Sunday, January 31, 2010

i'm missing my stars

Another old video has been put up on this time by 영원하자501. It's from Japan MNet wherein SS501 performed 'Be A Star'.

'Be A Star' was released in Japan in August 2007 as SS501 Single#1.

Watch the video and enjoy the choreography and of course the charm of SS501 on stage.

P.S. I decided to transfer my earlier post from the sidebar to here because after watching the video I suddenly miss SS501 performing on stage.

reason why maknae is smiling ^_^

GIF lifted from ahwin's post on

Video courtesy of poohhl's YT channel. Heaps of thanks!

Episode 2 Preview

I'm pretty sure Maknae has been smiling big time after receiving news that MBC Game on it's initial broadcast on 27-Jan, was ranked 1st in the same time slot. Not only that it's number one on it's time slot but the show was able to capture many male viewers aged 13-25. [Maknae will not only be popular amongst female but male as well]

I've a strong feeling that the show will be able to keep the ranking not only because Maknae is there but also because it's known that Korea is amongst the many countries with so many male who are into online games.

quick one on kyu jong, young saeng & leader

Let me start off with Kyu Jong.

Someone actually sent me last Friday night a photo of Kyu Jong taken from the wedding of a relative [not sure what relation Kyu Jong has to the newly weds but as Sinnyi mentioned on the sidebar it's his cousin's wedding].

Anyway, I didn't blog about it at first because I don't have any details. But since Sinnyi shared the news on the sidebar, I might as well post here the photo that was sent to me by levieSS501.

Seems like Kyu Jong's hair has grown longer since the last time we saw him last December. Also, looks like he's been eating much. He's cheeks have become puffier. ^_^.

Next is Young Saeng and Leader. I just came from Yen's blog and saw her translation of a fan account on Leader and Young Saeng.

Seems that the two were seen together some few days ago in Jamsil [this is the area where Leader lives]. When a fan recognized them, she then went to Leader and gave him some encouraging words. Then Leader said to her, 'I'm SS501's leader Kim Hyun Joong, I'm Kim Hyun Joong, don't worry about that.' Then Leader and Young Saeng left.

Hee, see... Leader won't be Leader if he's not strong. ^_^

he's tattooed...

...on our mind.

I like this shot. There's something about it that makes you drawn to it. Is it the tapping of hands on his 'tattooed' thighs? Is it the way he seems relax and enjoying the photoshoot?

Oh well, whatever it is... I can hear 'I miss Hyun Joong.'

I know, I know saying/hearing it is redundant --- kind of like saying 'We breathe air' or 'We eat food'. But no matter what, I think I will never get rid of hearing declaration of love to Hyun Joong [or to SS501]. He is already tattooed on the mind of many.

Photo lifted from the post of 증자마누라 on Original credit to

Saturday, January 30, 2010

have some laugh ^0^

Another lazy and slow Saturday. Here's something to make you laugh and miss all the members more. ^_^

I'm shoving this old video that I found on that was just posted by 알려뷰오공일.

Friday, January 29, 2010

[vids, screecaps & gifs] Intimate Note 3 [01.29.10]

I failed to watch Jung Min on 'Intimate Note 3' tonight. The reason, Hyun Joong kept me busy posting those Basic House photos that I forgot about Jung Min. ^_^ Miane... lol..

Anyway, thanks to GreenteaLatte for the tip on SS501 thread @ soompi. But much thanks to 5minniemink for uploading this corner of 'Intimate Note 3' fast on her YT channel.

Btw, this ended quick again. Next part will be shown again next week.

P.S. Jung Min's board always seems very interesting. Here I made screencaps. ^_^

2nd and 3rd drawing has the same border ^^
but the letters written below are different
except for DSP Ent.

And here are some GIFs that I lifted from from the post of 볼매오공일 .

Please DO NOT hotlink.

new photos from basic house [added more photos]

Well, actually not all are new since we've seen some. But these photos are very clear and some are big. ^^

Spring/Summer collection of Basic House is now up on its webby. Thanks to 세유 and 차가운꽃 for posting them on

Spring is coming, light layers and vibrant colors is better.

