Sunday, July 30, 2006

read about this?

hee, another one of those "don't quote me on this" ^^

i got this from kwon sang woo's thread @ soompi. actually been reading this too lately but i just shrugged my shoulders since it's only a rumour but then it surfaced again and it's in ksw thread. KSW [Kwon Sang Woo starred in Stairways to Heaven with Choi Ji Woo] just got back to Korea from a vacation to the US. I read that he has having problem with his management company [Yuri Intl] that is why there are no projects after his movie with Kim Ha Neul and that his mother is sick. He's been leaving messages at his official message board though.

posted by noid in ksw thread @ soompi ~

Is he [Kwon Sang Woo] joining BOF? There has been a rumor circling around this since April, and this rumor was finally printed in the japanese magazine AERA. It seems to be a rumor more about Song Seung Hun joining BOF after his military service. Reporters just assumed that BOF's next target would be SW and BI as they think its BOF's aim to amasse the top Hanryu stars in their lineup.

I've said i read about KSW but Bi? First time i read this. I know that Bi is doing well with JPYE and that his contract will expire in April next year.

Mr. Fumi once posted that BOF is something to watch for in 2006 and that there are companies afraid of BOF. If this move of acquiring big stars is true, what do you people will react to this especially the korean media?

Btw, I could have posted this in byj thread @ soompi but decided to post here since i may get different reactions from fans. ^^

Saturday, July 29, 2006

true or just another rumour

ok don't quote me on this. i just got this from choi ji woo tread @ soompi and i myself was surprised when i read this since no one is mentioning this. though this news came up twice or three times already.


Posted by Beary Bear in cjw thread @ soompi
Taken from

Sources - Liberty Times (28 July) / Sing Pao (29 July)

Well, kiddos. Please note that Ji-Woo's management company, Yedang Entertainment Co, has yet to make any official announcements regarding the actress' next project except that it will be a Korean production.It seems the Japanese media have gone on to speculate that Ms Choi Ji-Woo's next project will see her teaming alongside Bae Yong-Jun in the historic drama "The Four Gods".

Back in February, when probed during her promotional tour for Christian Dior if there was any possibility that she will ever collaborate with Bae Yong-Jun again, the actress quipped "Let us preserve the wonderful memories of Winter Sonata"Now, according to the latest issue of a Japanese publication "It's KOREAL", it seems that there is a possibility Choi Ji-Woo might make her return to the television screen with a role in "The Four Gods", acting as lead actor, Bae Yong-Jun's wife, Soo Ji-Ni (sp?). Besides an introduction of the drama's synopsis and the Jeju Island film site, Choi Ji-Woo's name appeared in the list as a possible addition to the cast."It's KOREAL" is regarded as a credible publication. So many are not dismissing their report.

Filming for "The Four Gods" had commenced some months back but till now, no annoucement has been made regarding the actress who will take on the lead role of the King's wife. There were rumors that Kim Tae-Hee or Ha Ji-Won were being considered, but no fruition in the end.As for Choi Ji-Woo, she is currently on hiatus from filming after her movie "Yeonriji - Now and Forever". The role of the Soo Ji-Ni has to be taken by an actress of strong caliber. An announcement regarding the casting of this lead role will be made by Kim Jong-Hak's Production Company real soon and they assured it will be a surprise.

- credit: -

裴帥當太王 智友夫唱婦隨
裴勇俊、崔智友2大天王天后被賦予搶救韓流任務,日文韓流雜誌「It's KOREAL」9月號刊登劇情人物分析表指證歷歷爆料崔智友也將主演「太王四神記」,極有可能擔任「太王的女人」秀智尼。

韓流雜誌 演員表露餡

可是時隔半年, 最新的韓流日文雜誌「It's KOREAL」剛出爐,封面是1996年主演韓劇「初戀」時的裴勇俊照片,內頁則是詳盡介紹了「太王四神記」主角人物分析,以及濟州島拍攝場景介紹,其中有一格演員表名字竟然登載了崔智友,讓粉絲看了都嚇了一大跳。

天后智友 出線機率高




崔智友俊哥有望再續前緣 - 新劇女主角人選未有着落


雖然能與俊哥合作及拍攝大製作《太》劇是不可多得的機會,但俊哥飾演的太王的妻子秀智尼人選卻一直未定,雖然曾傳過金泰希及河知雲等都曾獲邀演出該角色,但最後證實只是流料。日本韓流雜誌《It's KOREAL》9月號介紹《太》劇時,竟然在人物分析表中表示崔智友亦會參演,而且極有可能演秀智尼一角,令Fans都大感意外。

