Friday, April 30, 2010

[Announcement] To All Triple S & Saengfam members

I'm posting this here on behalf of smallwolf who asked me to re-post their announcement with regards to the opening of their new webby.

If you are a Young Saeng fan be sure to visit their site as they give fast update on Young Saeng. Some of the members of Saengfam are the ones supplying my blog photos of Young Saeng.

Congratulations Saengfam!


Dear all TripleS and Saengfam members ,

As you know, It has been a long time since the first days we met and shared our love to Heo Young Saeng on Facebook. We’re very happy and highly appreciated that there’re more than 1.370 members, joining and discussing together here until now. However, because of the openly interactive quality of facebook, we find it a little inconvenient for all TripleS, especially YoungSaeng fans, to express our feeling and share our full love here.

Finally, we decided to create the first fansite of Heo Young Saeng in Vietnam. This will the home for all TripleS, especially YoungSaeng fans, to update all lastest news about SS501 and our otter bad boy, share beautiful shining photos, videos, make friends and more…. Today, the 501 day, Saengfam Vietnam officially opens our website. Hope that, together, we can bring Heo Young Saeng near and gain many precious memories with each other.

Warmly welcome you to
Together, the world will always turn around HeoYoung Saeng and Saengfam forever
Forever 501 day of Saengfam

Saengfam Vietnam

Saengfam Vietnam fansite:

[Trans] Message from Kyu Jong mentioning 501 Day!

Kyu Jong just left a message about a few minutes ago in DSP webby. Here it is...

Much much thanks to Lois for the fast translation on her blog. Oh yeah, at the end of the message Kyu wrote 'KYUL' and according to Lois, it's one of the many nicknames of Kyu Jong. Hmm, could it be that 'KYUL' means 'cool'?^^ Anyway, per Lois, Kyul (귤) in hangul means tangerine (orange's friend)^^.

Btw, for me, no matter when SS501 releases the new album it will still be 501Day. ^_^ Yeah!


[KYU] 1st of May... 2010-04-30 pm 9:26:19
credit :
Korean to English Translation :

1st of May is near at hand.
I'm trembling &
The 1st of May will be remembered as precious time for me & you after 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 10 years & several decades. ^^ right?
I always say "Thank you" but I REALLY thank you.
Until now, it's been happy moments for me since the day we met first.^^
And it'll be.
Forever ^^
Thank you ♡

'Waiting for 501 day
from KYUL'


Below is original message in hangul.

규종 : 5 월 1 일 .. 2010-04-30 오후 9:26:19

얼 마 안 남 았 네 요 .. !!!!!!

떨리기도 하고.. 긴장되고.. 음음..
5 월 1 일 이라는 날이 일년뒤 이년뒤 삼년뒤 십년뒤..몇십년뒤에도..
나에게는 그리고 우리에게는 소중한 날로 기억될거예요..^^
그치?! ^^
고맙단 말 늘 했지만 정말 고마워요 . 나란사람에게는 우리가 처음만난 날부터 지금까지..
너무나도 행복한 순간이었어요..^^ 앞으로도 그럴거구..
영원토록..^^ 헤 고마워 ♡

' 501day 를 기다리며... from 귤 '

[GIFs] Hyun Joong from 'As a Man" MV

Imane, heaps of thanks for this wonderful GIFs and for putting them on ImageShack. They're just sooo nice to look at. Can't stop watching them. Hyun Joong is soooo addicting.

Please DO NOT hotlink.

credit baidu

[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong - "I'm David S/S" Photoshoot Making

Oh wow, one video after another. Thanks Imane for sharing this YT vid here.

Ahh, Hyun Joong is soooo adorable. How can anyone not stop liking this fella, tell me?

I'm David S/S Photoshoot Making

[Original & W/ Eng Subs] 'As A Man' MV featuring Hyun Joong is out!

The MV of Gummy featuring Kim Hyun Joong and Ryeo Won is out. I got the link in the post of 박정민하루만 on

Sorry I can't go to YT to get the embedded link so I'm just posting here the link to the YT. Thanks to the uploader!

Click HERE to watch.

Here's embedded link, not sure if it'll work since I got the link only by using view source. ^_^ If the vid doesn't work, please send the embed link. Thanks!

