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[FanCams] Young Saeng @ Mnet Super Concert 07.30.11 by Madeleine

Madeleine also shared their fancams from the performance of Young Saeng at Mnet Super Concert yesterday.

Here are the videos from Madeleine uploaded by the fanclub's official uploader in YT, yssilver1103 on her YT channel.

I so love Young Saeng's hair style. He looks naughty with that kind of fringe. And the smiles that he flashes, they're so sweet and makes me miss him more.

[Pix] Hyun Joong in Japan by A-hlia

Only few photos of Hyun Joong taken by fans from Break Down Showcase and Love-1 Festival can be seen on the web that was held in Japan over the weekend. One of those few are from the camera of A-hlia posted on her blog that I lifted from Baidu.

Now I know how sweaty Hyun Joong was during the showcase. I have been reading from tweets last Friday that he's perspiring so much. And from the photos of A-hlia, Hyun Joong seems to have sweated a lot from his performances. Click to enlarge and see sweats trickle down his face and neck.

Pix of Jung Min From UN Concert in Japan by Innolife

Last July 18, Jung Min together with Juno (brother of Junsu of JYJ), ZE:A and other stars from Japan held a concert for United Nations dubbed as Friend's Whistle! Act for tomorrow! Vol.2.

In the said event Jung Min sang 'Not Alone', 'If You Cannot' and 'Do You Know'. Photos from the event then were very limited. Today at Baidu, I found seven photos of Jung Min from the portal of Innolife. Here are the set of photos.

[Pix] Though Tired, Hyung Jun Still Goofs Around

He's just awesome and adorable. That's what I think of Hyung Jun especially for the past weeks as he has been traveling a lot and in between travels fulfills his commitment to Music High and Mnet Wide News. With heavy schedule and looking worn out at times, still he entertains fans and goofs with them at Mnet recording and airport.

Here's a few photos of Hyung Jun taken by yip shan from several Mnet Wide News recording that I lifted from Baidu.

Notice About Hyun Joong's November Japan Tour

As it was announced during the Showcase of Hyun Joong for 'Break Down' last Friday that Hyun Joong will be touring seven cities in Japan in November, his official Japanese website has already released the notice. Here's translation of the notice. Thanks to tzeyin28 for the tweet and posting on Facebook.

Btw, if you missed reading again the comment of Lafone HERE, she commented that the cities that Hyun Joong will be touring are the same cities that SS501 toured during their Heart To Heart concert tour in September 2007.


[Notice] Kim Hyun Joong’s long-awaited 1st solo concert tour in Japan!

by 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)
Source: Kim Hyun Joong’s Japan Official Site (
Chinese translation: 大毛 @ 百度金贤重吧 (
English translation: tzeyin28 @

The long-awaited “Kim Hyun Joong’s 1st solo concert tour” is confirmed to be held in Japan!

Kim Hyun Joong will be coming here with his 2nd solo mini album that is estimated to be released this fall. He will start off the tour with a concert in Osaka and approximately 20,000 fans are expected to attend it. (Detailed information about his 2nd solo mini album will be announced in Japan in the near future) Please look forward to it!

[Concert Tour Schedule]
  • November 9th (Wednesday) @ Osaka: Grand Cube Osaka (Osaka International Convention Center)
  • November 11th (Friday) @ Sapporo: Sapporo City Shimin Hall
  • November 12th (Saturday) @ Sendai: Zepp Sendai
  • November 15th (Tuesday) @ Hiroshima: Hiroshima Alsok Hall
  • November 16th (Wednesday) @ Yokohama: Pacifico Yokohama
  • November 18th (Friday) @ Nagoya: Century Hall (Nagoya Congress Center)
  • November 23rd (Wednesday) @ Fukuoka: Fukuoka Cultural Center
* Dates and venues may change. We hope for your understanding.

* We will make an announcement about ticket selling methods and etc after making our decision.

[FanCam & Pix] Young Saeng Performances @ Mnet Super Concert 07.30.11

I am moving this up since I added 2 more fancams from rmdkdl and BestYS from the tips of HYSmystyle on Twitter. Thanks!


There wasn't anything about Young Saeng yesterday until few hours before midnight last night fanclubs were tweeting photos of him perfroming at Mnet Super Concert.

Here are fancams of Young Saeng performing 'Out the Club' and 'Let It Go' by rmdkdl uploaded by and on their respective YT channels.

Here's a clip of Young Saeng preparing for his performance.

This clip is when he's talking to fans before performing 'Let it Go'.

And lastly, a clip of him performing 'Let It Go'.

Another 'Let It Go' performance this time from BestYS.

Did you see his reaction at the end of his performance when firecrackers went out? Cute, right?

Here's a vid from BestYS when Young Saeng was leaving the stage and firecrackers still popping.


