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TWSSG @ soompi

aaaahhh, been busy lately keeping the thread that i've created at soompi ~ the twssg thread.

honestly, before i started the thread in october last year, i kinda hesitated because soompi is not a byj territory despite having byj thread there too. i guess because of my perseverance twssg thread is moving pretty fast and is always on the top page. ^^ same is true with byj thread we're in we've lots of visitors now.

twssg thread @ soompi is very informative. thanks to the help of many soompi members and baesisters [you know who you are ]. on the 1st page you will see the forum size poster of twssg, synopsis and brief description of each characters. one member, liquidfir, also contributed her own version of character description. here's what she made ~

Celestial Creatures
운사 (청룡) Woon Sa (Chong Ryong)- 동쪽을 다스리는 구름의 수호신 Blue Dragon, Protector of the East; Cloud
Magical Items 신물 : Head of a Spear

풍백 (백호) Poong Baek (Baek Ho) - 서쪽을 다스리는 바람의 수호신 White Tiger, Protector of the West; Wind
Magical Items 신물 : Metal

우사 (현무) Woo Sa (Hyon Mu) - 북쪽을 다스리는 비의 수호신 Black Turtle, Protector of the North; Rain
Magical Items 신물 : A staff
새오 (주작) Sae O (Ju Jak) - 남쪽을 다스리는 불의 수호신 Red vermilion or Phoenix, Protector of the South; Fire

*흑주작 Hek Ju Jak- 분노에 의해 폭주한 주작 Black Phoenix. When Jujak is overwhelmed by rage, it becomes Hek Ju Jak. Very destructive.
Magical Items 신물 : Ruby Necklace

Main Characters
2000 years ago 2000년 전에
환웅 Hwan Woong - 하늘님의 아들 Son of God. He took the power of fire from Ga Jin to stop the war between the tiger tribe and his people. He entrapped the power in a ruby necklace,
named it the heart of Ju Jak (주작의 심장) and gave it to Sae O. He fell in love with Sae O and they had a son together. However, he had to kill the love of his life because Sae O turned into the black Phoenix. After her death, he returned to the heavens and left the 4 magical items behind. He also left behind a legend. One day, the heavens above will send a new king down to earth. The 4 magical items will be awaken on that day. On the day of the kings birth, the king's star will appear.
새오 Sae O - 웅족의 여전사 Female warrior of the bear tribe, entrusted with the power of the Ju Jak by Hwan Wun She fell in love with Hwan Woong and gave birth to his son. However, Ga Jin stole their son out of jealousy and threw him off a cliff, Not knowing that Hwan Woong had saved their son, she was overwhelmed by rage and she turned into the destructive black phoenix. She was killed by Hwan Woong who had no other choice.
가진 Ga Jin - 호적의 불의신녀 Female priestess of the tiger tribe with the power of fire. She loved Hwan Woong but her love was not returned. She killed herself after Sae O died.

2000 years later 2000년 후에

담덕 DamDeok, 관개토태왕 - The real king of Jushin, expanded 고구려 Go Gwu Ryo.
His entire expanded empire is known as 쥬신Ju Shin. His father became king when his uncle, the previous king, passed on the throne to his father. Both his uncle and his father believed that he is the Ju Shin king. He was forced to confront his aunt, Hogae's mother when she tried to poison his father the king. His aunt committed suicide afterwards and from that day, the friendship between Hogae and him soured and they turned from friends and cousins to enemies. His 1st love was Kiha but it was not meant to be as kiha is a spy. He will fall in love with Sujini, who will help him with the
expansion of his empire.

수지니 Sujini - Reincarnated human form of Ju Jak or Saeo, Disciple of Hyon Go. She did not know that she was Ju Jak. Sister to Kiha but they were separated when she was a baby.The members of the Gor Mel Chon found baby Sujini in a soya bean urn (5 year old Kiha placed Sujini inside to prevent her from getting hurt from the fire) in the burnt down house. When they first saw her, there was a mark of the Ju Jak on her forehead, confirming that she was the reincarnation of Ju Jak.
Out of the fear of her turning into the black phoenix, Hyon Go's master wanted Sujini to be killed but Hyon Go insisted on bringing Sujini up and he made the promise of killing Sujini if she ever turned into the Hek Ju Jak. She was adopted into Gor Mel Chon and was brought up like a boy (almost all members of Gor Mel Chon are males). She will fall in love with DamDeok and aid him with this empire.

