Thursday, May 29, 2008

byj & cjw working together again...

surprised? i am, just like mariko in byj thread @ soompi ^^

i actually saw this video in BYJ's Quilt which was posted by makishi. the title is

[VOD]BYJ -2008.05.28ntv RealTime-Animation WLS [without cjw's name]

click here to watch.

i played the video and i thought it was the repeat of the 1st video until i saw choi ji woo and saw a familiar place.

you're not a byj fan if the place is not familiar with you ^^

that place where ji woo recorded her message was at the 2nd floor of the restaurant of BYJ in Gangnam area, Gorilla in the Kitchen ^^

are you curious to know what choi ji woo said?

well, basically, cjw said that she's very glad to be participating in this animation after 6 years. she goes on in saying that WLS is a special work for her and that she'll work hard to make the animation successful.

like what cjw said it's been 6 years since wls and it's been 6 years too that yong joon and cjw worked together. could we see in 2009 the 2 endorsing wls animation with this collaboration? let's wait and see...

'no comment' by bof

have you read of the news questioning ji ah's age and personality? this news actually came from this portal and it has been a topic of talk in lee jia thread at soompi .

according to the news, bof apparently faked ji ah's age and and fabricated her major in college at pasadena in california. when someone asked bof about this issue, bof only said that her age is accurate and refused to answer other questions about her.

since like i said this has been a topic in ji ah thread at soompi, i wrote the following to somehow clear some things [hee, not really sure if i really did that ^^]

anyway, here's what i wrote ~

as everyone know i'm a fan of ji ah and the owner of BOF. honestly, i don't know if bof will issue a statement on this or not. since ji ah joined bof she's been constantly being watched by the media not only because she's a newcomer but she's also under the wings of BOF. since twssg she has been making a name in drama and cf world, she's been partnered with top actors and given many endorsements.

i think there are people who still doubt her ability and were kinda surprised on how fast she's climbing the ladder of success. an unknown actress from nowhere suddenly becoming a big star. people are hungry to know more about her and maybe since they can't find anything about her they cast doubt on her personality.

here's a little history how she was discovered:

-she auditioned with 29 others for the role

-it was producer kim jong hak who personally handled the audition and discovered her [if i'm not mistaken this was in 2006]

-kjh was the one who announced to the media that lee ji ah got the role of suzini sometime in may 2007. he also mentioned that she is a fine art student who majored in graphic design in college [i think she's taking a break in college] and she is a talented lady who is also fluent in English. [read article here]

-on sept 2007, BOF contracted ji ah since she's been working without any agency since she won the role of Sujini. [read article here]

what i'm trying to point out here is that, before she joined BOF, twssg producer made an announcement to the media about her being a graphic design student in Pasadena. it was not BOF who announced this.

about her being a graphic artist designer, ji ah talked about this in one of her interview which was translated by jingjuna. you can find it at the previous pages.

ji ah has been a target of malicious rumors. i remember reading before that she was even rumored to be the daughter of kjh. that she came from an affluent family which she denied and that she's the girl of the the boss.

btw, bof may not be the kind of agency that always counteracts some issues unless they think that it's really damaging. so far, i don't think that this has been a topic of talk in any baesites or even in any of ji ah sites.

just my 2 cents. cheers!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

better than nothing

finally! a new photo. thanks to josefine for posting in byjgallery. but i guess the original source is from

note : just learned that the link above is from the blog of mr sohn. according to my source, he went to new york. apparently he didn't write in his blog why he went there and that he didn't mention yong joon in his entry. hmm...

enlarged version by style/byjgallery

notice that he's wearing again the coat he's been wearing in seoul? check photo below ^^

i hope that there'll be more photos from this scene that will flood baesites tomorrow. it's been days now that we're having drought until this.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

more about the coat...

