Thursday, July 31, 2008

artwork by baefan

since soompi is still down, let me post this artwork here that i got from joonsfamily. it's by chan405. photos were from the new issue of vogue japan edition

btw, since the issue on copyright is hot at the moment i'm wishing that many baesisters will do artwork of the newly released photos from mags. ^^ so that those artworks can be shared in other fora.

artwork by chan405
posted by rosiebaba/joonsfamily

thanks to chan405 and rosiebaba!


i've been trying to access soompi for about 2 hrs now but i can't get through. anyone here who visits soompi having the same problem as i? i always get this message:

The connection has timed out

The server at is taking too long to respond.

* The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few
* If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network
* If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

Try again

whenever soompi acts up, i always get worried. in 2005 the forum crashed and everything went to the drain. currently byj thread at soompi is more than 900 pages and while twssg thread is more than 400 pages. hope nothing serious happened.

copyright issue 0_o

i've been wanting to post this since last night but thought about it since copyright issue resurfaced again in byjgallery. actually i've noticed when the nikkan sports issue was released the site locked the url of the photos that they posted.

just to let everyone know here, style requested on byjgallery especially the overseas visitors not to post in open portals such as Baidu, Naver, Miclub, Daum, Telzone, BYJ's Quilt, etc [guess this also includes soompi], as well as KOB [korean official board] photos from newly published magazines and dvds.

honestly, this saddens me. but we can't do anything but to abide.

anyway, since this blog is not a forum and since i've saved this set of photos last nitht, i'll be posting them here. if you want them save them in your pc buty please DO NOT POST in any of the open fora.

btw, thanks to arayo/byjgallelry ^^

in another copyright issue, there is also a crackdown going on in youtube lately that involves sbs korea and a blogger.

and here's a much bigger issue on copyright. sbs korea is now in the hot seat. sbs korea showed last night what should have been a highly confidential rehearsals of the beijing olympics on their news for more than 2mins. it’s not known whether sbs will face censure from the beijing olympics organizers because of this copyright issue. but i read that everyone in the rehearsals were requested and even signed an agreement not to reveal anything from what they will see.

yong joon is back in seoul!

yup he's back and suehan just posted on byj's quilt a quick update.

according to suehan, yong joon arrived at around 4am this morning with Brian. He was greeted by Mgr Hwang and Mr. Shin at Incheon Airport. He left the airport by his Maybach and pushed the cart himself and looked healthy.

thanks suehan for relaying to us the good news. likewise to a japanese sister for the personal message that i got in soompi when i arrived to the office.

the biggest question now is, will he be staying longer in Seoul? i heard that he plans to go back to NY for more R & R.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

[photos ] from yong joon's camera #5

japanese baesister yuri posted another set of photos that yong joon took while in japan. same photos were posted by LL on byjgallery, by free on byjfan and by happiebb on her blog.

i lifted these photos from byjfan and got the translation of the caption from happiebb. thanks everyone! bb, hope you don't mind me posting your translation of the caption here :)

the ema at kamakura,
hope that everyone's wishes will come true.

after the TWSSG event has ended,
in the car on the way back to the hotel.

again if you want to see the rest of the photos taken by yong joon, just click on the link just below the title of this post and you will be directed to all post related to photos from byj.

[photos] from yong joon's camera #4


the 4th set of photos from yong joon that he took himself when he was in japan last month was posted again by tomato99 on byj's quilt! [thanks again tomato!]

btw, if you want to see the other photos take by yong joon, just click on the label, photos from byj, that you just below the title of this post. ^^

from yong joon's camera
original source : kob and job
posted by tomato99 on byj's quilt

Sunday, July 27, 2008

that vogue pix!!!

i'm back and what a pleasant surprise to be seeing the new photos from vogue! thanks so much LL and happiebb for sharing them! can't wait for the translation.

scanned by LL/byjgallery
taken from happiebb's blog

Friday, July 25, 2008

vogue mag ish date 7.28 is out!

