Wednesday, November 30, 2011

[Ch & Eng Subbed] Jung Min's Interview in KEN 'The Interview'

Much much thanks to for sharing this on her YT channel and to all the translators as well as to All for Park Jung Min.

This is a very interesting interview as Jung Min talked about his Taiwanese drama, how he started as a magazine model then VJ, a bit on how he was discovered. He also revealed that his learning English (know why in the interview). Lastly, he talked about his dream of being recognized as Park Jung Min (which I think is now being realized).


[CN&EN Subbed]PARK JUNG MIN - 111114.Korean Entertainment News 'The Interview'

韩中翻译 KO-CH Translation:便利店阿四 (Kiki)
中英翻译 CH-EN Translation:便利店小二 (J)
时间 Time:小琳 (L)
视频制作 Video Production:为MIN服务 (T)
特别鸣谢 Special thanks to: JMSHINE

[Notice from KeyEast] HyunJoong won't be attending the 26th Golden Disk Awards ceremony

Much thanks to for tweeting the English translation of this notice from KE.


[Notice from KeyEast] HyunJoong won't be attending the 26th Golden Disk Awards ceremony
Chinese translation: 敏敏 @
English translation: @tzeyin28 @

Hello everyone, this is KeyEast.

Temperatures vary from day to night these days.

Dear fans, please take care of your health.

Unfortunately, HyunJoong won't be able to attend the 26th Golden Disk Awards ceremony which will be held in 2012 January.

Due to a scheduling conflict, we had a discussion with the organizer and found it difficult to coordinate his schedule so we decided not to let him attend the awards ceremony.

We know this is a piece of bad news for HyunJoong who has carried out his solo album activities throughout the year and his fans who are looking forward to participating in the awards ceremony but we hope you understand.

Thank you.

[Pix & Vids] Young Saeng @ Three Musketeers Curtain Call 11.29.11

Young Saeng had another performance last night at Seongnam Arts Center Opera House as D'Artagnan in the musical 'Three Musketeers'. He again showed to everyone another very charming side of him on stage.

Check the following photos and video from last night's curtain call.

'Three Musketeers' will be on stage until the 18th of December 2011.

First set of photos is courtesy of myloverjwjy

Next set of photos is from murya77

And here are nicely taken fancams.

Thanks to rmdkdl for this video which was lifted from ' YT channel.

This video from BestYS was lifted from the YT channel of . Thanks!

Adding here fancam posted by on YT which came from Madeleine.

Much thanks to veggiedelight for emailing the photos above.

[Vid] EN Interview with Young Saeng

EN got to interview Young Saeng for his participating in the musical 'Three Musketeers' and it has been uploaded on YouTube channel.

I can only wish for the translation of this interview. ^^ Here's the video and get to see bits of Young Saeng as D'Artagnan singing/acting in the musical.

Btw, there is an article related to ths video which can be seen HERE.

[Media Pix] Kyu Jong in Heart To Heart Charity Event 11.30.11

Kyu Jong through Heart To Heart Foundation went to Dongdaemun in Seoul to help feed underprivileged children.

Here are media photos that I lifted from Naver and Daum of Kyu Jong this afternoon. Together with Kyu Jong in this charity event is Lee Seung Gi actress Oh Yoon Ah.

[Pix] Kyu Jong @ 'Dream Team' Recording 11.27.11 by Kyu's

ThanKYU to KYU's ( for sharing lots of photos Kyu Jong from 'Let's Go! Dream Team' recording last 27th of November.

Ei, he is extremely handsome in the following photos taken by the shutterbug of Kyu's. Geez, it really makes me want to think that Kyu Jong is inspired. Look at him, he's glowing and looking so happy and even giving extra fan service.

Oh, so handsome, Kyu!

Ei, holding hands with Kwang Hee.

Checking the fans at the gallery.

This one too.

Who wouldn't want to be in this noona's place.

[Eng Subbed] Hyun Joong @ 2011 MAMA PressCon by XINMSN

For those who have not seen yet the press conference video of Hyun Joong yesterday for the 2011 MAMA with English sub-titles, here is the video from XINMSN.

Do check out what he thinks when of of being on stage as solo than group, he's thought when being labeled as 'perfect' and what he thinks of German women.

<a href='' target='_new' title='What does Kim Hyun Joong thinks of German women?!?'>Video: What does Kim Hyun Joong thinks of German women?!?</a>

Here is YouTube version courtesy of 's YT channel.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

[Vids] Hyun Joong @ 2011 MAMA in Singapore 11.29.11

Congratulations to Hyun Joong for bagging the Best Solo Male Artist in the 2011 MAMA!

Here's the video of Hyun Joong's performance at the 2011 MAMA in Singapore courtesy of 's YT channel.

A few minutes after receiving his award as Best Solo Male Artist which was awarded to him by fellow KeyEast artist Kim Soo Hyun, Hyun Joong performed a special stage,

At this special stage of 'Lucky Guy' he was joined by Suzy of Miss A. After 'Lucky Guy' a well danced Latin number came up giving Hyun Joong a lot a cheers from fans.

Here is video of Hyun Joong's performance courtesy of 's YT channel.

[Pix] Hyung Jun @ Gimpo 11.28.11 by Prettyboy

After taking part in the 'Lie To Me' OST Concert and shooting some scenes in Japan for his first very first drama series 'She's Completely Insane', Hyung Jun came back to Korea yesterday and was welcomed by his adoring fans at Gimpo.

From the press releases and even from Hyung Jun, it was said that he's working out and and that we will see a many Hyung Jun. But from photos we've been seeing so far of Hyung Jun before and now while shooting the drama he's so thin. Just look at the photos below, look at his cheeks. I hope that the diet that his trainor gave him will stop and he'll let him eat. I don't think that Hyung Jun has fats on his body that needed to be burned just so that muscles will be formed. Hope the dieting will be over soon. I want him with meat.

Anyway, thanks to Prettyboy for the following photos posted on their website.