...which we all know by now was designed by John Galliano.

aren't we all curious to know the complete phrase written at the back of yong joon's coat? from below photo we could only decipher the word 'heaven'.

japanese baesister makishi posted on kob another Galliano's design with the same phrase written at the back.

honestly, i was kinda surprise when i learned what was written at the back. it seems so unlikely of yong joon donning a coat with that phrase. it's cool...yeah.... but...anyway, good thing that mariko posted on soompi a short story about the coat that she read at innolife.

apparently, the coat was a gift by no less than Choi Min Soo, Daejangro in TWSSG and a know hardcore Harley Davidson rider. honestly, when i was looking at the coat he's wearing the first name that popped into my mind was really CMS. the coat has the kind of attitude i know of CMS ^^ and i think i kinda saw him wearing something like that.

i wonder what he was thinking when he gave yong joon that coat. hee, he must have teased yong joon to loosen up a bit and show a bit his of his wild side. ^^

i'm sure CMS is happy to know that yong joon wore the coat he gave him. ^^

btw, suehan posted in KOB a bit of a news when yong joon went to DC. according to, yong joon also visited the house of Philip Lee and meet his family aside from attending mass with them. ^^

don't you think that he's such a nice person? even visiting the residence of his co-star [and a newbie]. others may think that 'wow, he's such a biggie doing that to a newbie' but hey don't forget, he's bae yong joon afterall.

p.s. mariko [thanks!] just posted this on soompi. this is apparently the photo of yong joon when he went to Virginia last Sunday, May 11, 2008.

photo courtesy of innolife/byjthread/daum site

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

it's John Galliano's trench

yong joon is wearing a 2008 Srping Collection of John Galliano

when photo of yong joon arriving in JFK last apr 20 came out mixed emotions about his attire surfaced on baeboards ^^. others are curious who's the designer, what's written at the back, who chose his attire.

as of this very moment, i've finally come to know what brand of traveling trench he's wearing. it's by John Galliano. hee, thanks to 모리스 of kob for letting us know.

after seeing some of his designs and fashion show by surfing, i find his designs wild and too extreme. check out his fashion show here , click here for this 2008 Spring collection, and here to read about his fashion show style.

now who is John Galliano?

John Galliano belongs to the train of incredible Paris talent that began with Paul Poiret and extended through Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier. Mr. Galliano is part showman, part engineer of magical seams, part devil.

Since January 1997, he has been the design director of Dior, responsible for haute couture and ready-to-wear collections, as well as accessories and his own John Galliano line. His shows are distinguished for their material and creative excess, all in keeping with the splendor of the Dior name.

Yet as recently as the early ’90s, Mr. Galliano was nearly destitute. His taste for extravagance and for romantic narrative Russian aristocrats fleeing into exile with only their petticoats did not square with the more practical demands of financial backers. He ran through several before meeting, in 1995, Bernard Arnault, the chairman of LVMH, and the majority owner of Dior.

Because of his understanding of feminine beauty and his ability to evoke it in a rippling piece of silk, Mr. Galliano also had the support of several influential women, notably Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue; Amanda Harlech, a former magazine editor and stylist; and the late socialite Sao Schlumberger, who gave Mr. Galliano money for his first Paris show and lent him a house on the Left Bank for another presentation.

Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano-Guillen was born in Gibraltar on Nov. 28, 1960. In 1966, the family moved to South London, where his father worked as a plumber. John enrolled in Central Saint Martins, graduating in 1984. For the next five years, he struggled to find a footing and money. In 1990, he left London for Paris.

The shows that Mr. Galliano put on in the early ’90s were exhilarating, in part because his energy and talent were so exposed. In a collection set around the romantic adventures of a Princess Lucretia, he used electrical wire from the BHV department store in Paris to give volume to full skirts.

In 1995, Mr. Arnault chose Mr. Galliano for Givenchy. Within two years, Mr. Galliano was given the top design job at Dior. There, his methods, to say nothing of his wild appearance, were met with doubt. He wanted the clothes cut smaller and closer to the body. As he explained to Raffaele Ilardo, the chief of the atelier, “You need to slash it more.” In time Mr. Galliano changed people’s eyes.

In July 1999, he mounted the Matrix collection, a couture show that almost literally took apart Dior’s classic tailoring and reassembled it as a new, more chaotic form. He followed with a ready-to-wear collection that introduced the Dior saddle bag and logo denim.

He had an exceptional year in 2007, with a spring haute couture collection inspired by Madame Butterfly and a polished fall ready-to-wear show. In July, he staged a huge show at Versailles, for Dior’s 60th anniversary.

