Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Maknae from 'Green Gold' shooting 09.30.09

More photos of Maknae from the shooting site of 'Green Gold' today, 09.30.09. Much thanks to 그린티♡ for posting this wonderful photos of Maknae from Prettyboy.

Love this shot. ^_^

And this one too.

great news about kyu jong!

I know that there will be so many who will be jumping with joy after reading this news that Mariposa shared with me. ^_^

You wanna read about it? Really? Are you sure? ^_^ Hmmm...

Alright. ^^

Do you remember these photos that I posted last week HERE?

Remember that I said that he's shooting a cf for Canon? Well, I was wrong as well as the source.

According to this source that Mariposa sent in my email...

Kyu Jung was shooting a teen drama, with the host of music bank, Seo Hyo-rim [she's also the girl from 'World Within']. The teen drama will start on October 6 and will be aired every Tuesday and Friday with a total of 16 episodes.

Are you all excited now?

Here's more info from Mariposa ~

The teen drama is from a comic book of Miyazaki Hayao called Laputa, Castle in the Sky. To know more about the manga you may click HERE.

Maknae seen today 09.30.09

The busiest member of of SS501 was seen today shooting some scenes for one episode of 'Green Gold'.

Don't you think that he's looking cute in a police officer's [?] uniform?

This one too, he looks good unlike when we last saw him in Wonder+full Korea Concert wherein he looks tired.

Photos originally came from Like Jun that I lifted from as posted by 준이처럼.

p.s. you may enlarge the photos... they're better seen big. ^^

Persona in Shanghai Seat Plan

Just saw this seat plan for Persona in Shanghai on

I know some who are going to attend this November 14 event in Hongkou Soccer Stadium which will start at 7:30pm. Here's seat plan just in case you still haven't seen it.

For more details you may click HERE.

I wonder if this stage will also be like that for Persona in Hong Kong.

p.s. I know that this stadium is big. I hope that the stadium will be filled up with fans. I'm kinda worried.

Wonder+Full Kyu Jong #2

Shirley, thanks for sending me the links to this. Sorry didn't have time to reply back to you. I was busy earlier with lots of things to do.

Here are more photos of cute Kyu from Wonder+Full Korea Concert from

Kyu with his usual low bow.

I think you know now what to do when you see thumbnails photos to enlarge, right?