remember i mentioned last month that we've to look forward to several more mags in japan that will feature yong joon? the vogue mag ish date 7.28 is out! here's a snapphoto of the mag that kyuputenQ shared on byjfan and byjgallery she must have bought her copy already and just can't post the scanned photos due to copyright restriction in japan.

let's be a little patient...soon the scanned photos will be posted as well as the english translation courtesy of our kind baesisters.

smile project

i have been wondering what the new megane ichiba project is really called? is it 'smile project' or 'i wish project'? ^^ whatever, i wish that this project will be successful since the sale of each pair of glasses will be donated to support the vaccination project in Nepal through Japan's Foster Plan. to read again about this click here or here.

i posted earlier the photos that were released yesterday click here to view them.

and here's the photo from megane ichiba website courtesy of free of byjfan.

yong joon made this!
and as announced the other day, the new cf of megane ichiba will be released today. here it goes ~

[vod] NEW Megane Ichiba CF / smile project
posted by tomato99 in byj's quilt
source: Megane Ichiba HP

'I wish to give smile to all the children of the world.'

click here to watch the cf in youtube

or copy this ulr in a new window > mms://

btw, when we were in japan last june, i regretted not trying on some of the glasses at the megane ichiba store that cloudnine and i visited. = ( who knows i might have bought...sigh...

p.s. these cute tags are so cute...wish i could have one ^^

Thursday, July 24, 2008

brokore mag 08.08 ish

josefine just posted on byj's gallery photos from brokore magazine. they're bigger and clearer!

the first time that the photos from brokore came out was last june 13. but those photos were snapshots from the photoshot. click here to to view photos those photos.

there seems to be an article included. i'm sure translation will be shared by some baesisters soon. ^^

note : you can save but please do not repost yet until the urls from the original source have been unlocked. thanks for abiding!

brokore mag 08.08
scanned by josefine/byjgallery

click image for larger photo ^^

thanks josefine for the scanned photos!

[k news] bits and pieces

news of hallyu stars buying property abroad is the topic of talk in some fora today. i read that the soon to be married kwon sang woo [stairways to heaven], bought a penthouse apartment in australia for 1.8m dollars [source : ReviewStar dated Jul 23]. according to ksw, he bought the property 2 years ago.

another hallyu stars who was reported to have bought property in LA is jang dong gun [all about eve, taegukgi, brotherhood of war].

with the money they are earning, i believe that it's alright for them property abroad. but would they be able to live in the property they bought when their bread and butter is in their home country? or could they be thinking of it as their retirement home?

again, it makes me wonder, could yong joon also be thinking of buying property outside of korea?

in another news...

the teaser poster for the movie 'rough cut' [originally known as 'movie is movie'] which stars kang ji hwang [hong gil dong] and so ji sub [i'm sorry i love you] was out yesterday. the movie is set to be released in seoul on september 11.

'rough cut' is the first movie of sjs in seoul after his release from the military almost 2 years ago. and it's kjh's follow-up project after the success of the drama 'hong gil dong'.

'rough cut' is a movie that revolves around a gangster character, kang pae [sjs] and a reckless actor, soo ta [kjw].

btw, did you know so ji sub and kang ji hwang invested some money in this low budget movie? hmm, could he be learning from the 'boss'. likewise, the sponsor for the promotional shirt is 'dressed to kill' and the wardrobe that they used in this film is being endorsed by ji sub, sieg fahrenheit.

[scanned photos] from nikkan sports 06.08ish

Nikkan Sports
06.08 ish

remember the above photo that came out on the net on July 5? if i'm correct only few of the photos were posted after it's release. today, vento posted all the scanned at byjgallery. though you might think that they're just the same as the other photos that had been posted earlier, i think that you've to see the photos again. i believe that this set of photos were taken from different angels, more closer and clearer.

again, thanks to vento for her tireless effort in giving us wonderful scanned photos of yong joon. ^^

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

new photos from megane ichiba!

huge huge thanks to tomato99 for bringing this set of photos in byj's quilt!

btw, the first and second photos reminded of united colors of benetton ad? ^^