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[FanCam] Young Saeng Fan Signing Event 05.31.11

Much thanks to for uploading Madeleine's video in her YT channel today's fan signing session of Young Saeng held at Synarra in Incheon.

Another set of 150 lucky fans were able to get Young Saeng's siggy and have little chat with him.

The vid taken by Madeleine is cute. Young Saeng seems to be happy and kinda playful with fans as he posed for them to take his photo with glasses on and doing the V sign. ^^

Here's the vid hile we wait for some HQ pix. Btw, much thanks to HYSmystyle for the tweet.

05.31.11 S/Tweet Treats

Much thanks to xiaochu for consolidating and translating today's tweets on Quainte501.

Young Saeng spent a few times replying to friends today. ^^


[Trans] 05.31.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean To English translation by xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Please re-post with full credit.

2011-05-31 @ 12:02 AM
mystyle1103 @zerotic0124 So it's ticklish...hahahahaha

2011-05-31 @ 12:02 AM
mystyle1103 @jjongsoohyelims Why are you laughing!?????

2011-05-31 @ 12:07 AM
Bong_Actress A step behind, proof shot - Overall gift set sent by KyuJong's fans~ <3 Thank you heeheehee We will eat them well and wear them well ^^ http://yfrog.com/h8r7hndj

2011-05-31 @ 12:29 AM
jjongsoohyelims @mystyle1103 Nothing, well.. the conversation between GunYoung oppa and you is quite ticklish.. ahhahahahaha~

2011-05-31 @ 12:33 AM
zerotic0124 @jjongsoohyelims @mystyle1103 I'm warning you Jjongsoo

2011-05-31 @ 1:00 AM
jjjjjin2yo @mystyle1103 @zerotic0124 Your expression while taking off the sunglasses is also...keke

2011-05-31 @ 1:09 AM
mastadoo @2kjdream KyuJong-ah Tough TT TT

2011-05-31 @ 1:25 AM
mystyle1103 @jjjjjin2yo - - What??

2011-05-31 @ 1:25 AM
mystyle1103 @zerotic0124 @jjongsoohyelims Jjongsoo is long!! Ddook..kekeke
*I think he typed 'long' with error..

2011-05-31 @ 1:26 AM
jjjjjin2yo @mystyle1103 You said ticklish kekeke

2011-05-31 @ 1:27 AM
zerotic0124 @mystyle1103 @jjongsoohyelims What about being long

2011-05-31 @ 1:46 AM
jjongsoohyelims @zerotic0124 kekekekeke Oppa please tell YoungSaeng how to type~kekeke

05.30.11 S/Tweets Treats

[Update : 05.31.11] More tweets added. ^^


Kyu Jong seems to be having a good relationship with his co-actors in the musical. From their tweets and photos you can actually tell so.

Here's today tweets translation (which will be adding more later as I've read tweets from B2M). Thank you much again to xiaochu of Quainte501.

Btw, if you didn't know yet, Kyu Jong's tweet today was on the news. Back track to check it. ^^


[Trans] 05.30.11 S/Tweets Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Please re-post with full credits.

2011-05-30 @ 1:57 AM
2kjdream ream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today. .!! For the new Monday to come, sleep tight everyone..^^!! I miss green peassssss!!!!~ Hwaigoong!!hee http://t.co/ja9Z6Hj

2011-05-30 @ 2:14 AM
actor1002 @2kjdream Wow~~Sunglass is pretty??^^ Sleep tight and see you later~~hee

2011-05-30 @ 2:20 AM
2kjdream @actor1002 Hyung hyung hyung hyung^^!! heehee See you tomorrow~~ Aja aja Hwaigooooooooong!! Have a good sleepppp!! Hyung is so cool in the video yesterday!!! heehee

2011-05-30 @ 2:32 AM
JunghjuU @2kjdream @actor1002 Oho~KyuJong~~You're doing some aegyo heehee See you tomorrow~~~^^ Waiting for the great Act 2 hee

