Saturday, January 28, 2006

Cosmopolitan Feb 2006 Issue

The first man to ever grace the cover of Cosmopolitan (Chinese Edition). Wow, what an honor for Bae Yong Joon and his fans.

I love all of Yong Joon's shots in this magazine. The photographer did a wonderful job. The go-bold-with-color, mixed with Yong Joon's basic accessory which is his adorable smile, transformed Yong Joon into a new version of Romeo in this February (Valentine's) issue of Cosmopolitan.

The jacket that Yong Joon jazzed up with old jeans and a t-shirt gave a punk edge look and it fits him to a "T".

Friday, January 27, 2006

Profile of My Dream Guy

Have you ever melt when you see a guy whose smile is as sweet as Daniel Radcliffe’s? Do you stand in awe of a guy who excels in various sports and does charitable deeds? Does your stomach do flip-flops when you see a guy whose brainpower is amazing?

These are just some of the characteristics of my dream man and there are more to discover by going through my list below.

Part 1 ~ “He’s got the looks!”

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, how a guy looks is always the first thing you notice. What features do I want my dream guy to have? Here are my choices ~

Eyes : Chinky eyes
Lips : Lips that can make one melt because of a beautiful smile
Skin Type : Smooth, fair and sometimes golden tan
Body Type : Toned

Now that you know what my dream guy looks like, it’s time to thi
nk about what skills, talents and abilities I want him to be.

Part 2 ~ “It’s not about what he can say, but about what he can do.”

The Athlete

He excels in various sports
He works out at the gym.

The Artist

People and objects come to life in the images he takes from his camera
His stories leave me awe-inspired.
He can make great projects after taking sometime off from work.
He can play the piano and guitar.

The Caring Philanthropist

He’s very generous to his staff/colleagues

He donates to organizations.
He spearheads relief efforts (he inspires his fans)when disasters strik
e a country.
He’s a patron of Breast Cancer.

Part 3 ~ “It’s what is on the inside that counts!”

Now comes the most important part of my dream guy’s profile : his character. He may have toned body, a super athlete and a great artist, but what use are those assets if he does not threat others with respect? What personality traits do I want my dream guy to
have? So there they are ~

Sensitive :: Goal-oriented :: Creative :: Good Sense of Humor :: Passionate :: Affectionate :: Responsible :: Simple :: Mature :: Generous :: Down-to-Earth :: Supportive :: Respectful :: Charismatic :: Has Strong Faith :: Devoted :: Good Conversationalist :: Spontaneous :: Patient :: Gentle :: Thoughtful :: Health Conscious :: Hardworking :: Intelligent :: Confident

The profile of my ideal man is now complete! Do you recognize him?

works out...plays the guitar...

excels in golf...

a shutter bug...Supports Breast Cancer ...

Bae Yong Joon..profile of my dream guy.

[Music Box] Because of You...

It's a song composed by Keith Martin and sang by our very own Kayla. I find the lyrics of this song perfectly fits my feeling for Yong Joon.

If ever you wonder, if you touched my soul, yes you do..
Since i met you i'm not the same
You bring life to everything i do
Just the way you say hello
With one touch i can't let go
Never thought i'd falling inlove with you
*because of you, my life has changed
thank you for the love & the joy you bring
because of you..i feel no shame
i'll tell the world it's because of you
Sometimes i get lonely
And all i gotta do is think of you
You've captured something inside of me
You make all of my dreams come true
it's not enough that you love me for me
You reached inside & touched me eternally
I love you best explains How i feel for you
[repeat * ]
my life has changed
thank you for the love & the joy you bring
because of you.. i feel no shame
i'll tell the world it's because of you
The magic in your eyes true i can't deny
When you hold me,i just lose control
I want you to know
That i'm never letting go
You mean so much to me,i want the world to see
It's because of you.....
[repeat * except last line]
[repeat *]

I have the mp3 of this song and would have wanted to share with all of you so that you could listed to it, but i can't find a host. Anyway, once i've a host i'll let you listed to this wonderful song.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Art Attack

Last year, spending a lot of time cooped up at home in front of my computer waiting for BYJ news definitely chucked up my daydream quota *winks*. While toning down my socializing with friends, I was left to explore a new territory. You think it sucks? Nope, especially when the subject is Bae Yong Joon.