韓國方面在2月時亦曾傳過崔智友會成為《太》劇的女主角,但她到台灣為化妝品牌宣傳時,卻否認會再與俊哥合作,說﹕「希望大家對我們的回憶就留在《冬季戀歌》吧﹗」不過事隔半年後《It's KOREAL》在演員介紹中加有她的名字,而日本雜誌出名製作嚴謹,故相信他們可能已收到風崔智友將會參演,否則不會如此刊登演員表。




up until now the actress taking the role of Suzeeny has been kept sectret from us. yong joon will start shooting sometime next month. i've been wondering and i've been very eager to know who Suzeeny will be. i know that it was written that some new actress already got the role. hmm, why keep it secret if she's a new actress?

anyway, whoever Suzeeny is, i hope that she jives well with yong joon. she is one super dooper over mega to the max lucky to be paired off with our yong joon.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

chest "nuts"

ha! i've gone nuts with chest ^^

hmm, what's with these bof guys? look, yong joon and ji sub both went to japan on different occasions wearing low neckline shirt. aren't they a tease?

both look so damn ...

they're making me go

Their style is what I call a SWEATING style. A fascinating PEEK in their designer shirt.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006!

This photo was when Yong Joon arrived in Japan for the Gosireh Gosa and 2 cfs shooting.

He looks great in jeans, agree? notice that shinny long black hair? i bet you did!! what about that cute behind? sure you did too!!! and the chest? let me guess you want to touch it and feel if it's true, right? c'mon...'fess up! you don't have to feel embarass, i'm pretty sure most of us want to do that.

Hee, I guess you all already know that Yong Joon went back to Korea this afternoon. Well, these photos were taken when he returned back to Korean from Japan. Look at him...simple yet so sexy! Damn sexy! whew!!

one visitor in soompi posted that he looks like se7en here ^^

effortless sexiness

thanks to rosiebaba for the 1st photo

Monday, July 24, 2006

classy yong joon

don't you think that his stance is like a nobleman? elegant, classy, and dignified. only yong joon can do this even with long hair.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

looking really good!!!!

after days of waiting for a clear photo from japan, finally...finally it arrived!

yong joon look soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great! i missed him so much!

he doesn't look fat at all. he looks so trim and gorgeous!!! absolutely the greatest, mostest, hansomest,looking "king" ever! ^ ^

At the Press Conference of "Gosireh" on the 23rd of July.
Yong Joon's Korean restaurant in Japan.

oh be still my beating heart...

Friday, July 21, 2006

holey shirt!

at last a glimpse of the yong joon after a loooooooooong time ^^ photo was taken at Narita Airport when he arrived 07.20.06 ~^_^~

frankly this is not ENOUGH...i want more, more, more of yong joon... *liezle going crazy*

i'm craving for more, more, more...*toink...huh?!*

saranghe yong joon *liezle blushing*

thanks to mikann3 for scanning the above and posting in quilt

Sunday, July 16, 2006

BOF & KeyEast Websites

nothing much to do in this lazy sunday afternoon. i went surfing BOF and KeyEast and found these :D

this is the english language opening page of BOF showing its talents~

this the korean language opening page of BOF. the middle photo is the movie of lee na young and kang dong won entitled "Happy Time/Maundy Thursday". i guess you know already that KeyEast invested in that movie and 4 other movies including that of bi [cyborg something]. likewise, KeyEast invested in the just finished series of lee dong gun & kim hee sun "Smile Again".

hee, don't know when KeyEast updated their website, because i was surprised to see that they already have english language.

well as you know KeyEast acquiredBOF [byj used to own 82.44% of BOF and 37.5% of KeyEast. with the acquition he now owns 42.2% of KeyEast ] just this week. if you wish to read the news click here.

hey do not forget to check out the vision, business area, and organization pages of KeyEast.

i noticed that KeyEast's CEO is Bae Sung Woong. Is he the same Bae Seongwoong, Board of Director, born in 1976 of BOF?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

MBC Series

About 2 weeks ago an article came out saying that "Great King Four Gods Story" will be aired by MBC.

