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[Vids] Kim Hyung Jun interview with Razor TV

The vids that I have posted from different news in Singapore who covered Kim Hyung Jun's Showcase and Meet & Greet have almost the same content with a bit of this and that. And to be honest regardless how many times I've seen them, I don't get tired watching because Hyung Jun is adorable and his English is something pleasant to the ears.

Here's again another set of interview of Hyung Jun this time with Razor TV. Thanks to hl2412 for tweeting these vids and uploading in YT.

And here's one part of the interview that iamsom tweeted which came from the same news. The screencaps shows Hyung Jun showing different faces as he was act to act them out.

[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong filming MK at the beach 083010

You've seen the photos taken by KIMHYUNJOONG Perfect from the filming of Mischievous Kiss at the beach. Now, let me give to you the video from the same fanclub. Thanks to kimyubin1 for posting this in YT. This was the filming yesterda.

All English! Hyung Jun saying 'bye to his SG Fans

I'm really surprise that Hyung Jun is speaking straight English in this interview of Ken at 1003!

'love it!

Thanks to autumn501kiss for uploading in YT. Thanks to crabby0707 for tweeting.

[Article] Hyung Jun Searches for his News Online

Another article was translated by cloud0_o on the fourm of SgTripleS. Super thanks again for the hardwork during Maknae visit to your country and for doing the last three translations that I posted in my blog.

[2010.08.31] Kim Hyung Jun Often Seaches for His News Online

credits Chinese news @ mypaper.com.sg + English Translation by cloud0_o @ SgTripleS

Please repost with full credits.

Pic: Korea band SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun disclosed that he felt lonely during solo activities, but will have bigger areas for development.

SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun just signed a new contract with new company and advancing on his individual career. He disclosed that he often searchs for his related news on the web, increasing viewing rates, in order to increase his popularity.

Kim Hyung Jun came to Singapore to hold a showcase and "Meet-and-Greet" session with fans yesterday. During the interview in the evening, he was asked if it is true that he will search for his related news online as per mentioned in some reports previously.

Hyper Hyung Jun smiled and spoke in English:"Yes that's true. Search me please!", after he heard the translated questions from his translator.

He continued through his translator:"i often search for my related news online, because i felt that it is required as an artiste, especially at the current state when i am doing individual activities. I hope will my fans will also do the same".

After the translator finished translating his words, Kim Hyung Jun naughtily added:"Please do!".

What is the most interesting news that he found when he is browsing through? "Once there was an article which is about my dog, Choco. The content is about how it grew from a puppy to a dog, but actually it is only a small matter".

Actually, Choco belongs to Hyung Jun and his brother, U-Kiss's Ki Bum. The two brothers are in the entertainment industry together, will there be rivalry between them?

Kim Hyung Jun smiled:"Recently i saw my brother being very active in many variety shows, even busier than me, did somehow make me felt threatened! Just kidding! He is a good brother, very happy to see him performed well in his work. Popularity also getting higher. Good boy!".

Wants to act in drama after his individual projects.

After signing with new agency, Kim Hyung Jun disclosed that his current most important project is the musical at the end of the year. He hopes that he will have the opportunity to participate in dramas in future.

This time round, he came alone from Seoul to Singapore, without his memberes, does he find it hard to get used to it?? "Definitely will miss the other members, and will also felt lonely. The most important thing in doing solo activities is have to make alot of decisions on my own, have to be mature in terms of mindset."

However, he said truthfully, solo activities has more freedom and space to development:"In SS501, once wanted to try out a certain genre of music, but it does not suit the other members. Solo projects enable me to go according to my own preference. Furthermore, during filming, i can get all the camera focus to myself. Haha. Just kidding!".

[Article and Vid] Kim Ki Bum a threat according to Hyung Jun

I love how the Singapore media conducted their interview with Hyung Jun. They've asked important questions that most of us wanted to hear.

Thanks cloud0_o of SGTripleS Forum for tweeting this and for translating this interesting topic. Mwuaks!

[2010.08.30] Brothers Battle for Popularity! Hyung Jun: Brother Ki Bum is a threat.
credits Chinese new @ omy.com + English translation by cloud0_o @ SgTripleS

Please repost with full credits.

Pic: Kim Hyung Jun and fans having a great time together, fans are very passionate.

Both brothers are in the entertainment industry. Hyung Jun loves to search for his name online, and felt that brother, U-Kiss's Ki Bum, is a threat!

SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun recently signed with new management alone, and came to Singapore alone to meet fans for the first time. He, a 23 years old guy, has a straightforward and casual personality. While being interviewed, he will talks gently and laugh heartily, making lots of funny expressions. He even did 6 different poses for picture taking instantly and showed his English skills generously. During his interaction with fans, he is very generous, hugged them, laughed happily, electrified them with his charms, almost with no limitation and very friendly. However, Hyung Jun stated that when he is at home, he talks less, "but when up on stage, in order to mingle with fans, he will be very hyper and friendly".