Nude and neutrals are fab too.

Hyun Joong in a discriminating taste for smart looking pieces. Looks low-key but it's also unabashedly stylish.

Leader on a more warmer weather style, looking relaxed yet still on-trend.

Leader snapping up with happy hues.

more photos of hyun joong @ cousin's wedding

I'm a bit busy now but will shove these photos that I got from my seoul mate. I'm sure you already know when, where and what these photos are, right? Well if not, then you may click HERE.

When reposting please credit ~

Jung Guyun@cyworld + mycozyli'lcorner/liezle's blog + seoul mate

Please DO NOT edit the photos.

Cute GIFs from scenes of 'Life Theater'

Found a set of cute GIFs posted by 증자마누라 on These GIF were from scenes of MBC Every1 'Life Theater' episode 2.

Please DO NOT hotlink.

I laugh at this scene so much^^
His dance is so cute and funny. ^0^

Btw, don't forget to watch Jung Min tonight at 9:55PM on 'Intimate Note 3' over at SBS.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

[Eng Trans] Hyung Joon left a message on DSP webby!

Yeah at 11:20 tonight Maknae left a message. ^_^

Hmm, you know what? I've a feeling that each of the members will be leaving a message in the coming days. Two down three to go ^_^

An Anonymous visitor left the English translation on the comment box below last night. Thank you so much! Likewise, thanks to SS501-greenpeas blog. ^^

I'm replacing the previous translation with this one as I was told by another Korean friend that this translation of xiaochu and cagali is more accurate. Thanks guys [especially to xiaochu for the special permission to post diary from Quainte501]!


01/28 [diary] HyungJoon, 'Now I...'

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ +


Now I...
2010-01-28 11:20:40PM

I am with KyungJong, my game teacher, on a massive team practice now…

OMG, would I be able to improve like this? ^^

Now, I will continue to perform remarkably…

Let’s run together in Year 2010 too.

Ah... Arm is aching... Hooray! I have to go to practice..

Please look forward to the encore concert ^^


Maknae's Original Message in Hangul

형준 : 지금 난... 2010-01-28 오후 11:20:40

지금 난... 2010-01-28 오후 11:20:40

옆에 내 게임사부 경종이와함께 엄청난 팀플레이 연습중에있다...
세상에 나 이렇게 잘해져도 되는건가?^^
저 이제 계속 기염을 토해도 되는건가요...
2010년도 우리함께 달려요.
아... 팔아파... 만세! 연습하러 가겠습니다..
앵콜 콘서트때 기대하세요 ^^

trot singer jung min

I watched MBC Every1's 'Life Theater' once it was up on egloos after it was shown and I found episode 2 cute and funny. There were many scenes that I like and one of which is when Jung Min was singing trot.

Here is that scene, cut by 501스런하루 and posted on SS601.

Jung Min ah is so cute and sexy.

Alright, if the above is not enough for you, you may click HERE to see again SS501 doing 'Shabang Shabang'. Hee, I've already mentioned it many times this one is one of my favorite clips. ^_^

[photos & video] hyun joong @ cousin's wedding [added vid]

Finally a photo of Hyun Joong at his cousin's wedding surfaced. ^^ Thanks to Beatrice for shoving the photo here and likewise much thanks to KHJ Perfect/Eunice.

The wedding happened last Saturday, 23rd of January. Hyun Joong rendered a song for the newlyweds to congratulate them for the union. This was his first public appearance after the unfortunate incident.

As always he's looking good. ♥ ♥ ♥

Here is another photo from the wedding. Thanks to Shirley for shoving in my inbox^^

Thanks to Stephanie [HK] for the tip on the sidebar. Likewise thanks to pucca0607 for posting on YT.

Hyun Joong singing 'Thank You'.

jung min will never look old until he gets old ^_^

Yah! Thanks again xiaochu for the translation and sharing on Quainte501.

This is an interesting revelation from Jung Min. Hmm, does he really look old for his age? Anyway, if that's what others think hmm, alright, he may look old for his age then and now [which i don't really think so] but i think Jung Min will never look old. He'll have the same look until he gets old. ^_^ AmI making any sense?


