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Mischievous Kiss Episode 10 DL Link [+ rating by the minute]

Huge thanks once again to semi_fly for sharing this over at Mischievous Kiss thread @ Soompi.

Torrent Link E10 (MHaN & Baros):

Credit : semi-fly@soompi

Want to know how Mischievous Kiss by the minute in tonight's episode? Here's the comparison vs the other dramas.

Highest for tonight highest is 13.37 and lowest is at 2 something.First 17 mins in double digits and it slowly went down.

HQ Screencaps from EP10 of Mischievous Kiss

I was only able to watch 75% of tonight's broadcast as my coonection was erratic at the starts of Mischievous Kiss then on the part where Seung Jo was taking a bath my netbook died and I thought that I won't be able to recover it. Good thing that when I restart it went to life again. ^^

I'm still waiting for more HQ caps... will post this first to make those who weren't able to watch smile and anticipate. ^^

Lifted from DC/JangKiss

following are posted by 프린 on DC/JangKiss

she's looking for him...

he is looking for him...

they in the school park...

she got giddy upon knowing that HaeRa and BSJ
are not roommates.

Seung Jo's reactiong when she saw HaNi
in the restaurant where he works

HaNi drenched from the rain

Seung Jo calling his mom to tell him that HaNi is with him.

HaNi drying her hair with the towel that
Seung Jo throw at her before giving a call to his mom.

Saw this but didn't know how this happened as my netbook termporarily went dead. ^^

following scanned pix is from the post of SJ in DC/JangKiss

More 'bed scene' pix ^_^ . Following are from 프린 posted in DC/JangKiss

My eyes went O_0 when I saw this. Tell me was there a scene like this? [Alright, got it. Thanks everyone!]

[Fan Account] Someone Saw Kim Hyun Joong @ Soon Soo

Chara is a regular visitor of my blog and she tweeted me earlier to tell me of this good news. She got so lucky on her last day before going to work in Seoul to see and have her CD signed by no less than Kim Hyun Joong.

I'm shoving here her fan account. Yeah, next time I hope that Chara would see Young Saeng as he is her number 1. ^^


Ok, girls, today was one of the most special days in my life.

As you know (perhaps?) I’m in Seoul at the moment. I planned going here a year ago. Actually I did apply for a practical training, where I will work as kind of tutor for Koreans to learn German. This is starting tomorrow. So, who reads me on twitter, will maybe have in mind that I tweeted in the morning: “Today is the last day to play around”. (I came to Korea two weeks earlier, to get used to the country, city and people. Great idea!) So being a German SS501 fan, coming to Seoul I didn’t go unprepared. I knew of some places the boys visit from time to time, for example the Beauty Saloon “Soon Soo”.

I made my way there today, actually in the morning feeling like: “Should I really do this? It’s not, as if there are big chances to see someone…” But since I already had the address and nothing better to do anyway, I went. I searched for 2 ½ hours to find that place…Guess what…:

I SAW HYUN JOONG THERE!!! And I got my Destination CD signed by him!!!

So now I write a Fanaccount to share. 

After nearly 2 ½ hours of searching for the Saloon, I finally felt like giving up. It was SOOOO hidden… I asked already the third time. Before asking a last time I thought: You can’t give up now, you must already be really, really close. So I asked again where to find it. And I was nearly right in front of it then, 200 m left to go.
So I went there. After thinking some minutes and getting the courage I needed, I went to the counter, asking in rudimentary Korean.
“Is this ‘Soon Soo’ Beauty Saloon?”
“Ah… ok… uhm… Did SS501 members come here?” (her eyes were a little popping up, and I felt slightly embarrassed and uncomfortable then---)
“No, not today….”
“Ah… I see… Will they come again?”
“When… will they come?”
(Then she said sth I couldn’t understand, so understanding that I couldn’t ask any further, I asked: ) “Can I take some pictures of this place?”
“Well.. just here”, showing the waiting room and outside.
“Yes, of course”
“Thank you very much”

