Tuesday, September 30, 2008

my two cents on yj being the new face of TFS

glad to read different reactions about yong joon's contract with The FaceShop [at soompi and other blogs including anti byj]. the change of model will be a test whether TFS has already established its customers base purely on its product or solely dependent on its model for its sales. anyways, can't say much yet of the product since i've only tried using the product when i bought something for myself when i was in korea during my last visit.

honestly, my initial reaction to the news was a bit surprised. never thought that yong joon would agree to endorse TFS. but upon learning that TFS theme for 2008 is Save Nature or something to do with the environment i thought that he might have considered this. while driving home, i remember one article from an interview with one of yong joon's managers talking about ecology/environment that yong joon wants to get involved with. this article if i'm not mistaken came out this month or late last month.

this is only my hunch, but i think that the endorsement might have something to do with helping the environment or a deal for a good cause [hee, this is only my thought so don't shoot me if i'm wrong].

remember the avon lipstick and the other lipstick [KohGenDo] that he endorsed made by his friend? for Avon, 70 yen for every purchase of avon lipstick went to the breast cancer victims and that 80,000,000 yen was donated. while KohGenDo lipstick's part of the profit was donated to the vaccination of the children all over the world under the authorization of NPO (non profit organization) Japanese vaccination committee (JVC).

correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't remember yong joon endorsing any beauty product that does not involve giving part of the proceeds for a good cause. this could be one if i'm wrong.

my two cents...

[video] mesmerizing yong joon

i hope happiebb won't mind me posting this video here in my blog as well. i really really like it.

it's a beautiful video created by japanese baesister LL. check it out and be enthralled by yong joon's stare and charmed by the sound of his laugh.

[VOD] gazing down on me, by LL
posted by happiebb on her blog

another article regarding TFS deal ^^

Bae Yong-joon replaces Kwon Sang-woo at The Face Shop

Wow, once you are no more an eligible bachelor, your lucrative contracts drop like flies.

The face for The Face Shop Kwon Sang-woo (32), who got hitched on Sept 28, has been given the boot and replacing him is none other than Hallyu heartthrob - who is ELIGIBLE, if I may add - Bae Yong-joon (36).

Sang-woo was representing the brand all over the world - his mug was plastered at The Face Shop outlets in Malaysia as well.

If all goes as plan, Bae Yong-joon will be slapping on The Face Shop products for an advertisement in conjunction with the brand's 5th anniversary, which is in November.

Wow, talk about working fast, The Face Shop people really dropped Kwon Sang-woo like a hot potato, huh?

Source: Newsen

Yong Joon for Face Shop

Yes, you read it right. Yong Joon will be the new model for Face Shop starting this November.

Here's the news as translated by suehan on BYJ's Quilt. Thank so much suehan!

[Ilgan Sports]Bae Yong Joon made a contract with The Face Shop as a model instead of Kwon Sang Woo
JES, Reporter Kim In Goo, 2008.09.30 08:32

Bae Yong Joon made a contract with The Face Shop, a cosmetic brand, as a model. Something that Kwon Sang Woo has been doing for a long time.

The Face Shop (CEO, Song Ki Ryong) said on the 30th that ‘We made a sudden contract with Hallyu star, Bae Yong Joon as a new male model.’ The term of the contract lasts one year and the endorsement deal is the highest amount in the industry.

Bae Yong Joon will appear for the ads of the fifth anniversary of The Face Shop in November. The Conti and time of the filming is confidential for the present.

The CEO of The Face Shop, Song Ki Ryong said, ‘The reason that we selected him as a model was because he has a big influence as a Hallyu star, and he gives a great image from his established acting ability and intensive self-management. We expect to insure our company’s position leading the domestic and overseas cosmetic market through the advertisement strategy with Bae Yong Joon.’

Lee Bo Young, a present model, and partner with Kwon Sang Woo will continue to be a model.

Reporter, Kim In Goo [clark@joongang.co.kr]

Monday, September 29, 2008

[video] so ji sub & mgr yang arriving @ the wedding

got this video from sjs thread @ soompi which Coconut milk posted. it's a 1.15 minutes video of stars such as choi ji woo, jung woo seong, park yong ha, song seung hun, so ji sub with manager yang coming out of their car to enter the venue of the wedding of kwon sang woo and son tae yang. sjs and mgr yang appeared in the video at 52 seconds.

