Tuesday, October 31, 2006

if it rains it pours ^^

more...more...more new photos please!!! thanks to jessica for posting this wonderful photo in KOB. i'm definitely going "chest"-nut once again!

the handsomest and sexiest king ever

m sure almost evry Blog and website has the latest photo of yong joon as damdeok. definitely the handsoooooooomest king i've seen! the late st photos makes me giddy....he's soooooooo gorgeouseses opps gorgeous! man, how can he have this so much effect on me! i can't conc$%0entr(#ate on my work! i'm stammering, my hands are sHahaKing! i'm tpying with so many errrrors! geez, what is happening to mmhe?!

hee, i wont definitely correct the text on this entry ^^

yong joon, you are soooo mean for not letting us see you more often. and now you are making us all go crazy with your 2 photos *argh*

i made a new siggy which i'm now using in soompi ^^

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btw, i forgot to thanks gaulyeoja for posting these wonderful photos in kob (",)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

my 1st seoul trip entry

i have debated whether to post the account of my trip here or in my other blog. but obviously posting the experience in my li'l cozy corner won. i want to keep this blog only for yong joon and some other k-entertainment news.

anyway for those who are interested to know how we spent our 1st night in seoul, click here.

btw, you'll also get to know a little about me in that personal blog. hope you'll enjoy the visit.

opsie, before i finish this post, let me just share this photo here. taken at nami island. i love nami!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

november 18 wedding

nope definitely it's not yong joon's wedding nor ji sub's wedding. and absolutely not my wedding. it's the wedding of Mr. Wi Sung Cheol(28), marketing director of BOF (handling SJS) and Jang Shin Young(22).

well this wedding interests me mainly because ji sub will be the best man and there will surely be tons of new photos of my 2nd korean man ^^. likewise, our prince might attend if his schedule will permit him [crossing my fingers].

the wedding will be on the 18th of November at Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel, then the couple will go honeymoon to Bali. Comedian Jeong Joon Ha will be the ceremony's host, and Jo Seung Mo and Kim Tae Woo (of G.O.D.) will be wedding singers.

more pre wedding photos of the couple can be seen in the following link ~


thanks to saturn for the news posted in sjs thread at soompi

p.s. i know some of you are already waiting for the account of my trip to seoul. will do it after tomorrow, i just need to fix some minor problem with a friend (nope not related to the trip ^^)

Friday, October 20, 2006

already missing seoul...

yes i'm already missing seoul. i wish that i could stay there much longer and explore the beautiful city. the 10-day vacation i had was not enough. i would have wanted to extend, but because of work i was only allowed to take 10 days leave.

i just read tonight that yong joon went to jeju last night. geez, had i known about it i might have camped in kimpo airport and waited for him there. went home early last night to fix my stuff for an early morning flight. geez...sigh...

oh well, probably it's not yet really the time for me to see yong joon. but having gone to his country, breathing the same air, eating at Gorilla in the Kitchen and Tea Loft, setting my footprints in Park BOF and BOF office, and of course visiting Nami island is already an experience that's definitely worth treasuring.

waahhh, i want to go back!

btw, have i told you that i love walking? but do you know that my feet and legs surrendered to too much walking in seoul? geez, the one month walking i usually do in our country is equivalent to a week of walking in seoul!

i'm already in the process of fixing 1/7th of our photos. i will be sharing some them later and will also be blogging about our trip.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

i'm off to seoul...

it's 2am here in our country and in just a few hours i'll be going to seoul with my friends. i'm so excited. my very first time in the land of hot "kimchis".

i'm not sure if i'll have the luck as our other baesisters who were able to see our yong joon. but i'm crossing my fingers. one thing for sure though, i'll be able to see rain (full house). we've already have tickets according to my friend.

ok i better go and hit the bed now. but before that, for those who gave me tips and helped me do reservations...huge huge thanks. likewise to a baesister who helped me with translation. hugs and kisses to all of you.


Saturday, October 07, 2006

hot nails

don't you just love men with short and clean fingertips? we'll that's one thing i look for a guy. for me no matter how handsome a man is if his fingernails and toenails does not conform with my standard he's out in my list. like i said, i like men with short, clean and no polish nails. i easily get turn off to guys with long nails even if its just one nail (some guys grow their pinky nail long).

have you noticed yong joon's nails? i llllllllloooooooooooovvvvvvvvve them! honestly, i just lllllllllooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvve them! everytime there is a photo of him that includes his hands i will surely, definitely, absolutely look closely on his fingernails and see if theyr're short, clean and no polish. though there are few photos that i've seen with dried cuticles i just let it go since it looks kinda sexy and manly on him. geez, even i would sometimes have dried cuticle ^^

here, i've posted some photos with his hands. take a closer look at his fingertips, they're hot tips, don't you think? it's so amazing that this man, even at the very end of his fingers would look so hotta hotta hot!

i wish a bigger photo of his toenails will be posted soon ^^

speaking of tips, i'm assuming that the tips of his hair are also perfect. not split ends. what do you think?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

yummy on his tummy!

finally my server is back to normal and i can blog again. whew! you just don't know how hard it is using dial up. it takes sooooo long to upload just one photo. i kept on calling the helpdesk support and pestering them to fix the problem. last night i really got mad and told the support staff to address the problem by today otherwise i'll go to directly to their boss and complain their failure to address the problem for 5 days. i think i've made some enemies from the helpdesk support staff. anyway, sometimes you have to be a b*tch and say some strong words for others to know that one is serious with their threats.

i know you've seen the latest photo of yong joon right? and everyone in bb's blog are saying "i love it!" geez, who wouldn't? ok let me say it too here in my blog ~ "i love it, i love it, i love it!"

yong joon looks oh so yummy on his tummy! i hope that there are series of shots from this pose. really love it! very much different from his usual poses which sometimes are not really that good [oppsie, don't shot the writer ^^].

but seriously, there are some poses of yong joon which i don't like. but there are signature poses that really makes my heart race. agree? probably when i have the time i'll look for those poses and post them little by little.

during the time that i was not blogging, there were also photos that came out which i really like. here let me share you some ~

I would love to put a kiss on that cheek. And you know what? I'm imagining him putting that finger on my lips. [liezle blushing]

Love the way yong joon's jaw and chin look here. I really love to press both my hands in his cheeks and give him a smack [hee, i'm blushing again]

sigh...that dreamy look again. wish that i'm that lotte candy ^^

perfect man in a suit. cute ear, don't you think? and i think i looks perfect too ^^

next year i'm pretty sure that yong joon will have to cut his locks after TWSSG. will surely miss this style of him. i hope that he won't go back to wearing those big hairdos. his AS hair is also perfect, it's actually one of my favorite style of yong joon.

photos courtesy of style, yuka and jessica6168