Tuesday, May 30, 2006


i know, i know, i'm being too sensitive and should not be worrying about what others say in soompi about byj. since GQ photos came out i've been watching for soompiers to post the GQ photos at the korean celeb photos thread and tonight it has been posted. and what do you expect from that thread...bashing and trashing. anyway, don't worry i stayed cool and posted 2 more photos (the one with yong joon's sideview profile and sitting and of course the one with scarf) which the poster failed to post *^ ^* i also wrote in my post

ok i'm a known byj fan (as you can see from my siggy) and whatever you guys say i respect your opinion. as they say ~ to each his own anyway, just for everyone to know, since most of you might not know it byj's long hair is due to his upcoming period drama entitled "Great King Four Gods Story" which will start shooting soon. from the GQ magazine photos above i guess there are 2 more photos which have not been posted and here they are (the photos which i mentioned above)

and in byj thread at soompi, i've to write this ~

ok get ready with this.... the GQ photos have been posted in the korean celeb photos. i think that korean celeb photos are some kind of a bashing thread. byj's photos have been posted there many times and always gets some trashing and bashing. if you guys happen to drop by don't get upset by these ignorant, mindless, groundless and much-too-judgemental comments, k?

hee, you know what's great about my post at the korean celeb photos? it's the 1st post on the 2nd page. which means it'll stay on top for quite some time for the non-byj fans to learn something new about our man ^ ^

Thursday, May 25, 2006

the most precious gift for yong joon

If there is any word, any word at all to describe what most baesisters are feeling at the moment, that would be sadness.

Yong joon has been around over a decade, giving us pleasure, running side by side with the greats and neophytes, openly airing out his ideas, influencing the Asian Wave (as what he wants it to be called), meriting many raves and eliciting some rants, while he has just been working, working, working. We haven’t had a “break” from Yong Joon, because maybe we don’t want to.

He of the boyish good looks, he of a perfect gentleman, a sunny smile, makes him so desirable.

But reading his most recent interview from GQ, revealed that behind the beautiful smile, fame and fortune is a sad rare soul. One would be depressed to find out that Yong Joon in real life is not what we imagined him to be.

He talked about privacy and how much it pains him not to have this simple gift. In the past, he had hinted us many times how much he wanted to go around without fans recognizing him. But with his never ending popularity, the word privacy seems to be unreachable. And because of his current situation ( one of which is owning several businesses) he has put the message across, by talking about it in an interview to drive to the point.

We all know that Yong Joon is eloquent, gracious, confident, wise and respectable. He had this air that bespeaks not just his experience and honed skill, but an underlying outlook in his life and work that we know is the one precious that will keep him going even further.

But at the moment he is boxed. As his family, what then we should do? How to defer? How to deliver? How to keep him happy? While keeping ourselves sane and Yong Joon remains to be very very sane through it all.

As a fan, I think what he needs from us is the gift of understanding. This gift would mean the highest praise that would connote the greatest gift.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

yong joon unique sense of style and suavity

the camera surely loves yong joon. whatever his style the camera will surely catch that alluring sex appeal. these set of photos from GQ is a killer. i thought the last photos from Brokore are awesome but these photos are extremely awesome.

Yong Joon...

...a modern poison. hot and cool.
...an aesthetic beauty and full of life
...elegant, sophosticated, stylish and unabashedly seductive

Yong Joon's unique sense of style and suavity sets him apart from the rest of the herd, which generally goes in one direction.

scanned photos courtesy of style

ooozing with sexy appeal

extremely sexy, oozing with appeal, stunning. absolutely yong joon!

above photo created traffic congestion in Quilt again. been trying so many times and still i can't connect.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

dreamy yong joon

i'm running out of adjectives to describe yong joon. for the past weeks, been typing and saying...


and i've been...


yong joon's latest photos from brokore no. 5 knocked me off my feet.

absolutely awesome yong joon!