In an interview in July 2007, Sidney Toledano, the company’s chief executive, said of Mr. Galliano: “Some people think he’s very fragile, and he’s not.”

Mr. Toledano continued: “The guy has survived all his life.”

source :

cool joon

What a good sight to start Tuesday morning ^^

It's very rare that we see yong joon dressed casually. I like it! I hope that we could see him more often like this.

According to the source of the photos, these were taken when yong joon arrived at JFK Int'l Airport on April 20, 2008. Geez, i just realized now that he's been there for 3 three weeks now. Seems like he's been away for months!

I wonder what’s written at the back of his traveling trench. Hmm, could it be that he’s smoking?
Btw, read from joanne's translation in Quilt last night that he went to DC last sunday and heard a mass with with an acquaintance. But he went back to NY again. ^^
Yong Joon, enjoy your much deserve vacation, k?
photos courtesy of rinrin / byjgallery

Sunday, May 11, 2008

multimedia models

do you know that bae yong joon and so ji sub both are endorsers of PMP [personal media player]? yong joon endorses viliv with a tagline 'yonsama moves the world' while ji sub is the spokeperson for cowon with a tagline of 'my digital pride, cowon'.

ji sub's contract with cowon started november of last year. he's still the model for the said PMP and the company he represents just released their latest ad.

yong joon on the other hand, inked a contract with Viliv to be its endorser last march. these are the initial photos of yong joon for Viliv.

incidentally, we all know that yong joon is in NYC to film latest ad not for...

or Mac [see the notebooks?] but for the multimedia just like the one on his hand with the earphone. ^^
both bof men are endorsing same products but different brands. though their age gap is not that wide, i think that yong joon's target market are more of the businessmen while ji sub's market would be the yuppies.

photos courtesy of sjs soompi thread & missyusa

Saturday, May 10, 2008

small delegation in NY?

i was looking at all of the photos posted on soompi to check familiar faces amongst the crowd that is with yong joon. guess what? i only found one who looks familiar and because of my poor memory with names and faces i forgot who he is. good thing that bb was around soompi to reply to my query. i was referring to manager hwang, the one who got married last october.

yong joon with manager hwang in 7th ave. NYC

while trying to spot familiar face and finding only one, i thought the yong joon might have a small delegation with him. i learned from bb that he brought along with him manager hwang, brian lee who is his english instructor, and kim tae hwan his friend and photographer of 'the image vol. 1'. and we're not sure who else. but jes of joon's family mentioned the stylist that is with him in some of the photos is his long time stylist [not miss hong]. so i guess she's part too of yong joon's group.

aren't you missing manager yang around yong joon? honestly, i'm not used seeing yong joon in another country without mgr yang around. oh well, mgr yang is probably busy managing lee ji ah and so ji sub who are both doing endorsements one after the other and with their upcoming dramas and movies such as 'beethoven virus' for ji ah and 'cain and abel', 'movie is movie' and 'gegege no kitaro' for ji sub. i also think that manager yang is busy preparing for the upcoming event in japan.

still more of yong joon in NY

those who frequent soompi must already know who moe a.k.a. moepusu is. she's the friend of kkmha a.k.a. munn [who posted earlier photos which she took in NY]. these ladies were not only lucky to see yong joon in flesh but they were able to shook the hand of yong joon and he listened to them while they talk.

i didn't know that moe also took photos of our man and she also shared her photos in kob via her picasa web album account! she took about 30 photos of our man! geez, i don't think i'll ever get tired of looking at the photos taken by fans in the 7th Ave. of NY.

moe, thank you so much! 'love them all and i want more!

i hope you don't mind me posting your photos here as well ^^. i won't show them all since they're too many. i'll just pick those shots that i think is different from the others.

btw, to those who are posting this somewhere else, please do not forget to credit moe, k?

hot endorsers for 'dressed to kill'

due to ji ah's popularity after 'twssg' she has been offered with many endorsements. she has been invited to become the spokesman of a famous jean brand 'Dressed to Kill'. in her new ads, Ji Ah will give up her mischievous and characteristic image to become a sexy mature woman.

