Monday, July 22, 2013

Hyun Joong's 'Your Story' Topped Live Charts

After two years of having a comeback in Korea, Kim Hyun Joong first promotional song 'Your Story' from his mini album 'Round 3' topped live charts on Mnet, Bugs and more online charts.

The release of 'Your Story' was followed by teaser video that took place on a beach with roaring waves in which Hyun Joong can be seen singing under the gray skies with some scenes of him without his top. The song is an urban R&B pop with modern rock genre from Hyun Joong's Japanese album 'Unlimited'.

video lifted from kimhyunjoong606

'Round 3' mini album consists of six song with the music video for 'Unbreakable' was released on July 18, beating Infinite, A Pink, B2st and other idol groups on Mnet's music video top 100 chart.

video lifted from kimhyunjoong606

I saw @cheezeemelt501 tweet and she has a post on her blog regarding how we can support Hyun Joong comeback.  You may click HERE to read more details.

In another news, Hyun Joong shows off his manly charms in the new BTS that his agency, KeyEast, released from @star1 pictorial.

In the video below, you will see Hyun Joong showing off his sexy appeal in a very short hair, fit body and sexy eyes during the pictorial for the August issue of @star1 that took place last this month of July.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hyun Joong's 'Unbreakable' MV to be Released on 07.18.2012

Mark the date!

On the 18th of July (tomorrow!) MV for Hyun Joong's 'Unbreakable' song from his 'Round 3' album will be released. As backgrounder, 'Unbreakable' is a song that consists of heavy sound effects and elements of Korea. The song features Jay Park who sang the rap part. According to KeyEast, the MV costs 300Million production fee and was directed by Psy's 'Gangnam Style' and 'Gentleman'.

Hyun Joong's 3rd mini album 'Round 3' will be available online on 22nd July while offline release will be on 29th July.

For more info on how to download, check @5StarsAs1 tweets.

[Vids] Diving Award and Diving Practice of Hyun Joong

I am late in posting these fan videos of Hyun Joong  but nevertheless, I am still shoving them here.

Heaps of thanks to vanilla_mint for the email and for always visiting my blog.

Please DO NOT edit and/or re-post the following videos in any other streaming sites.

Diving Practice

Video lifted from the YouTube channel of Sarah860606 /

Video courtesy of Uzoosin0606·'s YouTube channel

Diving Awards
Lifted from the YouTube of HollisHyun

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hyun Joong on @star1

Hyun Joong is featured the the latest ish of @star1 and I am shoving here photos that I got from Twitter from the tweet of ‏@WeLoveKHJL0606. Heaps of thanks!

Do not forget. Kim Hyun Joong's pre-release single 'Unbreakable' feat. Jay Park from the new album 'Round 3' will be available online on July 18.

Second Teaser Photo of Hyun Joong for 'Round 3'

Second teaser photo from Hyun Joong's upcoming album 'Round 3' was released this morning.
tattoo on his neck.

According to news that came out today, Hong Jang Hyun, who has done photography for Lee Hyo Ri and Big Bang, took the jacket photo for this album.

With regard to the songs in the album, as announced earlier, Jay Park wrote & sang the rap part for "Unbreakable" while famous rapper DOK2 participated in the remake of "Your Story" into a R&B style title track.  And in today's news, it was mentioned that Jo Soo Hyun, who directed Psy’s 'Gangnam Style' and 'Gentleman,' directed the music video of second track, 'Your Story,' and Hong Won Gi, who directed videos for Seo Taiji, Girls’ Generation, and Beast, directed 'Unbreakable.'

Pre-release  single 'Unbreakable' feat. Jay Park from the new album 'Round 3' will be available online on July 18  while the album will be released on July 29.

Save the dates!

Monday, July 08, 2013

Jung Min's 2013 Calendar Making Video

Oh, glad that someone shared this on YouTube! N

Heaps of thank you to ditaMina501 for sharing this video last week of Jung Min's 2013 Calendar Making.  Thanks as well to @blancbelle for sending me the link.

Oh Sexy Back!

Today, Key East announced that Kim Hyun Joong will make his comeback in Korea after 'Lucky' on the 22nd of July.

Hyun Joong's black and white teaser photo from his new album 'Round 3' was released this morning. According to news article, the title song for the new album is 'Your Story'. It is the same title song from is Japanese album 'Unlimited'. There will be six (6) songs including the title song from the new album.

On top of this wonderful news, it was on the news last week that Hyun Joong might be returning to the small screen after it was reported that he is reviewing the script for the upcoming drama 'Inspiring Generation'. For the development of this news, let us wait for the official announcement from Key East and the man himself.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Hyung Jun Successfully Ended Japan Live Tour

Kim Hyung Jun's 3rd Japan live tour ended over the weekend successfully.

After a month of touring Japan and performing songs that Hyung Jun has popularized such as 'Sorry I'm Sorry', 'Girl', 'Long Night', 'Oh, Ah' and more and having fun filled interaction with fans, 'Kim Hyung Jun 2013 Who Am I' concert tour last leg finally ended at Nagoya's Meitetsu Hall last Saturday.

Shoving here some photos courtesy of S-Plus from the  'Kim Hyung Jun 2013 Who Am I' tour in Japan from May 29 to June 30.

Also according to S-Plus representative, two of  Hyung Jun's  dramas that were recently aired in Korea will be airing in August via DATV cable channel in Japan. This also proves his popularity in Japan as he was recently appointed as the image model of a travel company.

And here is good news to fans in South America. According again to S-Plus representative, Hyung Jun is in negotiations regarding his upcoming South America tour.  With this, let us all wait for the official announcement from S-Plus in the coming days.

Hyun Joong Speeding Off Without his Pants ^_^

In the recent episode of SBS Barefoot Friends, Hyun Joog had a wardrobe malfunction during a swimming race. The incident happened in front of several elementary school students during a swimming relay in the said show.

During the race, when it was Hyun Joong's turn to swim, as he speed off to swim his pants started to slip off his waist down to legs showing off his black underwear! Hyun Joong however continued to swim until he reached the finish line embarrassed.

To watch the full episode of 'Barefoot Youth' check the videos below.

Btw, thanks to everyone emailing and asking how am I. I am doing good, busy with work and a bit of play. ^^ I am also back after two day of stuffy nose and slight fever. I will try my best to give updates as much as I can.