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[Trans] Hyun Joong's Message on Henecia Board 09.30.11

Finally, Hyun Joong made his presence felt at Henecia website. Oh geez, this young man keeps on forgetting his password. ^_^

Anyway, happy that he's been active leaving messages on his official boards. He knows how to tickle our fancy especially now that his 2nd album 'Lucky' is about to be released.

I am shoving here rough translation of Hyun Joong's message done by miyo and posted on LoveKimHyunJoong. Thanks!


Note from miyo :

Here's my rough translation of the message.. .^^
So... do take it with a pinch of salt.. lol..
Since.. I can't be sure if what I translated is fully correct or not.. (^^ゞ

[2011.09.30] HOB: .............
Korean~English: miyo

This is the first time I'm writing here and I forgot my ID^^

I will be coming here often

Please give many love to Henecia homepage.

Had finished recording the album recently. Filming music video tomorrow, please look forward to it^^

I will write here once in a while. Coming soon.........ㅋ

[Trans] Hyun Joong's Message #11 on his KOB (

I guess this translation of wonderrrgirl has been posted in almost all Hyun Joong related blogs and fora as well as SS501. Hee, I am late is posting this because I just got home.

Since the album will be out soon Hyun Joong left a message on his korean official board, [also at Henecia] to give us updates on the progress of his upcoming album 'Lucky'.

Ei, the tone of his message is a bit 4Dness. Hmm... ^_^


[Trans] 11th message from Kim Hyun Joong on KEYEAST site
Translation: Wonderrrgirl @
*Please repost only with FULL credits*

Recently I haven’t even written my excuse of being so busy here…..because I’ve forgotten my I.D and my password, so I couldn’t write a message…… Anyway this is just an excuse, therefore I’m giving all of you photos of what I’ve been up to recently as a present.

Art and Matic are sitting now begging for food

Myself during recording, taken by my manager who are worn out from standing and are going off to bed keke

Finally, the master CD of my second album has reached my hands

Because it can’t be released…………^^ I must keep it quickly into the safebox hehe

For your information, my limited edition album and the first album’s master CD are inside the safebox. People with ulterior motives please don’t hover about outside my house

Finally my second album is done ^^ On 20 October I’ll try my best to make it the best stage. Don’t give ten of thousands of anticipation but please give it a hundred thousand of anticipation. Everyone please do it within your comfy zone of support, okay?????????

Tomorrow I’ll be filming the music video. I hope you’ll anticipate this amazing video ^^ I’m thankful and because tomorrow I will be filming from midnight onwards, meanwhile I’ll watch a movie and try to get some sleep.

So, please be mindful of not catching a cold and everyone, until the 20th, please recharge yourself, because there will be 3 weeks of promotional activities … ^^;;;

Because we must have fun fully for a short time………… thank you all for giving me so much intangible power that I can always rely on during my hard times ^^

[Video] Kyu Jong @ Music Bank 09.30.11

Kyu Jong just made his comeback stage on MusicBank today. Check out his sleek get up and awesome performance as he performs 'Yesterday' from his 1st solo mini album. Kyu Jong seems more relaxed and confident in his performance today. I am pretty certain that he'll be getting more and more awesome on his performances in the coming days.

Thanks to for uploading the video in YouTube.

Audio in MuBank is much better than M! Countdown. A

[Article] Kyu Jong the Last SS501 Member to Go Solo

Earlier, I have shared some snippets from Kyu Jong's interview one of which is when he talked about members giving him support and his thoughts about going solo. His the full article about that from Sportshankook which I am shoving. Loads of thanks to xiaochu for sharing this on Quainte501

When members of idol group go solo I cannot think of any other group that all members are successful. I can think of group members though going solo, duo or group of 3's, 4's or 5's but not like SS501 whose all members are going solo and are being praised for their individual talent and recognized wherever they go. With this, I cannot help but to be proud of them as sooner or later they will become one again and show us a stronger SS501.


[News] Kim Kyu Jong, Completes SS501 Solo Activities Relay
Credits : Sportshankook+ (English Translation) xiaochu @


Kim KyuJong is the finale of SS501’s solo parade. Mini album which was released on 27-Sep is his first solo album. He started his activities with his title song . After the release of SS501’s released in May last year, Park JungMin, Kim HyungJun, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim HyunJoong went into solo activities in that order.

“In the end I was the last. It is a strange feeling to see each member start their solo activities and returning to put a full stop after making one round. It made me feel how precious our group activities were.”

