Saturday, November 29, 2008

1996 Kwail Nara cf

found this another interesting cf story photos. don't seem to remember seeing this yet.

here's the cf of the above captures. never doubted that we won't be seeing the video 권오경 posted the video on byjgallery.

this is the first time i'm seeing this cf.

to download, you may click here.

unique mug shape

found this new product that bofi is offering.

yes, it's a mug with yong joon's handprint. a gift set contains 2 mugs [probably yong joon's right and left hand] and a gift set costs 5,800yen. ordering shall start on Dec 8 and each person can only order a maximum of 2 gift sets.

i like it! i love the unique idea of the mug. if i'm going to get a set for myself, i'll make sure that i'll use it at work.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The FaceShop Sales

i'm so glad that mariko translated this news about TFS and shared on byj thread @ soompi. thanks again dear mariko! ^^

currently, the model for overseas is kwon sang woo, but if i'm not mistaken his contract will be expiring in march 2009. could it be that TFS is already talking to yong joon about a possible overseas endorsement? i hope so and i hope that he agrees.

The Face Shop, Enormous Effect of BYJ
From Sport World Article, (2008.11.28)

There is an enormous effect of endorser BYJ to the sales at Myeondong through the influx of tourists from Japan and other countries. The TFS shop counter in Seoul is crowded with tourists in the afternoon on Oct 26.

The tourist who went have both hand full of shopping bags with posters with large pictures of BYJ. The effect of BYJ as an endorser of TFS had been watched closely after his poster appeared in the counter from October.TV advertisement began to show also from this month.

It was found out on the 28th that the average sales recorded the highest in TFS shop counter in Myeondong. Sales increases 2.7 times as compared to the same month of Oct. last year and the Japanese tourists increased 2.5 times as compared to last year.

Sales are presumed to increase all the more this month. At present, the monthly sales increase is about 12.5%.The people in the business world is in unison saying that the effect of BYJ's appointment of being the endorser of TFS is indeed big.

The response is hot even in Japan. At present there are shortage of BYJ's posters and pictures at 10 TFS stores in Japan due to so many requests, It is also known that there are Japanese media who are requesting for TFS selling in Japan during an interview with BYJ.

Because of the hot response from foreign countries, TFS is highly considering hiring BYJ also as an endorser for the TFS stores overseas. The person concerned from TFS shop said that they are carefully examining the contract for the overseas market next March.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

the merger

it's been on the news for days now the merger that will take place in April 2009 between Digital Adventure and BOFi.

BOFi actually announced this last November 25 on JOB. click here to read happiebb's translation.

mariko, is so kind to give me some details about the merger [will know the reason for this later but for now you probably have an idea already]. thanks so much dear! i hope you don't mind if i post them here :)

  • BOFi is taking over DA. sounds familiar, right? BOF buying KE. :)
  • BOFi main shareholders are KeyEast 62% and BYJ 32%. According to the basic agreement of the merger of KE and DA, KE will have 62.30% share and DA will have 37.70%.
  • The merger is to take effect in April 30, 2009
  • After which, common securities stocks will be issued.
  • not sure though if DA will have a new name.
  • DA helped organize the event of Song Seung Heon in Japan last March.
  • DA is public listed, and after the announcement of the merger shares of stock rose to 85 yen, an increase of 7.59%
  • DA is more on internet marketing.
  • They deal with various businesses especially for Japanese idols.
i've been hoping that someone will translate one of the very interesting news i've seen yesterday...maybe later. for now, i'm really thankful for all these details from mariko.

another 1996 LG endorsement

yong joon is so cute here. love that bugs bunny teeth that he had before :)

been, trying to decipher what word he said after "super" but cannot really understand.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

LG washing machine [1996]

it's been a long time since i last saw this cf. this was again in 1996 ^^

Yong Joon endorsed LG printer...

...when he was on his 3rd year in the entertainment industry [1996].

first time i'm seeing this cf which was posted by 권오경 on byjgallery.

there's TFS making!

but not available on the net yet. ^^

i saw the making on the set of photos that style took and posted on byjgallery. the lcd monitor in one of of TFS stores is playing the making.

okay, before i post the photos by style, let me first post this clip from YTN wherein a very small portion of the making was shown. there is actually a text after this video on this but it's in hangul.

and here are the photos that style took ~

and the new standee for the winter season ^^

[Trans] BYJ to become the model of Arnaldo Bassini

here's another one from suehan ^^ thanks again!

BYJ to become the model of Arnaldo Bassini.

