Square 1st Floor Event Stage
- Sale Period : 30-May (Wed) ~ 03-Jun (Sun)
- Announcement of winners : 04-Jun (Mon)
Notice will be put up at Hottracks Homepage.

*Important details :
- To. and PS: are allowed. In order for the event to go on smoothly, we hope that you can avoid handshake and touch.
- People who are attending the fan sign event, please make sure to bring the album that you bought as well as the number ticket.
- You will not be able to attend to the fan sign event if you lose or try to duplicate the number ticket, CD that you purchased for this fan sign event is not applicable for exchange nor refund.
- This event may be changed or cancelled according to the organizing company without prior notice.

[Article] Young Saeng to Enter into Japanese Market

Again Young Saeng did surprise us with this news.  A Japanese album which will consist of 10 songs and a concert.  While  others would only release single album, Young Saeng will have 10 songs.  I am looking forward to this and the kind of genre that he will have for his Japanese album.

Much thanks to @cll_slam10 for the translation of this news and sharing on at StylishHYS.


[News] Heo Young Saeng Will Embark Into Japan... New Album in August... Solo Concert In September
Chinese Trans: 王小卯0317 @ HYS Baidu Bar
Eng Trans: cllslam10 @StylishHYS
Pls repost with credits

SS501 Heo Young Saeng will be embarking into Japan in August this year.

A representative from the company which Heo Young Saeng belongs to told nocutnews during an interview, "Recently after releasing his 2nd solo mini-album, Heo Young Saeng will be releasing his Japanese album in August and will be holding a solo concert during September this year." Ever since after venturing out solo, this is the 1st time he is embarking into overseas.

The representative stated that they planned to have Heo Young Saeng's newly release Japanese album to contain 10 tracks. Among all the solo songs which Heo Young Saeng has released in the domestic market, they will be choosing 2~3 songs to be re-recorded in Japanese version. Other than that, they are planning a different diversified music styles for the remaining songs.

Prior to this, despite the numerous invitations from overseas, Heo Young Saeng will only consider after he has fully prepare, only then will he meet up with his overseas fans, thus he kept delaying his overseas activities. He is very apologetic to the fans expectations for this year,but being a solo singer, firstly he wants to determine whether he possess a strong personal style.

Currently Heo Young Saeng still have his inadequacies, although having this thoughts, after releasing 2 solo albums in the domestic market, going thru 2 years, he can't possibly reject the invitation from his Japanese fans. Thus he decided to hold a solo concert in Japan during September, showcasing his different style, preparing his new album.

Recently, Heo Young Saeng accepted an interview, he said, "In actual fact after releasing my 1st solo album last year, I did have the intentions to meet with my overseas fans, but there are only so few of my solo songs, with this unprepared circumstances, I really can't meet up with them. To repay the love that I receive from them, by holding an unprepared concert to earn money, I will feel very guilty. Thus I wanna confirm that I am fully prepared before standing on the stage showcasing my music."

He continued, "Of course I am worried that the fans will leave, but I still want to stand on the stage impressively." He also said, "Holding a concert in Japan after releasing my Japanese album, having this idea of carrying this 2 tasks, showcasing more stuff, having a great time, hoping to create the kind of stage where the main theme is music. Wanting to show an enriching music stage."

On the other hand, Heo Young Saeng has released his 2nd mini-album "Solo" on 22 May. This time round, this album revolves on the artiste Heo Young Saeng himself, searching for his own personal music style and the growing stages, album concepts, planning, forming, lyrics compositions etc which he personally gets involved in. There are a total of 5 tracks in the album which included the title track "Crying".

[Pix] Young Saeng at Yunha's Starry 05.28.12

As early as last week, Young Saeng already started the radio promotion for his 2nd mini album 'Solo'. He first promoted at MBC's FM4U on the 23rd of May followed by his guesting at Radio MBC's 95.9 Fuzion FM Yunha's Starry last Sunday 28th of May.

Here are photos of Young Saeng from his guesting oat Yunha's Starry lifted from the tweets of @Venice_YS which came from the board of the show.

More about Young Saeng.