btw, i made a new siggy again for my soompi account ^ ^

for the 1st photo thanks to daisukibyj

Saturday, May 13, 2006

that ruggedly handsome look again

it may already sound like a broken record, but yong joon really doesn't stop from suprising us. this new look of his took my breath away when i first saw the the 1st photo in flowerbossa's blog. then when bb posted the 2nd photo in soompi, i thought i died and gone to heaven.

it's so unbelievable that he can transform himself from a look like a price during the wedding and this ruggedly hansome creature is a span of few weeks. in his lotte duty free cf, he also look very different. but whatever look he dons he still has the charm and appeal that would make all of us swoon.

i wonder what is the story behind these photos. i'm guessing that fans might have caught him in gorilla. oh, lucky fans again ^^

can't wait to see yong joon in the picture below without glasses. i guess only a short period of time before he dons king damdeok's look.

I made a new siggy banner for my soompi account *^_^*

photos courtesy of pinky ring

Friday, May 12, 2006

Cool & Sexy

I'm sure you've all seen Yong Joon's photos from the Lotte Duly Free photo shoot. The first time it was posted in Quilt, the photo actually did not appeal to me. I was not really used to seeing him with curly tresses. At the print ad though, there is one particular photo that i like. The one where in he was wearing an orange long sleeves shirt that shows a little of his chest with closed eyes. Hee, and i even made that as my other siggy in soompi ^^

Oh, have you noticed that the LDF photos were not that popular when it was first posted? But i guess that will change now after tomato99 announced the photos in kob and yokee posted them in Quilt.

I go to KOB everyday but to tell you the truth, i have not explored the web yet. And it surprised me to find photos from Yong Joon's various cfs there. They're all eye-candy. Big, clear and handsome Yong Joon.

I've been looking at the Lotte DF photos since it was posted this morning and man I'm liking them. Yeah, Yong Joon's look is very different in that ad but hey, he still does look very handsome.

Hot... sexy... cool... stylish...that's Bae Yong Joon ^^

Every inch of his smile is stamped with sincerity.

Individuality. Confidence. The catchphrase that most stylish men may seem unusual. But they are totally true. What makes Yong Joon attractive fashion-wise are not the items hanging in his wardrobe, but the spirit and flair he puts into wearing them.
Korea Homme. While it is plain to see that Yong Joon looks fantastic on these photos, this man knows more than how to move in this style.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

that 6-pack

something ticked me at soompi tonight especially in the korean celebs photos. well, to give you a backgroundert, that particular forum is full of bashing and i really do not like going there. I only go there to check if there are new bashing being done to Yong Joon. not to my surprise a particular topic in the forum with the title "Six Pack of Korea" had some negative posts about Yong Joon. comments like "he looks scary", "i'm scared of byj", "is that real", "byj's body is too jacked", "it looks like photoshop", "he looks freaky", "it looks fake", "he's taking steriods", "never though he has body like that...i still don't like him" and so on. but there were also posts such as ~ "great body", "he looks hot", "wow!" or post that really can't believe that they're seeing yong joon with a buff bod, like "is byj that ripped?"

after reading 27 pages with 20 posts per page of comments about korean actors body, i came to a conclusion that most didn't know yong joon at all. well, as you know soompi is dominated by young members like 15-25 (my guess). so i decided to make my first post in that forum (i would have posted 2 weeks ago in "3 hunks in a wedding" forum but decided not to waste my time) just to straighten some crooked info.

anyway, before i share with you my post in that thread, these are the photos that the threadmaster posted at the 1st page of the said thread together with that of kwon sang woo, bi, lee wan, won bin, yoon kye sang, eric, kim dong wan, taebin, daniel henney, lee jung jae and other more.

so here's my post at soompi's "six pack of korea" thread at 8:52pm

these korean men have great bods ^^

btw most of might not know it, but byj, ksw and bi used to be trained (hee, and look at their 6-pack...well defined) by Mr. Jongpil Lim or known as JP by his close acquantances. until byj hired jp to be his own personal trainer when he did his photobook "The Image Vol 1".