2011-05-30 @ 2:36 AM
2kjdream @JunghjuU I'm lying down trying to sleep but unable to sleep still... Nervous, excited, tremor, worries, anticipation, everything came to me one by one, this is really!! heehee For the fresh start tomorrowe!!^^ See you tomorrow nuna~~~!!!!!!!!!! heehee

2011-05-30 @ 2:59 AM
@JunghjuU @2kjdream @actor1002 So it's not just me who can't get to sleep keke I have a schedule tomorrow so I will be going late before eating dinner. . bear with it even if you miss me heeheehee

2011-05-30 @ 3:18 PM
eru_Ndrew Yesterday at Inki Gayo waiting room with YoungSaeng..
YoungSaeng was playing omok, I am giving him some tips ke http://twitpic.com/54hsxk

2011-05-30 @ 5:18 PM
woori14 Woah All thanks to KyuJong that we have delicious dinner today. Proof pic <3 The actors all went out to drink their ice-drinks (?) and a dinner party among the actresses^_^ Thanks http://yfrog.com/h3cu4puj http://yfrog.com/gyeqgoppj

2011-05-30 @ 5:53 PM
rorirorirorari 3rd KyuJong lunchboxes!! Thank you~ <3 http://t.co/gvJ62sv http://t.co/Ud83h2S http://t.co/ymwI9d2 http://t.co/j8yQ0jG http://t.co/oUtmhly http://t.co/pm2d3kL

2011-05-30 @ 5:28 PM
mystyle1103 @eru_Ndrew kekeke when was this taken?;;

2011-05-30 @ 5:32 PM
Actor_ParkJiBin @mystyle1103 huh?? Why~ It's true~<<< Merong* and you don't know when I will attack~happy.gif *Merong is this expression tongue.gif

011-05-30 @ 5:29 PM
mystyle1103 @Actor_ParkJiBin Wanna die? - -
*In reply to =Actor_ParkJiBin= (2011-05-30 @ 4:41 PM)
@wndks1116 Hyung seems like you have eyes to see, but handsome YoungSaeng hyung doesn't
**In reply to =wndks1116= (2011-05-30 @ 3:51 PM) @Actor_ParkJiBin Good looking JiBin

2011-05-30 @ 6:01 PM
2kjdream Today too TT I ate with gratitude..!! All the actors/actresses and staffs are really very grateful!! Thank you^^ Delicious meal !! Yoohoo~~ http://t.co/qW46QY6

2011-05-30 @ 6:24 PM
b2ment (Kim KyuJong) KyuJong's Kyoto performance schedule has been updated in his official homepage. The first performance is gradually approaching, thus KyuJong is working even harder! He is working hard~ Please support him lots.

2011-05-30 @ 6:24 PM
blackjosunho KyuJong's fanclub prepared lunch boxes for us again today~ If they haven't done it, we were uncertain where to eat when we have out practices at SangMyung University, we ate it gratefully. Seems like the love for KyuJong is always in blossom~!!keke Wow~Thank You~!! http://lockerz.com/s/106126822

2011-05-30 @ 6:29 PM
movejm @2kjdream Busy? We should have NaengSam sometime~ Come to play!! ke

2011-05-30 @ 6:47 PM
b2ment (Kim KyuJong) We will be working on the renewal of KyuJong's official homepage soon~ A guy whom we hardly seen around due to his musical practices recently.

2011-05-30 @ 7:26 PM
eru_Ndrew @mystyle1103 I don't know, I took what your fans have taken ke

2011-05-30 @ 7:29 PM
KoJongHee @2kjdream Yo man~~How are you doing? Seeing you doing activities seems like doing good~~ Hope it will be a big success~~ Hwaiting!!^^

2011-05-30 @ 9:00 PM
jooyoung0224 @mystyle1103 kekekekeke Got tricked by lazybones~~keke

2011-05-30 @ 9:16 PM
Bong_Actress It's totally so delicious RT @woori14:Woah All thanks to KyuJong that we have delicious dinner today. Proof pic <3 The actors all went out to drink their ice-drinks (?) and a dinner party among the actresses^_^ Thanks http://yfrog.com/h3cu4puj http://yfrog.com/gyeqgoppj