There are more schedule of fan signing that B2M released in connection withe the 2nd album of Young Saeng 'Solo'. Here are the schedule on top of the June 2 IlSan fan signing:
  • 6 June 2.00 pm KST at Incheon and 7.30 pm KST at Yeongdeungpo Time Square
  • Sale period is 30/5-3/6

Also news about Young Saeng entering the Japanese market is out. This will happen in August wherein album will be out.

Btw, just read the MNET rate Young Saeng's 'Solo' 9.9 (10 being the highest)

[Vids] Young Saent at Rule the Sky Charity Soccer Match 05.29.12

Here are fancams again of Young Saeng from the charity soccer match last night sponsored by JCE ( a popular mobile social game ‘Rule the Sky’. Much thanks to Madeleine (http::// for the fancams that they shared via the YouTube channel of  

Please DO NOT edit and upload the following videos in any steaming sites including YouTube.

Earlier, it was reported that Kyu Jong will also be participating in this charity match but from the videos and photos that I have seen so far there's no Kyu Jong that I have seen.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Photos & Vid from Rule the Sky Charity Soccer Match 05.28.12

The charity soccer match in which Young Saeng and Kyu Jong will be participating is tonight. The match is  between the 'Rule the Sky Soccer Team' and 'GuDi' at GuRi WongSookJae Park started earlier and probably still on going. The charity match wherein  heart disease patients are the recipient is a project of JCE ( popular mobile social game ‘Rule the Sky’.

The Rule the Sky team is composed of JCE employees and the GuDi team is made up of idols and actors such as Kyu Jong, Young Saeng, Jo Han Sun, Dong Ho of UKiss, Yoon DuJun of Beast, Lee SaeJun of Yuri Sangja and more.

Here are some photos tweeted by @rule_the_sky

This one is courtesy of @seunghye501.

And this is courtesy of @mukamuka_Ys shared on Twitter.

There will surely be quite a lot of photos later as fan clubs I believe are the the park to watch the game and cheer for their favorites.

To end this post, let me share this video by BestFriend wherein link was tweeted by tweeted by @cll_slam10.

[Notice from B2M] Info on Young Saeng's Fan Signing at Synnara in IlSan

Good luck to everyone vying to get a ticket for this fan signing via lottery. 

Here is information on how you can be able to participate in this even if any of you guys will be in Seoul on June 2. Much thanks to xiaochu  for doing the translation of this information in Quainte501.

[Trans]  02 Jun SOLO Sale Commemoration Fan Sign Event – Synnara IlSan

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


*This notice is subjected to change.

Hello. This is B2M Entertainment.

02-Jun (Sat) 5.30PM

- Venue : Ilsan Synnara
- Method & No. of People : 150 people by lottery
- Fan Sign Event Notice : 28-May (Mon)
For more details, please refer to the notice at Synnara Records homepage.
- Sale Period : 29-May (Tue) ~ 01-Jun (Fri)
- Announcement of winners : 01-Jun (Fri) through Synnara homepage

*Important details :
- To. and PS: are allowed. In order for the event to go on smoothly, we hope that you can avoid handshake and touch.
- People who are attending the fan sign event, please make sure to bring the album that you bought as well as the number ticket.
- You will not be able to attend to the fan sign event if you lose or try to duplicate the number ticket, CD that you purchased for this fan sign event is not applicable for exchange nor refund.
- This event may be changed or cancelled according to the organizing company without prior notice.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another FanCam of Hyun Joong from Yesterday's Lotte Duty Free Fan Meeting

Here is another video of Hyun Joong from the 2012 Lotte Duty Free Fan Meeting with Henecia Japan that was held yesterday. Much thanks to for uploading in her YouTube channel as well as to @LuvKHJ4ever for tweeting the link.

Please DO NOT edit and re-upload video from any streaming sites including YouTube.

Btw, in yesterday's fan meeting ccording to the tweet of @howlovelylala which originally came from the tweet of @harukhj Hyun Joong was asked about the letter he secretly got from a fan which the camera caught. Here is what Hyun Joong has to say about it.
Kim Hyun Joong talked abt the news and the fan cam taken the moment he grabbed the fan letter, HJ mentioned that actually he can't get every fan letter but he liked that and glad to see the news

Saturday, May 26, 2012

[Vid] Hyun Joong at Lotte Duty Free Fan Meeting 05.26.12

Today, Hyun Joong had a fan meeting in Lotte Duty Free in Seoul with his Henecia Japan. At the fan meeting there was talk session, games and performances of Hyun Joong. There was also Hi5 with all the participants.