MBC has actually featured many great dramas and some of which i've already seen. Here are some of them ~

1% of Anything
All About Eve
Attic Cat
Autumn Showers
Bare-footed Youth
Be Strong Geum-soon
Best Drama Theater
Bool Sae - Firebird
Dae Jang Geum / Jewel in the Palace
Doctor Gang
Four Sisters / Story of Four Sisters
Geomsaekdaewang (Sunday Sunday Night segment)
Happy Shares Company
Heaven, Earth & Star
Heaven's Fate / King Flower Fairy
Hello! Franceska
How Much Love?
I Really Really Like You
King Saturday
King Saturday segment: Thank You For Waking Me Up (SS501)
Let's Marry
Looking For Dorothy
Love Hymn
Love Letter
Miss Mermaid / Mermaid Lady
Mr. Cook King
Mr. Duke
My Love Patzzi
My Name Is Kim Sam Soon
My Name is Princess / Love or Nothing
Nonstop 4
Nonstop 5
Nonstop 6 / Rainbow Romance
One Fine Day
Over The Rainbow
Our Stance On How To Treat A Break-up
Palace / Goong
Prince's First Love
Ruler of Your Own World/Do As You Wish
Sad Love Story
Say You Love Me / Tell Me You Love Me
Scent Of A Man
Secret Lovers
Show! Music Core
Sky Ground, Star Ground
Special of My Life
Star in my heart
Sunday Sunday Night segment: Angels' Chorus/Angel's Singing/Chorus of Angels
Sunday Sunday Night segment: Jin Ho Yah I Love You
Super Rookie
Sweet Guy
The Book of Three Han: The Chapter of Joo Mong
The Lawyers
The love will not be stopped by anyone
The Sweet Spy
The Trio
The Truth / Jin-sil
Three Men Three Women
Tropical Night in December
Which Star Are You From
Wonderful Life
Yeong-jae's Golden Age
Yoo Jae Suk & Kim Won Hee's "Noh Luh Wah" / Come To Play

From the list above, Damo, Jewel in the Palace, Shindon and The Book of Three Han: The Chapter of Joo Mong are period dramas.

It was mentioned in the article that came last week that GKFG will follow after JooMong air its last episode. But i doubt that this is possible with the many postponments in the shooting of GKFG.

Amongst the 4 period dramas listed above, Jewel in the Palace [which took years in making] is the most successful and have won many awards. It ranked so high and widely watch in Asia. This was Lee Young Ae's comeback drama after hibernating for years. With this drama, she even won Best Actress awards. On the other hand, ShinDon got the lowest rating. Joomong is currently showing in Korea and from the news that i've been reading it's getting popular every week. As of last week, Joomong's rating was 37.2% which is its highest since it started airing May 15. Damo is a fairly good drama and i personally liked it.

I've done a little research and here are some infos about these period dramas.

Damo [2003]
14 episodes
Hightest viewing rate - 26.7 %

Chae-ok - Ha Ji Won
Hwangbo Yoon - Lee Suh Jin
Ma Chook-ji - Lee Moon Sik

Damo, Chae-ok, is a Chosun dynasy female detective who shares a forbidden love with her mentor/superior (Hwangbo). While working undercover on a counterfeit ring case, she finds herself drawn to Sung-baek, the mysterious leader of the guerilla army she has infiltrated.

Jewel in the Palace (2003)
54 episodes
Highest viewing rate - 57.1 %

Jang Geum - Lee Young Ae
Lt. General Min Jung-ho - Ji Jin Hee
Choi Keum-young - Hong Ri Na
King Joong-jong - Im Ho
Kang Duk-gu - Im Hyun Sik
Lady Han (Jang-geum's cooking mentor - Yang Mi Kyung
Lady Choi - Kyun

This is a true story of the first female royal physician in the Korean royal house. She starts as an escort in the royal kitchen but thanks to her parent's teachings, she goes on to become the King's personal doctor. She is a real person in Korea's recorded history.