2011-05-30 @ 10:29 PM
JunghjuU Day where Prince KyuJong-nim treated^^ with such a title... Really daebak!!! ah~ happy~ How many kinds were there? ke de We ate them very well~ Very touched as always. The best is the beer in this icebox kekeke http://yfrog.com/h4kbpmaj http://yfrog.com/h6s57qmj

2011-05-30 @ 10:49 PM
mystyle1103 @zerotic0124 Definately looks better with shorter hair
*In reply to =zerotic0124= (2011-05-30 @ 9:27 PM)
One more photo of my cut hair~~

2011-05-30 @ 10:49 PM
mystyle1103 @jooyoung0224 Always coming at me - -

2011-05-30 @ 10:51 PM
zerotic0124 @mystyle1103 Well, I'm like that.. whatever I do........must have tickled right??

2011-05-30 @ 10:58 PM
jjongsoohyelims @zerotic0124 @mystyle1103 ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha^0^;;;

2011-05-30 @ 11:25 PM
jooyoung0224 @Actor_ParkJiBin YoungSaeng won't be tricked by your acting anymore kekekekekeke

2011-05-30 @ 11:27 PM
JunghjuU @2kjdream Ate them very well today~~

[Media Pix] Hyun Joong in Today's Soccer Game 05.31.11

At Suwon World Cup Stadium today, FC Men had a game and they won. MVP of the game is no less than Kim Hyun Joong.

Here are media photos which I collected from Naver. See how serious and intense Hyun Joong played today by looking at the photos.

[Article] Jung Min & His Mom on InStyle June Issh

Oh this is another GOOD READ. We're having a lot today, yah? Much much thanks to our dear translators who never cease to share their love for our idols.

In June 2011 issue of InStyle they are featuring no less than one of our favorite SS501 member Park Jung Min. This issue is not only featuring Jung Min but also his mom. A big bonus to this issue is the inclusion of Jung Min's mom's photo. Now we get to see where Jung Min got his look. From the picture below, mother and son both have beautiful smile.

Much much thanks to Slam for doing the translation of this on her blog. Hey, I hope you DID NOT miss reading the other article that Slam translated yesterday about Jung Min as well. It's an interesting read too. You may click HERE if you still haven't read it.


[Scans & Trans] Park Jung Min: Omma's Loving Abalone Ginseng Chicken Soup Warmed Park Omma And Son On InStyle Mag (Jun Issue)
Source: InStyle Jun Issue
Scans: Catherine @ twitter
Chinese Trans: 피오나@PJMIFC
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
Pls repost with credits

Full of energy and hearty laughter, often emit positive energy during shooting Park Jung Min, this time together with his omma standing in front of the camera.

"This is the 1st time shooting with Omma. Furthermore, I wanna publicize my Omma's cooking skills!" (smile) He wanna thank his omma who used to be a nutritionist as a career, thankful of her letting him to get to eat tasty food which are good for the body. "Omma's cooking skills is real good! When omma made miso soup, she will boil the bean paste on her own and it still taste good even without other ingredients." Park Omma this day cooked her Abalone Ginseng Chicken Soup for her son who cant eat a lot of home cooked food ever since he start his solo activities. "Since young, Jung Min love to eat this dish, when he was having his activities, he always came home late, even I cooked it he still cant eat(too late)". Abalone Ginseng Chicken Soup to Jung Min is his childhood memories. "When I was in elementary school, when it is the school holiday will always go to my uncle house in YeoJu. During that time, omma will boiling the Abalone Ginseng Chicken Soup by the river, Just the size of the bowl can be used to catch insects, but also can be used to keep leeches". (smile)

"The secret to Omma's Abalone Ginseng Chicken soup? Omma knew that I love abalone, thus she will add lots of abalone. (smile) Even though she always hear praises, but I really love my omma's cooking, very thankful for her care, making the dishes even more delicious."