01/28 [news] SS501 Park JungMin, Paid Adult Fare to Public Bath House During Elementary School? ‘Because of Old Looks’

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


SS501 Park JungMin revealed an incident where he had to pay for adult fare to public bath house when he was still an elementary student as he looked old.

Park JungMin said in ‘Close Friend Beyond Age’, a section off SBS ‘Intimate Note 3’ broadcasted on 29-Jan that “I haven’t heard that I have a baby face in my whole life. When I was still an elementary student, I look like what I am now.”

“When I went to public bath houses, I was often told to pay for the adult fare.” Park JungMin confessed while making the others laugh.

On the other hand, Brian talked about his experience about 2 months ago, he went to buy something and was given student discount as the person thought that he is a high school student.

Stories of the stars due to baby face and old face will be broadcasted on 29-Jan at 9.55pm.

overwhelming response for the 1st round of ticket sale

Thanks again xiaochu for translating this news on Quainte501.

Despite what happened over the past weeks I'm happy to learn that the turn out went well. I hope they can announce soon the date for the 2nd round as I know there are still many trying to get. Anyway, we'll know later for sure as the deadline to purchase the booked tickets last night will be today.


01/28 [news] SS501 Encore Concert 1st Round Ticket Sale Sold Out, Server Congestion

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


5-member group SS501’s 1st round of ticket sale for Seoul encore concert was sold out right after the release.

Advance ticket purchase for SS501 Seoul Encore Concert on 27th, 28th February at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium, has about 50,000 users logging in at the same time right when the website open for ticket sale, making the server congested and showing the enthusiastic response.

SS501 representative said “Even though the server was down for awhile, it was restored promptly and sold about 15,000 tickets in the 1st round of ticket sales without any problems.”

This encore concert is the grand finale of their Asia Tour concert which started in August in Seoul, Japan, Shanghai, Taiwan, HongKong and upcoming Thailand concert on 13-Feb.

Meanwhile, SS501 Encore Concert 2nd round ticket sale will be open through interpark ticket website.

[Unsubbed] MBC Every1 'Life Theater' Episode 2

Episode 2 of 'Life Theater' courtesy of lemmy0824 on egloos is out.

This is the episode wherein well get to see Jung Min as a student, getting drunk, get into a fight and he'll even sing. ^^

Posted all parts... off to watch now. ^_^

Part 1

Part 2 [Oh yeah, 'shabang shabang'... cute!]

Part 3

Part 4 [only few minutes are playing]

Part 5 [love the NG at the end]

Done watching!

Ya! That was another cute episode and i really enjoyed watching it. Thanks to the storyline earlier at least I've an idea a bit of what's happening. ^^.

Jung Min seems to have cut is hair, right? It's much shorter than last week.

I like his acting here in ep 2 [even still with a bit of exaggeration], it's much better and he really seems so natural doing comedy. I laugh out loud when he was doing the CF then he was asked to dance. Likewise, I lol at his reaction when the top student farted. ^0^

Btw, I learned that doing comedy scenes are more difficult that doing serious scenes and as Jung Min was able to make me laugh means he's doing good ^^. He can actually carry the whole show by himself. I'm really impressed.

Can't wait to see next week's episode. Wonder what is it going to be.

Oh yeah, i like the NG. I miss 'that' Jung Min so much.

[Vids & Pix] Maknae at MBC Game 01.27.10 (part 1-5 up)

Shoving this up since vid was just added. ^^ Heaps of thanks LHL!

These vids and pix are from MBC Game where Maknae is challenged to become a pro-gamer.

MBC Game was broadcast earlier at 4 PM over at MBC Every1.

Today's show was filmed last week at Yeoido MBC Game Studio and Maknae was able to complete his game test. After which he had exciting battle with former pro-gamers. Likewise, he was observed by professional gamer to analyze his weakness then giving him tips and pointers.

Here is a video courtesy 501스런하루@ss601 and posted by poohlhl on her YT channel.

Part 1

Geez, love it whenever he takes a deep breath. ^_^

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Some BTS [wow the BGM is Obsess]


Likewise some photos from Pretty Boy too.

