Thursday, April 30, 2009

Haptic Mission Video Day 8 & 17

Here are two new HQ videos of Haptic Tower Mission. Click HERE and HERE to watch.

some screencaps lifted from Investigation KHJ and KHJ thread @ soompi by marvie_carl

'Mission #4' MV is Here!

...and i just blogged about this.^^

Here's the MTV of 'Mission #4' which was sang by Kim Hyun Yoong, Kim Joon and Son Dam Bi that was released today.

The song is composed by famous composer Kim DoHoon and Lee JaeMyung. Rapping was done by Kim Joon. Mark 1.24 is Kim Hyun Joong. ^^


thanks to marvie_carl for the tip on khj thread @ soompi

For HIGH QUALITY video you may click HERE. I think this is only Son Dam Bi's version.

SS501 YTN Interview w/ English Subs [04.29.09]

I posted yesterday the video of YTN Interview with SS501 from their photo shoot of Le Coq. Here's the same video with English subs. ^^ Much thanks to iMasochistic for the subs and for uploading again in YT.

Haptic Mission OST

There's nothing much too on SS501 or Kim Hyun Joong today. Though I was able to read an article regarding Haptic Mission OST. Actually this is the first time I've heard of it and I was kind of surprised and already anticipating the release.

On top of the Haptic Mission CF that Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon and Son Dam Bi are involved in, three of the four stars [except for Kim Bum] will each sing a song to be released in April 30 [today] for the 'OST of Haptic Mission. Songs in the OST include 'Missiong No. 4' to be sung by Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon and Som Dam Bi, 'Talk in Love' by Son Dam Bi and 'Rolling Calling Darling' to be rendered by Kim Joon.

In addition the the three artists, SS501 is also set to release another song for Haptic in mid-May.


Here are 3 cute GIFs that I lifted from KHJ thread @ soompi from Haptic Mission.

Please do not HOTLINK

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

gif's credit : khj0606 / posted by marvie_carl on khj thread @ soompi

Image Hosted by

credit : baidu and yuwenn for posting on khj thread @ soompi

[BYJ] Scanned Photos

I just finished checking for updates, good thing that I didn't miss much on any of my favorites.

I'll share first these scanned photos of Yong Jong from Megane Ichiba and The Face Shop ads from a weekly magazine in Japan. Thanks to kaorin for sharing them on BYJFan.

From New Megane Iciba CF

From The Face Shop

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

'Kami No Shizuku' CF in Korea?

Whenever I see news or anything about Japanese manga on wine, 'Kami Ni Shizuku' or 'Drops of God' I get excited. I've been anticipating this drama since it was announced that Yong Joon will be appearing on it. But, when it was reported in the news this month that the broadcast will be mid next year I felt a bit sad. I think that 'Dream High' [a drama based on performing arts school where in BYJ will be collaborating with JYP] will broadcast first next year.

Like what i said earlier, I get excited whenever i read news or anything about this wine drama. Just like the one that style just posted in BYJ Gallery.

Click HERE to watch.

I'm so curious what this cf is all about. And the voice, it sounds familiar...

The subject of this entry in BYJ Gallery is : Popular manga 'Drops of God' will be made into a BYJ drama - X Canvas 칼라 디캔팅 [I can't decipher the hangul.]

To read more about 'Kami no Shizuku' and 'Dream High' just click on the label found in this post and you'll be directed to some post about this.

SS501 YTN Interview [04.29.09]

Here's latest interview of SS501 while doing Le Coq Sportif photo shoot by YTN released today.

It's nice seeing Kim Hyun Joong looking so happy with the rest of SS501. He seems to have gained a bit of weight and his skin color and eyes look nicer than when he was shooting 'Boys Over Flowers'.

Image Hosted by
thanks to ambition for posting on SS501 thread
original credit goes to kpculture

Love the above scene when he went down the the scaffolding to bully Kim Hyung Joon then Park Jung Min joined them. He seems to be back in his 4D mode when they started greeting everyone. He didn't greet and he put out his hand late. ^^ So 4D!

thanks to hoonfami for uploading this video in YT

[Videos] Haptic Call Mission Long CF Version

Found this on hoonfami channel on YouTube last night but failed to post. ^^

Here's longer version of the cf in six parts. Enjoy watching!

