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Kim Hyun Joong @ YStar News [10.06.29]

Thanks Marvie! I hope we can understand what this news says. Though I'm sure more or less you know what the contest is.

Seeing this footage gives me a smile at the same time gotten me a bit sentimental. Anyway, I still have my faith in them.

Credit : 블루린스@egloos

Kim Hyun Joong @ ASTA TV Magazine July Issue

Thanks for shoving this here Marvie. I wish I can have a copy of this.

Btw, the sampaguita lei looks heavy around his neck.


SS501's surprise 5th anniversary celebration party 12P

Kim Hyun Joong's Philipines Visit 18P

Kim Hyun Joong's Samsung card CF 2P

Kim Hyun Joong,
Yunho U-Know, YoonA, Rain at Cartier Love exhibition 18P

Kim Hyun Joong 36P total

UKiss in Singapore 10P

Star Inside - Nickhun, Beast, SNSD, f(x)

UKnow Yunho at Goong musical press conference

Lee MinHo's birthday fanmeeting venue

MBC drama "Road no.1"

[Article] Other SS501 Members Are Resting!

Believe me the boys are resting. Well, except for Maknae who's been DJ-ing. Thank you Marvie for shoving this news.

Don't stress yourself to much ladies, we'll get to hear news later whether you're in favor of it or not. Whatever they'll decide let's respect their decision. Whether you still want to support them them or not it's your decision. It's a free world.

I've come to love them since 2006 and it's so hard for me to hear or read the word disbanding. I thought I was prepared but I realized that I was not. I've known about Hyun Joong's KE deal weeks before and believe me i've cried bucket of tears ahead of you guys. Despite all the news that are coming out I still have my faith in them.


06/29 [news] DSP “4 members of SS501 are resting and deciding on their future”

Credits : Moneytoday + + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Male group SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong has signed an exclusive contract with Bae YongJoon’s Key East, while the remaining 4 members are enjoying a break and deciding on their future advancement.

SS501’s contract with DSP Media was due at the beginning of this month. DSP revealed through an official press release on 29-Jun “Leader Kim HyunJoong has decided to sign contract with Key East which holds Bae YongJoon and Lee NaYoung under its company. However, the other 4 members have not come to a decision yet.”

In addition, DSP Media said “Kim Hyung Joon has been doing DJ for SBS Power FM ‘Music High’ and seems like he has come to a decision. Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Park JungMin are having a break for the time being and will be making their decision.”

SS501’s disbanding is still not confirmed yet. However, as a representative of Korean idol group in Asia region through their Asia Tour held last year, their fans in Asia will feel even more regrettable for SS501.

[Pix] Kim Hyung Joon paid his last respect to Park Yong Ha

If you have been following me on Twitter you would know that I have been tweeting about the death of Park Yong Ha. At the early age of 32 he was found dead inside his room by his mom.
Park reportedly died from hanging. He was found by his mother in his room with a cell phone cord around his neck.

Park Yong Ha is a friend to many stars. He's is one of So Ji Sub's best buddies. I've known him in Winter Sonata together with Bae Yong Joong. Currently, he is staring is a drama.

For some SS501 fans it's been known that Maknae is a friend of Park Yong Ha. Maknae together with brother Ki Bum went to Kangnam to pay their last respect to PYH.

Here are bits and pieces of news about Park Yong Ha's death lifted from dramabeans.

Park’s last phone call (or one of his last) was reportedly with DBSK’s Hero with whom he’d grown closer.
Jaejoong is currently recording in the U.Ssaid, “I spoke with him on the phone yesterday, and his voice sounded so bright.I didn’t feel he was at all different from his normal self. We agreed to have a drink together when I got back to Korea. I’m in such shock.”.

Park had said in an interview that he suffered from depression, which was exacerbated by prolonged promotional activities abroad.

Park’s Story of a Man co-star Park Shi-yeon reportedly received a “huge shock” from the news and “is in very bad condition.”

Park occasionally in a down mood, but attributed it to news of Park’s father suffering from cancer.

Around 12:40 am, he was with his father, massaging his father’s legs.


