Friday, February 27, 2009

More Baeksang Photos

Congratulations to all the winners!

F4 at the Red Carpet

The Boys Over Flowers table ^^ Kim Hyun Joon, Kim Joon, Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum [who compteted with LMH for the new actor award for TV for his role in East of Eden]

TV Section's Popularity Awards winners. Kim Hyun Joong and Yoo Na of SNSD.

All winners for the Popularity Awards. KHJ, Yoo Na, Park Bo Yeong and Joo Ji Hoon.

BoF F3 in one segment of the awards show.

When it was announced the KHJ and Yoo Na won the popularity awards, their friends went up on stage to give flowers. In dark suit are Kim Bum and Lee Min Hoo. Those in white are Triple s who performed 'Because I'm Stupid'.

from another angle


and here are pieces of story that i got from soompi.

- F4 table is right beside the table of So Ji Sub and Kang Ji Hwang
- saturn, a fan of SJS who attended the awards night said on sjs thread that the F4 were so cute and funny. she said that whenever there are senior actors coming in the hall they would all stand up and give a 90 degree bow.
- So Ji Sub left early. It was during the time when KHJ was being awarded. According to saturn, SJS asked his manager to call his fans and bring them to his car. The fans obliged and SJS thanked them. He left early to shoot some scenes for 'Cain and Abel'
- SJS said in his speech "I am not good at talking about this kind of things, but I respect and love both father and mother." Thanks saturn!
- BOF artistes, Lee Ji Ah and Song Kang Ho were the first presenter.
-Kim Hyun Joong, just came from KBS MusicBank where he performed with the other members of SS501. They performed 'Dejavu'. Right after their performance he went to the awards night. Click here to view their performance.
- Triple S [sub group of SS501] performed one of the songs from the OST of BoF 'Because I'm Stupid'. Click here to watch.
- Part of Lee Min Ho's speech after receiving the trophy for Best New Actor for TV , "Thank you very, very much.Truthfully speaking, this is my first award and I am embarrassed that I fell. Today while I was walking on the red carpet, I don't know if it was because I was very anxious, but I took a very big fall. Although I am embarrassed, the feeling of receiving an award feels good." [thanks to allkpop]

[Videos] 45th Baeksang Annual Awards

Here are cut videos of hot men winning in the recently concluded Baeksang Awards.

Many thanks to the very active members of khj thread @ soompi [berrie & andiemartinez] for letting us know of the link from you tube.

Kim Hyun Joong's Acceptance Speech

Lee Min Ho @ the Red Carpet

Lee Minho & Kim Hyunjoong & Kim Joon @ BaekSang Arts Awards

Lee Min Ho winning TV Section Best New Actor Award

the award was given by Lee Ji Ah and Song Kang Ho.

Lee Minho & Yoona @ Baeksang Arts Awards

Red Carpet

Kim Hyun Joong Acceptance Speech

He's so handsome on stage. He made quite a long speech and he seemed to be tensed and emotional. He thanks his parents and hyung. I'll post translation later when it's ready.

btw, before he went on his speech. flowers where given to him by Triple S [Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, and Hyung Joon], Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum. ^^

oh, he ended his speech with a loud 'kamsahamnida!'

here's HyunJoongie speech. Thanks to msay99 for posting at khj thread @ soompi.

Eng trans (xxxxx means not sure) -

Oh, oh (very nervous!). That, oh, although this is my first acting role debut as a Singer, now, yes, Although it's been very tiring, but to have the opportunity to be involved in such a good production, and at the same time able to receive so much support from everybody, really thank you all of you very much! Firstly, oh, for a mere high school graduate like me,really thank you XXXXXXXX very much for creating a Kim Hyun Joong like me. Also, my dearest parents, grandma, brother, hope that my family can be happy! Oh, (trying to hold back htears) XXX sunbae of the BOF cast/production team, directors (blew out air), acting crew, teachers, thank you all of you very much! I will continue to work hard! I have been really busy, but as soon as I have the time, I will xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(Shouted) Thank you!!!

here are screencaps from his acceptance speech. thanks to fionna1111 for posting them on khj thread @ soompi.

And the Winners Are...

these are not complete yet since i've not seen the complete list.

TV Section New Actor Male - Lee Min Ho

TV Section New Actress - Yoo Na [she's also won TV Section Popularity Award]

Movie Section New Actor - So Ji Sub and Kang Ji Hwang

TV Section Popularity Award - Kim Hyun Joong

and the BIG winners

Kim Myung Min [TV Section] , Moon Geum Young [TV Section] , Jo Ji Moo [Movie Secton], So Ye Jin [Movie Section]

i'll post the complete list of winners later. ^^

congratulations to everyone

Part 2 : Who's Who @ the 45th Baeksang

here are more from the red carpet

hot men...


LEE MIN HO [again... ^^]

and of course KIM HYUN JOONG [once more ^^]



and the beautiful ladies of Baeksang