Monday, May 31, 2010

Full Love Ya MV in HD 720p

Liny, you posted on Full Love Ya MV is out! comment box, that you wish that I post here the 720P version of Love Ya posted on DSPentert YT Channel. Your wish is my command. Here it is.

For those who do not know what 720P, you may check HERE to know. ^^

young saeng updated his cyworld again!

Young Saeng updated his Cyworld again today twice with a new photos. ^_^ Heaps of thanks to Sudal for the tip and to Angel Prince Story for the capture.

First entry...

Title : Sick...
He wrote "마이 아파..'
라는 컨셉인듯..;; 아파보여~ㅋㅋ
2010.05.31 16:25

Second entry...

Title : Who are you?
2010.05.31 16:26

Prior to this he uploaded new photo also yesterday, you may click HERE if you miss seeing that post of min.

jung min's lapin

Ahh, did i miss much? Been so busy today at work and wasn't even able to watch the full MV several times. Yeah this is one of the things I hate most when i'm about to go on and play. ^_^

Anyway, been wanting to post this but couldn't earlier. I actually saw this tweeted by Jung Min when I was on my way back to work after a meeting outside.

Remember, that it was blogged on Royal Avenue Lapin Carrot that Jung Min went out at dawn to go to a pet shop? Alright, I you don't remember it being blog by me too, you may click HERE and HERE.

Today, Jung Min tweeted the picture of his new baby... a cute lapin [lapin is french word for rabbit].

Here's the photo of his lapin and what he wrote on his tweet

jungmin royalavenue
RT @royalavenue: 라핑이~~ 성별: 여 3개월 주인 알아봄. 밥달라고 졸졸졸

Jung Min actually tweeted twice because I think that he forgot to write the text on his first tweet which is this...

jungmin royalavenue 라핑이~~

Full Love Ya MV is out!

Sorry been very very busy with work and the upcoming trip. Anyway, enjoy this first and will post more later...

Lifted from the post of 쵸콜릿 in

Thanks for the YT link Marvie!

Source : Nate Video

press pics from 88 kbs fansigning


[Fancam] Hyun Joong @ KBS 88 Fan Signing Event

Marvie, once again thank you for posting here these wonderfully taken videos by SSHappyHyun of KIMHYUNJOONG PERFECT. I always look forward to her videos as they're very clear and always has a good angle.

By watching this videos, I can see that Leader is already doing great. He's even doing some dance steps which means that he's no longer in great pain. I'm getting excited once again as this is the week of their comeback.

Credit : Perfect + SSHappyhyun@youtube

Feast Your Eyes with Hyun Joong @ Pusan Fan Signing Event by Slowdal Part 2

Another set of great photos by Slowdal. Thanks Marvie for sharing here. It's really a feast!

Credit : Slowdal

Young Saeng at Pusan fansigning by Miseong

credit Miseong/baidu

Kyu's pics at fansinging

Great photos coming from Kyu's thanks you Marvie. I'm quite happy to see many Kyu Jong's photos from this event unlike the first two. Wish there'll be more coming.

credit kyu's/baidu

[Photo] Young Saeng updated his Cyworld

Let's have a short break from all the fan signing and let me show you the latest photo of Young Saeng on his Cyworld.

I'm supposed to hit the sack when I got this in my email. Thanks to Sudal for sharing this.

The photo below is not the original cut, but I decided to re-cut it so that other information won't be shown. Miane guys and miane Angel Prince Story.

[Pix+Vid] Spazz from Young Saeng @ Fan Signing Event by RMDKDL

Credit : kucouncil@youtube

Credit : rmdkdl