서기하 So Kiha - Reincarnation of Ga Jin, .
Sister to Kiha but they were separated when she is a young girl due to the violet acts of Hwa Cheon Hwe. Their family protected and sheltered the Ju Jak magical item for centuries.. Before Hwa Cheon Hwe found them, Kiha's (and sujini's) mother, gave Kiha the necklace and told her to protect her baby sister as she is the eldest.
Their mum hid them under the floorboards. Hwa Cheon Hwe killed both parents and burned down their house. 5 year old Kiha hid her baby sister in the soya bean urn to protect her. The members of the hwa cheon hwe found and took the unconscious kiha back to their head quarters as she was wearing the Ju Jak magical item, the ruby necklace. But they did not know there was another baby. She lost her memory after the fire and she was adopted into Hwa Cheon Hwe. Hwa Cheon Hwe send her into the palace to become a priestess. She fell in love with DaeDeok but their love was not meant to be as she was a spy for Hwan Cheon Hwe, and their target was to prevent the real Jushin king from taking throne.

거믈천 Gor Mel Chon - A tribe that protects the magical item of Wu Sa (Hyon Mu). The members are waiting for the real Jushin king to be born and when that day arrives, they will do their best to aid him.

화전회 Hwa Cheon Hwe - Descendants of the tiger tribe, the members believe that the world belongs to them. They will do whatever it takes to find the 4 magical items and use their powers to prevent the Jushin king from ruling.

주신 Ju Shin - 우리 (한국) 민족의 웅대한제국 Grandiose empire

신시 Shin Shi - 쥬신 제국의 수도 The capital of the Ju Shin empire

Other Characters
연호개 Yon Hogae - Cousin to Damdeok. Borned on the same day and time as DamDeok. However he was not the Ju Shin king. They were best of friends until the death of Hogae's mother. Hogae's mother was a princess and she believed that her son hogae was the rightful king. She tried to poison DamDeok's father but this was discovered by DamDeok with help from Kiha. Damdeok told his aunt that if she can find the one responsible then no harm will come to her family or her son. She took the bottle of poison and committed suicide. However, before she died, she told hogae to become king and to beware of Damdeok. Hogae kept this in mind and they turned from friends to enemies. He was secretly in love with Kiha.

연가려 Yon Ga Ryo - Father to Hogae.
양왕 Yang Wang - Father to Damdeok
대장로 Dae Jang Ro - The leader of the Hwan cheon Hwe.
주무친 Ju Mu Chin - Reincarnated, human form of Baek Ho
처로 Cho Ro - Reincarnated human form of Chong Ryong
현고 Hyon Go - Reincarnated human form of Hyon Mu
닥단 Dak Dan - Female warrior.

General Kho the guard of Damdeok.
Saryang, the guy who's incharge to look for Kiha at the palace. messenger of Hwancheon Leader. [the guy whose one eye is covered with his hair]

and another member of soompi dramaok, shared this character map with english translation ^^ [click image for larger version]

the above informations make visitors of the thread 'life' kinda easy when understanding twssg.

aside from the above, the thread also gives the following which can be found on the 1st page for easy searching [with link attached on soompi]. information on this post is being updated regularly ~

[1] 2.8 secs flash version [2] .wmv version [3] .avi version [4] 2nd teaser [5] Mnet 4 mins plus version [6] 45 secs spot trailer

Preview VODs & Translation
[trans] Preview of Part 1
[trans] Preview of Part 2
M-net BIKINI HOUSE [vod] / Mnet preview [translation]

Thousand Years of Love

Special Prgm [1] [2]
EP 1 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
EP 2 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
EP 3 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
EP 4 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]
EP 5 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]
EP 6 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]
EP 7 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15]

EP 5 [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
EP 6 [1]
EP 7 [1]
Character Transformation cute!