Thanks to the YT uploader!

Thanks to yeung lyly for the tip & hoonifami

[News Trans]Bae Yong Joon – Kim Hyun Joong decided to work together.

Here's translation of the news that came out today regarding BYJ and HJL. Thanks to Baesister suehan for the translation on her blog.

[News Trans]Bae Yong Joon – Kim Hyun Joong decided to work together.
Sports Hankook 2010-04-30 06:41

Korean to English translation by suehan / suehan's byj blog

‘A big movement' will occur in Hallyu market when they support each other.

‘Yonsama’, Bae Yong Joon and ‘Little Yonsama’, Kim Hyun Joong met secretly late one night.

They met at a certain place in Gangnam, Seoul late at night on the 28th. They had a meeting with their right–hand staff for long hours. The topic of the conversation of that night was unknown, but it’s believed that they might have exchanged the conversation about the overall entertainment activities including those in Japan.

One of their staff said, “Kim Hyun Joong had a consultation with Bae Yong Joon whenever he faced an important matter. He regards BYJ as his ‘role model’, trusts and depends on Bae Yong Joon.”


News about their meeting became the best topic in the entertainment industry. They developed a relationship after they encountered several times while working overseas last year. There is a 14 year age difference between them. However, it has been known that they have developed trust in each other through respect and thoughtfulness. It’s anticipated that there will be a great effect in the Hallyu market if they support each other even while working in different management companies.

A staff member said, “The future of Hallyu market is in their hands, and Japanese fans are delighted to hear the news that they are developing a caring relationship. I believe that they will fulfill their roles pushing and pulling Hallyu in the future.”

Bae Yong Joon & Kim Hyun Joong in a project?

Yeah actually some Anonymous tip me about this and have also read the news HERE.

Actually I have been blogging and tweeting about BYJ and Park Ji Young's 'Dream High' project. [to read about 'Dream High' click 'Dream High' on the label] Could this be it? Or there's another one brewing. Wow, this is so exciting if this is true.

P.S. Btw, just last week I was just talking to someone about a possible BYJ and HJL project. Oh geez, I remember when I also talked to someone about a So Ji Sub and Bae Yong Joong collaboration before. And it turned out then that SJS signed a contract with BYJ's agency BOF after his military duties.

[Pix] Playful Leader @ Saitama Hallyu Concert

And the photos still keep on coming. Geez, what more when they start promoting their new album, right?

Thanks Marvie for this set of photos from khj0606.

Credit : Investigation KHJ/Baidu

[Pix] New Pictures of Hyun Joong @ Basic House S/S

More from Basic House, thanks Marvie!

I've said before that I'm not much of a tee person, but I kinda linking them.

Btw, on the first picture, even with a distorted face Leader is still looking handsome. ^^

Credit :

[Pix] Kim Hyun Joong @ Saitama Concert by Noblekhj

Hey, and the photos keep on coming.

Marvie, much much thanks for these set of photos from NobleKHJ. They're nicely taken in HQ. 'Love it!

Credit :

[vids] more of young saeng @ kntv 04.29.10

Much thanks again to HSScandal for sharing these vids. Also, thanks to 쵸콜릿 for sharing on

According to smallwolf on the sidebar, it seems that Young Saeng performed 3 songs in the event. One of which is from the OST of 'Will There Be Snow in Chirstmas' which you saw HERE. He also sang '負けないで' ( original by ZARD ) which is the first vid and 'First time look into the sky'.

If you can't see the vid above click HERE.

The second vid takes time to buffer so just be patient.

Again, if you can't see the vid click HERE.

This one is during the interview. It looks like 501Day was mention and I kinda decipher that there'll be an event [?] or something on May 1st? I hope someone clarify this.

If you can't view the vid above click HERE.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

[29 pix] young saeng @ kntv 04.29.10

Super thanks to smallwolf6192 for sending me these photos of Young Saeng from KNTV wherein he appeared to sing 'I Love You I'm Sorry', one of the OST of the drama 'Will There Be Snow in Christmas'.

Huge thanks once again to the shutterbug of HSScandal the wonderfully taken photos.