While reading this I suddenly remember when he tweeted about his mom's birthday and even bragged about the food they're having.

[Trans] KyuJong Interview Haru*Hana VOL 6

Another good read about Kyu Jong’s venture to musical ‘Goong’. Thank you xiaochu for sharing this on Quainte501.

I am so curious to see an arrogant-mean Kyu Jong. I wonder how this soft spoken-gentle young man would transform himself into one.

Btw, sorry about the format, Blogger is experiencing another hiccups and won't accept photos unless in this formal. ^_^


[Trans] KyuJong Interview Haru*Hana VOL 6
Credits : Scan credit as on pic + (Chinese Translation) À¶Ý¶ kolkol dechan (www.kimkyujong.com.cn) + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Haru*Hana VOL 6

The actual solo activity starting with acting as a Prince!

Musical [Goong], starring DongBangShinGi’s YoonHo, which was very popular at one time in Korea, will be played in Japan with SS501’s Kim KyuJong selected to play as the main lead Prince Lee Shin. Kim KyuJong who possesses outstanding vocal and dance ability, will be taking up the challenge in musical play. “The charm about musical play is that you have to display both the singing and acting at the same time! There are stress and worries that are brought upon as I am a member of SS501, but after watching the Korea version of the musical, I also wanted to try this out. That is why I am living it to the fullest everyday now.”

SS501 Kim HyungJun and Park JungMin have prior experiences in musical plays. Did they give you any advices?
“They told me not to show my nervousness~ (laugh). In fact, they did not invite me to watch their first performance. Maybe they didn’t want me to see how nervous they were? Their advice is to enjoy under the nervousness and stress! This became my biggest mental support.”

KyuJong is always so humble, and always watching the atmosphere of his surroundings. The charm that he wants to show differently from YoonHo is......
“Shin portrayed by YoonHo sunbae is full of masculine beauty. I want to portray Shin’s gentleness. I think what YoonHo sunbae portrayed is more towards a masculine Lee Shin.”

It sounds exactly as what KyuJong would have said (laugh). Is there anything in common in the characteristic of Shin and KyuJong?
“I am a quiet person, and not really know how to say things to hurt other people (laugh). So when acting as Lee Shin who has too much pride in himself, it is interesting to turn myself into another person. What should I do if I cannot get out of Lee Shin’s role when the musical ends? (laugh)

In the musical play, cousins Lee Shin and Lee Ryul were engaged in a love triangle with Chae Kyung (played by Kwak SunYoung), how do you annotate Shin’s feelings?
“I am more of a shy person, but I definitely won’t give up my love to someone else. I will definitely get her back! (laugh)

Foolishly acting cool and having too much pride, this is why Shin cannot express his love for Chae Kyung. In real life, is KyuJong better than Lee Shin in being in love!?
“I don’t know if I am good or not, but I will be brave to show my love. Don’t regret later, but I am still not good in creating atmosphere. I will directly express ‘I love you’ feeling which I feel at that time.”

KyuJong laughed and said “In the future, I want to show myself as a singer and actor with individuality.” From uneasiness, gradually to hope......the road to solo activities will definitely be a success.

Words on Photo:
Even though he is quite popular locally, KyuJong kept his modesty till the end, being very nice to the staffs. He also showed us the perfect cordination with his counterpart actress SunYoung.

[Trans] Kyu Jong Interview Hallyu Pia VOL 6

I am so happy that there is another English translation that we can read about Kyu Jong joining the musical ‘Goong’ in which the stage is set to raise curtain on the 11th of June in Kyoto, Japan.

I am really delighted to know that friends of Kyu Jong were able to encourage him to take on the role of Prince Shin. Probably if not for them, we still do not know yet what drama project Kyu Jong will be doing when all members of SS501 have already debut (HJL is about to). I believe that taking this project will really boost his confidence and hone his acting and singing ability to greater height. I am really looking forward to read more about this new venture of Kyu Jong and see him make a name of his own as a musical actor.

Super thanks to xiaochu for the tireless effort in giving us translation and sharing on Quainte501.