He is the youngest in SS501, but is the eldest in his family. Having different status in different environments tend to make him confused. But he stated that currently, he is happy to be the youngest and a chatty KIm Hyung Jun, "because i am more suitable to be like that!".

Kim Hyung Jun debutted as SS501 in year 2005. His 3 years younger brother, Kim Ki Bum, joined U-Kiss 2 years ago, following Hyung Jun's footsteps into the entertainment industry. Hyung Jun event attended U-Kiss's events to support his little brother, showing their close relationship. However, recently U-Kiss's popularity is rising rapidly, will Hyung Jun be worried about his juniors overtaking him?

"My brother is currently very active in the industry, attending Korea variety shows. At first, we are good brothers, but now, i felt that his is a little threat, but he is still my good little brother!" He quickly added:"Just kidding! I am very happy to see my brother getting more attention and popularity".

U-Kiss came to Singapore twice, while this is the first time for Hyung Jun. He said that his brother had recommended him to try our local delicacies:"He told me Singapore's Chilli Crab and Pepper Crab is a must-try, and not to miss out on Singapore's night view. He even reminded me to buy a present for him. Haha!"

Hyung Jun also generously admit that he loves to search for his name on the web occasionally. His aim is to contribute to his popularity and increase the numbers of views. He stated:"Just started on my solo activities, thus i felt that this is a must, hope that fans will support me, and do the same for me!"

Participate in a musical at year end.

Hyung Jun will participate in a musical at the end of the year, hopes able to step into the movie industry in future.

After going solo, Kim Hyung Jun admits that sometimes he felt lonely. Now that he is alone, he needs to be more mature and careful in his social skills. But being a happy-go-lucky and straighforward, he added:"As a member of SS501, sometimes will want to try our different genres of music, but it might not suit the other members. Now being alone, i can pursue the music style that i like, and can get all the camera focus on myself. Haha!"
Having just signed with his new company, they stated that they protect Hyung Jun's activities with SS501. Even though they are in different agencies, but if they want to stand on stage together in future, the company will give their utmost support.

Kim Hyung Jun also disclosed that he will participate in a musical at year end:"Next i hope to advance into the movies industry. Wish that there is a good role for me!"

Hugs with fans.

Over 1000 fans gathered at IMM Garden Plaza last night for "Kim Hyung Jun Meet-and-Greet" session.

Kim Hyung Jun is very friendly and nice during the 2 hours event. He even praised that Singapore fans are very enthusiastic. When the host, Ken, asked him if he wanted to unbutton his vest as the weather is too hot, Hyung Jun actually launched a counter attack and wanted Ken to take off his jacket. The scenario is funny.

Apart from personally signed the posters for the first group of fans, Hyung Jun also addressed each poster according to their names. As for the second group of fans, they received a limited edition poster from Hyung Jun personally. Some of them even asked for a hug, a handshake, highfive etc, having closer contact with their idol.


Vid courtesy of poohlhl

[Article] More News from Singpore about Kim Hyung Jun

Again thanks to cloud0_o of SgTripleS for translating this news.


[2010.08.30] Kim Hyung Jun Left Singapore Today. Signed with New Management Company.

credits Chinese news @ Omy.com + English translation by cloud0_o @ SgTripleS
Please repost with full credits.

Pic: Kim Hyung Jun had already decided to leave his previous company DSP,
and signed with Splus management company which Kang Ji Hwan is in.

Kim Hyung Jun, member of SS501 flew to Singapore alone from Seoul last saturday, and held 2 fanmeeting events yesterday(29th). He had already returned to Seoul today.

Before Kim Hyung Jun came to Singapore, he had already decided to leave DSP, and signed a new contract with SPlus management company which Kang Ji Hwan is in. Despite the fact that DSP stressed that SS501 will "go solo but not disband", but Kim Hyun Joong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun already left one by one, only left with "201" Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong, which reality did not tally with their words.

The contract between SS501 and DSP management company expires in June, leader Kim Hyun Joong is poached by Bae Yong Joon and left the team first, currently is filming his new drama, . Next Park Jung Min signed with "CNR Media", which is a joint company by Taiwan famous producer, Angie Chai, and Korea "Roy Media". And on the 27th afternnon at a promotion event in Japan, Korea SPlus company officially announced to public that Kim Hyung Jun had already signed with them, and he will be the juniors of famous artistes like Kang Ji Hwan and Jo Sung Mo.

Kim Hyung Jun's new management company, SPlus, stated that they will let him follow the mode of Kang Ji Hwan, by advancing in Japan, becoming a Korea Hallyu Star. However, if Kim Hyung Jun wanted to participate in SS501's activities, the company will also give their support.