Original reposted in Korean: coffeesarang/byjintoronto
Translated into English: suehan/byjintoronto

[Hyeongji Apparel made a contract with BYJ to become the model of Arnaldo Bassini.]

2008. 10.10

at a breakfast meeting for Federation of Gangnam Industries

The speech of Choi, Byeongoh, the CEO of Hyeongji Apparel

The speakers usually talk about theories, but he talked about basic respect and care among humans and philosophies of sharing business managements. I respect him. He said that he has been paying everything in cash because he had filed for bankruptcy
when he was young.

He said that last year’s revenue was over 400 billion Won and 550 billion Won was reached this year. He also said that there are over 900 distributors throughout the country and his goal by 2011 is 1 trillion Won.

A few days ago, men’s casual, Arnaldo Bassini targeting middle ages and affordable price men’s clothing, New Man were launched at the same time and the contract was signed with Bae Yong Joon as the model for Aranaldo Bassini for 3 years, 9 hundred million Won.

He said that BYJ probably could get paid 1.5 billion Won for 3 years with other companies, but the industries’ beliefs that resulted from the contract with Bae Jong Ok and Song Yun Ah for minimum of 10 years made his contract effective.

He is a high school graduate and started his business in his mid thirties in Dongdaemun Market, but he showed remarkable leadership compare to those who have doctors’ degrees in business administration

CEO Choi said that he still doesn’t play golf and he has set a goal to play golf when the revenue
reaches over 5,500 billion Won.

I felt his humbleness and personality from every word out of his speech.

[News Trans] BYJ is the model of men's apparel 'Arnaldo Bassini'

i've been been waiting for the translation of the article about the new men's wear that yong joon will be the endorser since last night i'm gland that suehan translated them and shared on byj's quilt.

there will surely have so many to look forward to in 2009.

thanks suehan for the translation!

hmm, no wonder we didn't see any men's collection because they're only launching it and yong joon was chosen to be their initial endorser


[News Trans] BYJ is the model of men's apparel 'Arnaldo Bassini'
(Seoul=Associated Press) Reporter, Han Meehee

Hyeongji Apparel will be launching men's apparel, an Italian clothing brand 'Arnaldo Bassini', said on the 24th of November that the actor Bae Yong Joon was selected as their exclusive model.

Staff of the company said, "The demands for business casual clothes are growing and our brand will be settling as the brand that would be able to satisfy men's will to express themselves", and they explained the reason to have selected him by saying, "Bae Yong Joon is an actor that words can't explain him and the way he represents the men of this era."

Men's apparel, Arnaldo Bassini is the daily casual clothes targeting the men in their early thirties and forties. The Launching show and the CF filming will be processed next month and it will be in stores next year.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Yong Joon for Arnaldo Bassini Men's Wear

i just read on byjgallery that yong joon will be the model next year of an italian men's clothing Arnaldo Bassini. ^^

photo from the article ^^ this was in japan last june.

target market are men between 30 and 40 years of age.

p.s. he was seen today going to the spa wearing all black.

click here for the current winter fashion of Arnaldo Bassini with Choi Jung Won as model. can't find any men's collection.

You Are My Everything Music Video

the first time i heard this song was on bb's blog. since none of us know of the english title then they titled it [cloudnine] 'precious you' and cloudnine even shared in bb's blog the translation of the song.

i believe that this song was chosen by Bae Yong Joon to be posted on his Korean and Japanese official website. Read the beautifully written english lyrics of the song towards the end. The singer is Kang Yo Hwan the same singer who sang the theme of 'Hotelier'.

i wonder if we could ever see a REAL music video with yong joon as the featured artist? his one and only music video is 'goodbye my love' with lee na young or is it possible for BOF to make one where we could see yong joon in motion?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ji Sub will be in Osaka [11.21.08]

Ji Sub goes to Osaka Japan today [11.21.08] to attend tomorrow's opening ceremony of So Ji Sub photo exhibition by Universal Studios Japan.

FLIGHT >>> Nov.21 JL966 16:05 Seoul --> Osaka

Those living in Osaka and wants to meet him, you may at the airport. I almost certain that Mgr. Yang will be with him once again ^^

Btw, in one of his interviews Ji Sub said that he's said to be considered a Hallyu Star and yet when he goes to Japan no one recognizes him. Awww, poor Ji Sub.

So, if you're living in Osaka and just very near the airport, please welcome So Ji Sub and congratulate him. I'm sure, he'll appreciate it.