Here is a video from the fan meeting courtesy of Y.E.S. and uploaded in their YouTube channel.

Please DO NOT edit and re-upload video by Y.E.S. to any streaming sites including YouTube.

Thanks much to candy for sending the link to my email.

S/Tweets Treats from Kyu Jong 05.26.12

This afternoon we got some sweet tweet treats from Kyu Jong.  The bonus about the tweets is that he included photos.  Here are the the English tweet translation of Kyu Jong courtesy of @xiaochu1004 shared in Twitter.

3:11 PM - 26 May 12
weather is so so so goodddd heehee have a nice weekend everyone^^~~

3:15 PM - 26 May 12 when I was filming~~yesterdayyy heehee I am going through my photos. old memories keep popping up heehee wooaah time flies heehee ^^

6:46 PM - 26 May 12
received autograph from singer Heo~~ exciting exciting yoohehe^^ crying daebakkkk♥♥

Btw, yesterday Kyu Jong recorded for 'ShikShin Road'.  And according to B2M Kyu Jong will appear in the show on the 2nd of June which is a Saturday at 12NN.

With regarding to the filming yesterday, @ss_road a photo yesterday of the filming. Here is the tweet in English courtesy of xiaochu shared on Quainte501.

2012-05-25 @ 2:11 PM
Tah-dah! Coming filming day of ShikShin Road♬♬♬ today's shiny guest is the very hot hot (issue) these days! The rising UmChinDal~ Han JiWoo who was searched for even for Overseas Miss Korea^_^ Please give lots of questions

Also yesterday dancers and friends @movejm and @takejo2020 of Kyu Jong and Young Saeng tweeted photos together with them.

@movejm: 오랜만에 규종이와~ 너무 좋다 !!! ㅎ

@takejo2020: 영생이와~~~~짜이야~

Friday, May 25, 2012

[Article] Kyu Jong & Young Saeng to Attend Charity Soccer Match

Thanks a lot to xiaochu for translating this piece of news about Kyu Jong and Young Saeng and sharing in Quainte501

So mark the date guys, on Monday, 28th of May. 


[News] KyuJong YoungSaeng to Attend Charity Soccer Match
First Warm Love Sharing Event by ‘Rule The Sky’
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


*extract from the original news only.

JCE ( popular mobile social game ‘Rule the Sky’ is doing their part to return back to the society by launching a warm love sharing ‘Rule the Sky Care Campaign’, they said on 25-May.

The famous social activity of the game ‘Rule the Sky’ is giving CARE and FAVOR to friends for their corps on their island, is leading the spreading the culture of sharing.

The first activity of ‘Rule The Sky Warm Care Campaign’ will start with a ‘Charity soccer match’ for heart disease patients. Coming 28-May at GuRi WangSookJae Park, the charity soccer match between ‘Rule the Sky Soccer Team’ made up by JCE employees and celebrity soccer team ‘GuDdi’ made up of Seo JiSeok, Kim KyuJong Heo YoungSaeng (SS501), Yoon DuJun (Beast), Jo HanSun, DongHo (UKiss), Lee SaeJun (Yuri Sangja), etc.

Through this charity soccer match, the two teams ‘Rule the Sky’ and ‘GuDdi’ will raise 10million won for the Korea Heart Foundation, supporting the heart disease patients who couldn’t receive medical treatments as they have difficulties with the medical bills.

At the same time, JCE started a predicting the charity soccer winner event. You can participate this event via ‘Rule the Sky’ facebook page until 7pm on 28-May, and they will be giving celebrity soccer team’s autographed soccer ball to 5 lucky winners who predicted the winner team correctly.

Official homepage

[Article & Video] Hyun Joong Managed to Get a Fan Letter Secretly

I shared this video last night on the sidebar which I got from  The video with Hyun Joong getting a fan letter secretly caught by a fancam landed in the news portal of SportsChosun today.  Here's the news that I lifted from AllKPop courtesy of ylee.

Such a sweet thing.