Shin Don(2005)
60 episodes
Viewing rate - last episode TV Rating 11.8%

Shin Don – Son Chang-min
King Gongmin – Jeong Bo-seok
Princess Noguk – Seo Ji-hye
Queen Ki – Kim Hye-ri

King Gongmin of Goryeo was taken by the Yuan Dynasty as a political hostage and was forced to stay there for 10 years before coming to the throne. After he became the King of Goryeo, he decided to make his country more independent. Shin Don was a Buddhist priest who enjoyed King Gongmin’s confidence. He was born as the son of a princess and a slave. Shin Don became so powerful that later he gained absolute control over the country. Though he was a Buddhist priest, he relied on political power more than compassion or loving kindness in order to survive the troubled times. He was an innovative philosopher who both despised and worshipped all the established ideas. While some people considered him a man blinded by greed for power, others believed that he was a true social reformer who struggled to revive Goryeo during a period of turmoil. This drama will introduce viewers to Shin Don’s ambitious life full of ups and downs, as well as the love and betrayal of King Gongmin and Princess Noguk.

Shin Don is one of the most disputed historical figures. He could be a mere vicious Buddhist priest or he could be a hero. Since there are many different stories about him and the truth remains unknown, his life seems almost mythical. The drama portrays him as a schemer obsessed with power, willing to resort to trickery. On the other hand, it also shows him as a revolutionist who tries to create a democratic power structure. Religion was his ideal; however, it was also his tool of seizing political power and winning popular support.

The Book of Three Han: The Chapter of Joo Mong (2006)

60 episodes
TV Rating (as of 7/3/06 – 7/9/06)- 37.0%

Jumong: Song Il Kook
So Seo-no: Han Hye Jin
Dae-so: Kim Seung Soo
Geum-wa: Jun Kwang Ryul

This drama is set in the Koguryo Kingdom which lasted from 37 B.C. to 668 A.D.Han Hye Jin and Song Il Kook will lead the large-scale 60-episode historical drama "The Book of Three Han: The Chapter of Joo Mong (삼한지-주몽 편, 三韓志-朱蒙篇)" aired by MBC in May of 2006. SIK plays King Joo Mong, the founder of the Goguryeo Dynasty in 37 BC. HHJ plays the role Soh Suh No (소서노) who is extremely intelligent and is Joo Mong (played by Song Il Kook)'s second wife. The PD of the drama is Lee Joo Hwan (이주환) whose previous work was the drama "Miss Mermaid (인어 아가씨)". Jung Hyung-Soo of 다모 (Damo) and his mentor Choi Wan-Gyu -- of 허준 (Hur Joon), 상도 (Sang Do) and 올인 (All In) -- will write. The production cost is around 30 billion Won. 70% of the filming will be in Korea while 30% will be in China.

Frankly, i'm not into korean history, but from what i read, the last 2 dramas have a relation with GKFG.

If you don't know yet some of the korean period dramas are quite long. [which makes me wonder why GKFG has only 24 episodes, i want to see 60 episode of yong joon]. They are also very colorful, costumes are fantastic, breathtaking sceneries, awesome and heavy headdress and with great and very interesting plots.

Here take a look at this beautiful costumes ~

Btw, did you know that the main lead in Joo Mong, Song Il Kook was offered to play a role in GKFG? It was even rumoured that he accepted it but it turned out to wrong.

For this year, aside from Joo Mong, MBC aired top rating dramas such as [ranking as of july 15 from]

[read as : rank, rate, korean title, english title, station, genre]
02. 29.41% 주몽 (Jumong) - MBC
08. 22.20% 궁 (Princess Hours) - MBC [C]
20. 15.23% 넌 어느 별에서 왔니 (Which Star Are You From) - MBC [C]
25. 13.27% 진짜 진짜 좋아해 (Love Truly) - MBC
26. 13.22% 어느 멋진 날 (One Fine Day) - MBC
29. 12.78% 결혼합시다 (Let's Get Married) - MBC [C]

Above were taken from the top 30 dramas on the 1st half of 2006.

In 2005, MBC produced 2 top rated TV dramas ~
01. 50.5% 내 이름은 김삼순 (My Lovely Sam-Soon)
03. 40.1% 굳세어라 금순아 (Be Strong, Geum-Soon)

Last year, KBS dominated the top 10 dramas with 7 , followed by MBC with 2.

For next year, i hope and pray that GKFG will be amongst the top ranking dramas and that it will garner awards in any of the award giving bodies [but i read that korean award giving bodies tend to be chaotic. so much politic are going]. Likewise, i wish that the k-media will set aside any critical comments on Yong Joon and see GKFG as what it really is.

Goodluck to "Great King Four Gods Story".

source : soompi, mbc website, koreanwiz & twitch

Have you ever thought?

Have you ever wondered what Yong Joon’s next movie would be? Do you have any particular role in mind that you want Yong Joon to play?