Well, despite being stuck at home with nothing to do except surfing the net and watching k-dramas, i discovered a fun way to ease out of my stuck-at-home rut. I started to explore my little knowledge in Photoshop. And, here are some of my work ~

Signature banners

I call this siggy "kimchi banner" because these k-men are "HOT".
But amongst them, BYJ is the hottest.


I also did avatars, GIFs and 2 vods which i cannot find from my files. Hopefully, I'll be able to find time again to do artworks since there are so many awesome photos of Yong Joon from his recent trips to Asia.

Must-have Bae Yong Joon Items

Ho hum, i love to have this cool items! Believe it or not even the magazines which definitely I will not understand at all, I still want to have. The only item I have from these photos is the AS DVD which I got from YesAsia. When AS was still in the process of shooting, I already put on to my wish list AS DVD, Making and OST. I’ve the Making and OST since November which was given to me by my bestfriend as a birthday gift. I got my AS Limited Edition just last week and it's worth buying!

Cool Stuff!!!
(I had mine delivered last week. ^^)

Gotta have this!!!

I love them!!!
Gottta have even one!

Cool!!! My 2005 Diary is well kept ^^ .

I want! I want!
I love to see more Beijing photos!

Aside from having the above items, I’m already saving money for “Great King and Four Gods” Premium DVD set which I know will not come as cheap.

Oh, btw, who says that being a BYJ fans is easy. Well, actually it is in some ways but, buying his items is not.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Physical Look...Sex Appeal...Both

What attracts us to Bae Yong Joon? Is it his physical look? His sex appeal?

Wait, isn't it that physical look and sex appeal the same? Uhm, I thought so too for sometime, but they are not. There are some who has the look but lack the appeal. Others lack the look but they have that "X" factor.

Yong Joon exudes a certain look, a particular effortless style and carries himself very well. These qualities already lead us to love him. But is it all physical beauty?

What about sex appeal?

According to Sophia Loren"Sex appeal is 50% what you've got and 50% what people think you've got," and defines it as "power to interest or attract." You think Yong Joon has it? Sex appeal is actually not only about the look, but likewise what is within. I believe Yong Joon also exudes confidence, intelligence, generosity and sensitivity which makes him more appealing.

Beauty and sex appeal are now co-existent. It's not only one's face that makes one attractive. Beauty and personality are entertwined. Physical beauty is synonymous with inner beauty. I believe that what is attractive now is someone who is natural, who has individual style and who knows what he wants. Who could this person be? Yup, your guess is good as mine...Bae Yong Joon.

Bae Yong Joon possesses the amazing gift of the "overall package." I believe that the combination of good look and appeal is what holds that attraction.

Physical Look + Sex Appeal = Bae Yong Joon = Power

artwork courtesy of noknok of

Monday, January 23, 2006

What if?

Since yesterday I've been reading about Eric's accident from the shooting of his latest drama. The account of his accident seems to be serious. But after reading more updates, i learned that Eric is already out of danger and so does his co-star, but shooting will be put on hold. (Photo on the left, is actual photo of Eric at the hospital.)

The accident of Eric made me think of Yong Joon and his upcoming drama 'Great King and Four Gods'. From what we have read so far, it was written that GKFG will have many fighting scenes and Yong Joon will be riding a horse. We all know that Yong Joon wants to do his stunts by himself. By doing so, mishaps small or big are bound to happen. No matter how hard a person is to train, accidents do happen. Thought of Yong Joon in an accident already gives me a chill. Regardless how much insurance he will have during the shooting of GKFG, Yong Joon in an accident still gives me the creep.

I remember when 'April Snow' had its wrapped up shooting. When everyone went home Yong Joon collapsed due to fatigue and that incident made me worry so much about him. I remember that I stopped working and would frequently refresh all the windows in my pc just to see if there were updates on Yong Joon's condition. BOF's immediate notice to fans somehow made thing easy. Likewise, their frequently updating made "life" easier for us during those times.

But what if...?