[News] Kim Hyun Joong melts hearts with considerate gesture towards a fan
Source & Photo: SportsChosun via Nate
by ylee / AllKPop

‘Smiling Prince’ Kim Hyun Joong recently moved the hearts of the public as he once again displayed his infinite love for fans.

On May 24th, a clip was uploaded on an online community board with the title, ‘Kim Hyun Joong receiving a fan letter without his guards knowing, very touching‘.

In the clip, the Hallyu star was surrounded by his guards and knew that they would not let his fans get close to him. But upon noticing a fan who had something to give him, the singer secretly stuck his hand out behind him to receive a letter from the fan without letting his guards catch on.

The clip was recorded on the 20th, at comedian Jung Joon Ha‘s wedding ceremony.

Upon seeing the heartwarming clip, netizens wrote in response, “This is so touching Kim Hyun Joong“, “I’m touched and I’m not even a fan, imagine how that girl felt“, “Kim Hyun Joong, his love for his fans is really amazing“.

In related news, Kim Hyun Joong gave his congratulatory speech for the bride and groom at the wedding, looking very chic in a dark grey suit.


From the sidebar, I am now shoving this video courtesy of  's YouTube channel here with original credit goes to only leader♡.  The heartwarming gesture can be seen in 2:12 mark.  Please DO NOT edit & upload video in any streaming sites including YouTube.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

[Article] Young Saeng Comebacking via 'SOLO'

One more news translation courtesy of cll_slam10 shared on StylishHYS which I am shoving here. Heaps of thanks again Slam!


[News] Heo Young Saeng "CRYING" Comeback, Twitter "This Time Round Personnally Co-Produced"
Source: Snstree
Chinese Trans: 王小卯 @HYS Baidu Bar
Eng Trans: cllslam10@StylishHYS
Pls repost with credits

[CBC news = social news] At 22 May 12am KST, Heo Young Saeng released his title track 'CRYING' thru the various audio streaming site which is rather popular.

This time the mini-album consists of 4 tracks and also the title track 'CRYING' instrumental version, which contains a total 5 tracks of different music styles emphasizing the diversity of this album.

Title track 'CRYING' has been released, thru all the major audio streaming sites, increasing the ranking in the search portal.

Heo Young Saeng also tweeted on his twitter "Crying!!! I'm Comeback!!!" announcing his solo comeback after 1 year.

On 22 May, there were more than 2882 text mentioning "HEO YOUNG SAENG".

Text that mentioned "HEO YOUNG SAENG" are:

"[Heo Young Saeng] 1st Comeback on 31 May Mnet Countdown was cancelled due to an overseas broadcast and his 1st comeback will be on 1 Jun Music Bank. (RT: 86 times)

"[News Update] Heo Young Saeng ranked the No.1 for the most searched person on Daum.

"Heo Young Saeng really knows how to choose songs... unfortunately this lead vocalist is being under-estimated... Everyone please listen to Heo Young Saeng's 'MARIA'."

"Kekeke... this is better than LET IT GO thousand times isnt it? It is not that I dont like LET IT GO... Heo Young Saeng got co-produced, kekeke~ song melody is really great, dance is a bit funny... kekekekeke"

"Woah!!! Heo Young Saeng album DAEBAK!!! This time must really get 1st placing!!!! >< other comments etc...

[Article] Young Saeng's 'SOLO' Released

Translators of StylishHYS is giving us one article after the other.  Much thanks guys!  For this article, thanks to cll_slam10 for sharing once again in their blog.


[News] Heo Young Saeng Mini-Album "SOLO" Released
Source: Daily Focus
Chinese: 王小卯 @HYS Baidu Bar
Eng Trans: cllslam10 @StylishHYS
Pls repost with credits

Singer Heo Young Saeng released his mini-album "SOLO" on 22 May and also announced his comeback schedule at the same time.

This time the album consists of the title track 'CRYING' and it also contains the rock genre of 'INTIMIDATED', the soft rock genre of 'MARIA' etc... different diversity of the music styles among the 5 tracks in the album.

It is reported that, this is the 1st time Heo Young Saeng is challenging medium R&B genre for the title track 'CRYING', he even took part in composing the lyrics.

On the other hand, Heo Young Saeng will be having his 1st comeback stage on KBS Music Back on 1 Jun.

