Saturday, March 31, 2012

[Full Vid] Fondant Garden EP 6 03.30.12

I was able to watch EP6 of 'Fondant Garden' last night but wasn't able to finish the whole episode.  It's only now that I am watching the scenes that I missed including the preview for next episode and BTS.  After watching things that I missed last night I will then be watching the full episode again this time with English subs which is now available in Viki.  You may click HERE to watch.

Though the English subs is already available, I will still be shoving here the full episode without subtitles as the quality of the video is really good.  Much thanks to 
for the upload in YouTube.

In today's posting, I won't be able to give  rundown of scenes that I like as I was not really concentrating much while watching because I was doing some other things. But the scene that Jung Min hurt himself with the cactus and while MiEn was attending to his hand caught my attention for a while.  Had to laugh and give myself some time to distress watching that scene. 

Now go and watch episode of EP 6.  Have fun watching!

[Photos & Vid[ Kyu Jong in Bangkok 03.30.12

At this moment Kyu Jong's First Romantic Part 'Gift' in Bangkok is about to start. As we wait for live updates from friends who are in Bangkok to witness this event, let me share with you photos of Kyu Jong from the presscon yesterday from the Facebook of KTJ Entertainment, video of Kyu Jong at the hotel courtesy of  DevilDenise and few photos of Kyu Jong from Music Gang interview from the tweet of @iammanus.
Btw, thanks as well to an Unknown visitors for some of the link on the sidebar. .
Press Conference Photos
Courtesy of KTJ Entertainment / Facebook 

Kyu Jong at Bangkok Hotel
Lifted from the YouTube Channel of 

Kyu Jong's Interview at Music Gang
From the tweet of @iammanus

[Vids & Pix] Kyu Jong @ Incheon Airport 03.30.12

Finally a fancam of Kyu Jong when he left yesterday via Incheon Airport to go to Bangkok for  a fan meeting.  Thanks much to shirbo21 for the tip on Twitter.  Likewise thanks to for capturing this video and sharing on their YouTube channel. Nicely taken capture of Kyu Jong. As always, he seems shy but still able to give smiles and wave to fans.

Please DO NOT re-upload in any streaming sites including YouTube.

Adding here another fancam of Kyu Jong at Incheon Airport, this time it's courtesy of  ' s YouTube channel.


Here are photos taken at Incheon Airport by the shutterbug of Kyu's. Much thanks to Imane for posting these photos.

[Vids & Pix] Park JungMin Birthday Party in Japan 2012

 Four days before Jung Min's birthday, he  made his fans happy in Tokyo at the  fan meeting entitled  'Park JungMin Birthday Party in Japan 2012'.    A video was just shared on YouTube.
Super thanks to for sharing this video on YouTube.  Also, thanks to rainaftershine for tweeting the link.

From the video, I think there will be quite a lot of photos that will be shared.  It seems that fans were given a chance to take photos and video of Jung Min.  And from the vid as well, Jung Min seems to be enjoying giving cute poses.

Here is another video for you to enjoy this time it's from  .  Thanks to rainaftershine for the tip on Twitter.

 Here's a vid of Jung Min performing 'Wara Wara'. Video courtesy of 's YouTube channel.  Thanks to rainaftershine for then tweet.

Found photos of Jung Min uploaded in Baidu and I am shoving them here.  Much thanks to 为MIN便利店  for sharing and to all who took the photos in which credit can be seen as tagged.