He is so young and this is so depressing. i cannot understand for the life of me why he has to do it. if i love my parents so much i'll stay alive. can't imagine how his parents are right now.

RIP Park Yong Ha.

KeyEast reaching out to Kim Hyun Joong Fans

I have been tipped by Shirley of this earlier and just found out from bb that there is already a translation.

Thanks to newyorkcitygirl for reposting this over at

I'm shoving this here to let you guys know again how fast and how KeyEast reach out to their artists fans.

KeyEast Sent an email to PERFECT (FANCLUB)
Re-posted by

Hi, This is from KEYEAST.

Kim HyunJoong & KEYEAST belong to one family today.

The first thing to do is saying "Hello" to you guys who are always with HyunJoong.

It's the first greeting with delight to all of fans.
The fresh start of Kim HyunJoong&KEYEAST is for showing better performance.

KEYEAST has already recognized that Kim HyunJooung is a striving artist better than anyone else for providing great singing and acting to fans.

With putting our unsparing support into his efforts, it could be improved the unlimited possibility as a Singer & Acotor not remain current ability and be an worldwide entertainer to surpass Asia.

Also, we make a greater effort with lending an ear to your precious opinions so KEYEAST would be able to povide more good news.

We just want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continuing support, and ask for your unwavering support to taking a starting step.

May health, happiness and good times greet you each day.

Thank you

Yours very truly, KEYEAST

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong Japanese Webby

Have you seen this? Oh well, probably yes since I'm so late in posting this. Miane, was very very busy at work and will be very very busy in the coming days. But I'm still hoping that I'll be able to squeeze some time to post.

Anyway, KeyEast really works fast and they're pretty well organize. On the day of the announcement, Hyun Joong's Japanese official webby is already up. I'm pretty sure sooner his official Korean website will be out too.

[Article] KHJ Exclusive Contract with Keyeast

Alright, now I would like to share with you another piece of article coming from a BYJ blogger, suehan. Basically the content of the news is the same but this one is quoting Mgr. Yang.

Normally, KE press release would include the number of years. Been looking for an article with such but still i've to find one.


[News Trans]Kim Hyun Joong, to Yonsama's Office.. An Exclusive Contract with Keyeast

2010-06-29 10:16
Korean to English translation by suehan / suehan's byj blog

[Sports Chosun, Reporter Lee Da Jeong]SS501's Kim Hyun Joong and BYJ's management company, Keyeast, put together an exclusive contract.

Now Kim Hyun Joong's management, Keyeast, made a press release on the 29th. Through the release, "Kim Hyun Joong made a contract with Keyeast recently. As an actor and a singer, he will be actively show us new and exciting performances." After KBS 2TV's "Boys Over Flowers," received a lot of attention from the higher powered members in the business industry. Eventually he became a member of a family that includes Bae Yong Joon, Lee Na Young, Choi Gang Hee, and Lee Ji Ah, and became a part of making a bigger Hallyu scene.

Representative Yang Geun Hwan of Keyeast said, "With the dynamic talents of acting and singing that Kim Hyun Joong possesses, he is able to provide the public with a bigger and brighter beginning for a new career," and "while Kim Hyun Joong has been a part of the newer generation of Hallyu stars until now, we are now able to support him in crossing the Asian boundaries and now becoming a worldwide entertainer with a stronger focus and specialized talent(s)."

Keyeast will support him in his overseas activities in conjunction with their subsidiary company DA, located in Japan. DATV, an asian entertainment programming network, will also join Keyeast in promoting the dynamic future endeavors of Kim Hyun Joong. Currently, Kim Hyung Joong has finished his album promotion for his band SS501, and is now carefully reviewing new works and future steps in his career.

[Article] SS501 New Member? not been Decided Yet

06/29 [news] SS501 without Kim HyunJoong “4-member group? New member? It has not been decided yet”

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Without Leader Kim Hyun Joong, SS501’s future activities have not been planned yet.

Management company Key East revealed on 29th that “Kim Hyun Joong has signed an exclusive contract with Key East.”

Following that, Kim HyunJoong will move his activities from DSP Media to Key East. And with the change of management company, naturally he will be dropped out of SS501 too.