I went out after this, taking pictures. A friend that came with me, told me outside: “DID YOU SEE? Cordi Noona was sitting in the waiting room!”
I didn’t see her, when I was busy talking to the counter lady, hiding my embarrassment. So I took a look at the photo I took and yes, it was her. So something weird happening on the counter made sense now: When I was talking to the lady, a man next to me asked for Kim Hyun Joong. Only hearing the name my head turned automatically, but then I had to talk again. So now, Cordi Noona was there too and we knew he must be in there, despite the Counter Lady saying nobody of them came here today… So we got our CDs ready, with Edding-pen to write on it. We waited ca.5-10 minutes, in the meantime showing ourselves like busy with the Seoul map, trying to decide what to do next. Changing places, when the counter lady could still see us.

So then he came out, accompanied by Cordi Noona and we knew, now, fast… So we stood up, went there and in the first moment I looked at his eyes, I could see he didn’t expect us to be fans or sth. Just two foreigners who had lost their way, not knowing him. =)
I placed myself in front of him saying in Korean (And that was so fluent, I myself was surprised, like a record…)

“Annyeong haseyo. We are Germans. We are your fans. Could you please sign for us?” While saying this, I noticed two things: First, his eyes pooped up a lot, when I said we were German. He was like: ‘REALLY?’ Second, he is damn thin now, looking really tired, worn out… I hope he can get some rest soon. Really, he needs it.
Anyway, while he was standing there in comfortable outfit (gray trousers and shirt, with green adidas sports jacket on) and with no make up at all, but newly colored hair, nicely done, agreed to our request without second thought and took the CDs and pen from my hand. When he had them, my knees and hand started to shiver…He gave signed CDs back to us, and the pen, and then my hands were already so shivering I couldn’t close the pen at first attempt… I asked for a photo too, but Coordi Noona and the Beauty Salon ladies denied. So we couldn’t take a photo, thanked again and went off, when they pushed him back in the Saloon again, probably fearing more fans would come. Don’t know. Shortly after that a Keyeast Car arrived, taking him. Strangly, Coordi Nona didn’t get in. We saw her walking to a taxi. Tried to ask her for a picture, but she denied again. So we just said bye and then went into another direction…

Really, we couldn’t believe our luck. It was PURE COINCIDENCE. It wasn’t planned at all. Just this day, when we decided to go to the saloon, taking like eternities to get there, arriving at the right time on the right day, where HE is there… HOW? This can’t be planned. That was God given. Thank you Lord!

When I talked to him, I didn’t screw up, what amazed me really deeply myself. But must have been, that I didn’t have any time at all to think. In my head I just felt the “now or never” feeling.

I still don’t fully realize… All took only about a minute, seeing him, speaking to him, sign, leaving. One minute of a 24 hours day. Please imagine… also fast… It’s my third day in Seoul now… There are other things I want to tell, but these aren’t accomplished yet, so can’t. Next time maybe.

I’m still fuzzy and smiling like an idiot… I’m happy.

Even though… Leader needs rest! I worry about him a lot now… Let’s pray he will get rest soon, ok? And thanks, Lord, for the day.

[Vid & Trans] 100930 UBN News-SS501 Park Jung-Min in Taiwan

Loads of thanks once again to WonderrrgirlLiz501 for sending the transcript/translation of the news from UBN News.

In my previous post I posted a question asking how Jung Min's Mandarin is. According to WonderrrgirlLiz501 his Mandarin has imporved quite a lot that he can understand and form simple Chinese sentences though his Korean accent is still very heavy.

I really can't wait for Jung Min to star in a Taiwanese drama especially if it'll be produced by no less than one of the most respected producers in Taiwan, Angie Chai.

[Vid and Transcript] 100930 UBN News-SS501 Park Jung-Min in Taiwan
Uploaded by yinglisa5387 in YT
Transcript courtesy of WonderrrgirlLiz501 /

Translation for 100930 UBN NEWS- SS501 PJM in TW by WonderrrgirlLiz501

News reporter: Park Jung Min is here in Taiwan to sign the contract and officially entering the Taiwanese market. SS501's maknae Kim Hyung Jun is not behind in popularity as well, he (makne) has already had his solo showcase in Singapore, and he will be coming to Taiwan in October to perform as well.