Even though they went on to different agencies, SS501’s strong connection is still as before. Member’s support became a great strength to him with his activities coming up.

“HyungJun and HyunJoong hyung meticulously monitor my song. YoungSaeng hyung, who is in the same agency as me, did a rap featuring for which is included in my album. JungMin is in Taiwan, so I couldn’t let him listen (to the songs), but I believe he will support me. Even though all of them scared me by telling me that it is difficult doing it alone, but of course I do know that it is because they are worried for me.”

“It will be great if all the members came to cheer me on in the waiting room.” Kim KyuJong said. which he sings is a dance song but has a sorrowful melody to it. Song is made by composer Han SangWon. He has gathered attention with the retro series of stage clothing and dance moves using suspenders.

Our conversation with Kim KyuJong went on naturally. He didn’t hide the fact that he wished for the members to finish their own solo activities and have a like-minded (group) activities again next year. Above all, his greatest mind is on the fans who supported him without any changes even when he started his solo activities.

“Fans are friends who share the precious memories of my most glorious times. When we look back, I hope we have left the memories we are proud of there. In order to do that, I want to show our good-self by next year at the latest. All the other members are also thinking of the same thing.”

Thursday, September 29, 2011

[Vid] 'Turn Me On' Album Jacket Making

Naver Music released a video from the album jacket making of Kim Kyu Jong's 1st solo mini album 'Turn Me On'.

Here is the video from the post of 아이러브현 that I lifted from SS601. The vid was uploaded by in YouTube.

Btw, if you guys still haven't read Kyu Jong's explanation about the concept of his album, you may click HERE.

[Media & Fan Pix] Kyu Jong @ M!Countdown 09.29.11

At M! Countdown today Kyu Jong impressed us with his first stage performance for his first solo debut for the mini album 'Turn Me On'. For his performance, he sang 'Yesterday' and for the first time saw the choreography of the 'suspenders dance' in full.

I really enjoyed listening to Kyu Jong performance at M! Countdown. He sounded more mature and he improved a lot. I believe his inclusion in the musical played a big factor. His breathing while strutting on stage is good compared to his other performances before. Also, I am amazed with the way he moves his tall and lean body on stage. I like how his pants hugged his long legs while executing those curve walks. His effortless sexiness while doing the suspenders dance is the cutest.

I want to see more of Kyu Jong up on stage. But I hope the next time I see him, he'll have more confidence and won't look nervous.

Here are photos of Kyu Jong I got from Daum and Naver.

Following are not media pix but from a fan who I believe was at the the live studio earlier. This set of close up photos was lifted from the post of 00lanse on Baidu and were taken from

[Vid] Kyu Jong's Comeback Stage at M!Countdown 09.29.11

Kyu Jong first stage comeback on M! Countdown is a daebak! I am so loving it though it seems that he's a bit nervous up there on the stage.

Here's Kyu Jong doing the sexy suspenders dance with 'Yesterday'. Much thank to for uploading the vid on YouTube.

[Article] Brotherly Love at M! Countdown

Media immediately picked up MnetCountdown tweet about Hyung Jun and Young Saeng giving support to Kyu Jong as he make his comeback today (probably at this very minute) on M! Countdown.

Here's an article I lifted from AKP. Much thanks to Vitalsign!


[Article] SS501′s Heo Young Saeng, Kim Hyung Jun visit M! Countdown to support Kim Kyu Jong’s solo debut
Source + Photos: Star News via Naver
Courtesy of VITALSIGN / AllKPop

To support Kim Kyu Jong‘s solo debut, fellow SS501 members Heo Young Saeng and Kim Hyung Jun personally made a visit to the set of Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown‘!

On September 29th, the official ‘M! Countdown’ Twitter updated with a picture of the trio and the message, “Hyung Jun & Young Saeng came to support Kyu Jong’s solo debut. Kim Kyu Jong prepared for his solo stage amidst a friendly and heartwarming atmosphere.”

Dressed in his stage outfit, Kyu Jong can be seen posing between his two handsomely dressed group members. With arms slung over one another’s shoulders, the group smile for the camera while giving a thumbs-up for good luck.

Fans commented, “Such a friendly picture”, “He must feel so strong to have his members supporting him for his first stage”, and “Let’s make a daebak with your solo!”


Here's a photo of Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun at the set of Mnet Wide News tweeted by MnetWide.