Previously Kim Hyun Joong attended 's presscon and talks about SS501's future for the first time. He said:"SS501 is not disband", but yet talks about him preparing for his solo album and focusing on his individual activities first.

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong to Sing OST in Mischievous Kiss

As I tweeted earlier, I read in one article posted on SS601.com that Hyun Joong will be singing in the OST of Mischievous Kiss. The one of the article I read has been translated by Ode on her blog and I'm sharing them here. Thanks to Ode and welcome back! Hope you're doing well now.

Hmm, wonder if this is the song he recored in the US. ^^


[Trans] Flower boy star Kim Hyun Joong will be singing the OST of his own MBC Wed-Thurs drama 'Playful Kiss'.
source : StarNews
Korean to English translation by Ode / ss501ode.blogspot.com

Kim Hyun Joong has recently recorded for a song in the OST.

Though Kim Hyun Joong who was borne of group SS501 has had solo title tracks and discographies that went on sale like 'Thank you' and 'Please be nice to me', this shall be his first time singing alone for OST tracks.

According to the production company Group Eight on 31st, though the theme for HyunJoong's solo song hasn't been decided as yet, it will be inclusive inside the OST for sure, and will be sure to meet with the audiences and music fans soon.



[Trans] 'Flower boy' Kim Hyun Joong will be singing the OST for his MBC drama 'Playful Kiss'

On the 31st, in a phone interview with Newsen, Playful Kiss OST's production team Sponge Entertainment Lee Sang Mok nim revealed, "Kim Hyun Joong recorded not long ago for the male lead's solo theme, it's a sweet ballad track".

In addition, "Because it's the theme of the male lead himself, instead of having others sing the song, it will be better if Kim Hyun Joong sings it himself, and this was recommended by Hwang In Roi PD nim, to which Kim Hyun Joong agreed readily". Not just that, "HyunJoong doesn't have any free time because of his very tight schedules that nests through nights, but even if he may be very tired, he still gave up his sleep and eventually finished recording for the song safely", "Instead, I encouraged him that concentration in the morning will achieve better results", showing his praise for HyunJoong.

"The moment news about Kim Hyun Joong participating in the OST came out, calls from media in Japan and Taiwan surged in almost immediately, and suddenly, we just realized how Kim Hyun Joong's popularity was so real", he also expressed. This solo track of HyunJoong's will be released mid of next week.

-last para omit about drama-


New Official Pix of Mischievous Kiss

With one night sleep to go, official website of MBC's Mischievous Kiss released new photos. Thanks to Marvie for posting these photos [mianhe, forgot to tweet your post this afternoon.]

Credit : Mischieous Kiss Official Website

[Vids & Pix] HJB's Departure from Changi & Arrival @ Incheon 083110

Prettyboy just uploaded vids and pix of Hyung Jun departing Changi and arriving Incheon Airport early this morning, August 31 from a very successful first outing in Singapore.

When he left Singapore, I think that not many fans were able to say goodbye to him as he used the VIP exit. Anyway, Jennifer Park, the lady who has been helping them in SG tweeted and confirmed this and said in her last night :

JenniferPark318 HJ left just now. It wasn't his decision to use the private terminal. Next time, I'll arrange for you to say bye to the fans properly~~

So there... next time. ^^

If you can't view the vids above click HERE and HERE.

[Pix] Kim Hyun Joong's Beach Scene for Mischievous Kiss

Credit : as tagged

[News] Kim Hyung Jun XIN Interview @ Singapore 100830

[News] Kim Hyung Jun Don’t Want to be Labelled as Cute. Disclose Hyun Joong did Not Give him a Birthday Present

Credit: Chinese news @ xin.msn.com + English translation by cloud0_o @ SgTripleS
Please Repost with Full Credits

SS501′s maknae Kim Hyung Jun came to Singapore alone, stated that he did not want to be called ‘cute’ in future. His birthday just ended in early August and disclosed that leader Hyun Joong never give him a birthday present, and complained that he is a “Bad Boy”.

Kim Hyung Jun is one of the members in korea band SS501. Since June when their contract with their previous company ended, each member has gradually take turns to signed with other companies. Recently, he also signed with S-Plus entertainment company, starting his “Solo” activities.

Yesterday, Kim Hyung Jun came to Singapore for the first time as an individual and help a showcase at Republic Poly. About 80% of the tickets are sold by the organisers.

Apart from performing , and together with his korean dancers, he also played games with 20 lucky fans. Being articulate, he kept showcasing his English by throwing praising words to the fans, making everyone super elated.

Hyung Jun was very touched by the fans’ enthusiasm. Being an emotional person, he cried after watching the video and song specially created and written for him by fanclub.

