Monday, December 31, 2012

[Trans] Kyu Jong's S/Tweet Treat for the New Year!

Kyu Jong greeted us via sweet tweet treat for the coming year. Here is translation of his tweet courtesy of course of @xiaochu1004 shared on Twitter.

@2kjdream : Happy New year. Have a happy new year pretties. Let's spend 2013 with a kind heart, filled with laughter and sharing happiness~~

It will still be quite a while before we see Kyu Jong. But for so long as he keeps on tweeting once in a while and we are getting bits and pieces of photos, I am fine with it. I am pretty sure that Kyu Jong is doing well and doing his best to serve his country as well.

Happy New Year, Kyu Jong!

Happy 2013, Everyone!

Just in case I get busy with the merry making later, I am already greeting everyone Happy New Year! 

 Thank you for frequently visiting my blog and still keeping me company. 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hyun Joong Scuba Diving in Jeju

It has been known that Hyun Joong went scuba diving in Jeju and only came back to Seoul tonight.

Here are photos of Hyun Joong shared in Weibo as well as the translation of his scuba diving skill. Thanks to veggiedelight for sending them in my email as well as to Much thanks to @howlovelylala for the translation in Twitter.

Hyun Joong : My octopus friend.

[Eng Trans] Review of scuba-diving w/ 김현중 at Jeju http:// Hallue star Kim Hyun Joong visited Jeju island for scuba-diving tour with GAG Leisure guide, Lee Won Young!!

During the tour from Dec26 to 29, we did total 7 times divings including 1time of deep-sea-diving, 3times of fun-diving, and 3times of night-time-diving.
Through this tour, HJ could upgrade his scuba-diving skill more. Once he finish ice-diving planned in Jan, and 60 times logo, he can complete the course of CMAS MASTER DIVER.

That's all for the review of the tour with HJ^^

Hyun Joong back at Gimpo from Jeju.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

[Media Pix] Jung Min Christmas Fan Meeting in Tokyo

On the 19th of December, Jung Min had a 'Christmas Fan Meeting 2012 - Beautiful' held at Tokyo Dome City Hall.  This is the 3rd time Jung Min is doing this for his fans in Japan.

The event's them is a musical concert in which he traveled between the 80s, 50s and the future with each time period different songs from different eras.

Here are photos from the event lifted from hot-korea. Much thanks to veggiedelight for the tip.

After the fan meeting, Jung Min thanked his fans with a handshake.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

[Pix] Hyun Joong Fan Signing in 5 Cities in Japan

Photos of Hyun Joong from his Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukouka fan signing that happened from the 21st to the 23rd of December graced some entertainment portals today. The fan signing is related to Hyun Joong first full Japanese album 'UNLIMITED' that was released in the 12th of December in Japan.

Hyun Joong walked over  a waiting fan in wheelchair 
and gave her a handshake and autograph.

Starting January, Hyun Joong will be touring Japan once again to do show and promote 'UNLIMITED'.

[Pix] Jung Min in Osaka Airport 12.20.12

We all know that Jung Min is already in Korea as he tweeted earlier that he is going to stay all day in his room, get a meaningful rest, sleep, watch DVD and eat. ^^ Before being a potato couch, Jung Min was in Japan to do concert and anothe series of show for ROMEO.

It's already been 6 days since his in Osaka and I am shoving here photos of him from Osaka Airport lifted from the post of 00lanse in Baidu which she got from Thanks much!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Greetings from Hyung Jun To Fans All Over the World

A very nice video greeting from Hyung Jun for all his supporters all over the world.

Here is the video that I lifted from junusofficialtv in which Hyung Jun is looking handsome in the hairstyle that I like him the most, Santa's hat and holding Christmas greeting in various languages.

Check this out!

Merry Christmas too, Hyung Jun!

Monday, December 24, 2012

[Trans] Christmas Message from Kyu Jong

Kyu Jong making everyone's Christmas wonderful with his sweet message.  ThanKYU!

Heaps of thank you as well to xiaochu for the translation in Quainte501 and SGNoonas. 

Missing Kyu Jong again.