when the above ad came out everyone was wondering who could ji ah's romeo be? until the next teaser came out from the website of D2K.

and who could be the silhouette romeo in the website? since i'm one of his many fans, through the silhouette photo i've alredy an idea who ji ah's romeo is without reading the hints at the right side which read ~

소지섭 탤런트 출생 1977년 11월 4일
신체 182cm, 70kg
학력 청운대학교 방송연기

미안하다, 사랑한다 [trans ] Sorry I Love U
발리에서 생긴 일: [trans] What happend in Bali
천년지애 [trans] Thousand Year Of Love

have you guessed? it's so ji sub ^^ another bof talent who has been doing cfs one after the other before embarking on his drama 'cain and abel' and movie 'movie is movie'.

ji sub and ji ah look good together. the photos that were taken for D2K are hot and sexy. check them out below ^^

and here are ji ah's photos from the catalogue of D2K

here's so ji jub's photo for catalogue

screencaps from the making

photos courtesy of ww.ejiahstory and sjs thread @ soompi


recently ji ah had an authograph session at D2K store. and she was interviews by Wang Beh. below is the translation shared by jingjuna in lja thread @ soompi

Heres the translations =]
- the interviewers name is Wang Beh (lol in korean it means king stomach)
- WB is the interviewer and J is jiah
- i wrote charms for the word mehryuk cbecause i didnt know how to explain it haha. It does basically mean charming though.

WB: Jiah has now returned to her fans with a new image. Now let's go see her hidden charms.
What would jiah look like today? (said that in front of the building) Wow this is sujini! Jiah is that really you? She has completely changed her image. Those poses are her charming eyes. I am completely falling for her.
For the next photoshoot she has put water all over her body. Jiah looks very cold. But as soon as the shoot starts she immedietly shows her sexy side.
J: Thank you for your hard work.

WB:Right after the photoshoot she heads for the fansigning event. It is her first one so she look very excited.
As soon as she enters her fans cannot help but be extremely happy.
J:Today I'm doing my first fansigning event. Many people came so I want to thank everyone. To look good for everyone I dressed up. Does it look okay?
WB: Oh of course! Jiah is enjoying receiving cakes like a little girl. When she gets a bigger cake she doesn't know what to do.
J:I really like cakes. I'll eat it well =]
WB:Lastly she gets donuts. She is having a good time with her fans but when someone put their hands on the donuts she got suprised.
Haha selfish (said it in a cute way)

bubble: Please dont eat my cake and donuts

WB: For jiah's date I have become a bodyguard. Everyone let's go to watch me and jiah go on a date. Let's go jiah.
(He hits the poster of jiah on the wall accidently) OH I'm so sorry.
We went out to the street. There are a lot of fans out too.
Everyone isnt jiah pretty? "YES" (They both got suprised when all the fans said it together)
Does she look good with me? "NO"

so what have you been doing lately?

J: I traveled a bit
WB: where did you go?
J: I went to France, Italy, and Lonndon.
WB: Oh you went on a package haha. (to boy) Is your girlfriend prettier of jiah?
Boy: Jiah
WB: Haha I hope the boy is okai now.

WB: You did a drama with BYJ and now you are working with another great actor. SJS
(Lately with a romeo & juliet concept they have been doing a photoshoot)
How would you compare BYJ and SJS's charms?
J: BYJ sunbae is more calm, warm, and smooth. I think those are his charms. SJS sunbar is more touch and manly.
WB: When you look at the mirror, at what times do you think you look really pretty?
J: When I wake up and my eyes are all swollen
WB: Haha that's when you think you are pretty?
J: Weirdly I think i look pretty when my eyes are swollen.
WB: What food do you like to eat?
J: I like sweet things like cakes.
WB: But how do you keep your S line. Im very curious. I like eating a lot.
J: Lately I haven't been exercising so I see a change in my body haha.
WB: Everyone might not so but jiah designed the dress she wore to the awards, her homepage, and the shirt she is wearing today. Please design my face.
J: Haha that's impossible.
Soon I think I will be able to go back to everyone through an MB drama. Please just wait a bit more until then. Thank you.

WB: Jiah with an innocent charm. We look forward to more of your cool and loveable imgae.