[Article] Young Saeng Tells More About Writing 'Crying'

Here is an article about Young Saeng from Sports Korea.  In this article Young Saeng talked about the story who he wrote 'Crying'.  Check out the article in which Young Saeng has a lot to say.

Much thanks to Venice_YS of StylighHYS for doing the translation and sharing once again to us.


[News Heo Young Saeng ” Try Diverse Experience , Write Sad Parting Lyrics “

Source : Sports Korea
Chinese Trans : 王小卯0317 @ HYS Bar
Eng Trans : Venice_YS @ StylishHYS
Pls repost with full credits

After a year , Heo Young Saeng who make his comeback with [SOLO]will coordinate his fans name and make his comeback stage on 1 June . Through the title song ‘ Crying ‘ throw the old idol singing voice , find his own ‘ Music Characteristic ‘ .

” When the 1st solo album activities ended on last year , I did’t thought will take for so long apart to comeback again , for the fans , the last interview is on last fall , now is going to autumm . “

Heo Young Saeng , the group member of SS501 unknowingly second emerged alone , after a year comeback with his [SOLO] Mini Album . The comeback stage on 1 June “ Coincides with the date of the return of SS601 (SS501 fans name) he smiled and said it . Talk about the melodious of [SOLO] and frankly idea for the recent songs sector , the reporters listened to Heo Young Saeng talking .

” ’ You did a hard work .’ Wanna listen all this words on recently . There is a very unjust situation when ‘ Let It Go ‘ activities . Music program’s PD even the company president ’ Why your dance just like that ? ‘ Listened all this words for many time . Actually , the choreography is not complicated , plus that I’m the type that don’t like sweating . (Laugh) Eventhough i make the full effort to dance , but seems like not exertion , therefore , it make me very sad . “ 

Heo Young Saeng showed a heart wounded look when the interview start . Like endless complaints . He explained the past of ” Unfortunately ” and ”Will fill it up ” in the future . In fact , he is being hardworking for the [SOLO]activities .

” At first , the dance step is relatively large . (Laugh) The serious efforts of the impression maybe able to be recognized . I wrote the lyrics for the title song ‘ Crying ‘ , want to give a certain sense inside . Performed the hearts of men very unwilling parting , probably the majority of men will not agree with , but the heart is still looking forward something . “

‘ Although I can do nothing , but you still can’t comeback ? ‘ ”Although the lyrics is not the handsome perform , ordinary feeling was more suitable for my thoughts . ” Would also like to return the past when walking on the street . When listened those lyrics , the memory of the usual live together will back to mind . “

” Imagine the maximize grief while writting the lyrics and drink shochu at home . This also one of the diverse experience to let me try . (Laugh) If you poured a glass of shochu when writting the first section , then , when writting the last section , you will able to feel the kind of taste . Integration my such an extent heart , been confidence for this song .” 

Heo Young Saeng love ‘ Crying ‘ so much , not only write the lyrics by himself , Heo Young Saeng’s will referring to song ‘ Crying ‘ to open the[SOLO] album . Choose ‘ Crying ‘ as the title song , behind also contain many stories .

” Originally want to choose the first song as the title song , considered to changing the image . Devoted a lot off effort for the sound , the overall style and the dance also very close . Has been listen , feel like return to the previous Idol group member Heo Young Saeng image . Seems like it not the Heo Young Seang’s voice that the fans looking forward . So , change ‘ Crying ‘ as the title song , seize the concept of capable men , further added the inner low feeling . ”

Regardless the [SOLO] album sales or ‘ Crying ‘ ranking at the music programme or others result are not out , but Heo Young Saeng’s judgment seems justified . Many new idol groups debut in a month , every week also got idol group comeback , if Heo Young Saeng don’t have his own characteristics , maybe he’ll be buried .

” ‘ I’m confident ‘ speaking like this to increase self confidence , but recently it has some different . The age of idol singer is getting younger , strength also growing , when we debut , can understand the mood of GOD & SHINHWA sunbae . ‘ Need to work more hard ‘ only can listen this idea . I no need to as handsome as the younger friend right ? (Laugh) I just need to play my strengths . I’m the singer debut for seven years , fans have traveled together a long time has strong feelings . “