Hyung Jun stated: ”i am nervous as i came to Singapore alone. Therefore, i did alot of preparation in Korea. Seeing so many fans supporting me, i am very touched and also very happy. i hope in future, i am able to stay in Singapore”.

Wanted to become “Manly”, don’t want to be praise as “Cute”.

Handsome Kim Hyung Jun is the maknae (youngest) in Ss501, fans nicknamed him as “Baby”, had turned 22 years old on the 3rd of August. Even though he protrayed his cuteness during the showcase, but during xinmsn’s interview, he said that he did not want to be labelled as cute in future!

Kim Hyung Jun told the reporter: “Up til last year, i am ok with fans saying that i am cute. But this year, i changed my mindset, hoping that fans will praise me as being charismatic and manly.

He spoke in English, seriously: ”I’m a Man”.

Kim Hyung Jun proudly clenched his fist, stating recently he is keen in working out in the gym. He also watched quite a number of dramas, learning how the male leads protray their mature side. He chuckled that he likes to watch kissing scenes, as he felt that it is very manly.

Kissing scene with female actress? Kim Hyung Jun: Very shy!

However, even though likes to see others kiss, but when being ask about his view of intimate scenes in his future acting projects, he is unable to conceal his shyness.

Kim Hyung Jun stated that he is willing to follow the directions of the director. The reporter saw Hyung Jun said “Please” to the camera, asked if that implied that he wished to have kissing scenes. He quickly reply:”Kissing scenes? i am shy! But, no matter is what character, what scene, i will do my very best. And, after all, it is only acting”.

Kim Hyung Jun disclosed that if able to have the opportunity to work with female artiste like Shin Min Ah (model) and Kim Tae Hee(actress), he will be very honoured.

As for what role he wanted to act, Kim Hyung Jun said that due to the fact that he watched Lee Byeong Heon acted in , thus he hope to act as someone with a strong character, one which is able to leave a deep impression in people, eg. killer.

Disclosed leader Kim Hyun Joong has poor memory, forgets about his birthday.

Actually, ever since Ss501 gradually started on their individual activities, fans are most concerned about when they will gathered together again.

As per mentioned by the other members before, Kim Hyung Jun reassured that signing contract with new management company and kicked start solo activities, does not mean that SS501 is disband.

“We are still together, our relationship is also very good. If possible, we hope to stand on stage together as soon as possible. While focusing on our individual careers now, we are still planning and preparing for our future concert and performance”.

Early August, Kim Hyung Jun had a fanmeeting in Korea to celebrate his birthday. Every members appeared apart fr leader Hyun Joong due to busy filming schedules. Baby is touched to tears seeing them, protrayed SS501 great relationship.

Will Kim Hyun Joong make up the present in future? Hyung Jun happily disclosed that “Hyun Joong is quite forgetful, cannot remember important stuffs, but i believe that even though he is away busy with filming, but deep in his heart, he will congratulate me”.

Speaking of presents, Hyung Jun sighed: ”No present. This is not the first time, i am not surprised”.

Hyung Jun even took the chance to “Scold” leader, “Bad boy, Leader bad!”. Seems like he is really used to Hyun Joong’s forgetfulness, and did not put it to heart.

Next, Hyung Jun is expected to participate in a musical, and will released his solo album next year, plus involvement in dramas. In addition, he also plan to start a business with his brother Kim Ki Bum(U-Kiss member) and become his own boss.

[Fancam] Park Jung Min @ CNR Inauguration 100830

Thanks Marvie for this. I have been waiting for photos, vids and news about this inauguration yesterday but didn't get any until I fell asleep. ^^

Thanks as well to Gilch for posting this on SS601.com.

Credit : as tagged/Gilch@ss601.com

Hyun Joong spazz at MK press conf

Thanks Imane for posting this. Seems like there is an endless photos of Hyun Joong form Mischievous Kiss.

These are wonderful captures.


【DVD】SS501's Solo Performance @ Asia Tour Encore Persona Concert

Kim Hyun Joong's "Please Be Good To Me"

Credit : exlley@youtube

SS501's "A Song Calling For You" + Kim Hyung Jun's "잘지내"

Kim Kyu Jong's "Never Let You Go", "WUSS UP" + SS501's "Again" & "Confession"

Credit : SSlovechau@youtube
(Please Do Not Re-Upload in Any Live Streaming Sites esp. in YT)

Heo Young Saeng's "WE"

Heo Young Saeng's "FIND"

Park Jung Min's "KISS" (with Rainbow)

Credit : tjinda28@youtube

Hyun Joong & Yong Joon Signature T-Shirt Sold @ Charity Auction in 24Hour TV

Kim Hyun Joong Signature T-Shirt Sold

Bae Yong Joon Signature T-Shirt Sold

Credit : blog.daum.net/elley0606

[Pix] SOFF Story Of Four Flowers Photo Exibition

Credit : blog.daum.net/elley0606