[Trans] KyuJong Interview Hallyu Pia VOL 6 05.30.11
Credits : Scan by Japan fan + (Chinese Translation) À¶Ý¶ kolkol dechan (www.kimkyujong.com.cn) + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


[Musical Goong]
Actor : SS501 Kim KyuJong’s Interview
Korean drama [Goong, Love in Palace] by popular artistes Joo JiHoon, Yoon EunHye, Kim JungHoon. It was being remake into musical play in 2010 and was highly anticipated as the main lead was played by YoonHo, this musical play is finally coming to Japan. This time, we had a private interview with SS501 member Kim KyuJong who was selected to act as Shin.

Rejected the offer once, but made up his mind due to YoonHo’s words

[Goong~ Love in Palace] was very popular in Korea, then in Japan too, the musical play has been confirmed to be performed in Kyoto in June.
Already being remade into musical play back in Korea starring YoonHo, but everything will be new this time in Japan, from director, to stage design, and also the cast.
Prince Shin, who was acted by Joo JiHoon in the drama version, is being played by SS501’s Kim KyuJong. In the press conference in Seoul that day, nervous KyuJong talked about the reason why he is lacking in energy while participating in a musical play for the first time.

‘We will be starting our practices next Tuesday. Even though we haven’t started, but frankly speaking, I am very nervous and feels abit stressed.’

SS501 members started their own solo activities, and KyuJong chose this musical play.

‘Some members released albums, and some went to challenge other fields. So what should I do? I was troubled.’
For the time being, he started learning acting. Just at that time, his chance to play in this musical came.

The unexpected offer came while he was having fan meeting with YoungSaeng.

During discussion for the musical, I kept thinking if I will be able to do it? Maybe I can’t. And in the beginning, I thought that ‘It seems really difficult’, but felt that it would be a waste if I said ‘Alright! I’ll just reject the offer’. (laughs) I like to sing and dace, and also wanted to try the new challenge. So I considered for a long time, and made my decision very late.’

The Korea version by YoonHo is very popular, this can be said as a form of stress for KyuJong. But the final decision made was also due to YoonHo’s words.

‘I made a call to YoonHo hyung and he said ‘I also learned while acting, you will definitely do well. And working with the other actors/actresses and staffs in the musical is a good chance for you to learn.’ And so I made up my mind.’

Besides YoonHo, the other members of SS501 also supported KyuJong’s decision.

‘HyungJun and JungMin have experiences in musical plays, they told me ‘That’s great’. They said it’s a very good chance. HyunJoong hyung and YoungSaeng hyung are happy for me. And they also told me that physical strength for musical play is far greater than that for dramas, thus I will gain more in return, and that’s why I must accept the musical.’

Very troubled before decided to accept!
Ate eel, so will work hard!

‘I will make everyone touched’ for the performance in Kyoto

Though he said he likes singing and dancing, but for musical plays, acting is required at the same time while singing and dancing. KyuJong has also realized this point.

‘The dances that we have danced till now are all nice and cool, requiring all members to match nicely. However in musical plays, we cannot show too much emphasis on the dance, but has to merge the singing and dance nicely together, and at the same time showing a relaxed feeling? A singer has to show all the performance to the audience in a short time like within 3~4 minutes, but a musical actor has to slowly shows it out, because the play last for about 2 hours or so. Ah, if you say your lines too quickly, then the play will end very fast? (laugh)

The Japan version of the musical will be performed in Minamiza Kyoto. Because this theatre is a place to hold traditional Japanese arts and cultural programs, so all the actors/actresses are looking forward to it.

‘We heard that it is a very good theatre. So we are indeed very excited. If I missed this chance, I don’t think I will have any chances to performance on the stage of Minamiza right? Because we won’t be able to hold concerts here. So to be performing on such a stage, don’t you feel extra touched? I think of it this way.’