I am adding here photos which I lifted from Baidu that came from BestYS.

PressCon & Showcase Pix of Hyun Joong from Chosun Online

Thanks to happiebb (@baebb) for re-tweeting the tweet of chickyB829 where we can get these photos from the presscon of Hyun Joong for 'Break Down' last Friday. Finally more photos and articles are coming. Hope that we'll get to read some translated news later.

Here are the press conference photos lifted from Chosun Online.

Here are showcase photos.

[Article] Break Down Showcase In Japan

Thanks again to wonderrrgirl for the translation of this news on her Wonderrrland blog.

Never doubted for a second that the event will not be successful. He will not be a Hallyu star for nothing.

Btw, expect many articles and photos in the coming days as Hyun Joong will be staying in Japan for quite a long time. I am pretty certain that KeyEast booked him for a lot of guestings, interviews and photoshoots.


[News] Kim Hyun Joong’s showcase in Japan
Source: Newsis
Translation: Wonderrrgirl

“Little Yonsama” Kim Hyun Joong (25)’s first solo album showcase in Japan has been a great success.

On the 29th in the afternoon, Kim Hyun Joong had a splendid performance on the stage, together with 1800 fans and 200 reporters in the audience at Tokyo Odaiba.

For this showcase, because there are more than 10 times the number of fans who wanted a ticket to attend this concert, this has indeed brought Kim Hyun Joong’s high popularity in Japan to light.

During the 1 hour showcase, Kim Hyun Joong revealed that “because of the many love that he has received from the Japanese fans for his solo album and to give something back to the fans, there has been ongoing plans of a tour around the whole of japan”.

The Japanese fans who were present at the showcase left comments on his Japanese mobile site, such as “This was really a magnificent performance, with great acoustic effects and everything else made the event such a satisfying and successful one”, “Hyun Joong’s dance and singing during the showcase was so handsome and it showed him at his best” .

Kim Hyun Joong is staying in Japan on the 2th of August for a ‘Playful Kiss’ event and he will be busy with several newspaper and magazine interviews as well.

Meanwhile, Keyeast revealed that Kim Hyun Joong’s Japan tour is in the midst of planning and will be “around November in 7 cities, starting from Osaka, Sapporo, Sendai, Hiroshima, Yokohama, Nagoya and Fukuoka”.

[Article & Vid] Hyun Joong Got Exposed by Friends

Super thanks to wonderrrgirl for translating this article on her blog. Thanks too for providing the link to where we can watch the cut of Hyun Joong from 'Secret'.


[News] ‘Secret’ KHJ, friends from chicken shop exposed ‘startling’ secrets

Source: hankyung
Translation: Wonderrrgirl

For this, the veiled friends of Kim Hyunjoong has been made known to the public.

On the 30th of July KBS 2TV ‘Saturday Freedom’, the friends of Kim Hyun Joong who runs the chicken shop were broadcasted on Secret. Kim Hyun Joong’s friends made an appearance and revealed many of their childhood memories together.

His friends revealed how they had to do his part-time job on behalf of him, making Kim Hyun Joong flustered. However, their tight friendship has filled the studio with warmth.

Also, his friends also brought the chicken they’ve prepared as they made a surprise visit to the recording studio to give support to Kim Hyun Joong who was in the midst of recording the episode. Once again those who haven’t been able to speak during the interviews beforehand are now able to speak their mind.

Without any advance notice, the flustered expressions on Kim Hyun Joong’s face became apparent, as he shortly broke into many bright smiles. Until this moment the MCs caught the brighest expression on Hyun Joong’s face as they applauded their extraordinary friendships.

Meanwhile for the episode, other than Kim Hyun Joong, Tony An, Kim Jong Min, Eun Ji Won, Narsha, Lee Su Geun, Nana etc have struggled alone as more of their secrets where revealed during broadcast.

The tight friendships that Kim Hyun Joong had with his friends were confirmed on the 30th of July episode of Secret on KBS2 ‘Saturday Freedom”


Here's the cut from KBS 'Secret' of Hyun Jong from the YT of .

Photos of Jung Min & Sakai Miki from Innolife

More photos from the presscon of Jung Min and Sakai Miki's 'Love Song in August' which will be shown in Japan on August 5 and every Friday there after for four weeks.

Following photos were lifted from Baidu and taken from Innolife.

Btw, please do not hotlink as I only used Imageshack to upload these photos. I can't access my Picasa account. I think Blogger is again having some issues.

Hyun Jong at Love-1 Festival 07.30.11

I wish there are more photos from this event. Anyway, was lucky though to find this English article.

From one article I read, Love-1 Festival was attended by Kara, Rainbow, FT Island, MBLAQ, Supernova, Infinite, Kim Hyun Joong and many more.


