Tuesday, March 31, 2009

From the Stage of 'Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo'

There'll will be a one hour program before the final episode of BoF will be telecast. Here are first photos from the stage with Kim Hyun Joong performing. Could he be singing 'Because I'm Stupid' of the lastest song that is included in BoF OST 2.5?

Kim Joon and Kim Bum one stage! [see below] ^^

hmm... no SS501. BoF is about to end. Could they sing the ending song in this event? Let's wait and see.

'Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo'

Today is the final broadcast of 'Boys Over Flowers' and Kim Hyun Joong thought of spending this night watching episode 24 with 4,000 of his fans at Seoul Olympic Stadium Hall. This is his way of saying 'Thank You" and for accepting him as Kim Hyun Joong the actor.

Here are some photos from the outside of the venue.

It is reported that there are 2,500 Japanese fans who are in attendance and 4,000 local fans.

New From The Face Shop

Spring has come so does new photos for the Spring Campaign of The Face Shop. Hoping for clearer photos later.

thanks to 권오경 for sharing on byjgallery.



closer look of the standee

i need to check this weekend TFS stores here. i'm curious about that eco-therapy.