Tell us about your memory about traveling in Kyoto

‘I have a deep impression in eating BBQ. In a BBQ shop with a history of about 60 years, it is very Japanese-styled, so I felt good. Because the ambience is different, so the taste feels different too. However the chef who is wearing traditional clothing, were beside us making food for us, so I felt quite uneasy...... Although I said ‘It’s okay, let me do it myself’, but the chef said it’s fine. I am sorry about this, so I gave my chili paste and Korean ancient coin as present to him, and told him ‘May you have a long life’ (laugh). Unagi (eel) in Japan is very delicious. The performance period for the musical is quite long so I will eat the delicious unagi while keeping an eye on my health, I will work hard!’

[Article] Kim HyunJoong, Official Character ‘U:ZOOSIN’ Released

I really like the character, so cute like the creator. I think this will not only be a hit to female but to male as well. This will surely be a hit.

Much thanks to xiaochu once again for doing the translation and sharing on Quainte501.


[news] Kim HyunJoong, Official Character ‘U:ZOOSIN’ Released, “President Bbo Crisis!”
Credits : news.starn@gmail.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Singer cum actor Kim HyunJoong’s official character U:ZOOSIN has been released.

According to his agency, the character ‘U:ZOOSIN’ released on 30-May afternoon is created from Kim HyunJoong’s personally drawn messages that he put up in his official homepage (www.hyun-joong.com) ID and mobile site.

Agency KeyEast who developed the character ‘U:ZOOSIN’ said “It is an alien that is commonly seen, so it gives the character a sense of familiarity to others” “Besides the charismatic image that he shows through performances and drama, this next-generation character will reflect Kim HyunJoong’s carefree and 4-Dimensional charisma as well as being loved by people of all ages and gender.” He said showing his anticipation.

Netizens who saw the released character responded “Happy that there is a character representing Kim HyunJoong”, “Neat colors and looks good at the first look of it”, “I can feel its cute charisma”, “It’s a crisis for President Bbo* that U:ZOOSIN has appeared!” Well response from the messages left to congratulate the birth of this character U:ZOOSIN are seen.

Currently, KeyEast is preparing for the release of various products of U:ZOOSIN such as clothes, fancy items, etc, in conjunction with Kim HyunJoong’s comeback in June. U:ZOOSIN character products will be on sale through www.ilovekart.com in early June in conjunction with album release.

Meanwhile, Kim HyunJoong’s first mini album ‘Break Down’ pre-order has breakthrough 70,000 copies in 10 days, gaining lots of anticipation.

*President Bbo = Bbororo (the blue penguin) which is commonly called as president bbo

[Vid] Young Saeng's "Star Cam" @ Mnet Wide Entertainment News 110530

I first saw screencaps on Baidu of Mnet Wide Entertainment where they featured Young Saeng last night and told myself that I hope someone will upload the vid on YT soon. And yup, it's here. Much thanks to Marvie for sharing. Now, my wish is for someone to do the English subs as the interview looks very interesting.

Just to hightlight and make you excited to watch the interview, let me share first give you some teasers from the screencaps of 00lanse on Baidu. Thanks!

Now that I got you excited, do watch the video below.

Credit : rmdkdl

[Trans & Pix] Jung Min featured in Sn@pp by iStyle24

[Update: 05.31.11] I am pushing this up as someone with a good soul translated the article for us. Much thanks to Slam for sharing the translation on her blog.

A very interesting read. The writer (photographer?) think highly of Jung Min and only has good things to say about him.

Something though made me sad reading this. He was actually sick during this photoshoot. This happened 20th of May. I backtracked to check his busy schedule and found out that on the 19th he went to film 'Dream Team' on the 24th he zipped off to Japan for a series of shows and promotions. I hope that after the shoot on the 20th he was given his much needed rest and much needed treatment before he flew off to Japan. He showed so much professionalism but we all know that ones health is the most important. Hope people around him is taking great care of Jung Min.


On the 21st of May, I blogged HERE that Jung Min had a photoshoot with Sn@pp (by istyle24). The said magazine even posted on their FB account a teaser in which they showed Jung Min being photographed.