This second set of photos were lifted from the post OnlyHJ.

Incidentally, with the broadcast of MBC Game today, Kim Hyung Joon name has become top searched. ^^

P.S. Thanks to an Anonymous visitor for letting us know that TeamLiquid will be subbing this show. Do watch out for it. [hee, please give us tip when it's out]

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

[Eng Subbed] MBC 'Life Theater' EP1 [Parts 1 to 2 of 5 up]

Heaps of thanks for kelemama1 for doing the subs for this episode and posting on her YT channel.

There are five parts of episode 1 but only two parts have been subbed so far. I'll be posting them first though incomplete but will surely be shoving this page up once new video with subs is up.

Note : Special credits to No43 Park + peeress05@YT for chi sub. english translation and subbing by kelemama. DO NOT REPOST OR TAKE MY SUBS WITHOUT PERMISSION.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

P.S. Don't forget episode 2 is tonight.

another news on ep 2 of 'life theater'

Told you he's going to sing in episode 2. ^^

Thanks again to xiaochu for the translation on Quainte501. ^^

Oh yeah, have you seen SS501 doing trot? Click HERE. I just love love seeing them in this video. Sexy! But sadly they lost to BB. ^^


01/27 [news] SS501 Park JungMin, has singer-manager relationship with Kim JaeWoo?

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Frequently in and out of Korea and Japan, and leading a busy life everyday, Hallyu star SS501’s Park JungMin transformed from an idol to a trot singer.

He had a entertainer and manager relationship with gagman Kim JaeWoo, who is engaged in activities as a singer as ‘Namolla Family’, in MBC Every1 ‘Life Theatre 2010’.

JungMin (Park JungMin) who is a 3rd year high school student woke up late on the first day of school and was late for school. When he arrives at the classroom, JungMin had only 2 seats left to choose to sit. Sitting beside the top student or sitting beside the bully. JungMin considered ‘which seat should I sit?’

As JungMin was compared to the top student and was under a lot of stress, he had the thought to sit beside the bully instead as it would be better to bear with being beaten up than being compared to. However, it is by no means a better choice.

The bully JaeWoo (Kim JaeWoo) has reached adulthood and found JungMin who has debuted as an entertainer, to make him his manager and even beat him up. However, this is only a tip of an iceberg when compared to what he will suffer in the future.

‘Life Theatre’ will be broadcasted on 27-Jan at 12 o’clock, and rebroadcast is on 28-Jan at 12 noon and 1-Feb at 7.35pm

preview of episode 2 of 'Life Theater' on the news

An article about episode 2 of 'Life Theater' is in the news today. Read the article below as translated by the very generous xiaochu of Quainte501.

Geez, I wish the MBC Every1 is on TVAnts. We've to wait again tonight for some good soul to upload the video for us. ^^

In episode 2, I think we'll get to see Jung Min get drunk, get into a fight and sing. ^^ To watch preview of episode 2 tonight click HERE.


01/27 [news] ‘Life Theatre 2010’ SS501 Park JungMin, Recognition? Reveals Secret Formula to get to 1st place

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


SS501 Park JungMin who has recognition for his abilities as a singer, actor, MC, etc, has revealed his secret formula to get to the 1st position, through MBC Every1 ‘Life Theatre 2010’.

When JungMin was a 3rd year high school student, he got up late on the first day of school and was late for school. When he arrives at the classroom, JungMin had only 2 seats left to sit. Beside the 1st in school (top student) or beside the bully (someone who is good at fighting) in school. JungMin considered ‘which seat should I sit?’

To bully is scary so JungMin chose to sit beside the top student, and from some time after, he felt inferior to the top student and was blazed with the will to catch up with the top student no matter what. However, it is not an easy task to be the top student. In order to be the top student and to be living the life of a top student, JungMin revealed all the secret formulas.

Park JungMin’s secret formula for ‘Top student’s, cause of top student, in order to be top student’ will be broadcasted on 27-Jan, 12 o’clock. Re-broadcast will be on 12 noon of 28-Jan and 7.35pm of 1-Feb.