SS501 management company DSP Media said to Newsen through a telephone conversation today “Whether they are going on as 4-member group or adding a new member, we have not decided on SS501’s activities yet.”

Currently, SS501 members besides Kim HyunJoong, are approaching the ending of their contract with DSP Media which is the top priority rather than the planning for the activities.

Kim HyungJoon’s new management company Key East holds artistes like Bae Yong Joon, Lee Na Young, Choi Kang Hee, Lee Bo Young, Bong Tae Kyu, Lee Ji Ah, Park Ye Jin, So Ee Hyun, Hong Su Hyun, etc.

Key East in cooperation of their affiliated company DA (Digital Adventure, a Japan public listed company) which has a lot of know-hows, will make aggressive support for his overseas activities. DATV, a cable channel which specializes in Asia Entertainment will also help in various promotions for Kim HyunJoong.

Key East representative Yang Geun Hwan said “We will foster his diverse potential as a singer and actor, in order to show an even better side of him, he will have a fresh start. Considered to be the Hallyu star of the next generation, we will help him to develop himself to cross over the Asia stage and be a world class entertainer, with specialized and intensive support from us.”

Kim Hyun Joong Premium Show "Just the Way He Is"

Credit : + (Japanese Translation) miyo

Premium Program / Kim Hyun Joong

"Just The Way He Is"

A close contact program on Kim Hyun Joong's true self! Revealing his charms!!
Broadcasting Date: 27th July 2010
First Telecast: 27th July (Tuesday) 15:00~15:30
Repeat Telecast: 29th July (Thursday) 12:30~13:00
Provider: ©Digital Adventure

Korean popular group SS501's leader, acted in Korean drama "Boys Over Flowers" as F4 member, increasing popularity in Asia, Kim Hyun Joong.
A program closely following his charms starts!
His thoughts on his job and private offshots.
We go deeply into Kim Hyun Joong on being freely and stoically towards life happily, his charms all fully revealed.

Kim Hyun Joong (appearing) others

[Article] Uncertainty in SS501's future

ThanKYU to Shirley for sharing this translation.

Again, we're only hearing/reading news from KeyEast side we still have to wait for whatever DSP and the 5 members has to say about all this.


Uncertainty in SS501's future
Korean to English translation by shirbogurl

SS501's member Kim Hyun Joong recently signed with BYJ's Keyeast. In fact, he has already departed from the group SS501. SS501's management company DSP Entertainment's representative expressed that "after Kim Hyun Joong left SS501, it is still uncertain whether SS501 will continue with future activities."

At last, Kim Hyun Joong chose BYJ's Keyeast as his new management company. During the interview, Keyeast's representative announced that "from now on, the company will do its best to help Kim Hyun Joong's entertainment career and train him to become a world level celebrity."

Because KHJ signed with a new company, people are curious about whether SS501 continue its activity as a group. To this, Keyeast representative expressed that even though KHJ has left DSP Entertainment company, but he still kept a good relationship with the other SS501 members. There is a possibility that he will participate in future SS501 albums. Although Keyeast expressed its opinion, however, DSP Entertainment has the ownership to SS501's name and the ability to make future decisions for SS501. DSP entertainment representative indicate that, as of right now, there are no certain future plans for SS501. The company is currently negotiating with the other four members about renewal of their contracts. It is still uncertain whether SS501 will continue on with future activities or disband.

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong to KeyEast

Note : Like I said earlier let's take all news coming out today with a pinch of salt. We've only heard of one side. Before we comment let's wait for the announcement of the other side. By doing this we can avoid unwanted remarks and we will have a better understanding of what's happening.

Honestly, I don't want to read nasty comments in my blog. I want still want to keep the SS501 love that I'm so fond of. So please avoid unnecessary comments.


Lifted this news from Quainte501 as posted by neylis. Much thanks and hope you don't mind me shoving this here.

Kim Hyun Joong confirmed to leave DSP Entertainment

by maestro-J on June 28, 2010

For the past couple of months, there have been rumors circulating that SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong would leave his agency DSP Entertainment once his contract comes to an end.

Well, it’s been confirmed that this one is true after all.