In the past 11 years, we have seen Yong Joon played different characters. Amongst the roles he played, some of the most memorable characters were the role of an orphan who has a strong drive to succeed, a cold M&A Specialist, a Chosun's notorious playboy, a teenager who lives a dark and cynical life, an Architect with a sunny disposition , a lighting director who faces his wife’s betrayal, and soon as the Greak King Damdeok.

In each of the roles he had played, we had seen a different Bae Yong Joon. After each project, we would see a more mature and talented Yong Joon. The level of his performance from his previous work would always merit a much higher performance rating.

We all know that Yong Joon chooses his next project carefully. He’s one of those actors who do not take roles that are too general. He’s also the kind of actor that despite hundreds of script being sent to him, he would choose a script that in not ordinary.

In his 11 years in showbiz he has only done 2 movies. Has it come to your mind that as his fans we are kinda being “cheated” :D hehehehe. Honestly there are times that I feel like I’ve chosen the wrong actor to love. Of the so many actors there is to choose from, why would I chose this man, who has been in the biz for more than a ten years and yet only few credits are under his name. To add to this, after each project he would put on his invisible cloak and would not show up until the next project comes up which at times take months. Hard to love him? Yes, so much! But what the heck…I enjoy the waiting game? Crazy huh? That’s what you call bae-ziness :D

Anyway, back to my questions above about the character you would want him to portray next. Have you ever wondered? Do you have anything in mind?

Here, let me share with you what I want or shall I say wish Yong Joon’s character in his next movie.

First that comes to my mind is Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible. I would want Yong Joon to play a similar role, a former secret agent not having a peaceful and quiet life.

Wouldn’t you just love to see Yong Joon doing wonderful action consisting of explosions, clever bombs, helicopter chases, evil villains and heartbreaking stunts? Yeah! Love to see that! Yong Joon in action!

Isn’t it that Yong Joon wants to play a role of someone who is sick? I’d like to see him in a character something like the role of in Tom Hanks inPhiladelphia. A gay, AIDS-stricken man who was fired from his job for what he believes to be discrimination against his sexual orientation and disease.

Another role that I like Yong Joon to see is the role of Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man.

Dustin Hoffman played the role of an Autistic, but able to calculate complicated mathematical problems in his head with great speed and accuracy. [look’s familiar? Hee, in WLS Jun Sang is very good in math, right?] In this movie Dustin Hoffman has a very normal brother played by Tom Cruise. Do you know who I’m thinking to be Yong Joon’s borther? *liezle blushing* So Ji Sub ^^

Another great role would that be of Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump.

As for Romantic Comedy, I’d like Yong Joon to play role similar to that of Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. An industrial tycoon/corporate raider [just like in Hotelier] who hired a hooker for a week with an understanding that there will be romantic entanglement which turned out to be the opposite .

Or that of Tom Hanks again, in a role of a grieving widower who works on a radio station in Sleepless in Seattle.

Hmm about doing a comedy, I really do not know if Yong Joon will do good in pure comedy. Frankly, I want him to be in a romantic comedy and not pure comedy [I can’t take the slapping and the poking and it’s not in the character of Yong Joon to be doing that or doing the same to his fellow actors]. Likewise, I do not want him donning tights like in an Action/Adventure/Fantasy ~ Superman.

But…hehehe here goes ~

Ok, give me this chance will yah guys? I’ve been wanting to blog about this but I cannot find the opportunity to include in any of my previous posts. Finally, i found and opportunity ^^

I know I know you too do not want him to be wearing tights and cape, right? Actually, the role like Superman is not for Yong Joon…please…no…no…no...the role best suits Brandon Routh [what a fine looking actor].

But, because I like Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent...

I would want to see Yong Joon as a reporter, in a role largely passive and introverted personality, applying conservative mannerisms, a higher-pitched voice, and a slight slouch. Always, wearing a softly colored business suit, a red necktie, black-rimmed glasses [nerdy look], combed-back hair. And at the end of the day he would not be flying up in the sky and saving the world but instead would turn into some very bad guy. Isn’t it that Yong Joon also would like to play a villain?

Looks interesting? ^ ^

There you go, these are the roles that I wish Yong Joon to see in the future. What about you, do you have any roles in mind?

Btw, after GKFG I wonder how long we are supposed to wait again for our Yong Joon to have his next project.