Jungmin: I miss the friends in Taiwan (Chinese way of saying "fans" as well). Hello~!

News reporter: The highly popular member of SS501 Park Jung Min signed a contract with the Taiwan company over here and officially announced his solo career.

News reporter: Xiao Pang(Literally "little fatty") Sunbae specifically appeared at the press conference with a huge hamburger.

Jungmin: Wow~ I love hamburger the most!

Xiao Pang: I also love it the most!

Jungmin: YAY~~~~~

News reporter: While sharing the hamburger with his Sunbae, the interaction between them is very adorable.

News reporter: Park Jung Min who speaks pretty good Mandarin, reveals that actually he has people who have been giving him tips.

Jungmin: My.. Friend... Chai Jie(Chai Zhi Bing)... teached me.."Bad Breath"

*note: Chai Jie is the CEO of Comic-Ritz, a very well-known and respected producer in Taiwan.

She is the producer of the Taiwanese version of 'Boys Over Flowers' which is one of the all-time most popular taiwanese dramas. She is known as the "Mysterious Magician" when it comes to producing idol dramas, because most of her works almost always receive very good ratings and reviews.

News Reporter: Park Jung Min receives high attention and love from the Taiwanese fans upon his arrival here. The youngest Kim Hyung Jun who went to Singapore for a solo showcase, wearing a sleeveless suit, revealing his muscles. Every dance move had sent the fans into frenzy.

News Reporter: With the immense popularity of SS501, Kim Hyung Jun will be coming over to Taiwan in October for a fanmeet with his fans as well.

News Reporter: While SS501 members are on solo activities now, but when coming together, they are still as mesmerizing as ever. The carefully designed clothing and performance deeply touched the fans' hearts. With the solo activities now, will they indeed be more successful and famous? This will depend on the reaction from the fans over here in Taiwan.

09.30.10 S/Tweet Treats ヽ(・∀・ )ノ

UPDATE : [9:29PM] Young Saeng hang out in Twitter and replied to his managers. ^^ Check out latest translation of xiaochu of Quainte501 on the tweets of Young Saeng. Thanks again!

[5:36PM] Young Saeng short tweet to Kyu Jong translated. Thanks to xiaochu @ Quainte501.


Tweet treats came late today and it's only from Kyu Jong. Hee, thanks for the tweet of Steven Lee otherwise we may not have heard from him. ^^

Thanks to xiaochu for the fast translation on Quainte501.

[Trans] 09.30.10 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Please re-post with full credits.

2010-09-30 @ 3.53pm
Steven_Lee_ @mystyle1103 It is a must to have a good audio card for production!! Computers these days are always giving troubles. KyuJong's computer is also like that....

2010-09-30 @ 4.28pm
2kjdream @Steven_Lee_ Yeah. Hyung, these guys all needs to be scolded, they don't listen. hee Should fix them up TT eeng hee

2010-09-30 @ 5.23pm
mystyle1103 @2kjdream Mine too~~ keke

2010-09-30 @ 5.42pm
woosangil @mystyle1103 @2kjdream None of my share? By the way, what is it? kekeke

2010-09-30 @ 6.59pm
mystyle1103 @hyeongjin2 @woosangil I also want to go Japan~~~~ke
*cos Hyeongjin said to woosangil that he is going Japan on 9th, and there're various other convos which I won't be translating

2010-09-30 @ 7.15pm
hyeongjin2 @mystyle1103 Let's go Japan together!!!! I want to eat Woodong at Ropponggi TT TT
*Isn't Ropponggi a very expensive place?! tongue.gif

2010-09-30 @ 7.18pm
mystyle1103 @hyeongjin2 Instead of going on holiday, going drinking is not bad too.. keke
*in reply to =hyeongjin2= (2010-09-30 @ 7.17pm) :
I want to go Disney Sea... I want to go traveling.... ah~~~ seems like it's really Autumn...kekeke

2010-09-30 @ 7.25pm
mystyle1103 @hyeongjin2 That's because that kid is going through puberty ke
*In reply to hyeongjin2 (2010-09-30 @ 7.18pm) :
mystyle1103 @Actor_ParkJiBin You're not even replying to hyung.. Ddaek!!