A related source confirmed on the 28th, “Kim Hyun Joong has decided not to renew his contract with DSP Entertainment. … He will move to another agency.”

Due to Kim Hyun Joong’s decision to leave DSPE, there are now questions about the rest of the members of SS501. Many wonder if this will mark the end of SS501, or whether the rest of the members will follow the routes of Shinhwa and g.o.d and complete promotional activities together with Hyun Joong under different agencies.

Furthermore, it is currently known that the rest of the members of SS501 are working on renewing their contracts with DSPE. Stay tuned to allkpop for future information regarding this matter.

Source: Newsen

Kim Hyun Joong now with KeyEast

News is out and it came from KeyEast.

Alright hold your horses... not sure what the whole contract is but KeyEast, Bae Yong Joon's agency only handles actor [though it has one singer].

Let's wait for the translation. Geez... part of me is happy... part is still seeking answer.

Now that this is out, his new drama I think was negotiated under KeyEast already.

If you want to know who the other artists that belongs to KeyEast. Click HERE.

P.S. There are news too whether DSP will just continue to have 4 members or add another member. But again let's take this with a pinch of salt since this is still a rumor.

I'm still hoping that contract with KE is only for acting.

[Pix] Spazzz on Jung Min's arrival @ Incheon by Pheromin 062810

I have been waiting for photos of Jung Min's arrival in Seoul from Taiwan since I got home. Finally, they're out. Pheromin just released the photos their shutterbug took at Incheon and Sinnyi just delivered them on my inbox. Heaps of thanks Sinnyi!

Oh, don't just get satisfied with small photos, k? You may enlarge each one by clicking on the photo. ^_^

Monday, June 28, 2010

[Pix] Jung Min leaving Taiwan 06.28.10

I'm still trying to look for clear photos of Jung Min when he departed Taiwan today. Anyway, thanks to shutterbug Rabbit9606 of TripleS TW for capturing Jung Min at the airport and sharing this set of photos that I lifted from Baidu.

Btw, there are I think about 10 pix that was shared in Baidu but I only lifted these 4 as they're the clearest. ^_^

Is he wearing sneakers?
Hmm, seldom we see him in sneakers, yah?

[Vids] Jung Min @ Taiwan Airport 062810

I just got home and still haven't gone to any of SS501 community to check on the latest.

Anyway, will just repost here first the vids of Jung Min leaving Taiwan. Much thanks to Fellycia for the tips on the sidebar.

As earlier reported Jung Min was left behind by Maknae yesterday. There were reports going on for weeks now since the last time he'd been to Taiwan that Jung Min will be making a drama but still we have to wait for confirmation. If this rumor is true, I'm kinda excited about it. I've watched some Taiwanese drama and I really like some of them.

Here are vids of Jung Min at the airport courtesy of fridalino1 YT channel.

And here's a lone picture I've seen so far which I lifted from Baidu. Original credit as labeled.

[Pix & Gif] Missing Young Saeng?

I'm sure most of you are. ^_^

Found this set of photos and gif on posted by a-yo. Not sure when this were taken but I'm certain that it's from one of the Destination gigs. Thanks to HSScandal for capturing and sharing.

[Article] Fans almost tricked them ^

This article is cute. Whoever thought of this idea is something. Really, fans do come up with silly ideas just so they'll be noticed by their idols. ^^

Again, thanks to xiaochu for sharing this article on Quainte501.

06/26 [news] SS501, 2 handsomes arrive in Taiwan, Interview by fan with fake mic

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Invited by Golden Melody Awards, Korean group SS501 members Park JungMin and Kim HyungJun arrives in Taiwan, casually dressed, and was greeted by 400 fans. In order to be upclose and personal to their idols, the fans cracked their brains and came up with various ways. They weren’t supposed to be interviewed, but there were fans who had microphones that had TVBS (a broadcast company) words stuck on it, closing up on them to stop them, luckily they were being stopped by the staffs who saw through the trick. Both of them received presents and will occasionally shake hands with the fans and greeted them.

This time round, the fans were disappointed that not all members of SS501 can be present. Channel [V] “Korean Popular Songs” that will be broadcasted today will have a section on “Comeback Special”, and fans will be able to see all members of SS501 in silver grey suits, singing their new song ‘Love ya’.

