Thursday, May 30, 2013

[Article] Hyung Jun Dated a Singer/Actress

Whoa! Quite a number of news lately from SS501 members. ^_^

Ei, I am not surprise if he admits having a relationship.  Hyung Jun is at the age where he can date freely anyone he fancies.

Any guesses who might be his last catch?

Shoving here article courtesy of elliefilet of AllKPop.  Thanks!

[Article] SS501's Kim Hyung Jun admits his last relationship was with a female celebrity
courtesy of elliefilet/AllKPop

SS501's Kim Hyung Jun confessed that his last romantic relationship was with a female celebrity.

On the May 29th episode of SBS' 'One Night of TV Entertainment', Kim Hyung Jun revealed, "My last relationship was 1-2 years ago." He also gave details of his first kiss, saying, "I was around 18, and it was outside of school."

When the SS501 member started stuttering, Lee Soo Geun and Tak Jae Hoon knew they could get him to say more. Lee Soo Geun asked, "So you had a woman 2 years ago and 1 year ago?"

Kim Hyung Jun answered, "The girl I was seeing left me in the middle... She was a celebrity. She was a singer and an actress, and a bit young as well."

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[Article] It Could Be November for Young Saeng

We all know that sooner or later it is coming and B2M just gave us a heads up that it might be this coming November that Young Saeng will enlist.

Here is the news that I lifted from AllKPop that was shared by elliefilet. Heaps of thanks!


[Article] SS501's Heo Young Saeng is planning to enlist for his mandatory military service this November!
courtesy of elliefilet/AllKPop

This would make him the second SS501 member to enlist following Kim Kyu Jong, who started his service in July of last year.

A rep from B2M Entertainment said, "It seems that Heo Young Saeng has decided to enlist by the end of this year. If he receives a draft notice, he will not delay it and plans to perform his duty to the country."

After a health checkup, Heo Young Saeng was found to be fit for active duty by the Office of Military Manpower Administration.

Detailed information about his exact enlistment date and training location have yet to be decided.

3rd Teaser for 'TONIGHT' is Out

As fans are getting excited for the release of Hyun Joong's 3rd Japanese single 'Tonight'. The 3rd teaser came out to tease fans more.

In the 52 seconds black and white video, Hyun Joong is seen singing with his band with one lady.

Here the video courtesy of universalmusicjapan.

The 3rd single of Hyun Joong will be out on the 5th of June in Japan a day before Hyun Joong's birthday.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

S/Tweet Treat from Young Saeng

Oh yeah, I know I haven't been posting sweet tweet treats from quite a number of months now but I know you guys are not missing on anything.  ^_^ I was also supposed to post the tweets of Kyu Jong last week but was not able to do so.  But this time around, since I have the time and cannot help myself sharing these tweets of Young Saeng, I made this  post.


SS501 members are making TripleS excited recently especially with their Twitter posts.  Hee and not to forget that SS501's upcoming 8th year debut anniversary is on the 8th of June. ^^

And today, Young Saeng uploaded photo of him with Kyu Jong, Jung Min and Hyung Jun.

Here is the photo with translation that I lifted from the translation of @xioachu1004 on Twitter.

@mystyle1103 : Why is the photo I'm gonna upload on 8 June being circulated?;;;ㅜㅜㅠㅜㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠㅜㅠㅠ

But prior to the above tweet, Young Seang first tweeted this...

@mystyle1103: With HyungJun~~ recent lives of us!! Group photo.. (to be posted) on 8 June...keke ㅋㅋ

Jung Min Vs CnR Case Finally Comes to an End

Read HERE that Jung Min's case against his former agency CnR Media has finally ended. Thanks God! It's been almost a year.

Last year, Jung Min filed a suit again CnR Media on the cancellation of his contract due to CnR's non compliance to pay all that is due to Jung Min. This led for Jung Min to demand 200 million won in compensation.

As the lawsuit progresses, the justice department suggested that the two parties reach an agreement but CnR did not accept the agreement and did not pay Jung Min.

Finally on the 22nd of May, Jung Min and CnR made a settlement. According to Yamaha A&R representative (Jung Min's agency), due to CnR Media poor financial status Jung Min agreed to receive an amount that could be paid by his former agency. The representative also mentioned that they are really not aiming for the money in the compensation case they just wanted to clear all legal ties with CnR so that Jung Min could already concentrate on his activities

Wonderful news, right?  I guess Jung Min will now be more visible to all TripleS.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

[Article] SS501 Bus on the Streets in Seoul

It is still two weeks to go before the anniversary of SS501 but Japanese and Arab fans are giving SS501 as well as fans all over the world gift on the upcoming 8th year anniversary.

Loads of thanks to kelemama for the translation and sharing.  Also big thanks to TripleS Japan and Arab for the wonderful anniversary gift!