[Japan South Korea Music] Kim Hyun Joong at Love 1 Festival

Source : Daum

Kim Hyun-joong, a singer of South Korean popular music, also known as K-pop, greets Japanese fans during a K-pop music event called Love-1 Festival in Chiba, Japan, Saturday, July 30, 2011. (AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye)


Just in case some of you are not in the habit of checking new comments on the comment boxes, let me shove here some information provided by Lafone regarding the number of attendance in each of the shows that Hyun Joong had. Thanks Lafone for this information!

According to Lafone...

Showcase (Zepp Tokyo in Odaiba)
Invitation (lucky draw) 1400
Face shop etc 160 Total 1560
The no. of invitation was
increased from 1000 to 1400.

Fuji TV Event at their amusement park, only 100 tickets was sold vs 20,000 applications. However, 6000 fans watched the open stage surrounding the 100 seats. 1000 fans went to the Haneda airport to see him.

To read more about the showcase from Lafone you may click HERE.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

[Vid] Young Saeng Just Revealed One Secret of Hyun Joong

Finally the cut of Young Saeng in KBS Secret has finally been shown this afternoon. Here's the clip courtesy of YT channel.

From the tweet of Stephanie (@5StarsAs1) This is what Young Saeng revealed

Young Saeng revealed Hyun Joong's secret that during the first photoshoot of their debut, they have no idea how to pose. So the photographer suggested them to wrap or put their arms on each other shoulders. Hyun Joong, on the other hand, instead of putting his arms around the members' shoulders or arms, he put his left arms on his left shoulder (meaning: like a girl's pose)

[Fan Cam & Media Pix] Hyun Joong from Zepp Showcase 07.29.11

I am shoving here ueno coco's post on the sidebar. Thanks for sharing with us the video to 'Break Down' Showcase in Zepp Tokyo and clip from M. Sat that was shown today.

Following vids are courtesy of

Video courtesy of

[FanCam] Jung Min Inside a Hair Salon 07.28.11

Looks like everywhere Jung Min goes (actually any foreign actors in Taiwan) there seems to be fans tailing him. Here is a fancam posted by in YT of Jung Min having his hair done in a salon on the 28th of July.

Much thanks to MarsCharisma for the tip on the link from her tweet.

[Pix] Jung Min with Taiwanese Actresses

I saw this photos on Baidu and from tweets I learned that the actresses with Jung Min here are Shara Lin (left) and Lia Lee (right). Thanks to PMJFC for the pix.

According to MarsCharisma's tweets the title of Jung Min's drama is "翻糖花園" which means 'Fondant Garden'. If that's really the title of the drama, I am assuming and the photos below is from one of the scenes, I think that we could tell that cakes, pastries, baking, cake shops would be just some of the elements in the drama.

Btw, I read too on Twitter that the drama already started secretly filming. Wonder what's the secrecy is all about. Anyway, really looking forward to this one. Before k-drama was really addicted to Taiwanese actors/actresses and their dramas.

I read on rainaftershine's blog that Lia Lee was once Korean exchange student. Hope she still knows hangul and will be able to help Jung Min in communicating.

P.S. I hope as the drama progresses Jung Min's stylist will change his hairstyle.

[Article] Hyung Jun Cute Selca from Last Night

OSEN picked up this selca tweet of Hyung Jun last night from Japan and made an article about it. Read the article translated by elliefilet on AKP.


[News] SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun leaves a silly selca for fans
Source + Photo: OSEN via Nate
Courtesy of elliefilet / AllKPop

Singer Kim Hyung Jun seems to have been in a playful mood recently, as he shared a silly selca through his Twitter.

He tweeted, “I’m going to sleep now. Ooh Ohh. Sleep well,” and attached a snapshot of himself with a strange expression.

Fans and followers replied, “Completely cute,” “You look so bright and cheery even before you sleep,” and “Sleep well!”

Kim Hyung Jun released his first solo album, ‘Sleepless Night,’ in Japan on July 27th.

[FanCam] Jung Min @ Harlem Yu's Concert in Taipei

Last night Jung Min went to watch Harlem Yu's concert. He and Angie Chai were asked by Harlem to come up on stage to join him. Check this cute video of Jung Min together with Harlem (and Angie) dancing on stage to the delight of many fans.

Much thanks to for sharing this video on YT. Loads of thanks as well to p_jungmin43 for the tweet early this morning for the link.

More Pix of Young Saeng from ATI Basket Game 07.26.11

Thanks to Sudal (@SaengFamVn_Su) for the tip earlier on Twitter about photos shared by rmdkdl of Young Saeng playing basketball under ATI Basket team last July 26. If you miss the video I posted the other day as well as two photos you may click HERE.

This fellow who is always wearing jersey #17 whether on field to play baseball or indoor court to play basketball is a certified cutie. Enlarge the following photos to see for yourself.