Haptic Mission CF Part 1.1
Haptic Mission CF Part 1. 2
Haptic Mission CF Part 1.3
Haptic Mission CF Part 2.1
Haptic Mission CF Part 2 .2
Haptic Mission CF Part 2.3

In part 1, after the panel interview of Kim Hyun Joong when he went back at the waiting area where Kim Bum, Kim Joon and Son Dambi are waiting for him Kim Bum said to Hyun Joong that his answers to the interview made him laugh so hard. Futhermore, he said that he was going to die laughing because of him. Then Hyun Joong said innocently to Kim Bum, that he answered the questions from his heart. With that Kim Bum said 'That's what so funny!' [much thanks to J-Pooh / khj thread @ soompi]

With regard to the scene of SS501, when Jung Min and Hyun Joong were talking in Japanese, Jung Min was asking him what is he doing now. Hyun Joong then he replied in Japanese that he is having a shower now.. Then Jung Min said 'Oh then are you naked now?' and Hyun Joong replied 'I'm so embarrass now!' [thanks to sunshine day / khj thread @ soompi]

BoF : Five Years After Part 1 [w/ english subs]

I didn't see the complete one hour 'Boys Over Flowers 5 Years After' last night and honestly I wasn't too excited about it. I've only seen snippets and the music videos on YT. I went around to check what others thought about the special and I've read mixed reactions. Though many are praising the songs especially that one by Kim Bum. [i've heard him sing during his fan meeting in Japan last year and his good. too bad he's not keen in pursuing a career in singing]. I also like the beat of the song of Kim Joon.

The special is actually in two parts. Last night's episode has the story of Woo Bin and Yi Jung. Next week, will be the story of Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo. Hee, that one I've to see. ^^

The 5 Years After is supposedly the continuation of 'Boys Over Flowers' made via music video. I think this is the cover of the cd.

Like earlier mentioned, it was the video of Woo Bin and Yi Jung that were featured last night and most of the scenes used in the video are old footages.

Here is Yi Jeong story...

The 2nd video is that of Woo Bin's story...

much thanks to iMasochistic for uploading in YT with subs.

korean_aein of khj thread @ soompi for the screencaps and endless096 for the cover photo of the cd.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Winter Love Song Anime to Start in May...

that is the voice recording. ^^

That's according to the news that came out today in several portals. Voice recording [or dubbing] of Bae Yong Joon, Choi Ji Woo and the rest of the actors will begin sometime in May.

May is just around the corner. So I'm assuming that news about Yong Joon and WLS will start to come out soon. ^^

Along with the news about the recording, it was also mentioned that Kang Yo Hwan will take on the voice role of Sang Hyuk, played the Park Yong Ha.

Below is Kang Yo Hwan. He also belongs to Boundaries of Forest 'BOF'. He is a singer and an actor. He was seen last in 'Cain & Abel' as one of the doctors there.

And here's a song he sang and composed and personally chosen by Bae Yong Joon to be posted on his Korean and Japanese website. Read the beautifully written lyrics of the song in english towards the end. Kang Yo Hwan is also the singer who sang the theme of 'Hotelier'.

And the following are teasers of 'Winter Love Song Anime' the were earlier released. It was reported the June will be the target month for this to be shown in Korean and Japan. The anime will run for 30 minutes.

From what I read, 'WLS Anime' will start where Jun Sang left for New York, what feelings he had and his feelings about living in New York. While on the other hand, Yujin has also freed herself from her memories and traveled to Paris to heal.

The Prelude

Haptic Mission Tower Video

This just came out. New video of Haptic Mission Tower. Portion of Hyung Joon includes Park Jung Min, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong. Their scenes are so cute. Jung Min and Hyun Joong are speaking in English. I think that Jung Min is practicing/teaching Hyun Joong on how he will answer the interview in English.

Btw, the video is quiet long but it's worth watching.

Kim Bum, Son Dambi, Kim Joon and Hyun Joong each has a panel interview All of them where asked several questions in English. I'm not sure though if they've the option to answer in English or Hangul [but as common courtesy when asked in English you've to answer also in English ^^ that's how it is where i'm at]. The questions though that was commonly asked to them were : what type of cellphone do you use and what do you like about it [the cellphone]. In one question I think that Hyun Joong took the word 'quality' as 'caller ring' ^^ until someone explained it to him. Likewise, his interview I think is the most interesting.