2010-09-30 @ 7.33pm
zakkykim @hyeongjin2 Take me along too !!@mystyle1103
*still replying about going to Japan... everyone wanna tag along..

2010-09-30 @ 7.42pm
hyeongjin2 @mystyle1103 I.. the last time I went through puberty was millions of years ago... Why doesn't (he) grow up? TT TT

2010-09-30 @ 8.21pm
woosangil @mystyle1103 @hyeongjin2 Ropponggi Now~~

[Pix] Hyung Jun, Choco and Omma Kim... Adorable!

These photos are so cute! Hyung Jun, Choco and Mommy Kim... soooooo cute!

Super thanks to Prettyboy for sharing this photos on their webby. These photos were actually taken yesterday while Hyung Jun was recording for E! News Korea.

From what I read on Prettyboy, this will be broadcast tomorrow, October 1. Hee, anticipating the video for this one. ^^

Btw, click to enlarge. They're better seen big.

Collection of Vids on Today's Activity of Jung Min

Today Jung Min had a contract signing with Sony Music Taiwan. There are quite a number of news, photos and videos that are out. In this post I will be posting some the vids for everyone who who has been waiting. To all the uploaders, heaps of thank you!

May I know how's Jung Min Chinese? ^^

Btw, thanks to iamsom for the tips in Twitter.


Note : Will add more later as I took out UBN news and transferred to another post with translation.

Sony Music --100930 CTV News-SS501 Park Jung-Min in Taiwan
Uploaded by yinglisa5387 in YT

100930 GTV News-SS501 Park Jung-Min in Taiwan
Uploaded in YT by yinglisa5387

[Trans] Jung Min Charming the Media and Guests

Huge huge thanks to reena29shadow for sharing this translation HERE. I have been waiting for news, videos and pix since this afternoon and they're flooding now.

I know that I've many Chinese visitors, if there's anyone who wishes to share translation especially to us non speaking Chinese fans please please do so. You may email and i'll post.



[News]SS501 Park Jung Min challenging new aspect, acting. Speaking Chinese and fooling around
Translated by: reena29shadow /

Please take this with full credit.

Korea super star, SS501 member, Park Jung Min very good at creating jokes! Park Jung Min who came specially to Taiwan to sign the contract with Sony Music, showing his funny side at the press conference. Not only showing everyone his Chinese language skills, he also blurted [You are very cheap!] causing everyone to burst into laughter, not even sparing off special guest Lin Yu Chun and Tsai Zhi Ping. He also revealed, now that he is working alone, he felt a little lonely, but he still keeps in contact with other members via twitter and sms.

He signed his contract for Asia area to Taiwan Sony Music, Park Jung Min happily fooling around on the stage, even joke about bringing back the contract board back to Korea. Senior Lin Yu Chun who have recently released his solo album also went to show his support and even gave him special made hamburger as present. Mischievous Park Jung Min keeps sticking closely to him and said shyly: [With him, I’m willing to go anywhere.], causing Lim YuChun to blush.

Park Jung Min who keep trying to speak Chinese during the press conference, even joking told the emcee, DJ Ken, [You are very cheap], causing everyone to burst into laughter, actually he have only been learning Chinese for around a month, and mention that he will read books to practice himself whenever he have time, but now, he can already understand many word. Now that he is working hard for his own individual career, Park Jung Min have been taking acting class. As for his limit of nudity, it will be bare back, and smilingly mention that his back looks very beautiful.

Other than preparing for his acting, he also plans to release solo album within this year. When ask whether he would open his business in Taiwan since his business in Korea I doing very well, Park Jung Min said: [I welcome you to invest], although this trip is short, but he also make use of this chance to go for massage, also hoping that he will be able to shop around in Taipei. Park Jung Min plans to leave Taiwan on Friday.