[Article] Commemorating 8 years of debut, SS501 bus will be in service starting today
courtesy: + (eng trans)

Despite currently engaging in solo activities, but Triple S will not forget, 8 June is the debut day of the five boys of SS501. From 2005 till now, it's already 8 years. Today, Triple S organized a very special commemorative event, starting from 25th (May), everyone can see SS501 bus on Seoul streets!

The event this time is funded and supported mainly by fans from Japan and Arab, putting up advertisement on public bus to let more people get to know SS501. Starting from today (25th) to 30 June the bus will be travelling on the streets in Seoul, passing by Myeongdong and Sinchon, time of travelling is from 9am to 5pm, expected 3 to 4 trips per day, and will go under maintenance on every Wednesday.

Second Teaser for Hyun Joong's 'TONIGHT" is Out

On the 23rd of May I have shared here the 1st teaser to  Hyun Joong's 'TONIGHT' upcoming Japanese single.

Today, I will be sharing here the 2nd teaser from the 3rd Japanese single which will be out on the 5th of June. This time the short 55 seconds video teases us with the MV from 'Cappucino'.

Video is courtesy of universalmusicjapan.

[Vid] Hyun Joong Performing 'Please' in UV Concert 05.24.13

Grabbed this video on the YouTube channel of Sarah860606. Heaps of thanks!T

The video is from the 'Please' performance of Hyun Joong from UV Concert last night.  Much thanks to for the multi-angle.

Please DO NOT edit and re-upload this video in any streaming sites including YouTube.  No capture or flash video as well.  Write only original credit to

Also, do not move this video to everywhere that are related "We got married".

[Pix] Hyun Joong at UV Concert 05.25.13 by MurdererQ

It was announced earlier that Kim Hyun Joong will appear as special guest in UV (Yoo Se Yoon and Muzi) concert in Seoul yesterday, 24th of May.

Yoo Se Yoon and Hyun Joong are both appearing in SBS Barefoot Youth. At Yoo's invitation, and inspite of Hyun Joong's busy schedule he agreed to perform.

Here are some of the photos of Hyun Joong from the UV Concert taken by MurdererQ and lifted from here Baidu blog  with note from MurdererQ as well that everyone must respect.

Thanks MurdererQ for these wonderful photos.

※ 圖片嚴禁修改。圖片嚴禁修改。圖片嚴禁修改。包括在WEIBO!!!
※ 재업로드,2차 변형 금지!!!
※ 画像二次加工禁止です!!!

Photos: Photobucket Link

And here is a video from ThemurdererQ with her note from her YouTube channel.

※ 嚴禁修改及切勿再上傳在線!!!
※ 재업로드, 2차 변형 금지!!!
※ 映画の転载・二次加工禁止です!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hyun Joong First Teaser for 'Tonight' is Out

The first music video teaser for the upcoming Japanese single of Hyun Joong was out yesterday. From the single 'Tonight' the second track which has the title 'I Can't Erase Only You' shows us a quick glimpse of the MV. Likewise, a short cut of the 3rd track 'Cappuccino' can be seen towards the end of the 55 seconds tearser

From what I read, the storyline of 'I Can't Erase Only You' moves around the story of a young man and woman passing each other. The video was shot in two location. The band had theirs in Jeju while the actor and actress in the MV was shot in Tokyo.

Shoving here the short teaser from the album. Thanks to universalmusicjapan.

[Article] Boys Night Out

I am late but in sharing this here but I saw the tweet that my heart burst with so much joy. They are just really adorable, right. Makes me miss them so much.

Geez, do you also feel the same excitement I feel when you saw the tweets?  

Shoving now this article from AllKPop. Thanks to pkdance for the article.


[News] Three members of SS501 recently got together for a night out on the town.

courtesy of pkdance/AllKPop

Kim Kyu Jong tweeted two photos of himself, Kim Hyung Jun, and Park Jung Min getting together to enjoy a nice meal. He wrote, "Daebak!! Hyung Jun bought us food at Jung Min's store!! How... Surprising... How long has it been since Hyung Jun bought us food... ㅠ hehehehe. Next time, we'll call the hyungs too. ♥ Jjunie is the best hehe".

He also added, "Love ya !! Yoohoo~ My lovely kids~~♥".

Kim Hyung Jun shared a photo of his own and tweeted, 
"Right before coming together as 501. Coming soon~! Brace yourself~! Cross~!!"

Hyung Jun's tweet seems to indicate that SS501 does really have plans for a comeback in store! Do you think it's still too early to get our hopes up for seeing the boys together on stage again? SS501's Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyung Jun, and Park Jung Min get together for a night out

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Bit About Young Saeng and Hyun Joong

Young Saeng recently appeared on KBS 'Happy Together 3' along with Shinhwa. In the show Young Saeng mentioned that he hopes that SS501 could promote together again and that he wishes that the group would leave behind lots of beautiful memories just like Shinhwa who have been together for 15 years.