[Article] Kyu Jong Got Hurt Almost Thought of Retiring

For the past days we've been reading a lot about Kyu Jong. A lot of revelations from his interviews made me smile and teary eyed. He's the 2nd member of SS501 who I think was hardest hit when they went solo. But because they have family and friends who love them and give them support they were able to pull it through.

With this comeback album, let's give Kyu Jong a lot of encouragement, love and support. Let's give him the more confidence and let's make him feel that he is well loved not only as and idol but as an actor as well.

Thanks much to xiaochu for another transalation shared on Quainte501.


[Interview] Kim KyuJong “Decided To Retire When People Makes Me Feel Too Difficult”
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

The heart that got hurt by people can only be healed through people. Coming back to the music scene after 1 year and 7 months is idol group SS501’s Kim KyuJong, who had thought of retiring due to getting hurt deeply by people. He also considered seriously to quietly going back to his hometown and live on listening to his favorite music.

The reason for him to think of the word ‘retire’ is due to the wounds he received from people. Especially because of his character of trusting people easily and shy of strangers, Kim KyuJong fell into the deep into his agony. Thoughts like “My character doesn’t fit as a singer?” filled his head.

“I stopped doing what I was originally doing. Because I received too much wounds from people. I even think like ‘My character is not suitable?’ sigh~ I thought of leaving without any prior notice at the thought of living comfortably without any desires.”

This is not a joke, Kim KyuJong really intended to leave. But he made a long journey and returned once again on the stage. Kim KyuJong released his first solo mini album ‘TURN ME ON’ on 27-Sep. So what is the reason for Kim KyuJong to sing again?

“Because of people. I realized that there are still many people who cherishes me like before. All thanks to these people, I was determined to work hard. In the past when I have lots of work, I will grumble but now I will have fun and enjoy it. (smile)

Kim KyuJong, whom we have not seen for a long time, looks even brighter than before. Though his difficulties during this period has not diminished yet, thanks to the precious affinity with his current agency and its staffs, he was able to gather strength to stand up again. SS501 member Heo YoungSaeng, who is with him in his current agency B2M Entertainment, becomes his biggest strength.

“Thinking of standing on the stage again after 2 over years, I feel happy and excited. Of course, though there are still many things I don’t know yet, but won’t these change accordingly when I becomes determined to do it? (Heo) YoungSaeng hyung also said I am suitable to sing and supported me. It became a big strength to me.”

While having activities as SS501, thanks to the few members who loves being in the limelight, the usually quiet him had a 180 degrees change and we can feel the change in this meeting with him. Don’t know if it’s a natural change as he will have the camera time all to himself which he had shared with 5 members in the past.

Of course, the first drink cannot fill you full, Kim KyuJong does not demand too much on his first solo album. He only hopes to walk quietly towards the fans who got wet under the drizzle.

“I like American singer Tommy Page’s music very much. Though it is not a very outstanding type of music, you will remember it for a very long time. Like for my song, even though it will not appear as very outstanding when fans listen to it, but it will quietly linger around, so even when time passes by, I hope I can hear people say ‘This song is really good’. It is my dream to become a singer with such charisma.”

Though he started off as idol group, Kim KyuJong came out standing alone now, he wants to be remembered as a singer who has a ‘deep scent’. In year 2011, he will step forward alone, not as a group but as solo, not as idol but as a singer.

[Article] Kyu Jong Explains the Concept Behind Teaser Photos

Here's an article translated by xiaochu on Quainte501 to help us understand why Kyu Jong has to be dressed and made up like a woman for his 1st solo mini album 'Turn Me On'.

It was such a brave act when he knows already that he will be getting lots of negative feedback. But it's Kyu Jong who I think likes to challenge himself because it gives him the confidence once he has fulfilled something.


[Interview] Kim KyuJong “Extraordinary Female Make-Up Photo, Hoping to be Pretty but Simply Transvestite”
Credits : oing@ NEWSEN + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Last of SS501 to make a solo debut, Kim KyuJong’s teaser photo had various ‘extraordinary’ points. Heavy make-ups, pearl necklace, female clothing with white hairstyle… immediately after it was being released, there was a heated attention among music fans as well as in various online communities. There are different types of reactions, from curiosity regarding his new attempt, to negative responses.

Kim KyuJong said honestly, “Even though it would be great to hear many nice words about it but getting away from that, I thought that I should do something that I have never done before. And it attracted many people’s attention on it.” He added “Because I won’t be showing that in my performance, so I just wanted to be showing this image.”