Click HERE to watch.

video lifted from Investigation KHJ

p.s. i remember reading sometime ago about other SS501 members appearing in a CF with Hyun Joong for free. i think this is the cf that was mentioned in the news.

Hyun Joong Coca Cola CF Photos

Two photos from the making of the energy drink by Coca cola cf of Kim Hyun Joong and Park Shin Hye are circulating the net today. Thank to andie39martinez for sharing these photos in KHJ thread @ soompi.

Can't wait to see more photos and of course the cf itself.

BAEtiful Artworks

This will really be my last post for today then I'll be logging out. ^^ I've already said my bye bye in soompi about an hour ago and I'm still here in front of my computer.

Geez, someone has to really drag me out of here. I'm starting to really look like a panda lately.

Here are more drawings from the Cosmopolitan making that I lifted from nagajun's blog.

And here's one from another very talented Japanese baesister, Pallet. She shared this wonderful artwork in BYJ's Quilt.

Click here to see 2 more recent artworks by nagajun.

To see more of their work you may check them here.
Collection of Pallet's Damdeok Artwork
Nagajun's Damdeok Artworks

Hyung Joon Le Coq solo pix

There's nothing much to share today except for these photos that I saw on SS501 thread @ soompi. KHB, looking masculine here. These photos came from the most recently photoshoot that the guys had last Thursday, April 24.

[Video] Mouth watering... ... and your choice of yummylicious desserts. ^^

I was about to log out when I saw this post of andie39martinez on khj thread @ soompi. Thank you so much for the tip! ^^

I think this was taken last week. Remember I mentioned here that the latest photo shoot of SS501 was taken last April 24? Check out the video below, the guys are wearing the same shirt they're wearing here and here.

thanks to RanzhiChang for uploading in YT ^^

Wow, I love what I'm seeing on the table. Looks like there are green salad? and is that potato salad that Young Saeng is getting? Waah... seeing this video makes me want to ransack our fridge. ^^

Hyun Joong, stuff more food. Can't wait to see you back in shape. I want to see Shillang's physique again. You're at your best bod when you're still doing WGM. ^___^

Monday, April 27, 2009

'First Love' Re-run

I've seen 'First Love' three times and it's one of the dramas the I like. I know that there are bae fans who do not have a set of FL, this is the time for you guys to watch it.

Don't miss it!

Though it's a long series, but I tell you, it's really good. I like how the story goes and how Yong Joon 'somehow' stole the lead role to Choi Soo Jong who was then a very popular actor in Korea.

Okay, so mark it in your calendar starting this weekend, every Saturday and Sunday [starting May 9] at 9:50pm on KBS World... 'FIRST LOVE'.

Btw, todate, 'First Love' remains to be the #1 TV drama in Korea in terms of rating. Here's the Top 5. Note, that #5 also has Bae Yong Joon in it. #3 are the people behind BYJ's drama 'Legend' a.k.a. 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi'.

1. First Love (KBS2, 1996) - 65.8% (1997-04-20)
2. What Is Love? (MBC, 1992) - 64.9% (1992-05-24)
3. The Sandglass (SBS, 1995) - 64.5% (1995-02-06)
4. Huh Joon (MBC, 1999) - 64.4% (2000-06-27)
5. A Sunny Place of the Young (KBS2, 1995) - 62.7% (1995-11-12)

To read the synopsis of 'First Love' , click HERE.

Cosmopolitan Photoshoot Making in YT [w/ trans]

Huge huge thanks to tomato99 for uploading in YouTube the making of Cosmopolitan photoshoot. This video originally came from the movie section of Japanese Official Board [JOB].

I love it whenever I see Yong Joon in motion. This is such a priceless video. ^^

Here's translation of the Japanese characters shown on the screen courtesy of Mariko [much thanks!]

BYJ : The photos are good...all of them...
BYJ : I feel uneasy.
Staff : No we'll be in trouble. Do you want us to go now?
BYJ : I am very ashamed.
Staff : That is exactly the image we have in mind
BYJ : Really? Do you want me to stay like this?
Staff : Ok. good.
Staff : Please smile more.
BYJ : Like this?
Photographer : Did you deliberately rolled up the pants.
Staff : Yes, that's supposed to be the style.
BYJ : How about taking like this? (Yong Joon folding the hat upwards)

and here's downloadable LINK courtesy of Mariko of BYJ thread @

p.s. some bae fans have noticed the tight gray pants that Yong Joon was wearing when he has the hat. when i saw the video and photos the first question that I had in mind was... boxers or briefs? *__*

credit on label

then i remember he once said that he's the kind of guy who prefers wearing briefs that boxer shorts. ^^

Whose Feet?

long... slender...

who's the owner?