I guess, there is really nothing we can do about Yong Joon doing his own stunts in GKFG. No matter how some fans write about the danger or give pieces of advice not to do dangerous stunts
. The best that we can do is to offer prayer for his safety.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Nov 8, 2005 ~ The Day Yong Joon "Secretly" Arrived in Seoul

I know, I know this entry is 2 months late. At any rate, I still want to write something about it.

After staying for a long time in Japan, Yong Joon finally decided to return to Seoul to prepare for his upcoming Beijing trip. The supposedly secret arrival turned into a "chaos" especially to his security staff when Yong Joon arrived together with famous soccer players from Korea.

The media got the scoop of Yong Joon's arrival because it was not only kept as a secret to his fans, he was also sporting a new look.

Yong Joon : Hmm, what should I do now,
there are so many media around. Had I known
that they'll be arriving the same time as me, I
would have delayed my flight.

Could Yong Joon be asking for SOS from Mgr Yang
when he learned that a group of media is covering
the arrival of famous soccer players?

Yong Joon's security are having a hard time
covering him from the media while he dials from
his phone and wait for his car to take him away
from the airport.

Yong Joon flashing his beautiful smile despite being
caught by the media at the airport. Security at
the back is trying to cover BYJ's face using his hand
fromthe photographer's camera.

Yong Joon trying to cover his new look from
the photographers.

Yong Joon's securitymen look to be having an attack of allergy.
They seem to be scratching their nape and head just to cover BYJ.
But look, they're not successful in doing so. Yong Joon's
beautiful nose and lips were still caught by the photographer.

Two days after arriving in Seoul, Yong Joon boarded another plane last November 11 to Beijing, China for the promo tour of "April Snow".

Great King and Four Gods

It has been so quiet in the BYJ front for the past couple of weeks. Old photos, new artworks, and old news interviews can be seen and read from the different foras. This only goes to say that everyone is already missing Yong Joon.

So what do we do until middle of February? tap...tap...tap...(i'm tapping my feet waiting impatiently for the next news and photos)

Before the week ends this week, we finally read something about 'Great King and Four Gods'. I hope that it's a concrete news.

"Great King and Four Gods", another period drama for Yong Joon. Big production budget with wonderful people working with him.

When I first learned about Yong Joon doing another drama, I really got so excited. Who wouldn't? A drama with 24 episode which can be translated to 24 hrs of seeing Yong Joon. Then I learned that it's a period drama. Honestly, I got a little disappointed because I want Yong Joon to star in a modern day drama. I want him playing the role of a tycoon or investigator or detective or police or whatever role for so long that it's not a period drama wherein he will be wearing another hanbook.

But then, as news about GKFG comes out and I read Seifall5's post in soompi about it, disappointment was transformed to excitement once again.

Yong Joon's new cool look as he is
getting ready for his role in GKFG as
Great King Dam-deok.

From what I read from various articles and posts, it's not the same as from what i picture as 'Untold Scandal' or 'Dae Jang Geum' costume. Likewise, the exciting part is that Yong Joon will be sporting a new look. Which makes everyone so excited. And the costume will not be a typical hanbok.

In the next weeks to come until the middle of February, Baefamily will surely be waiting for new developments about GKFG. Things to look forward to are, crank in, remaining name of the casts, presscon, the copyright issue, which broadcast stat

Prince-like Yong Joon

This part of an article translated by Joanne which caught my attention ~

"You cannot reveal everything Yong Joon has. You should show a small portion of his assets, keeping the audience curious about the actor's other facets. That's why Yong Joon refuses to appear in shows and talk shows in which his true nature is exposed."

I've been a fan of Yong Joon for almost 3 years now and I really do admire his keeping a very private life. This is one of the thing that attracted me to him. That is why whether something new comes up or we discover new about him we get so excited.

Yong Joon is very popular yet is not over exposed. There is this kind of feeling that makes you hunger for him more.

Mr. Jeon's observation on Yong Joon is very true, Yong Joon looks and acts very aristocratic. His posture, his speech, his mannerism, his gentleness, and his kindness would make you think that he comes from a noble family. I believe that his parents really brought him up so well.