He said he is thankful even for those negative responses. He said, “Even then, I think they will say ‘What’s this?’ when they see the photo. Besides cursing over the photo, I am thankful simply that they found and saw the photo. Because it would seem like the traits in my performance, so it is good since it will create attention for it.”

Kim KyuJong’s dressing as woman hides 2 meanings. First is, the wholly white make-up signifies that even though there are diverse colors on the inside, he will break off from all of them and will show his own set of color in his performance.

Kim KyuJong explained, “The 2nd meaning is that while putting on make-up and filming, I thought that the title song is just too sad. It is not that I like a person similar to me. You will become similar with any person you like. Breaking up with the girlfriend, you will think that you can find the image of your girlfriend in your own face. So I put the make-up just like how the girlfriend would. If you look at the album jacket photo, you can also see photos of removing the make-up.”

Kim KyuJong said after explaining the hidden meaning, “I thought that it is really difficult being a female.” He continued “It is difficult to put on fake eyelashes. ‘How can you go out wearing this? It is tough to look beautiful’, these thoughts came to me. For guys, we just wear whatever will do. Females create beauty from small little things, which is tough. It’s just so difficult be it by just not moving, or putting on the fake eye lashes.”

He added “Frankly speaking, I was embarrassed initially but finds it fresh and original while taking the photos. I felt ‘There’s also such a side of me’, ‘When should I try this’. But I wasn’t pretty. I took the photo hoping that I will come out like a pretty lady but I came out just like a transvestite.” And laughed. He continued “Well that’s too bad. I was thinking if I should have put on a wig, but I don’t think it will work.”

Throughout the interview, we can feel Kim KyuJong enjoying the preparations for his solo album and various new challenges he has. “I have not gone into active promotion activities yet so I am not sure, but it was fun but tiring to be making it alone. I have tried various things and also talked a lot about my personal stuffs, it is making me excited. In the past, members share their opinions and fine-tuned it, but now there was too much because there is no one who gives control over it, however the song came out which I am personally satisfied with.”

Meanwhile, Kim KyuJong will start his active promotion activities in music shows broadcasts starting from Mnet ‘M Countdown’ on 29-Sep. Title song ‘YESTERDAY’ comprises of unique raging deep sensitivity in its second half of the song, attracting anticipation by showing the colors of Kim KyuJong.

[Article] Kyu Jong, Afraid to Make Mistakes

I always feel so lighthearted whenever I read an interview with Kyu Jong. He is such so humble, kindhearted and very interesting. For some guys like his age and status, first thought on their mind is to to drive their own car, but he's different.

Read this article and discover more things Kyu Jong in this interview. Much thanks to xiaochu for sharing the translation of this article on Quainte501.


[Trans] (interview) Kim KyuJong “I’m afraid to make mistake, didn’t even buy a car”
Credits : oing @ NEWEN + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Talking to ‘Young man who leads a upright life’ Kim KyuJong, what we felt is his brightness, healthiness and deepness in thoughts. Even when talking excitedly on incidents with his fans, he rounded up saying “So I have to work even harder and become a greater person.” It is not a pretentious talk, because his body is already holding to his honest heart.

Kim KyuJong, who doesn’t have a car on his own said “I didn’t buy a car because I am uneasy about it. If I have one, I think I will unknowingly drink and drive and get into trouble. I thought that I shouldn’t buy a car ever since I was twenty years old.” He added and laughed “Even though I feel sorry for my future girlfriend, but I can’t say (if I’d buy a car) after marriage, but now I have no intention of buying a car.”

user posted image

“I always take the subway when I go and meet my friends. If I am really busy, then I will take a taxi. Subway is fast and good.” He said praising the subway. We told him “You used to always pull down your hat and put your head down when you go. What did I say?” Kim KyuJong laughed and said “At that time I thought that was what I must do, but now I go at ease. It’s good if someone recognizes me. I will give autograph if being asked. But a while back, I was being photographed by someone and I heard that I looked shabby in it.” And he laughed again.

Kim KyuJong’s reason for wanting to get married early is “Because I hate temptation”. He explained “Living in the society, I see the many temptations in my friends and hyungs. I really hate those temptations. Even though it becomes an excuse while working, if I have a special someone, I think I will not have such suggestions anymore.”

He added “I want to quickly get married and enjoy the marriage and have babies. I want my father to have an enjoyable time with my kid before he turns too old. If I have kid early, won’t my kid have the chance to have a cup of alcohol with my father when he gets old enough? I think it will be a great gift for my father too.”

