Thursday, November 30, 2006

our tall and handsome king

posted in kob [will post name later]^^

did your hear?

actress moon sori, who's with yong joon in TWSS will be married on December 24th. will we see yong joon at the wedding? i hope! ^^

here's the news posted at the news section in soompi ~

Moon (32) will be getting married to director Jang Joon Hwan (36) on December 24th, Christmas Eve.They have had a 3 year relationship since they met in 2003 during singer Jung Jae Il's music video in which Moon acted in and Jang directed.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

more photos

so many photos to post but i'm only posting here those that i like.

thank you too yong joon

didn't i say that i love the way he keeps his hair from his face? ^^

photos from the afternoon even!

i wonder what is the BYJ special "secret" thing?

he changed his suit ^^

is the lady from HWRL? hhhmmm again i wonder what is going on in the interview?

more photos of Yong Joon

whenever yong joon goes out on public it's already given that he'll be the most photographed person. well, i'm not saying this because i'm a known byj fan. honestly it is so noticeable. and he knows about this that is why he doesn't want to be in public gathering much. he always steals the attention of almost everyone.

here are more photos from

it looks like that he's enjoying

again, that mannerism ^^

love it when he laughs like that!


hmmm, you look so serious...

who are you staring at?

hee, the wind keeps blowing yong joons hair ^^

more clapping...look at those big manly hands

i was hoping he'll throw that gloves to the crowd ^^

and this one is from starnews ~

love the way he does this gesture when he tries to keep his hair from going to his face

Yong Joon at the Hallyu Expo in Jeju

At last, Yong Joon in his 1st public appearance after almost a year.What can I say? He still look handsome as always, though a little thinner. Likewise, there are photos where in you can seen that he skin is not looking good. Maybe because of too much late night shooting. But overall he is gorgeous and so princely.

He looks so cute here ~

I believed that almost all the newspaper are carrying his photos.

I love that ponytail ^^ and of course the man wearing them

It's that mannerism again ^^
and this too ^^

Beautiful sideview profile ^^

Cute...he claps like a kid ^^Even the media is interested in his hands ^^

Monday, November 27, 2006

if not for yong joon

It’s been a while since I last visited my own blog as well as my personal blog. If not for Yong Joon I don’t know what else could have helped me deal with my gloomy mood . Though I’m a year older a few weeks ago, it’s definitely not one of those birthday blues.

I might have really gone wacko if not for soompi, quilt, kob, flowerbossa and happiebb’s blog and sweet company of baesisters who visit my blog and soompi.

I’m happy but not blissfully happy. But this person always gives me every reason to smile and forget my worries.

Btw, over the weekend when there was a deafening silence all over baeland, i created Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi thread to keep me sane. Though almost all the news and updates there are not new to us anymore, if you have a soompi account please do drop by. The thread has already about a thousand visitors for only 2 days and most visitors i noticed are different from the byj thread visitors.


Saturday, November 18, 2006

no yong joon at the wedding

photos from the wedding of mgr wee seung chul and jang shin young are coming out. there was no photo of yong joon. it was in the news that he didn't attend due to the filming of dram"legend". i read from bb's blog that the shooting ended this morning.

most of the bof's staff and talents attended the wedding. some of the celebrity guests include, kwon sang woo, lee dong wook, eric's [of shinwa] girlfriend, heo yi jae, shim ji ho, lee dong wook and many more.

here are some pictures to share with you.

i was looking for photos with mgr yang but i can't find any. there were many fans also who went see yong joon.

it was said that after the wedding sjs went to the fans' meet of his best buddy song seung hun.

BB & YOKEE ...

i finally managed to find a photo that includes the YANG MAN ^^