Episode Summary
EP 1 by tiffany
EP 2 by tiffany
EP 3 by mikaney
EP 4 by mikaney
EP 5 by mikaney
EP 6 by gualsan
EP 7 by gualsan

Episode Dialogue Translation
EP 1 by gaulsan
EP 2 by Pyoungsang part 1 part 2
EP 2 by suehan
EP 3 by gaulsan
EP 4 by gaulsan
EP 5 by suehan
EP 6 by gualsan

Episode Ratings
Ep / Nationwide / Seoul
1 / 20.4 (3rd) / 21.6 (3rd)
2 / 26.9 (1st) / 27.7 (1st)
3 / 26.9 (1st) / 28.3 (1st)
4 / 31.7 (1st) / 33.3 (1st)
5 / 31.5 (1st) / 33.1 (1st)
6 / 23.4 (2nd)/ 25.3 (1st)
7 / 30.9 (1st) / 33.0 (1st)

Artworks ~ BYJ as Damdeok from the sketchpad of Nagajun
More Artworks by Nagajun
Artworks by Hiyoon

BTS [thanks to mymyjane2 for consolidating and to flower of truelovebyj
[Vod]TWSSG preview DVD():YJ is Hero
[Vod]TWSSG preview DVD():YJ fall down from horse
[Vod]TWSSG preview DVD():Great King so mercy his people
[Vod]TWSSG preview DVD()&():Levelheaded Great King
[Vod]TWSSG preview DVD():YJ practice martial arts very industrious
[Vod]TWSSG preview DVD()():YJ practice martial arts very industrious(two more)
[Vod]TWSSG preview DVD(): YJ feed horse so patience
[Vod]TWSSG Navigate DVD()~()
[Vod]TWSSG Navigate DVD()~()
[Vod]TWSSG Navigate DVD()~(十二)

Other Interesting Topics
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articles about twssg and links to clubboxes are also posted on the 1st page.

as of today, the thread has, 1,210 posts and has been viewed 104,204. truthfully, i'm so happy with the statistics. i'm hoping and praying that the data will get bigger as twssg goes on air every week until november.

so guys, if you have time and want to see viewers of twssg [non-byjfans and soon to be byj fans] discuss the drama, please join us in twssg thread @ soompi.

btw, aside from the people of soompi twssg thread, thanks too to many many baesisters who have been giving lots of goodies from other baesites [byjgallery, byj's quilt, joon's family, and many other baesites] that i share in the thread. they're the likes of mariko, mymyjane, gaulsan, suehan, joanne, makishi, LL, kyaputenQ, tiffany, happiebb, style, zeze, nagajun and many more.

TWSSG rocks!!!

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TWSSG's main theme sung by TVXQ

I guess everyone must have heard that TVXQ will be singing the main theme song of TWSSG entitled 'Thousand Years of Love'. Oh, i love the rhythm of the song! I can't say anything about the lyrics yet because still have not seen any translation nor the romanized lyrics. But according to news the love song tells us about given fate and heartbroken love.

Here's the video of the song ~

You can also click here to listen to a different window

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Bae Yong Joon's Car

Reposting my post here from soompi. ^^

about the Rover, yeah i've read from bb's blog that yong joon just changed his to a newer one. smile.gif cool! i'm sure it's black again.

since our topic is yong joon's car. i've been wanting to post this which bb posted in her blog in Feb this year. It's about yong joon's car smile.gif i've actually asked bb's permission to post this before but had second thoughts. but since this is byj thread and the plate numbers are not revealed might as well post this now smile.gif

ok, let me start with yong joon's old range rover

according to bb, yong joon seems to be chauffeured around quite abit in his gunmetal range rover. he was using that almost all the time when he had to travel between seoul and samcheok during the AS days.

this one is yong joon's porsche ~

suehan has posted this photo on byj in toronto which bb is so kind to share in her blog smile.gif

yong joon seems to favor black cars. here's what bb has to say about it. she wrote in her blog that someone told her that yong joon once said that cars ain't cars if they ain't black.

and now the maybach that he purchaseAlign Centerd mid december 2005 which costs 770 million korean won which is translated in dollars as S$825,000 blink.gif

well, this is not exactly his car but since bb wants us to have an idea what his car actually looks like, she did a research about the car and shared with us in her blog. smile.gif

bb also wrote that each car can be customized according to the buyer's preference.

cool car don't you think?

for more info about the maybach click here

thanks to bb and suehan for the some of the info