With his busy schedule and new challenges coming up, he might be very anxious but he said “As compared to the worries of friends my age, I think I am enjoying it.” He continued “I used to be envious of the friends who solely went to school, but now when we meet, they are all sighing. While preparing for the album, I had some worries and thought ‘I should ask my friends’, but everyone is seriously worried about their own future. They were having a very hard time. As compared to them, I think my worries are enjoyable worries.”

As the last runner of SS501 solo debut, the aim for Kim KyuJong’s album is also as per that nature. “I felt the stress as members who released their albums before me were doing better and better. It will be great if I do well with my album but my role is to finish everything well under our group image. More than the desire to have a big hit success, I hope to finish with an image ‘Kim KyuJong seems like a good person’.”

Composer Han SangWon who produced SS501’s hit song ‘U R Man’, once again produced ‘YESTERDAY’ for Kim KyuJong, “It may sound tacky at first but please listen to it just 3 times. And you will find that it is really good.” He laughed and said.

[FanCam] Kyu Jong @ Inkigayo Recording 09.28.11

Yesterday Kyu Jong had a recording for Inkigayo which will broadcast this coming Sunday, October 2. The recording took place at Changwon (outside of Seoul) and this is going to be the first comeback stage for Kyu Jong for his fist solo mini Album 'Turn Me On'.

From the video of posted on YouTube, Kyu Jong is performing 'Yesterday'. Yah, can't wait to see Kyu Jong on stage dancing to the sexy suspenders choreo. ^_^

Thanks to veggiedelight for the email.

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[Notice from B2M] Kyu Jong's Fan Singing Sked for 'Turn Me On'

For those coming to Korea to give support to Kyu Jong, here are details for the fan signing events. I hope that B2M will add more and will announce soon.

Thanks to Lois for sharing this on her blog.


[Trans] Details of Kyu Jong's Fan Signing Schedule for Turn Me On Album
Korean to English translation :

- Date : October 2, 2011 (Sun) PM 7:30
- Venue : HotTracks YoungDeungPo Store (1st floor stage of Time Square Atrium)
- The number of people : 150 fans (lottery)
- How to apply : Buy Kyu Jong's 1st Mini Album at HotTracks YoungDeungPo
Store during 9/28(Wed) ~ 9/30(Fri).
- Winners of lottery : Will be announced at 3pm on Oct. 1(Sat) at HotTracks Home Page


- Date : Oct. 3, 2011 (Mon/Public Holiday) PM 3:00
- Venue : SoundWave Incheon Store (ex Synnara Inchoen Store - Central
Plaza of Inchoen ShinSeGye Dept. Store, Incheon city)
- The number of people : 150 fans (lottery)
- How to apply : Buy Kyu Jong's 1st Mini Album at SoundWave Incheon Store
during 9/28(Wed) ~ 10/2(Sun).
- Winners of lottery : Will be announced at 11PM on Oct. 2(Sun)


- Date : Oct. 3, 2011 (Mon/Public Holiday) PM 7:00
- Venue : Synnara Record DaeJeon Store (DaeJeon Wooreedle Park, DaeJeon city)
- The number of people : 150 fans (lottery)
- How to apply : Buy Kyu Jong's 1st Mini Album at Synnara DaeJeon Store
during 9/28(Wed) ~ 10/2(Sun).
- Winners of lottery : They will be announced at 11PM on Oct. 2(Sun)


Winners must bring your CD, the ticket and your ID card.

1) You can not attend the fan signing without the ticket which will be given to winners.
2) You can apply for it for overlapping and deputy application is available.
But only the name on the list of winners list can attend Kyu Jong's fan signing.
(Even if you are picked in duplicate, you will be given only 1 ticket.)
3) Receiving Kyu Jong's autograph more than once at the same fan signing event is not allowed.
4) You can not ask Kyu Jong to write a message. Only [To your name] and his autograph] are
5) Taking a video or photos and recording sounds are not allowed.
6) The CD which you buy for this event will not be refundable or exchangable.

[Article] Hyun Joong 1st Full Concert in 6 Major Cities in Japan Sold Out

Hyun Joong's 1st concert will soon happen. In November, as announced by Hyun Joong earlier during is underwa'Playful Kiss' Premium Event in Japan last August , he will be touring six cities for his 1st major solo concert. It is expected that he will be singing songs from his 1st mini album 'Break Down' as well as from his soon to be released 2nd album 'Lucky'.

For Hyun Joong's 2nd mini album, promotion will start in October but there will only be a short promotional activities in Seoul for this album as he has to fulfill some commitments before and after the release of the album.