[Article] 2 of 5 came to Taiwan

Much much thanks to xiaochu for the heads up on Twitter and for translating this article on Quainte501.


06/25 [news] SS501, Missing 3 Members, Came to Taiwan for Golden Melody Awards

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Golden Melody Awards will be held on Saturday, Korean idol group SS501 are originally being invited to perform on stage but due to their contract issues, 3 of the 5 members weren’t able to attend, so their performance had to be cancelled, and the 2 members will be attending as award presenters. They arrived at TaoYuan airport at night, and there are fans that chased them all the way from inside the airport till the members got on to their vehicles.

SS501 members : “Hello, Hello.”

2 of the members from Korean idol group SS501 flew all the way to Taiwan to be the award presenter for Golden Melody Awards. They were surrounded by fans the moment they alight from the plane.

Enthusiastic fans gave gifts and there are even some who followed them closely with a camera on hand to film the whole process. 3 bodyguards and record company’s staffs were on their sides to open up a way for both of them to walk through. SS501 member Park JungMin said “Hello everyone, I am JungMin, Park JungMin. We are SS501, Fighting fighting.”

Cheering in advance for his appearance as an award presenter, they are going to present 2 awards at the Golden Melody Awards, best group and best composer awards. Even though all 5 members couldn’t be present, there are still many fans waiting to welcome them at the airport, the enthusiasm isn’t any lesser because of the absence of 3 members.

[News] Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun cheering for SK in Tw

Quite busy at the moment, can't do much updating. Anyway, thanks to Asha for the tip on the sidebar about this news. Likewise thanks to for this news which was translated by Reena.

[News] Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun supports South Korea even in Taiwan

Source: + Translated by Reena

SS501 members Kim Hyung Jun and Park Jung Min appeared for a short 10 minutes on Golden Melody Award, fans all felt that isn’t enough. On 27th afternoon, before Kim Hyung Jun depart, he specially congratulated A-Mei for winning the best female artiste. Park Jung Min stayed in Taiwan for another day. There’s rumours that said he and producer , Chai Zhi Ping met up to discuss about a new show, but Chai Zhi Ping clarified that there’s no such plan right now.

After attending the Golden Melody Award, Kim Hyung Jun and Park Jung Min first went to a Korean restaurant for dinner, then rush back to their hotel to watch the World Cup. Didn’t expect that South Korea would lose, they said: “ It’s ok, it’s a glorious defeat, will come back again in 4 years” Kim Hyung Jun congratulated A-Mei for snagging 6 awards:”Although I don’t know her, but please help me to convey my message, congratulations!” When he heard that their new mini album “Love Ya” was sold more than 10thousand for the first batch, he left Taiwan feeling satisfied.

Park Jung Min who is filled with energy, after watching the World Cup, he went to the Nightclub to have fun. He was there till 3am and went out for dinner with his friends yesterday. Rumors said that he might be joining [Comic International Productions Co., Ltd.] for their new show, producer Chai Zhi Ping said, have to overcome the language barrier, “He doesn’t speaks Chinese, I don’t speak Korean, we met up previously for dinner is simply because we have a common friend.”

Sunday, June 27, 2010

[Eng Subbed] Jung Min & Hyung Joon UBN & TTV News Interview

Learned about this news from the tweet of Yen. Much thanks!

Here's an interview of Jung Min and Maknae by UBN. Check out Jung Min he's so playful and Maknae just let him do what he's doing. Cute!

Thanks to ying5387isme6 for the upload on YT.

Here's vid with trans courtesy of reena29shadow YT from the tip of Diana Joy on the sidebar.

This is i believe same report but diff news. But this capture is clearer than the first one. Video courtesy of smilejuhan's YT

[11 Pix] Kim Hyung Joon Leaving Taiwan 062710

Finally after quite a long wait photos of Maknae leaving Taiwan is out. As earlier mentioned, Maknae left Taiwan alone leaving Jung Min behind for some unknown reason [probably shopping again?].

Anyway, thanks to the shutterbug who took these photos. Likewise credit goes to the watermark on the photo. This set of photos was lifted from Baidu.