Sunday, August 12, 2007

wallies and siggies

it's been a quiet sunday today. i wonder how everyone is doing?

my countdown to twssg has started since the 10th of august and i'm sure i'm not the only one. i've even changed my signature banner at to this ~

:: Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi Broadcasting Schedule at MBC ::
10 Sept, Special program consisting of making, interview of actors etc. :: 11 to 13 Sept, 1 episode everyday, episodes 1 to 3 ::19 Sept, every Wednesday and Thursday @ 9:55pm, 2 episodes every week
:: BYJ :: SJS :: HYJ :: TWSSG :: JiSubAddict :: My Blogspot ::

hee, actually it's some kind of a promo too ^^. btw, the siggy that i'm using is from the blog of nagajun. i just resized and put her name to properly credit her. thanks nagajun! ^^

at soompi, i think i'm the only one so far and noknok of [thailand] who are using twssg siggy. anyway, i just came from and one of my favorite graphic artists, baesmile, made these wallpapers and siggies.

from experience, baesmile doesn't mind any baesisters using her artwork. so i guess we can use any of the above. hee, just make sure that we credit baesmile, k? ^^

Friday, August 10, 2007

Posters and Schedule of TWSSG

TWSSG which will be aired on the 10th of September finally released its posters [i'd really like to believe that this is final ^^]. By now most baesisters have already seen the poster of TWSSG. For the benefit of my non-baefans [you know who you are] who visit my blog, here are the 2 posters.

I'm sure all baesisters have already set in their calendar the airing of this much awaited drama. Again for the benefit of those who are non-byj fans here's the schedule ~

10 September, Special program consisting of making, interview of actors etc.

11 to 13 September, 1 episode everyday, and,

every Wednesday and Thursday 21:55-, 2episodes every

:: thanks to tomato99 for the translation of the schedule ^^

Btw, this will be shown in MBC.

For live streaming you can watch here and here [just click mbc]

And for episode downloads [clubbox] with subtitles [srt], i think that WITHS2 has already lined this up as their next project. You can check D-Addicts for this.

For episodes summary, i hoping that my favorite drama blogger will do it. I'll just post the link here when she does it.

But of course i would have love that all koreans [byj fans or not] to watch this 24 episode drama on tv and NOT on line so that ranking will not suffer. The same with the japanese family. (^^)v

Thursday, August 09, 2007


it's been quite a while since my last post here. ^^ nope i didn't abandon yong joon, nor i lost interest in him. i'm just too lazy to update my blog^^ but i'm very active in soompi updating the thread of yong joon and twssg.

seen this photos yet? these were posted by style in byj's quilt and posted by 권오경 [kwon oh kyung in KOB. i don't want these photos not posted here.

though kinda thin, yong joon is amazingly sexy with long long hair and unbuttoned shirt. btw, according to style these photos were still shots from his honorsville cf.

i loooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee these photos! and i love yong joon [blush]

plain and simply S-E-X-Y


though shot from quite a far distance, he still does look gorgeous

i loooooovvvveeee this messy hair look! gggrrrr....




[his royal handsomeness, his royal hotness]

and here are photos from honorsville ~~~

these shots are nice too but i would have love them if they let his hair down ^^

hey take notice of the poses, they're his signature poses ^^

his not wearing any pinky ring ^^

check above pic...big shoes ^^ they say that a man with big shoes also has big .........................................feet (^^)v gotcha! what are you thinking (",)

could the necklace that his wearing is still the 'rockstar'?

sshhh, he's sleeping. poor yong joon.

i love this one above and the one below too ^^