But fret not because though promotional activities is short in Seoul, there will surely be lots of news coming from Japan not only from the media but as well as fans.


[News] Kim Hyun Joong’s Japan tour gets sold out, officials consider adding more concerts
Source + Photo: TV Report via Naver
Credit: cduswnl @ Allkpop

It’s just been revealed that tickets for Kim Hyun Joong‘s Japan tour have sold out completely!

The tickets went on sale on September 20th through Kim Hyun Joong’s Japanese mobile site. Reportedly, the seats sold out almost immediately after they were released for purchase.

Approximately 90,000 fans rushed to the site to grab a ticket; those who weren’t able to purchase one flooded Kim Hyun Joong’s Japanese agency with phone calls requesting more concert dates. As a result, the agency is currently considering adding extra concert dates to the tour, which is already scheduled to hit seven cities across Japan.

The tour will see Kim Hyun Joong performing songs from his first mini-album, ‘Breakdown‘. Additionally, fans will also get to hear songs from his upcoming second mini-album, scheduled to hit stores sometime in the middle of October.

It’s also been revealed that the idol will participate in planning details for this special tour, raising the hype level of this exciting event. Stay tuned for more on Kim Hyun Joong’s Japan tour!

[Notice from KeyEast] Hyun Joong's 2nd Mini Album 'Lucky'

Thanks much wonderrrgirl for the translation of this notice from KE and sharing on your blog.

As promised, Hyun Joong's 2nd mini album entitle'Lucky' will be out in October but it looks like that he will only have three or two weeks to promote this album in Korea as he will be busy in Japan.

Earlier, was really hoping that promotion will start on the 13th of October but it seems that because of commitments in Japan for TFS, promotion will start on the 20th of October. Then after October, Hyun Joong will start his concert in Japan for a month wherein he will be touring six cities with a possibility of adding more shows.

Here's details of the album.


[KeyEast Notice] Kim Hyun Joong’s second mini album ‘LUCKY’ sale and pre-order information
Translation: Wonderrrgirl @

Hello, this is Keyeast.

The refreshing wind is gradually becoming more intense in this wind.
We hope that the fans will take care of their health during this change of season and have a energetic autumn.

We will now deliver the much anticipated news of Kim Hyun Joong’s comeback to the fans.
Kim Hyun Joong’s second mini album ‘LUCKY’ will be released on the upcoming 11 October.
Through the online sites, the song will be released on the 11th at 00:00 KST
Offline sales of the album can also be purchased at the record stores (on 11 October as well)

From the 29 September 3pm onwards, official pre-order of the album will begin,
Please check with the respective sites and stores that we are collaborating with.

With regards to Kim Hyun Joong’s second mini album ‘LUCKY’, we ask the fans for a lot of your attention and love.

Thank you very much.

- Pre-order period: 29 October 2011 3pm (Thursday) ~ 10 October (Monday)
- Pre-order sites: Synnara, YES24, Hottracks, Inter-park, Evan Records, Aladdin, Apple Music, Lee’s Music, Cooki Music, Libro, Music land, Music and plus, Music Korea, other domestic/offline stores etc.

Kim Hyun Joong’s second mini album ‘LUCKY’ Track List:

01. Do you like that
02. Lucky Guy
03. Smile
04. I’m your man
05. U
06. Lucky Guy(Instrumental)

Following Asia’s top entertainment Kim Hyun Joong’s first mini album, the second mini album will make a comeback in the music scene once again. For this second mini labum, the title song will be ‘Lucky Guy’ and there will be a total of 6 tracks.

STEVEN LEE who have participated in the first mini album as well as a new collaboration with Taewan a.k.a C-Luv will be part of the production of the album and taking care of the finishing touches to make it a great album for all the fans.

[Vid] Hyun Joong with Friends for Jaksal Ad (?)

Jaksal is coming out with its third outlet (our is it already open?) . To hype up the opening of the new outlet I think that Jaksal will soon be coming with an ad for their stores. Here's a video tipped by veggiedelight of Hyun Joong with his friends who are working in Jaksal for their photoshoot(?). Thanks to for uploading the vid in YouTube.

[Article] Newsen's Interview with Kyu Jong

Much thanks to Ode for the translation of this interview by Newsen to Kyu Jong and sharing on her blog.

I really like Kyu Jong. He has remain humble all through out the years. Who wouldn't love this SS501 forever center?