Ji Sub @ the red carpet

Last night while watching the 29th Blue Dragon Awards aside from So Ji Sub I was looking for Mgr. Yang. I didn’t see him anywhere near Ji Sub last night so I assumed that he didn’t go wit Ji Sub since I also didn’t see Ji Sub’s bodyguard.

Glad that someone one from SJS thread @ soompi posted these photos during the red carpet parade capturing the dashing Ji Sub as well as Mgr Yang.

And click here to watch the red carpet clip from Baidu

Ji Sub has already won 2 awards for his role in ‘Rough Cut’, Best Actor in Film Critics Awards and Best New Actor in this year’s Blue Dragon. Next stop will be the 7th Korea Film Awards on Dec 4 wherein he's nominated again for the Best Leading Actor.

SJS : Best New Actor Video

i'm certain that all So Ji Sub fans are rejoicing after he won the Best New Actor award for the movie 'Rough Cut' from the 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards. Ji Sub didn't win alone, he's co-star in the movie, Kang Ji Hwan, also won the same award.

here's a video from the time the nominees are being announce until their acceptance speech. take note how nervous Ji Sub was when the name of the winner was being announced. ^^

Winners of the 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards

Best Movie: Forever the Moment
Best Director: Kim Ji Woon (The Good, The Bad and The Weird)
Best Leading Actor: Kim Yoon Seok (The Chaser)
Best Leading Actress: Son Ye Jin (My Wife Got Married)
Best Supporting Actor: Park Hee Soon (Seven Days)
Best Supporting Actress: Kim Ji Young (Forever the Moment)
Best Newcomer Actor: So Ji Sub, Kang Ji Hwan (Movie is Movie)
Best Newcomer Actress: Han Ye Seul (Miss Gold Digger)
Best Newcomer Director: Lee Kyung Mi (Miss Carrot)
Best Script: Lee Kyung Mi (Miss Carrot)
Best Cinematography: Lee Moo Gae (The Good, The Bad and The Weird)
Best Music: Bang Joon Seok (Go Go 70)
Best Art Direction: Jo Hwa Sung (The Good, The Bad and The Weird)
Best Technical Production: In Site Visual (Modern Boy)
Best Lighting: Kang Dae Hee (Modern Boy)
Best Short Film: Choi Jung Ryul (Nagging)

Top Box Office: The Good, The Bad and The Weird

Popularity Awards
Most Popular Actors: Sol Kyung Gu, Jung Woo Sung
Most Popular Actresses: Kim Ha Neul, Son Ye Jin

Blue Dragon Honorary Popularity Award: Late Choi Jin Shil

Best Onscreen Couple: Son Ye Jin and Kim Joo Hyuk (My Wife Got Married)

credit : hanfever

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Best New Actor of Baeksang goes to...

So Ji Sub for 'Rough Cut'!!!

the Baeksang Awards is being aired on KBS right now ^^

BYJ had a CF yesterday?

i read the post of miemi on byjgallery about the above sighting yesterday [11.19.08] but can't decipher the details. good thing that lynnzhoulily posted the translation from Baidu to byj thread @ soompi. thanks so much lynn!

here's the translation ~

BYJ had a CF yesterday. (11/19/08)
Posted by Miemi/byjgallery
trans to chinese by Choguan/Baidu

On 11/19/2008 , around 11:00am BYJ went to Jung Saem Mool beautyshop for a CF.

But it didn't state very clear whether he had a CF in JSM beautyshop or he had a CF for JSM Beautyshop, hope we will get more details later on.


she also added a trivia on her post regarding the numbers 2 and 4 on Mgr. Yang's blog.

lynn wrote ~

Oh one of my friend who knows Korean told me sth. about Mgr. Yang's blog. His address is www. cyworld/bofyang24. At first, I can not understand why he use number "2" "4" as his blog address, but my friend told me that the pronunciation of number "2" "4" is similar with the sound of “理事” (Manager or director).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

bof @ cyworld

i just saw a post tonight on byjgallery saying that bof is in cyworld. ^^

click here to be directed to the site

mgr yang left a message today ~

양이사 2008.11.19 18:23

here's a rough translation of the message of mgr yang courtesy of mariko :)

Good afternoon, I'm Yang Geung Hwang .

Though it was not that long since this blog was opened, the warmth of everyone who visits here becomes more expressive as time passes by. Thank you. Though the more formal stand were sent through the company homepage, close interaction on a blog like this in the internet creates better understanding. I hope that this blog will not only be a free and comfortable space but will also fill the part which has been lacking until now. If the actors will try activities, that will show new appearances, there are many interesting stories that cannot be seen by everyone.

