Monday, August 31, 2009

Maknae/SS501 @ Incheon Airport 08.31.09

The title says in says departing to Malaysia. 08.31.09. Really? It looks like this was late afternoon at Incheon Airport.

Okay, the boys went to Malaysia today for DVD photoshoot.

Photos originally came from

And here's a video of the the boys at Incheon Airport before departing to Malaysia. Much thanks to marvie0701 for the video.

Check mark 25, it's so cute! Kyu Jong is playfully slapping Maknae and Maknae is doing the same thing to Jung Min. ^^ They seem to be in good mood despite going away again after arriving yesterday from Beijing. Then on the 5th or 5th they fly to Japan for the 'Boys Over Flowers' promotional gig.

hyun joong is a show off

Hyun Joong is showing off his ability in dribbling soccer ball via the new print ad of SS501 for Le Coq Sportiff.

From the photos below Hyun Joong seems to be a creative dribbler and has flair. He must have practiced a lot when walking on his way to school or using the tree trunks or building wall as opponent. He seems to execute the move pretty well.

Also in the new ad of Le Coq he did not only showed off his ability to kick ball but as well as his ability to pose good while jumping. We've seen him did that in WGM, right? But in this ad he made several really nice poses.

The last batch doesn't seem that he's showing off any skills. I think here he's showing off the many pair of shoes he has. ^^

I like these set of photos of him relaxing in the bench. I've a thing with bench too. Love taking photos of benches.

Thanks to 토키 for posting on

looking for kyu jong spazzzz?

Here it goes. ^^ I found this set on posted by vincy. According to vincy's post they're from 金圭钟中文网 & photo by Bonnybanks.

The following set contains some funny expressions or shots of Kyu Jong.

Lucky interpreter, got to be soooo close
with Kyu & rest of SS501.

I like this shot.

This one too.

this is from a different source & he's
just so cute here.

HYS spazzzz @ Beijing PressCon [08.30.09]

I never thought this one coming since I only saw I set of SS501 photos which I posted HERE from the presscon and a few from other sites.

Anyway, here is a Young Saeng spazzz from the presscon. Has anyone seen lots of photos of the rest of the boys from the presscon? If yes please tip me. ^^

Btw, was there any article with regard to the presscon? I haven't seen nor read anything? I want to know what were asked to the boys and of course their answers.

Aright here are the photos. I know some who will get giddy in this post. Thanks to ale for posting these photos on SS501 thread @ soompi. Oririnal credit goes to and rmdkdl for re-posting somewhere ^^.

Young Saeng with his beautiful dimpled smile.

Love to pinch his chubby cheeks.

I like his tussled hair look. Though I know some
are missing his long hair.

Love this photo...handsome.
Nice eyebrows, pretty slim nose, and small thin lips.

Here are other photos from Thanks to one Anonymous for the tip on the comment box.

The boys are looking good in their attire at the presscon.

Amongst them, only Jung Min has long hair.
Omo, he's the only one wearing casual.
Geez, is that a belt on Kyu Jong?
It is i checked the other photos. ^^

SS501 getting ready for the presscon.

SS501 ready to take questions.

p.s and below one is extra photo that i got from khj thread @ soompi courtesy of