[Interview] Kyu Jong’s interview with Newsen
Source: Newsen
English translation: ode @

Kim Kyu Jong has debuted as a solo. While his SS501 members were carrying out their solo activities, Kim Kyu Jong was instead collating his experiences through the broadway stage, and thus, has became the final one in SS501 to hold a solo debut.

He said, “it wasn’t intended like that initially”, and was referring to it not being his original intention to become the final one to hold a solo debut. “I did not have that thought at all, but somehow I still became the final relayer. To be honest I had thought Youngsaeng-hyung would be the fastest to release an album, so I really didn’t expect all the others to release theirs that fast at that speed”…, as he laughed and talked about it.

“The members who released their albums before me began to do really well as they progressed, and burden came to me too. Of course if my album would turn out great will be best, but because my role in the team is to balance the team well with everyone equally-weighted, it will just be enough if people will think that ‘Kim Kyu Jong is actually quite a not-bad person(singer)’, rather than me becoming a shocking hit with my solo debut…”, disclosing his modest yet determined aim.

“As I await for our SS501 album where we shall re-unite anytime, I also want to end this solo debut off well”, as Kim Kyu Jong also disclosed that SS501 is not an end for him, but instead is a name with new challenges ahead to attain for. “All of us have the thought to do a SS501 album together. For now, to speak honestly, it is still difficult. All of us have the heart and intention to do so, but right now, it’s the period to focus more on our individual work”, as he explained.

“To be honest, there were alot of talks about SS501. Alot of talks like how there was only Kim Hyun Joong enough in SS501, etc.. Hyunjoong-hyung, as well as our other members were very hurt”…, “As we do our individual activities, we also build up experiences, and then one day when we re-unite, those experiences we gained will then become a strong strength. In that case then, we won’t be over-covering anyone at all, and every one will be equal. With such thoughts in mind, we will hence turn to put in more effort to work harder”, as he divulged his inner feelings.

“Though we’re all very busy, there is some things I really want to do. The first will be for each of us to release each of our album every year. And then on year-end concerts or big festivals, each of us will sing our own parts, plus also a few verses of our past solo songs combined together; I think it would be so fun”, as Kim Kyu Jong seemed to really enjoy planning such plans in his mind.

He continued, “Actually we have always been the same (friendship). Not long ago, I went to Hyung Jun’s birthday party, but people were all saying that it was done deliberately to not call me over. I think it’s because we’re too close that misunderstandings will surface. Even in Youngsaeng-hyung’s case, we actually meet up very often, but many people still ask us ‘are you two not close?’… This is not something to be vague about, if you are close to someone, must you actually really act close by greeting one another and such?”, as he displayed his neverchanging friendship with his members.

In particular, Heo Young Saeng even made a rendering support by doing a rap featuring in one of Kyu Jong’s song ‘MY LOVE’. Kyu Jong explained, “Because I wanted it to become memories so I specially requested for him to do it, but he fretted and didn’t know how to do rap because he thought he couldn’t. But in the end it turned out really well. Besides the instrument sound, the rap part had turned out with all but Youngsaeng-hyung’s own voice”, as he felt so satisfied by saying that.

Kim Kyu Jong who has shown his deep affections for his members and his group has returned with his 1st solo album ‘TURN ME ON’. In which his title song ‘YESTERDAY’ was produced by the hit producer Han Sang-won who had also produced SS501′s hit song ‘U R MAN’. As the title song progresses toward the end, deeper feelings were expressed. This title song may be similar to ‘YESTERDAY’‘U R MAN’, but it is also very obvious that it has a different trait to it, and will be sure to appeal towards the music fans in another different manner.

[Vid & Trans] Kyu Jong's 'Yesterday' Making & Media Interview

Much thanks to cll_slam10 and mazel_c4 for tweeting the link to where we get to see the making of Kyu Jong's 'Yesterday' where Young Saeng visited Kyu Jong at the set.

Since I have posted the above, let me share as well in this post the blog entry of Ode yesterday. After reading this, I think I was not wrong in my guess that Kyu Jong did this album not to compete with anyone but to compete with himself and to prove something.

There were articles from StarNews and TVDaily that came out yesterday wherein Kyu Jong gave out his thoughts in an interview about the album. I saw extract of the interview on Ode's blog and I am shoving them here as there are things that he said which are very interesting. Much much thanks to Ode for sharing this on her blog. I hope later we get to read the long exclusive interview about Kyu Jong's comeback.