this is JP...
the photos of byj at the 1st page was from his photobook. he really had a tedious and very strict diet that JP asked him to do to have such body as stated in JP 100 Days with BYJ book.

the reason why byj's body at the first page look so well defined bec he had to used what most bodybuilders in a contest had to do which is ~ no water for the whole day for the muscles to contract and be well defined for the purpose of pictorial for his photobook. that photos were actually taken in 2004. yah, it looks scary but that is bec of the method used to have it looked like that. if you dont believe kindly check body of builders in competition.

in 2005 after finishing byj's photobook, he went on another diet to lessen the muscles but maintained his figure.

photo of byj in the 1st quarter of 2005 for coca cola's ionade drink. all natural

2nd half of the year in 2005. taken from his movie Aprl Snow

currently he is again putting up 5-7 kg from his present weight to fit for the role of Damdeok for his upcoming drama "Great King Four Gods Story". the long hair is also part of his role.

i hope i was able to give you guys a good explanation why so he has to have such body at the photos posted in the 1st page.

end of my post ^^

honestly i was having second thought whether to post or not but the former won, so i posted. my intention is really just to "educate" them a little about yong joon. i've enough of their negative comments in "3 hunks..." thread. so to give them just tidbits of info i did that post above.

i know bashing will not stop from there, but i believe somehow a few percentage will stop talking about how scary he looks with a buff bod and how he looks like mj (michael jackson) with long hair (that is why i've to include the long hair in my post).

well, up to this time, which is 1:22am only 2 posts were posted and it didn't contain any bad words for yong joon. likewise, i believe that many have already read my post bec the thread has been in page 1 for a good 4 hrs already. ^^

i tell you guys, soompi is everyday challenge for me and frances. but we love it there. we love spreading yong joon to those who do not know much about this rare person. ~^_^~

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Too Lost In You

Sakurayuki posted a flash in Quilt and embedded in the flash is a song by Sugababes entitle "Too Lost In You". The song describes what is actually my feeling whenever I see Yong Joon's new look.

Yong Joon keeps me blind, deaf, weak and i'm under his spell.

too lost in you
by sugababes

You look into my eyes
I go out of my mind
I can't see anything
'Cuz this love's got me blind
I can't help myself
I can't break the spell
I can't even try

I'm in over my head
You got under my skin
I got no strength at all
In the state that I'm in

And my knees are weak
And my mouth can't speak
Fell too far this time

Baby, I'm too lost in you
Caught in you
Lost in everything about you
So deep, I can't sleep
I can't think
I just think about the things that you do (you do)
I'm too lost in you
(Too lost in you)

Well you whisper to me
And I shiver inside
You undo me and move me
In ways undefined
And you're all I see
And you're all I need
Help me baby (help me baby)
Help me baby (help me now)

'Cuz I'm slipping away
Like the sand to the tide
Falling into your arms
Falling into your eyes
If you get too near
I might disappear
I might lose my mind

Baby, I'm too lost in you
Caught in you
Lost in everything about you
So deep, I can't sleep
I can't think
I just think about the things that you do (you do)
I'm too lost in you
(Too lost in you)

I'm going in crazy in love for you baby
(I can't eat and I can't sleep)
I'm going down like a stone in the sea
Yeah, no one can rescue me
(No one can rescue me)

Oooh, my baby
Oooh, baby, baby

Baby, I'm too lost in you
Caught in you
Lost in everything about you
So deep, I can't sleep
I can't think
I just think about the things that you do (you do)
I'm too lost in you

I'm lost in you
I'm lost in you
I'm lost in everything about you
So deep (so deep), I can't sleep
I can't think
I just think about the things that you do (you do)
I'm too lost in you
(Too lost in you)

2nd artwork by annlnc