Confession Box : It Only Takes Yong Joon

I've a confession to make but not laugh at me. Here goes...

After several years, I set my footprints again inside a moviehouse. Only Bae Yong Joon's "April Snow" made me do it again ever since watching Troy.

Wait, do not get me wrong. I love movies but I do not go inside a moviehouse to watch. I would rather see the movie I like at home than go to a theater. Well, I think you all very well know why I've to go and see "April Snow" in the big screen. So, I need not elaborate on it anymore.

"April Snow" for the 1st time : It was on a Thursday right afte work and I was with my girl friend who is not even a BYJ nor a K-drama fan.

Result : Awesome! I love the movie and it made me cry especailly the last part when I saw the flowerbeds covered with snow. My non-k-drama friend like the movie and she was able to get the story of AS without any explanations coming from me. Amongst the two of us, she was the first one to shed tears (ops sorry I forgot which part).

"April Snow" for the 2nd time : Friday, a day after watcing for the very first time. This time around I was with a fellow BYJ, So Ji Sub and k-drama fan. She's a Soompier as well. It was also her 2nd time to watch AS but it was only on the 2nd time that she was able to understand and appreciate the ending.

Result : Awesome! Love it for the 2nd time. Thought I saw AS already, I was even more excited to see it the 2nd time. Like what everyone has been telling over the other fora, you'll get to discover more from watching and get to feel the feelings of the characters.

"April Snow" for the 3rd time : It was Monday (holiday), at MegaMall. I was with seven (7) frriends from soompi ~ Ellabel, Gigi, Elvie, Brooklyn, La Med, Ann and Cha. These soompiers are from different threads and favor other actors than Yong Joon. Ella, Elvie, Gigi and Cha are friends from LBH thread. Brooklyn is a KSW fanatic and La Med is a Rain diehard. I've known the LBH hunnies for already quite a long time, and had the opportunity of meeting La Med and Brooklyn on that day only.

Result : Same as the 1st and 2nd time...Awesome! This time around, I need not concentrate more on the movie. I just focused myelf on Yong Joon. Because I was with a big group, watching AS in silence was very difficult. And since they knew that I already saw AS 2 times, I've to explain some scenes to them. Overall, I believe that they like the movie though some common "negative" comment that I got was "That's it? No more?". According to them, they were able to understand AS but they think that there should be more.

Having watched "April Snow" 3 times, I'm still clamouring to see it again. I was actually supposed to see it for the 4th time, but the moviehouse that my friends were sugesting us to see AS is about 1 1/2 hours drive from where I work including the traffic. I would have said yes but told them that I will not be driving. Since my other friend (the one i was the 2nd time) did not want to drive as well, I decided not to watch anymore and just wait for the DVD which will be released sometime December.

So there it goes, only Bae Yong Joon made me set my footprints again inside of a moviehouse. Not only once, but 3 times. Craziness? Nah, it's BAEziness!!

And the secret is already out.

On the road to blog...again

Whoa! It's been a while since the last I updated by blog. Aside from being busy with work and chcking on Bae Yong Joon's fora/sites, I'm just not really into blogging until now again. Let us see, what made me go back to my blog again?

  1. I envy Frances, happiebb , chiligoyo, Marissa and the rest of my Baesisters who are so dedicated in blogging Yong Joon.
  2. Well honestly, I'm not into expressing my thoughts in writing. But since blog is the "IN" thing and my friends keep on pestering me to have one, because all of the have, here I am again. Oh btw, I've warned them the only thing that I will be blogging about is Bae Yong Joon and the rest of my favorite Korean men.
Okay...okay...before I forget again the topics that I'll be blogging, I better list them down here ~

  • It's Showtime...April Snow
  • Great King Four Gods
  • So Ji Sub joins BYJ and BOF
  • AS Supplement DVD
  • AS OST
  • AS Making DVD
  • Bae Yong Joon
  • Hiatus
  • Korean Media
  • YM Chats
  • Plan Trip to Korea
  • BOF's Website
  • Wish List
Huh?! Quite a long list don't you think so? You think I can do it? I, myself is doubtful, but I'll give it my shot and will start...N O W !!!