Bae Yong Joon.

This was taken in Guam where he did a photo shoot for Arnaldo Bassini.

Btw, thanks to Mariko for sharing the above photo in BYJ thread @ soompi.

Cute Family Portrait

I had these in my draft since April 15 and just fogot to post them. Since there's nothing much to post on any of the HOT Kimchis I'm adoring, I'll just post this one. ^^

Some actors do not want photos of their loved ones circulating the net [Bae Yong Joon is one of them]. But in the case of idols, I find it very different. I’ve seen photos of their family posted on the net which I think even have their approval and their agency. Just like these photos of Kim Kyu Jong’s family which has been circulating the net lately.

Kyu Jong’s family looks beautiful. His mom looks pretty young. His sister is cute. I think Kyu Jong got the looks of his dad and mom.

Btw, amongst the members of SS501, Kyu Jong is the only member from the countryside. That is why he lives alone in Seoul.

huge thanks to...
V A L XD @ soompi
Credit: Xiaochu @

Below is Young Saeng's family. According to V A L XD this was taken when Young Saeng was about to enter college. His mom looks young too. It was said that she had Young Saeng when she was 19.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Color and Hair Cut for Hyun Joong

New photos from Le Coq Sportif came out tonight and Hyun Joong is sporting a new hair cut and color.

Hmm, I think Hyun Joong is gaining back some weight that he lost during the past months. He's cheeks are a little puffier. Btw, looks like he's wearing the same earring that he normally used in BoF. ^^

If the news about SS501 having a photo shoot for Le Coq last Thursday, April 23 is true, then I believe that these photos came out from that photo shoot. Does it mean that he didn't go on vacation with his parents? If he did go with them, he was supposed to be back yesterday, 25th of April.

thanks to katkat1970 for posting on khj thread @ soompi. originally lifted by her at

p.s. I posted last Friday, April 24, new Le Coq Sportif photos of the SS501. Since it was a group shot and quite far i didn't notice his hair then. But I think that set of photo was from the same photo shoot.

Busted for Drugs...

This news is all over Korea.

Sad news to all fans of Joo Ji Hoon (26), a model turned actor, who got famous because of the drama 'Goong' where he played the role of Crown Prince Lee Shin.

On the 26th of April Joo Ji Hoon was investigated and admitted to drug use. According to the reports, JJH reportedly bought the drugs such as Ecstasy and Ketamine from a fellow celebrity. The other two celebrities are movie actress Yoon Seol Hee and model Yeh Hak Young. Also, it was reported that JJH is thought to have used the drugs on two occasions along with the other reported individuals, at a Kangnam club and at home. The police are reportedly also charging JJH for two instances in March of 2008 when he took drugs while with the others

Such a sad news. Though i was rooting for Yun [played by Kim Jeong Hoon who is now serving the military] in 'Goong' I find JJH quite likeable. He was good in 'Devil' [2007] and he's one of those actors who always have good projects lined up for them. He was in 'Antique Bakery' and 'The Naked Kitchen'. He's also i think in the line up of actors in the remake of 'Tokyo Tower'.

Click here to read news from Korean Time.

This is Joo Ji Hoon's latest photo which was taken two days ago at the Prada Transformer opening ceremony.

p.s. Seems like the actress, Yoon Seol Hee, confessed more names who took drugs from her. She's smuggling drugs to and fro Japan. According to report there are 15 names. Of the 15 approximately 7 of which are celebrities.

Yikes! This could be messy.

Still More from Le Coq Sportif...

... from their dressing/waiting room as well as studio. The following are individual photos of Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Joon. ^^

Thank you so much to natedao and shihwa_n_choua of SS501 thread @ soompi.

Btw, there's not much updates today. But this coming week 2 events to look forward to would be 'Boys Over Flowers... Five Years After' which will be on the 28th of April and of course the 'SS601 Air Travel with Fans to Jeju' wherein another plane was added to make it three! This will be on May 2 and 3. Mnet will at the flights to cover the event to broadcast a program under the title of 'SS501 Romantic Sky' in late May.

Kyu Jong

Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min ^^

Kim Hyung Joon