[Trans] Excerpts from Kyu Jong's Interview with StarNews & TVDaily
Korean to English translation by Ode /


He did not forget about his gratitude for his SS501 members too.

Kim Kyu Jong said, "When Hyung Jun came to my recording room for a visit, I had let him listen to my song. Also, when I met up with Hyun Joong-hyung outside somewhere, I had let him listen to my song too", "Even Young Saeng-hyung who's in the same agency as I am made a rap featuring in one of my song 'MY LOVE'", as he spread a wide smile across his face while speaking of that.

"Jungmin is in Taiwan, so I couldn't let him hear my song then, but no matter when, he's always been showing support to me", "All of us have always been saying this, 'though it's alot tougher doing activities on your own than you can think, don't be beaten by it; brace yourself and let's do it awesomely', and this has given me alot of strength and encouragement", as Kyu Jong added.

With a concrete format and method in mind, Kim Kyu Jong shows his careful and detailed stand, though so, he didn't forget to add that "SS501 will be able to re-unite next year even though all of us are focusing heavily on our solo activities for now".


"All these while, it seemed like I've only been showing a weak and pessimistic side of mine. However through this time's album, I will emerge from that kind of old profile of mine and be anew. This album has such a meaning".

"When we decided to do female dressing, in actuality I had worried alot. About how fans would react to that. However, as I was doing the make-up in midst, I thought that it must have been a really tough and difficult thing on women... Why are the eyelashes this heavy?"

"At that time (when we debuted in 2005), the way of functioning in showbiz between your rivals and you was very stark. If you don't get No.1, you lose - there was such thinking. But now, I've thrown aside that kind of enclosement thoughts. What I feel now, is a 'Do it enjoyingly' mind and heart. No.1? Of course will hope for it. But even if it won't happen it will suffice too (laughs)".

"This time's song doesn't seem like the kind of song where you will think 'This song rocks, it's so lovely' upon hearing it only once. I had been listening to this song continuously since I had to dance the MV for it, but I didn't get bored over it. I hope that this song would revolve around many people's ears... I even used suspenders to hold my trousers while I dance... It's interesting".

"Not to chase after anything/anyone, but will just carry out my activities happily and enjoyingly. Even if I don't get No.1, I won't get sad over it and thus affect my desire. So long as after some time, people think back of this song and say 'Ah I liked that song you know'... will suffice. I'll be satisfied enough".

"I do have ambition in song composition. Though I also know I'm still lacking alot if I will have to create a songpiece by myself to qualify into an album"...

"When I first held my debut stage as SS501, I was very hurt. Because my part was real little, I had the thinking, 'am I not of enough help to my team?'"...

"Because I was taking on a role where DBSK's U-Know Yunho had done before, so Japanese fans gave enough encouragement by giving high ratings. Of course, since I am a junior, I definitely feel grateful and felt great too".

"Our musical play team had went for a Membership Training trip to Chungpyeong... At first I thought that I definitely won't mix too well with my team members... There were even veteran actors, and they may jolly well dislike me too... but it didn't turn out that way in the end. They in fact gave me alot of good advices. It is really heart-warming...".

"Year-end plans will include album activities and drama shooting in Korea. In addition, I also have plans to do the Musical Goong Encore in Japan (Tokyo), a fanmeeting in Japan, as well as an Asia Tour".

[Media Pix & Vids] Hyun Joong's @ FC Men Soccer Game 09.27.11

Hyun Jong with went to play soccer today at the Peace Star Cup Match at Gyeonggi Suwon World Cup Stadium.

During match like this Hyun Joong would usually wear jersey No. 9, but this time around he's wearing a borrowed jersey from JYJ's Yoochun which is No. 6. From Twitter it seems that his No. 9 jersey must have been auctioned while doing his tour in Asia and his jersey hasn't been replaced yet.

Here are media photos I lifted from Naver. Btw, FC Men loss the game.

Hyun Joong came in a bit late in the game
and had to play without warming up.

I am adding in this post videos from TVDaily with shared on her YT channel.

[Pix] Young Saeng Went to Play Basketball 09.20.11

On the 20th of September, Young Saeng played basketball. I've read this on Twitter and saw a photo but didn't post because I was waiting for clearer pix. There were photos that circulated the other day but I wasn't able to post them. Now that power has been restored after a strong typhoon that hit our country, I am now sharing this set photos that been long been seating in my inbox. Thanks to veggiedelight for shoving them.

Here are cute snap shots of Young Saeng from the the shutterbug of HSScandal at the sideline of a basketball game.