Thursday, December 31, 2009

the king of pout part 5

Part 5 of the 'King of Pout' series came earlier than I expected because Mai/Luchi sent me a set of Jung Min's GIF pouting. She got them from cgem88 [youtube].

I actually got the set of GIFs that Mai sent last night but decided not to post them yet as I still have to find the GIFs that I mentioned on the last of the pout series I posted. I finally found them. ^_^ So, here they go...

Please DO NOT hotlink.

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The next set of GIFs are the set the came from Mai courtesy of cgem88 [youtube].

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look who's sticking it out this time around =P

I got a present from Sudal and I'm sharing it to all of you.

As you probably know by know, Sudal is one of Young Saeng biggest from from Vietnam and that has been sharing with me and to other blogger as well photos of Young Saeng because she wants to spread her love for Young Saeng to every SS501 fans.

From my last post, here's a continuation [I think I'll be making a series of tongue sticking out posts in the future] of Young Saeng's photos wherein he's been caught by the shutterbugs of his fan clubs sticking out his cute little tongue.

Thanks Sudal!Likewise, thanks to all the shutterbugs who have taken the photos that I've used above.

P.S. If any of you guys have photos of the rest of SS501 ticking out their tongue, biting their lip, and pouting that you think I haven't posted yet, you may send them to me. Thanks!

and they are sticking it out too =P

You have seen this. Next come are the photos of Kyu Jong, Jung Min, Maknae and Young Saeng sticking out their tongue too. Seems like all of them have developed this sexy mannerism. I'm sure it's not their intention to tease us with their tongue but do you know that sticking out ones tongue is a form of flirting?

Amongst the members, aside from Hyun Joong, I've seen Jung Min and Kyu Jong sticking out their tongue several times. And the shutterbugs of their fans clubs have captured some of those cute moments.

Maknae does it too a lot of times, but I really think that Maknae's mannerism is touching his sideburns or bangs and creasing his nose.

Hmm, Young Saeng. He said that his has this habit of sticking out his tongue and biting his lips [i've a separate post on this so watch out for it]. But I can only find few photos of him with his tongue sticking out. But when you watch some of SS501 videos, you'll surely get more. ^_^

Btw, I only got to check my newer files to get photos. I'm sure I'll be able to find more if I will check my older files. ^_^

Thanks to all the shutterbugs whose photos I've used above.

Jung Min in Intimate Note

Photos of Jung Min on 'Intimate Note' came out today. Thanks to 귀작501 for sharing this on

Jung Min together with Gyuri of KARA and Brian Joo recorded on December 21 'Intimate Note'.

This episode of 'Intimate Note' will be aired tomorrow, January 1 at 9:55pm over at SBS.

it's still a mystery

As of this writing, rumor has it that SS501 is in Shanghai. They were chartered by HunanTV on the 27th [not yesterday afternoon]. Rumor has it also that they had a rehearsal last night. But from the latest news in China [thanks to Shirley], apparently a fan went to the rehearsal yesterday and did not see SS501. The same fan saw some staff talking so she went over and ask if SS501 is going to be there the staff then said 'Who is SS501?'. They then look at the performance schedule and no SS501, but there is SJ-M. They looked over it twice and didn't find SS501.

Like I said even the Korean fans are also confused by all these. They even called DSP to confirm. But they keep getting different answers everyday. But yesterday I think DSP told them only that SS501 left Seoul on the 27th.

What's the mystery behind all this? We could only guess, right? But someone told me that, every year, during the countdown of HunanTV there will always be a mysterious guest. So, could it be possible this is the reason why DSP is so quiet about this? Could this also be the reason why HunanTV did not include SS501 on their guest list and staff [probably trained?] denying SS501? Hmm...

Anyway, today is the day before 2010. The countdown will begin in less than 21 hours. The mysterious guest will soon be revealed. Could it be SS501? We could only wait and see.

Oh by the way, it was raining last night when the fans asked about SS501 at the rehearsal venue, could it be a sign that SS501 is/was there? ^_^

P.S. If you're going to ask me where I'd like SS501 be at this time. I'd like them to be in Korea so that they can spend the first day of 2010 with their loved ones. But if they really are in China, I'd like them to be there for a different reason... a much deserved rest... no more no less. After reading some issues about HunanTV and some Korean artists I'd rather want them not to be at that show at all.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

look at what's sticking out

Find Hyun Joong sooo cute whenever he sticks his tongue out. I've quite a few photos of him though I know there are more out there. I just don't have time now to check my other files since I'm going out with friends in a few minutes to meet a friend from Seoul who is here for a vacation. [Remember I was able to enter the fashion when I was in Seoul last October? The one where I didn't know that Kyu Jong and Young Saeng with KimBum, Jang Geun Seok and many more were there? She's here ^_^]

Alright, here are few of the photos that I have. Savor them while we don't have anything much yet from Seoul [or China?] Well, actually, I think that the China thing is still a rumor though there is still a possibility that they'll be going but i think for a different reason. Fans everywhere I think are confused. [i think even in Korea fans are confused from the many rumors coming out as to the whereabouts of the boys].

Again, thanks to the shutterbugs for all the photos above. See yah all later!

P.S. I've a post on Jung Min and Kyu Jong too later which I think you'll like.

P.P.S. Geez, sorry about the earlier title didn't noticed that i made a major error. >_<