Today, Jung Min’s photos together with an article is now posted on the portal of istyle24. Much thanks to candy for the tip! I am shoving here the photos from the portal. If you want to read the article in hangul, you may click HERE. I am again hoping though that someone with a good soul will share with us the translation as I found the article interesting when I was browsing it. Btw, the title of the article if I translated it is “Park Jung Min, Standing on its Name’. I am not quite sure if it’s really what it means but I am kind of liking it. Actually, it’s not only Jung Min who is currently standing on his own name but all members of SS501. They’ve proven when they decided to go solo for the meantime that they can actually stand on their own, showcase their individual talent to the world and be recognized.


[Trans] Park Jung Min, Standing On His Own on InStyle Fashion
Source: InStyle
Chinese Trans: 피오나@PJM IFC
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
Pls repost with credits

Park Jung Min, not only considered as SS501 member Park Jung Min, but who has already made a name for himself standing on his own. He has already reached the peak of his Global Star position, isnt it? Before meeting him, the only thing that I know of Park Jung Min is [What to do when you only feel sexiness and masculine charisma?]

But lastly from Park Jung Min you can see that , yet you will totally forget what your prejudice about him. My meeting with Park Jung Min starts at 4pm onwards, and for reporters and staffs can only watch at the side at 5pm. [Global Star, sure to be late], dont know whether is my prejudice towards him that clouded my thinking. But, Park Jung Min arrived at the studio at 3.30pm.
[Hello! How Are You?]

He greeted everyone around in the studio, looking at Park Jung Min you couldnt find any Global Star high, mighty and proud looks from him. This is a 25 years old healthy and polite young man, in addition with his amicable and charming eyes, making me "scratching my head" thinking why is that? During the shooting, even though can only see him thru the screen, but you can just identify him out. He is that person, whom everyone want to date, anyone who see his smiling eyes who will smile at the same time, the beautiful young man whom will let the mother who smile naturally.

Scene 1 THE CUT

In the initial concept, we thought of giving our beautiful young man smoky make-up, but after seeing the after-effects we totally feel apologetic to him in our hearts. Because during the shooting process, Park Jung Min and the staff love the effects, thus they transform Park Jung Min into a sexy knight image. The initital part is very good, but he really knows how to highlight his point of view, thus the effect is totally different in front of the camera. With this quick button-pressing, this suddenly became "THE CUT". [Sure enough, This is Park Jung Min] this kind of sentence suddenly just came out.

Scene 2 Do not want to be a youth

25 years old. A youth who doesnt want to be called "Youth", he also do not wanna be a young boy. No matter what, his friendly personality and attitude is slowly revealed like those green pastures, which couldnt be found in those black knights. But, bright fashion images couldnt escape from his playful cheerful smile. Even though the studio is already lighted brightly, his energetic brightness overflow. This day, actually Park Jung Min is suffering from Cervical vertebra movement disorder, and the day before he actually was having a 40deg high fever, and in the studio on that day he still have to consume his medication so as to support him till the end of his schedule. Nevertheless, no matter any jumping or any other postures, he dont even reject, he did not even showed any tiredness, making the shooting process even more worrying. Clearly he is the flower boy. In addition, on the screen you can see his different kinds of expressions and acting skills, not matter whether is his musical career, or any other business he will put in his best to do it which is his personality. The things we like, Park Jung Min will think thru and use his own ideas and concepts together with his professional mind to achieve it. In the near future, please continue loving him. And those who fans who gave him lots of love also anticipate, please look forward to the expectations of the Global Star.


Cervical vertebra movement disorder. The most common symptom of this is neck pain . No wonder during 'Dream Team' shooting he has plaster on his nape to relieve the pain.

Surge of Pix from Young Saeng's GangNam Fan Signing 05.29.11

Loads of thanks to HSScandal's shutterbug for taking and sharing quite a number of photos from last Sunday signing event of Young Saeng at Kyobo Bookstore in Gangnam. Thanks to a-yo for sharing this set on SS601.com.

Young Saeng expression is always cute. I always like the shy smile that he gives.