Btw, Merry Christmas everyone!

[Trans] KyuJong, “2012.12.24 Merry Christmas”

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &


Hello. This is ThanKYU administrator.
KyuJong’s Christmas message has arrived^^

The original copy is as attached.
Because there are some who couldn’t really see the words on the image file, so we’ve put the text below.


Pretties~! Merry Christmas~♡
Is everyone doing well?! It was July not long ago~
Before we knew it!! It is the end of the year where we think of people we are grateful to and missing of~
Though it is something I’ve always say, please be the pretties who will give a warm and comfortable helping hand with your precious someone at year end~^^
Even though it is important to be finding happiness, but sharing and distributing seems to be even more important~ That’s why happiness is turning round and round among each other~ How great is that?!^^ Hee~
I wrote bigger because I heard that the letters can’t be seen clearly
But while writing, I realized that I can’t write more than a few lines..TT - Even though it’s like a letter that’s written once, actually I’ve written a few to choose from..^^ Haha~”
Anyways!! Time flies faster than we think~ That’s why we must spend (our time) valuably~ Promise!! We frequently say “What should I do tomorrow?”
Tomorrow is an extension of tomorrow and tomorrow will be today in a blink, today will be the past before we knew it!
So instead of worrying for tomorrow, why not always welcome it with excitement?!^^ My excitement is today’s excitement for tomorrow
And the exciting yesterday that seems to have remain^^
The last line before I knew it..
TT Pretties, a hasty goodbye~ Will write a letter again^^♡

Saturday, December 22, 2012

[Vids] Jung Min's Guesting in KBS World Arabic

Shoving here Jung Min's guesting in KBS World Arabic. Much thanks to veggiedelight for sharing the link. I hope that someone can give us idea what have been said in the interview. ^^

Following videos are lifted from kbsworldarabic.

[Vids] Hyung Jun Perf and PressCon Interview in Thailand 12.12.14

Another set of video this time of Hyung Jun when he went to Thailand for the Thailand-Korean Friendship Festival. Again thank you to Unknown from the sidebar.

Much thanks to Glass Choo for sharing the following video of Hyung Jun's performances and from the presscon.

Please DO NOT edit and/or re-upload videos in any streaming sites including YouTube.

[Vid] Jung Min in Showbiz Korea

Again thank you to Unknown for sharing the link on the sidebar  where we can  watch Showbiz Korea where Jung Min was featured last 17th of December.

Much thanks to JungMinShine for sharing in YouTube.

[Full Perf] ROMEO EXTRA LIVE 12.18.12

Been out for too long yah?  Sorry, been busy attending to lots of things at work and been going home very very late.  By the time I got home I am dead tired.  But last night was the last of it so expect that I can blog again.

To the posters on the sidebar, HEAPS of THANKS for sharing many many links.  I will be shoving them here so that visitors can easily access them.

Here is Jung Min's  performance in Japan  last December 18 for ROMEO EXTRA LIVE at Tokyo Dome City Hall lifted from the YouTube channel of world7195h.

Please DO NOT edit and/or re-upload in any streaming sites including YouTube.

Monday, December 17, 2012

[Vid] Hyun Joong Departure to Hong Kong for YBA 12.17.12

Hyun Joong left for HongKong to be at the Yahoo Buzz Awards tonight.

Here is a video of Hyun Joong at Incheon International Airport, uploaded by Sarah860606 of

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If you move this video please write the original credit only.
Do not re-upload ,re-edit & erase the logo
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Do not move this video to everywhere that are related "We got married"

[Pix] Hyung Jun at CSR Campaign Together for Green World 12.15.12

Another big thank you to K-xeiti of OnlyMin for this set of wonderfully taken photos of Hyung Jun taken on the 15th of December during tree planting activities.

 This activity is a campaign of Green World which is dubbed as CSR Campaing Together. This is still part of the Thailand-Korea Friendship Festival. The tree planting happened at Rot Fai Park (Vachirabenjatas Park)

Really nice Hyung Jun's fringe this way.  He's dressed simply but I liking it much. The dark tee looks sexy on him.