It is a fact that there are too many stories and charms of the actors which are not introduced to the public, like for just one-minute drama scene, the actors needs two to three hours for the preparation and filming. From now on this will be a place for BOF managers and staff members to talk freely about the actors of BOF.

We request for the warm support of the people who visits here. Be careful not to catch cold and spend the end of the year warmly.

Thank you very much.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

old cf...first time i've seen

found this video on byjgallery posted by 스마일용준

it's my first time seeing this video. it seems to be an underwear cf. wait, don't get excited, yong joon is not wearing an underwear....he's actually playing the piano. ^^

Monday, November 17, 2008

bae yong joon with jdg and philp

here's a late report that happened in September 2009 at Gorilla in the Kitchen shared by yanyan 33 on JOB and posted by vento on byjgallery ~

yong joon was seen in GIK end of september with guess who?....jang dong gun and lee philip.

according to yanyan, she was with her friend and they're planning to eat at gorilla when they saw people waiting at the exit. they did not go inside and decided to wait outside for 2 hrs. after 2 hrs. they saw yong joon, with jang dong gun and lee philip.

in her post, yanyan also said that it isn't possible to forget that moment even now. dinner in the evening was a cake and hot milk but for her, the opportunity to meet yong joon ssi was the best dinner. she also added that there were only 5 to 6 people waiting for them at the exit.

btw, thanks to mariko for clarifying and sharing much of the details of this news that i saw on byjgallery

news about yong joon from various articles

thanks to mariko sharing them ^^

about the face shop

2 shops of TFS in Seoul recorded 800,000,000 won sales in Oct. Since the sales ave for July was 600,000,000 won and 700,000,000 won in Sept. The increase in sales can be attributed to the flocks of japanese tourists, the effect brought by new endorser BYJ and the increase in exchange rates.

and about ryu seung soo who'll be appearing in the new drama General Hospital 2 soon.

in one of the tv guestings of the whole casts of GH2 he revealed that :

he almost got neurosis because of yong joon. according to him yong joon has a habit of calling early in the morning to tell him that they'll workout. rss finds it hard to cope up with yong joon's life style that yong joon religiously follows routinely everyday. since then, whenever yong joon would call, he would pretend to be asleep. ^^

Sunday, November 16, 2008

yong joon @ a coffee shop in haeundae

FINALLY a translation of the photo that mariko and i have been trying to decipher since last night!

thank so much to lynn for posting the translation and photos on byj's quilt! hugs and kisses for you dear! and of course to Wonchun for sharing her korea to english translation on baidu

(Trans and details) YJ went to a coffee shop in Haeundae Busan
Pictures posted by Style/byjgallery
Korean to Chinese by Wonchun/Baidu
Chinese to English by Lynn

The above car is YJ's manager's car which he drove here.

This is the car which YJ took to come to the coffee shop. He got down from the back seat of this car. haha, I saw him! It happened suddenly, so I didn't see him clearly. I was so eager to run into him, but managed to control myself.

This is the coffee shop which YJ had been to. It is near the Paradise Hotel in Haeundae Busan. This coffee shop is located on the first floor , near the ocean beach.

The owner of the coffee shop is really nice. I asked him about YJ and he told me that YJ did come to his shop last week.

I asked the permission for me to take some pictures of his shop. The owner allow me to do so happily and asked me to post them on the webs.

The owner told me that at first YJ was sitting right in front of the ocean and there were ten people coming with him.

I asked the owner what kind of coffee YJ had. He said they bought hot chocolate and latte, so he was not sure which one YJ took.

And also the owner told me that all the ten people were male and YJ was the only actor among them.

This is the table which YJ used.

This is YJ's autograph to the owner of the coffee shop (Obviously the person who took the pic forgot to change the date system in his camera).

When I hold this picture, I can feel YJ, haha.

The owner wanted me to promote his shop and I told him that he will expect a lot of YJ's fans from now on. And the picture of his coffee shop will be spreaded around all over the Bae world.

The owner said when YJ was having his coffee, he was very quiet facing the ocean. He had both coffee and ice cream.

All the baesisters, if you get a chance to visit the coffee shop, the owner will be more than happy to show YJ's autograph to you.

The owner also said that YJ was wearing a hat at first and then his face could be seen clearly. After a while, he changed his seat and sit there with all his face covered.

The person in the middle of the picture whose face was covered by a scarf and hat is Wuri YJ!


did you see from the above photo yong joon all covered up? but really, i'm happy to know that he's having a great time going around korea all because of the project 'Beauty of Korea'.