08.29.08 yong joon update

i just came from posoku's blog and found out that yong joon went out tonight wearing black hat, sunglasses and black jacket. he smiled to the fans waiting for him. it was not reported where he came out. hmm...did lck forgot to mention this?

original source : lck tour
taken from yuri's blog

The rumor is not dying…

And now that it said that the date of the wedding is October 25.

I was not supposed to blog about this but since it's out again, i might as well.

I’m talking about the rumored wedding of Bae Yong Joon and Lee Na Young. Netizens are said to be talking about it after LNY denied the marriage rumor but not the relationship.

Could it be that we are likely to hear from Yong Joon or BOF soon? I remember that when Yong Joon was rumored to have been dating Lee Ji Ah, BOF was so fast in taking action by releasing notice. But this time they kept quiet about it.

Btw, rumor has been circulating since last year.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

i was just talking to mariko and she told me [she made me green with envy] how wonderful the NHK special of twssg that was aired tonight in japan. it's 1hr and 15 minutes long version. the program consists of bts that we have not seen yet. there were scenes/ng of sujini and kiha. there's also bts of damdeok and ajik!!! waahh this i like to see so much. i hope that someone will will upload and share them with us soon. i want to see all of them.

thanks mariko for sharing with me what you saw on tv tonight.

btw, there's a video from makishi...it's flv file and uploaded in daum. it takes time to buffer when flv file is posted in daum. and the problem is the url has been disabled =( it's a 6.45 minutes video.

anyway, here are screencaps from hyejun which she posted on byjgallery. thanks so much hyejun!

is he being readied for make up?

have you ever thought that yong joon who is a big star
will take a nap on the floor like this? geez, he must have
been really really tired from the shooting.

cute ajik and yong joon

this one too...

also this one

[video] so ji sub with mgr yang @ the wedding

i mentioned earlier that so ji sub was escorted by mgr yang at the wedding right? and in the photo i posted mgr yang was only partially seen. ^^ here's a video when ji sub greeted the media when he arrived at the wedding. at the last part you will see mgr yang lead ji sub to enter the venue. ^^

thanks to Coconut milk of sjs thread @ soompi for the video.

signs of non-appearance ^^

aside from so ji sub using the maybach, mgr yang escorting so ji sub, another indication that yong joon won't be attending is the presence of mr. shin [with pink necktie] at the wedding giving security to ksw and sty.

this is the 2nd time that i've seen mr shin giving security to ksw. the 1st time was when ksw announced the wedding at the seoul plaza hotel.

the newly weds with their guests

who could have gotten the bouquet?

i see that lee byung hun is beside choi ji wo and in front of her is lee jung jae, next to him is jang dong gun. so ji sub is the person at last row, kim seung woo in white, park yong ha in fedora hat, to his left if ji sung, lee dong gun in gray suit the 2nd guy on the 1st row. can't figure out the rest of the guests.

the groom cried...that's ksw's mom and bro

So Ji Sub @ the wedding

since there's no yong joon to keep me busy while the wedding ceremony is almost finished and reception will follow, let me just post these photos of sexy ji sub in this afternoon's parade of stars at the wedding.

btw, he's one of those stars who came in wearing the right attire. ^^

sighs...it would have been REALLY REALLY nice to see him and yong joon together.

no yong joon at the wedding

가을여자 just posted a news article in kob and from what i understand the reason why yong joon didn't make it to the wedding is because he has commitment [shooting?] and it conflicted with the scheduled wedding. this is according to BOF.

i think i saw So Ji Sub came using the Maybach. When i saw that i've already a hunch that he might not come.

Here's the photo of the Maybach at the back and i think that the person next to SJS is Mgr. Yang.

guest arriving @ ksw-sty wedding

Andre Kim

Jung Joon Ha

Shin Ji Oh

Yoon Hae Young

Yoo Ji Tae & Kim Hyo-Jin

Lee Bum Soo

Jung Woo Sung

Choi Ji Woo
Ji Sung

Cha Seung Woo

Park Si Yeon

Park Yong Ha

Lee Jung Jae

Song Seung Hun
Kim Song Soo

Ha Ji Won
Jang Dong Gun

So Ji Sup

Oh Ji Ho

Lee Byung Hun

Lee Dong Gun

Han Ga-In & Yeon Jung-Hoon

Lee Han-Wi

Kim Seung-Woo & Kim Nam-Joo

kwon sang woo - son tae young wedding pics

no photos yet of the guests but what we have so far are ...

the bride and the groom in front of the press

hope that seoul will have a good weather this afternoon. hmm, could there be helicopters flying to take photos of the guests?