Another News of Jung Min in Taiwan

There are so many news and video of Jung Min's activities in Taiwan today. I hope we can get translation. I'll try to post as much as I can.

For this article thanks to Ode for translating on her blog.


[Trans] Jung Min Arrives in Taiwan
Source : Apply Daily
English translation by Ode /

SS501 members focus on solo activities for now as member Park Jungmin came to Taiwan individually with his singer status, attracting approximately 200 fans to the airport. The moment he stepped into the arrival hall, fans raised about 8 tones of non-stop screaming, frightening quite some bit of tourists. He's happy to see so many fans as he happily waves his hands here and there, and even shook hands with fans amidst the commotion, and with this aroused another round of yelling.

After arriving at Taiwan he rushed straight to Shinkong Mitsukoshi to pick the outfits he has to wear for today's press conference, and with this he's contributed a tiny portion to Taiwan's GDP economic; while at night he took dinner with Taiwan's famous producer Angie Chai.

His accommodation this time round is Westin Taipei Hotel. Number of people who tagged along in this trip included his make-up artist, stylist, manager as well as 16 korean media presses/journalists, which was quite a sight.

from: apple daily taipei

[Article] Jung Min receives immense popularity in Taiwan

It's a short article but still it's news about Jung Min's arrival in Taiwan and how we was welcomed by fans. Thanks so much to WonderrrLiz501 for the translation. ^^

Park Jung Min receives immense popularity upon solo arrival to Taiwan
Source : Liberty Times
Chinese to English translation by WonderrrLiz501 [or Wonderrrgirl] /

South Korea idol group SS501 member Park Jung Min arrived solo in Taiwan yesterday, encountering immense popularity, attracting about 500 fans receiving him at the airport.

-Information about DBSK JYJ in Taiwan omitted-

Park Jung Min arriving solo in Taiwan

Park Jung Min reached Taiwan grounds yesterday afternoon, together with 6 crew members and 16 South Korean media reporters. Upon seeing so many fans waiting for him in the airport, he took the time to stop to greet them, along the way continuing to smile. He will be having a press conference today to announce his future plans in the Chinese-speaking region.

- Other news about DBSK JYJ’s news omitted-

Mischievous Kiss Episode 10 Preview

Thanks Marvie for posting here the preview of tonights episode.

As Seung Jo asked permission to his parents that he will be moving out of their house, HaNi overheard this. But before this, Seung Jo was again giving her the cold treatment all of the sudden after talking to his dad.

In tonight's episode we will see the devastated HaNi and the seem not so affected Baek Seung Jo. And I wonder what does Hae Ra has to with BSJ leaving the Baek residence? They're even roommates! Hmm, and the biggest question who would be the third party that would make Seung Jo jealous? We will surely have to find out in the coming episodes.

[Vid] Park Jung Min @ Taoyuan Int'l Airport 09.29.10

I have posted HERE photos taken by the shutterbug of No. 43 Park of Jung Min at Incheon Airport. Now, I'm going to share with you the vid that were taken at the airport in Taiwan. There were actually several videos that came out already but some of them are short and too shaky that is why I'm didn't share them here in my blog unlike this vid that No. 43 Park took. Though the capture is a bit far, what I like about this video is that you can see how Jung Min stretched his arm to shake hands, give hi or low five to fans. There were even instances that he will get their presents for him. Really nice fella, yah?

Thanks to bpki0910 for uploading this video in YouTube.

Jung Min was welcomed warmly by the Taiwanese fans. There were many fans who waited for him. I'm certain that Jung Min was very very grateful to all the fans took time to see him at the airport.

25 Pix of Jung Min taken by 501_dg

Park Jung Min definitely won the hearts of his fans once again by being the ever so Sexy Charisma that he is known for.

His fans who went at Incheon to see him off were treated nicely and some even got the chance have his autograph. He even posed for them for the shutterbugs to capture him wonderfully. Amazing, yah?

Here are nicely taken photos by the shutterbug of 501_dg. Thanks to iamsom for the tip on Twitter.