A few years after SS501 members focused on their individual careers, there were members of SS501 who mentioned in separate interviews that when they saw Shinhwa got back together and guested on 'Win Win' that they sent text messages to their members when they were watching the broadcast and have the same feeling of getting back together as a group.

With regard to Hyun Joong, there are news today that he donated 100 million KRW to One Foundation for the Chinese earthquake victims.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Get Ready for Hyun Joong's Fan Meeting & Concert in Korea in June

On May 16 at 8PM, get ready your cute little fingers and start reserving your tickets for Kim Hyun Joong's fan meeting and concert in Korea via Interpark.

Yes, you heard it right, Hyun Joong will be coming up with a concert this time in Hwa Jung Gynmasium of Korea University on June 8. This was announced to day by Hyun Joong's agency, KeyEast.

Currently, Hyun Joong is busy with the preparation of his new single to be released soon in Japan also and June and he appears regularly on SBS Sunday program 'Barefoot Friends'. According to KeyEast representatives they have decided to produce this concert in Korea because Hyun Joong has had little opportunity to meet his fans in Korea recently because of his activities overseas.

So, with this new development about Hyun Joong, I am certain that even overseas fans would want to be a part of this.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

[Audio] Jung Min's Full Radio Recording in Taiwan 05.08.13

Big thanks and hugs to @blancbelle for sending me the link to the full recording of Jung Min's radio guesting in Taiwan yesterday. Much thanks as well to yirusg for sharing the link on her YouTube channel.

Let us cross our fingers that English translation will be shared later.  

[Article] Jung Min Visited Taiwan

Jung Min is in Taiwan and he will be back in Korea tonight after which, he will be in Japan tomorrow for another activity.

It has been a while since we last heard from Jung Min, though he sometimes tweet.  Since he's in Taiwan he was interviewed by Apple Daily and talked about his co-stars 'Fondant Garden' and also a bit of SS501 members.

Here is the article from Apple Daily which was  which was translated by kelemama on her blog and tweeted by @501wangja.  Heaps of thanks guys! 


[News] PJM 35K branded bag revealed, visited Taiwan and disclosed that he learnt vulgar words
News Courtesy Apple Daily TW + (eng trans)



Park Jung Min carried a NT$35000 BALENCIAGA bag and received interview, shyly said : “Let me sort it first, it’s messy.”


Korean group SS501 member Park Jung Min filmed a idol drama “Fondant Garden” in Taiwan before, yesterday while receiving interview he was so excited to show his Chinese, firstly he took the phone charger in his hand and said: “I brought a charger, Park Jung Min who is a adapter.” enunciating properly, and even disclosed that he had learned quite some Taiwanese vulgar words, shyly said: “Just like the word that sounds like ‘ni’.” worried that he say it (vulgar word) by mistake.

Back to Taiwan after a gap of a year more, he visited Taiwan for 3 days through an invitation by Hallyu magazine [TRENDY Idol Mag], he who loves to show off his Chinese, constantly show off his Chinese saying “50dollar, a lot, buy me a treat” etc during the interview, causing loads of laughter. He was in Taiwan for 7 months to film “Fondant Garden”, and got along well with Jian Man Shu and Kingone Wang, revealed that he had already fix a dinner date with Jian Man Shu, what about Kingone Wang? He said regrettably: “Lost contact with him when I lost my phone.” and followed on to say: “Kingone bro, contact me, let’s have a drink.”

Gathered SS501 for reunion meal

3 years ago SS501 announced to go solo but will not disband, since then there’s no sight of all members showing up together, he said: “Actually we met up often, today after returning home we have arranged to gather at my place, Kyu Jong who is in the army will also appear.” He even disclosed that Kim Hyung Jun is the most petty, “This time I’m afraid Kim Kyu Jong will have to pick the tab”. Yesterday he even revealed the NT$35000 Balenciaga bag that he brought along, there’s a Gucci wallet which is a gift from Japan fans, painkillers etc personal items. He will be taking KE694 which departs at 7pm back to Korea today.


LV sunglass

Park Jung Min once lost a pair of LV sunglass, he bought a new pair last Autumn.


Gucci wallet

A Gucci wallet that Park Jung Min brings along with him.



Due to slip disc, Park Jung Min carries painkiller all the time, yesterday he said: “Will only eat when the pain is unbearable.”

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Cover Photos of Hyun Joong's 3rd Japanese Single 'Tonight'

 I am back from Seoul and back to blogging. ^_^


After releasing ‘HEAT’ and ‘Unlimited’ singles in Japan, on the 5th of June,  Hyun Joong will be releasing again another single in Japan entitled 'TONIGHT'. This will be going to be the 3rd in Japan.

'TONIGHT'  has three tracks including title song of the same name, 'Cappuccino' . The album will have five different photos covers and three music videos of each of the track for the limited edition.
Three days before the release of the single, Key East released photos from Kim Hyun Joong’s upcoming single showing him in classy suit and leather jacket.

So everyone, one May 5 let us all look forward to the release of the new album.